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Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. Patents
Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc.
Tokyo, JP
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RE43018 Optical disk apparatus and tracking method December 13, 2011
A tracking offset is reduced. The effect of an SPP signal fluctuation is reduced by using a variable mixing ratio DPP method, and a residual tracking offset is minimized.
8589960 Optical disc drive November 19, 2013
A disc drive for suppressing warpage deformation of a disc tray generated as initial deformation during molding is provided. A supporting structure of a disc tray 4 provided to be inserted into and ejected from a drive housing 1' through a tray insertion/ejection opening 15 is provided w
8582400 Data library apparatus November 12, 2013
A data library apparatus capable of changing the mounting positions of disks on the basis of information recorded in the disks and the access histories of the disks. Disks expected to be accessed next are mounted in advance on data recording/reproducing devices, on slots nearer to the
8576675 Data library apparatus, data archive system and server November 5, 2013
In a data library apparatus for managing plural pieces of record media, and performing record/reproduction of data into/from the record media, there are provided an information-memorizing memory unit and a device-controlling control unit. Having received a data record/reproduction pr
8565051 Storage system and method for generating file system in the storage system October 22, 2013
A storage system, which includes a plurality of ODDs, is configured so as to easily retrieving a predetermined file from files stored in a plurality of optical discs. The storage system includes a storage controller connected to the plurality of ODDs and a nonvolatile memory via a st
8296788 Optical disc apparatus October 23, 2012
A printed circuit board (PCB) is attached on a surface of a tray that is opposed to a chassis main or a bottom plate of a housing. On the tray and in a vicinity of a position where the PCB is disposed, a first protruding portion is formed to protrude toward the chassis main, on which a s
8289822 Optical disc reproducing apparatus for implementing an optical recording and reproducing method October 16, 2012
Where a hybrid disc has different types of media, the light spot moves among recording layers of the different media, after loading the disc into an optical disc apparatus, there is a problem that information on a media type of each recording layer should be recorded in DI etc. of the
8279732 Optical disc drive and optical information read method October 2, 2012
An HF waveform prevailing during a read operation varies due, for instance, to changes in the ambient temperature of an optical disc drive and variations in the characteristics of a laser. This degrades read performance and decreases the number of rewritable disc read operations. To
8270277 Optical disk device and optical disk recording method September 18, 2012
An optical disk device and recording method of recording data on an optical disk by driving a laser light source with a driving current superimposed with a high-frequency current. The device and method includes a controller for disabling tracking servo and establishing conditions for
8270276 Optical disc drive and method of controlling power of laser light in recording to optical disc September 18, 2012
This invention provides accurate control of laser light power in a recording operation to achieve more stable recording operation. An optical disc drive in an embodiment of this invention monitors the power of laser light with a monitor diode and controls the laser light power based
8266642 Optical disk mechanism with shaped roller and double beam mount September 11, 2012
An optical disk mechanism has a housing with at least one disk entry/exit aperture. A disk guide, such as a plate, is aligned with and guides an optical disk through the disk entry/exit aperture. Two beams rotatably support at least one roller and a drive mechanism. Flexing and biasing
8264921 Optical disc recording device September 11, 2012
A technique for investigating differences of composition and structural state of a recording layer of an optical disc along with other defects, such as scratches, contamination, warp and distortion, prior to video recording and for setting up appropriate recording conditions in compl
8260983 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus September 4, 2012
A recording and/or reproducing apparatus includes a plurality of devices in which a first device has a connecting unit connected with a host device to perform a data transfer with the host device, a second device shares a temporarily recording area with the first device to perform the
8259548 Optical disc device and disc identification method September 4, 2012
To identify the type of a loaded disc, there is provided an optical disc device, comprising: a light source driven by a drive signal with a high frequency signal superimposed; a detector for detecting return light emitted from the light source; and a controller for controlling the am
8254228 Optical disc drive and hibernation recovery method for an optical disc drive August 28, 2012
Provided is a technology in which a controller for controlling read/write performed to/from an optical disc includes a processor for controlling an interface, a temporary memory unit, a rotation control unit, and an optical control unit. The controller causes the processor to shift to a
8250591 Tray of optical disk device and optical disk device including the same August 21, 2012
A tray of an optical disk device and an optical disk device including the tray are provided. In a tray rear portion located at a higher level than a tray bottom portion, a first tapered surface as a draft taper and a second tapered surface sloping more gently than the first tapered surfa
8245248 Optical disk apparatus having guide shaft adjusting mechanism August 14, 2012
There are provided a disk motor arranged on a chassis, an optical pickup that performs recording and reproducing of a signal from an information recorded surface of an optical disk, a pair of guide shafts arranged on the optical pickup to guide the optical pickup radially of the optical
