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Tokyo, JP
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5060652 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus October 29, 1991
An ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus for obtaining an ultrasonic echo image upon transmission/reception of a focussed ultrasonic beam by using an ultrasonic probe having curved array transducer elements disposed in a convexity. As the delay distribution data to be used for focussing res
5060651 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus October 29, 1991
An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus which has a probe including a plurality of transducer elements made of an electrostrictive material arranged on a plane in two-dimensional directions, a bias applying unit for selecting the transducer elements in an arbitrary row in the horizontal direc
5045955 Digital data recording and reproducing apparatus for recording and producing an image on and fro September 3, 1991
In a digital data recording and reproducing apparatus which digitizes an input video signal, records or reproduces digital data on or from a magnetic recording medium of a recording and reproducing unit of the apparatus and converts the digital data read out of the recording and repr
5045791 Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging method September 3, 1991
A three-dimensional NMR imaging method using phase encoding field gradients along two direction is disclosed. The measurement of an NMR signal is repeated in such a manner that among all combinations of a plurality of magnitudes of gradient prepared for the phase encoding field gradient
5036545 Picture image reading system July 30, 1991
In a picture image reading system having a scanning system for scanning the surface of a picture image medium with light beams, an optical system for condensing the light beams transmitted through or reflected from the picture image medium and dividing the light beam into a plurality of
5023896 X-ray television apparatus June 11, 1991
An X-ray television apparatus applies an X-ray to an object to be inspected, converts the X-ray projection image of the object into an optical image by a fluorescent screen or an X-ray image intensifier, picks up the optical image by a TV camera, displays the video signal obtained by
5022063 Multiple-mode scanning and beam current control x-ray TV apparatus June 4, 1991
In a real-time digital radiographic apparatus, an image is picked up by means of a TV camera. In a fluoroscopic monitoring mode, an output of the TV camera is displayed on a display in real time. In a radiographic imaging mode, the output of the TV camera is A/D converted, subjected to a
4982096 Multi-element radiation detector January 1, 1991
In a radiation detector, scintillation material flouoresces and the produced light is converted to electrical energy in an adjacent converter, separators are provided in spaces between the adjacent scintillators and converters. The separators may have a greater length than the adjacent
4979111 CT image processor using data expansion for reducing structural noise in rearrangement December 18, 1990
A CT image processor for use in X-ray computerized tomographic system including an X-ray source for providing fan beams on an object being examined, a multichannel X-ray detector for detecting the fan beams transmitted through the object and a processor for reproducing a sectional im
4974558 Ultrasonodiagnostic tomography apparatus December 4, 1990
In an ultrasonodiagnostic tomography apparatus for transmitting focused sound wave from a plurality of transducers forming an array to a predetermined focus point and for carrying out beam formation for receiving sound from said focus point with dynamic focusing, wherein the width of
4962667 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus October 16, 1990
In an ultrasonic imaging apparatus utilizing an array type ultrasonic probe having a number of arrayed probe elements, high frequency pulse signals subject to different delays are supplied to respective probe elements so as to generate an acoustic beam which converges to a predetermined
4942468 Image input device July 17, 1990
In an image input device, in which an image is photographed by a television camera using a plurality of operational modes having numbers of scanning lines different from each other, a video signal thus obtained is subjected to an analogue to digital conversion and a digital image signal
4939762 Target for X-ray tube as well as method of manufacturing the same, and X-ray tube July 3, 1990
An X-ray target having a graphite body and an X-ray generating metal coating layer, in that a metal interlayer which is non-reactive with graphite and which has a coefficient of thermal expansion substantially equal to those of the graphite and the X-ray generating metal coating laye
4929881 Probe for nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus May 29, 1990
There is provided a probe to detect a nuclear magnetic resonance signal in which each of a plurality of arms forming a current path of an Alderman-Grant type coil is divided into two conductor plates, the two conductor plates are connected by an inductor, and a resonance frequency is
4914727 Method of magnetic resonance dynamic imaging April 3, 1990
A method of MR dynamic imaging comprises the steps of uniformly dividing one scan which is a minimum measurement unit in generating one image data into a plurality of cycles, sequentially extracting one-scan data which are staggered by a predetermined number of cycles, from a series of d
4905206 Ultrasonic doppler flow meter February 27, 1990
A flow meter, in which pulsed continuous ultrasonic wave is transmitted towards an object at predetermined intervals T to obtain a phase vector from a reception signal of wave reflected by the object and which calculates a Doppler frequency from the average value of phase differences
4903705 Digital radiography apparatus February 27, 1990
