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Tokyo, JP
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D664254 Monitor for x-ray apparatus July 24, 2012
D658762 Surgical X-ray apparatus May 1, 2012
D657875 Mobile x-ray apparatus April 17, 2012
D648028 Surgical X-ray apparatus November 1, 2011
D647102 Graphical user interface for a computer monitor of an X-ray tomography scanner October 18, 2011
D634849 Probe of ultrasound diagnosis apparatus March 22, 2011
D630751 Console for X-ray computer tomography scanner January 11, 2011
D626236 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus October 26, 2010
D625416 X-ray computed tomography scanner October 12, 2010
D609811 X-ray imaging system February 9, 2010
D603520 Ultrasonic probe connector November 3, 2009
D592751 Radio frequency coil for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus May 19, 2009
D591862 Radio frequency coil for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus May 5, 2009
D563555 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus March 4, 2008
D554755 X-ray imaging apparatus November 6, 2007
D513533 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus January 10, 2006
D389919 Ultrasonic probe January 27, 1998
8588371 Phase shift inverter, X-ray high-voltage device using same, X-ray CT device, and X-ray imaging d November 19, 2013
An inverter circuit allowing a single drive circuit to perform both tracking control for tracking resonance frequency fluctuations caused by load fluctuations, and power control, thereby reducing switching loss. An inverter drive circuit part obtains a phase difference between output
8587313 Gradient magnetic field coil device and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus November 19, 2013
When the gradient magnetic field 9 is generated, a low magnetic field region 22 and a high magnetic field region 21 are generated where a magnetic field crossing at least one of the first forward coil 11a, a second forward coil 11b, first revere coil 11e, and a second reverse coil 11
8587310 Magnetic resonance imaging device November 19, 2013
In the diffusion-weighted imaging, amounts of distortion and amounts of phase offset of k-space data due to a temporally changing magnetic field error induced by eddy currents and vibrations associated with application of a diffusion-weighted gradient magnetic field pulse are corrected w
8587306 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and multi-contrast acquiring method November 19, 2013
The contrast of an image obtained by using a multi-echo sequence with hybrid-radial sampling is improved by dividing echo signal groups of one or more blocks measured by executing the imaging using the multi-echo sequence, into a plurality of partial echo signal groups, each of which
8585599 Ultrasonographic device and method for improving ultrasonographic device image quality November 19, 2013
It is possible to improve an image quality of an ultrasonographic device and improve visibility of a tissue structure and a lesion. According to a noise amount estimated for each of at least two resolution levels and reliability of the noise amount estimation, a corrected noise amount is
8582845 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of compensation for readout gradient magnetic fi November 12, 2013
In nonlinear measurement in which a dephasing readout gradient magnetic field is not used, a positional shift of the k space data, which is caused by a difference between a readout gradient magnetic field actually applied and the calculated value, and a deterioration in the image qua
8582844 Medical image processing device and method November 12, 2013
Extraction means configured to extract a blood vessel region from medical image data, detection means configured to perform evaluation regarding the shape or signal value distribution information in the periphery of a blood vessel including blood vessel contour points and the margin of
8582842 Image display device, method and program November 12, 2013
A pair of static magnetic field generating means disposed so as to sandwich a space in which an examination target is disposed, magnetic field generating means that applies high-frequency magnetic field and gradient magnetic field to an examination target disposed in the static magne
8581586 Method of calculating coil pattern, and gradient magnetic field coil November 12, 2013
A coil pattern calculation method includes calculating a current potential at each contact between finite surface elements forming each of the coil surfaces based on an initial value of an input current potential distribution, and, for each of the coil surfaces, repeatedly calculating
8581585 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, initial state creation method, optimum intensity determina November 12, 2013
This aims to shorten the time period, which is required for optimizing a radio-frequency magnetic field pulse intensity, thereby to shorten the measurement time period of an MRI entirety. In the operation for optimizing the radio-frequency magnetic field pulse intensity, an initial s
8579823 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic probe used in same November 12, 2013
The present invention provides an ultrasonic probe contains at least one reception preamplifier that is provided per transducer element and connected to the transducer at an input side thereof and to a cable at an output side thereof, a transmission bypass unit that is connected between
8578529 Bed for medical image scanning apparatus November 12, 2013
An object of the present invention is to provide a bed for a medical image scanning apparatus including a lateral movement device which is light and has less deformation while suppressing a bed height in the lowest position of a top board. A bed for a medical image scanning apparatus
8565501 Biological light measurement device and position display method of light irradiation position an October 22, 2013
There is provided a biological light measurement device capable of simply displaying a light irradiation position and a light detection position or a three-dimensional position of a measurement channel without measuring the light irradiation position and the light detection position or t
8562531 Ultrasonic motion detecting device, and image producing device and ultrasonic therapeutic using October 22, 2013
There is provided a ultrasonic motion detecting device that detects a three-dimensional motion of an object. The ultrasonic motion detecting device, comprises first and second ultrasonic transducers 13 having piezoelectric elements arranged in an array, which transmit ultrasonic wave
8300909 Ultrasonographic device and ultrasonographic method October 30, 2012
An ultrasonographic device is equipped with selecting means for selecting a site for detecting the position of a boundary of an organ of the examinee on the ultrasonic image displayed on the display means, boundary extracting filter setting means for setting a boundary extracting filter