A device for obtaining an image of a subject including a signal generating device including, for example, an X-ray generator for obtaining a signal representative of the subject, a detecting device for detecting a predetermined phase such as the R-wave of the electrocardiographic wav
4899393 Method for image registration February 6, 1990
In order to extract correctly an intended region by correcting the distortion of two images due to different time points of observation, an emphasis factor which depends on the standard deviation of the image gray value within the intended region is evaluated, and the intended region for
4884448 Ultrasonic doppler meter December 5, 1989
A ultrasonic Doppler meter for measuring the speed of a moving body by measuring the phase shift due to the Doppler effect on received signals, comprising a transmitting/receiving unit transmitting ultrasonic bursts with a constant time interval towards the moving body and receiving
4882495 Scintillation camera November 21, 1989
In a scintillation camera having a scintillator, a plurality of photomultiplier tubes optically coupled with the scintillator for converting light flashes into electric signals, and a position calculating circuit for calculating incident positions of radioactive rays on the scintilla
4881124 X-ray television apparatus November 14, 1989
An X-ray television apparatus in which an X-ray image which is obtained by an X-ray image intensifier is converted to an electrical signal by a television camera. This electrical signal is converted to a digital signal and stored into an image memory, and the angiographic imaging can be
4866612 Imaging system including means to provide a display image with shadows and three dimensional per September 12, 1989
A three-dimensional image display method for displaying a three-dimensional image including depth and distance information which consists of the steps of obtaining a densified three-dimensional image according to the distance information of an original three-dimensional image using a vox
4803993 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus February 14, 1989
An ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus includes a circuit unit for obtaining an envelope signal of a received ultrasonic signal, an A/D converter for A/D converting the envelope signal, and a circuit unit responsive to the output from the A/D converter for emphasizing the high frequency c
4802759 Three-dimensional shape measuring apparatus February 7, 1989
A three-dimensional shape measuring apparatus includes a projection device having a projecting plane witha grating pattern formed therein and a light source for illuminating, through the projection plane, an object of interest located at an arbitrary position in the same three-dimensiona
4794531 Unsharp masking for image enhancement December 27, 1988
In an unsharp masking processing for sharpening images such as radiographic images, an emphasizing coefficient of an image and parameters for real-time change of picture quality are set interactively. The entire image is divided into a plurality of regional images and filtering optim
4794506 Resonant DC-DC converter December 27, 1988
Disclosed is a resonant DC-DC converter which comprises an inverter for converting DC power into AC power, a rectifier connected to the AC output of the inverter through a resonant transformer for rectifying AC output power of the transformer to obtain DC power to be applied to a load, m
4794505 A method of operating a power supply system including inverter stage December 27, 1988
A power supply system including a DC-to-AC inverter stage and a voltage step-up transformer is intended to have the output voltage settlement with a minimal delay and suppressed bounce at the start-up of power supply to the load, and also intended to reduce the load voltage bounce caused
4793184 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and method of forming an ultrasonic image of an object December 27, 1988
An ultrasonic imaging apparatus and method of forming an image of an acoustic image of an object employing the aperture synthesis technique, in which at least one partial aperture for accommodating a predetermined number of successive transducers is established and applied to a trans
4769757 Improved CT scanner having distortion-free image September 6, 1988
A CT scanner including a scanning device including (a) device for rotating an x-ray source around an object to be examined, the x-ray source radiating x-rays, while the x-ray source is being rotated, in the form of fan beams covering a region of the object to be examined, and (b) a m
4768215 X-ray generator with current measuring device August 30, 1988
An X-ray generator with current measuring device has an X-ray tube, a power supply unit for feeding high voltage to the X-ray tube, a high voltage cable for connecting the X-ray tube and power supply unit. The high voltage cable is comprised of a core conductor, an insulating layer s
4742535 Inverter type X-ray apparatus May 3, 1988
Disclosed is an inverter type X-ray apparatus comprising a DC-DC converter for converting a DC voltage into a different DC voltage, an inverter for inverting an output voltage of the DC-DC converter into an AC voltage, a high voltage transformer for transforming an output voltage of the
4741010 High voltage generating apparatus for x-ray tube April 26, 1988
A high voltage generating apparatus for an X-ray tube comprises an inverter for converting a DC voltage into an AC voltage, a high voltage transformer for boosting an output voltage of the inverter, a rectifier for converting an output voltage of the transformer into a DC voltage, and a
4692654 Ultrasonic transducer of monolithic array type September 8, 1987
On the front face of a piezoelectric plate, electrodes split into an array form are disposed. Thus, there is provided a transducer of monolithic array type having an array of transducer elements operating independently, without cutting the piezoelectric plate. On the rear face of the
4683396 Composite ultrasonic transducers and methods for making same July 28, 1987
A ultrasonic transducer using such a piezoelectric composite that a number of piezoelectric poles made of piezoelectric ceramics are arranged in a plate-like polymer matrix perpendicular to the plate surface. The volume ratio of the piezoelectric poles is set in a range of 0.15-0.75 and
4680499 Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer with acoustic matching plate July 14, 1987
A monolithic array ultrasonic transducer has a plurality of transducer elements formed thereon by isolating metallized areas on a piezoelectric plate without cutting the piezoelectric plate apart for each transducer element, and an acoustic matching layer having a longitudinal wave v
4680498 Input circuit in ultrasonic apparatus July 14, 1987
An input circuit in which an input impedance of a reception amplifier connected to a piezoelectric transducer is selected to be lower than an impedance composed of an inter-electrode capacitance of the piezoelectric transducer, an equivalent capacitance of a cable used to connect the
4679176 Ultrasonic receiving apparatus July 7, 1987
In an ultrasonic imaging apparatus, when a sampling time space determined corresponding to the respective phases of receiving signals from transducer elements adjacent to each other is shorter than the settling time of sample and hold circuits, these receiving signals are sampled at
4672651 Method of and apparatus for reconstructing shape of interested part of object through irradiatio June 9, 1987
An object is irradiated with respective cone-beam like X-rays from first and second directions. For each of the first and second directions are produced mask and live images as respective projection images of the object before and after a contrast medium reaches an interested part of
4671115 Electronic scanning apparatus for ultrasonic imaging June 9, 1987
An electronic scanning apparatus ultrasonic imaging adapted to converge or deflect an ultrasonic beam by controlling the amplitude and phase of the vibration of each transducer in a transducer array consisting of a plurality of regularly-arranged transducers, and adapted to move the
4658176 Ultrasonic transducer using piezoelectric composite April 14, 1987
An ultrasonic transducer using a piezoelectric composite in which a plurality of piezoelectric poles are arranged in matrix maintaining a gap and a polymer is charged into the gap. The piezoelectric poles are arranged maintaining a pitch which is shorter than a wavelength of a sound
4654796 System for computing correction factors for sensitivity differences in detector channels of an X March 31, 1987
In an X-ray tomograph having an X-ray source and a multi-channel detector rotatable around a body under examination, circuitry for compensating for changes in the characteristics of the X-ray source or the channels of the detector by extracting from the X-ray transmission data at least o
4653504 Ultrasonic probe March 31, 1987
A probe for use in an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus in which the acoustic impedance of a liquid medium put between the oscillator and the living body is made equal to that of the casing having the medium sealed therein, by using a low molecular weight polymer product of chlorotrifluoro
4643028 Phasing circuit for use in a scanning type ultrasonic equipment February 17, 1987
In the scanning type ultrasonic equipment provided with a probe a plurality of transducer elements and with a phasing circuit for signals which are delivered from the transducer elements on the basis of a received ultrasonic wave, the phasing circuit includes constant current circuits
4640729 Method of producing ionization chamber detector February 3, 1987
In an ionization chamber detector of the type in which a plurality of flat anode and cathode electrodes are alternately arranged in a predetermined gaseous medium, this invention provides a method of producing an ionization chamber detector which is characterized in that a plurality of
4635644 Ultrasonic applicator January 13, 1987
An ultrasonic applicator for an ultrasonic-echo planigraphic imaging apparatus has a plurality of ultrasonic transducer elements arranged in row on a living body application surface of the ultrasonic applicator. The ultrasonic applicator comprises a puncturing cannula guiding slot along
4628223 Composite ceramic/polymer piezoelectric material December 9, 1986
A high-sensitivity ultrasonic probe comprising a plate of a composite material having the regions of a piezoelectric ceramic polarized uniformly in the direction of thickness and the regions of polymer, both regions existing dispersed alternately in the direction parallel to the plate
4627290 Method and apparatus for detecting acoustic homogeneity of object December 9, 1986
A pulsating sound wave beam is transmitted into an object using an array-type ultrasonic wave transducer which consists of a plurality of elements; the reflected sound waves are received using said transducer while electronically focusing the reflected sound waves depending upon an e
4625117 Multi-cell radiation detector November 25, 1986
A multi-cell radiation detector constructed such that a first group of electrodes to which is applied high voltage and a second group of electrodes to which are connected signal leads are alternately arranged inside a vessel containing ionizable gas enclosed therein. The first group
4621194 Radiation detecting apparatus November 4, 1986
A multielement scintillation radiation detector comprises a scintillator and a photosensitive detector, wherein to optically isolate between the adjacent radiation detectors, a thin light reflecting sheet on which a sponge material is attached is used to closely adhere to radiation s
4607222 Imaging region-of-interest in medical NMR observation August 19, 1986
A step of changing the frequency of a rotational field for nuclear magnetic resonance measurement of a medical nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus is set to be smaller in a region of interest in a cross-section of an object to be examined than that in regions of less interest. I
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