8285012 Image display apparatus and program October 9, 2012
An image display apparatus according to the invention comprises reading section (11a) which reads in an image data set of a subject acquired by a medical imaging apparatus (2) from a data recording device (13) which stores the image data set; input sections (16, 17) which input a desired
8280006 X-ray tube October 2, 2012
The present invention provides an X-ray tube that improves and stabilizes a withstanding voltage performance and thus ensures the reliability of a product. The present invention is an X-ray tube comprising a cathode for emitting electrons, an anode for emitting an X-ray which an irradiat
8277382 Automated pressing device and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus using the device October 2, 2012
An automated pressing device (3) for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus according to the present invention is constituted by being provided with a probe holding member (21) including an attaching portion (31) to which a probe (2) is detachably attached and a griping portion (32) to which
8270687 Apparatus and method of supporting diagnostic imaging for medical use September 18, 2012
A medical image diagnosing support apparatus comprises: a first extraction means which extracts a body region of a subject from a tomographic image of the subject acquired by a medical tomographic apparatus; a second extraction means which extracts a non-adipose region from the body
8270560 X-ray CT scan simulator and X-ray CT apparatus September 18, 2012
There are provided an X-ray CT scan simulator and an X-ray CT apparatus in which a lesion postulated by an operator can be displayed on a simulation image and a high-precision simulation containing a postulation of occurrence of a new lesion can be performed. They comprise an image s
8267864 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus September 18, 2012
An ultrasonograph comprising a probe (10) for transmitting/receiving an ultrasonic wave to/from a subject, a transmitting section (12) for supplying a drive signal to the probe (10), a receiving section (12) for receiving a reflection echo signal outputted from the probe (10), image
8262572 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and image processing apparatus for ultrasonic diagnosis September 11, 2012
An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus including means that acquires a three-dimensional ultrasonic signal of an internal organ of an examinee, means that sets a direction of a two-dimensional standard cross-section of the internal organ; means that adjusts display parameter of an image
8258785 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance spectroscopic image computing method September 4, 2012
An object of the invention is to obtain a magnetic resonance spectroscopic image to which the MAC summation is applied with high accuracy and in short time, even though a phase characteristic distribution of the MAC has a spatial non-uniformity, in the MRSI measurement using a magnet
8249217 Inverter device and X-ray high-voltage device using the inverter device August 21, 2012
There is provided an inverter device that can detect short-circuit of a switching element of an inverter circuit even under a load condition that a PWM driving signal is very small. The inverter device is provided with means for independently supplying a short-circuit detecting PWM drivi
8235899 Ultrasound imaging device August 7, 2012
An ultrasound imaging device, which can extract nonlinear components efficiently and improve the ultrasound penetration, is provided. The receiver has a given reception band, and the lower limit frequency of the reception band is the first frequency. The frequency band of the ultraso
8229531 Optical bioinstrumentation devices July 24, 2012
There is provided an optical bioinstrumentation device, with which measurement data reflect more correctly the information inside the living body with less noise even the subject moves when the information inside the living body is measured by using the light. In the present invention,
8226560 Reference image display method for ultrasonography and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus July 24, 2012
An ultrasonic image 105, 106 is captured by an ultrasonic probe 104. A reference image 111 is obtained by extracting a tomographic image corresponding to the scan plane of the ultrasonic image from volume image data that is pre-obtained by a diagnostic imaging apparatus 102 and that
8218730 Mechanism and X-ray tube apparatus July 10, 2012
A mechanism to which a liquid-repellent structure hard to be exfoliated is applied. The tip of each of microprojections has a generally spherical surface. When a liquid metal (8) comes into contact with such a surface, the liquid metal (8) cannot enter the spaces among microprojections a
8212564 Open magnetic resonance imaging apparatus July 3, 2012
In an MRI apparatus having an open structure, vibration caused by eddy current is reduced with keeping the magnetic field shielding capability of a high frequency shield disposed between a gradient magnetic field coil and a high frequency coil. The high frequency shield comprises two
8208992 Image diagnosis support device and image diagnosis support program June 26, 2012
An image diagnosis support device 10 includes an image acquisition section 61 which acquires a tomographic image including a desired organ of an object from a medical image scanning apparatus 2 or a magnetic disk 13; a reference region extraction section 62 which extracts a reference
8208600 X-ray generating apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus using the same June 26, 2012
There are provided an X-ray generating apparatus capable of switching X-ray beams of high energy and low energy to each other at high speed, and an X-ray CT apparatus capable of performing high-speed and high-quality multi-energy imaging by using the same. The X-ray generating appara
8207734 Parallel imaging in non-cartesian magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and MRI apparatus realizing t June 26, 2012
An MRI apparatus capable of performing a high-speed operation for removing aliasing from the data measured by non-Cartesian imaging in a real space with a small amount of operation is provided. Non-Cartesian data sampling is performed by thinning the number of data by using multiple
8206298 Ultrasonographic elasticity imaging device June 26, 2012
An ultrasonographic device includes an ultrasonic wave transmitter/receiver section which transmits and receives ultrasonic waves to and from a test subject through a probe, a phasing addition circuit which controls the phase of the received ultrasonic wave and generates RF signal fr
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