8243576 Optical disc device and playing method of optical disc August 14, 2012
To determine the optimum amplitude of high frequency signal for the loaded disc with a simple configuration to achieve stable playing performance, there is provided an optical disc device comprising: a light source driven by a drive signal with a high frequency signal superimposed; a
8243573 High-speed optical disk drive August 14, 2012
If the read speed is increased while high-frequency modulated carrier is fixed at a constant frequency, it becomes difficult to separate the read signal from the carrier by using bandwidth limitation of the analog system because the upper limit of the read signal band nears to the ca
8243568 Optical disc apparatus August 14, 2012
An optical disc apparatus for recording or reproducing on or from an optical disc, comprising a laser light source for emitting a laser beam; a drive portion for driving the laser light source; a detection portion for detecting the emission power of the laser beam; and means for focu
8243566 Correcting temperature characteristic of optical pickup of an optical disk recording/reproducing August 14, 2012
There is a need to provide correction of a temperature characteristic of an optical pickup of an optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus, in which items of the optical pickup including spherical aberration may be improved in temperature characteristic. To achieve the need, an optica
8243565 Optical disk apparatus with an improved track jump performance August 14, 2012
An optical disk device for recording or reproducing an optical disk has: an objective lens for irradiating a laser beam to the optical disk; an actuator for moving the objective lens in the radial direction of the optical disk; and a spindle motor for rotating the optical disk. After
8238222 Optical disk device August 7, 2012
Proposed is an optical disk device capable of appropriately performing focus control. In an optical disk device, an objective lens is moved in the thickness direction of an optical disk by controlling an actuator and a time interval in which each of the recording layers was detected is
8234666 Optical disc apparatus July 31, 2012
The present application relates to an optical disc apparatus for carrying out at least one of recording and reproduction of signals onto or from a data recording surface of an optical disc loaded in the optical disc apparatus. The optical disc apparatus is capable of being thinned and
8228780 Optical disk device July 24, 2012
Proposed is an optical disk device capable of optimally adjusting a current value of a direct current and a high frequency superimposed current for driving a laser diode. This optical disk device includes a laser driver for superimposing a high frequency current on a direct current t
8228771 Optical disc recording apparatus and optical disc recording method July 24, 2012
In a recording/reproducing apparatus and a recording method, for enabling a high reliability on reproduction data are conducted the followings: recording a test mark within the test aria with a predetermined write strategy; obtaining signal amplitudes corresponding to a front portion, a
8228768 Optical disc device and optical disc record reproducing method July 24, 2012
When record or reproduction quality of an optical disc is deteriorated, an enhancement in the performance is implemented by slowing down record or reproduction speed of the optical disc. However, there still exists a problem of how to select and determine a timing with which the speed is
8223602 Optical disc drive July 17, 2012
With a high-density optical disc drive, although it is necessary to correct spherical aberrations which depend on a disc substrate thickness error, operation of an aberrations correction element takes time and therefore easy correction according to a disc radius degrades the operabil
8220010 Disc drive with clearance adjustment member July 10, 2012
There is provided a disc drive by which the fluid loss of a disc is reduced and the electric power consumption of a spindle motor can be decreased. In the disc drive according to the present invention, a rotation load reducing member is provided between a top cover and the disc. The
8208354 Optical disc apparatus, driving method of optical disc apparatus June 26, 2012
An optical disc apparatus, for executing recording or reproducing on an optical disc having at least two recording/reproducing layers, includes an optical pickup, having a sphere aberration compensating portion, an objective lens, a driver portion, and an obtaining portion. The sphere
8203924 Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus June 19, 2012
There is provided an optical information recording/reproducing apparatus having an optical disc drive unit for driving an optical disc mounted, a hologram disc drive unit for driving a hologram disc mounted, a disc discrimination device for discriminating which of an optical disc and a
8203923 Recording device and recording method for optical recording medium June 19, 2012
It is desired that the overshooting and undershooting of optical pulse waveforms of optical pickups included in optical disk devices be reduced to improve the quality of recording. Among pulses to be recorded, the trailing edge of each last pulse and the leading edge of the subsequent
8203919 Optical disc and optical disc apparatus June 19, 2012
The invention provides an optical disc apparatus which prevents that a laser beam whose power is set at a read power level causes erroneous data recording or deletion. The optical disc apparatus includes an emission controller which controls an amount of an electrical current that a
8199624 Optical disc, optical disc unit and method of controlling the optical disc unit June 12, 2012
When a laser light focal point, driven by an objective lens, passes through each of a plurality of recording layers of an optical disc, data recorded on the recording layers through which the focal point passes may be deteriorated due to a difference in optical sensitivity for each r
8194523 Optical disc apparatus and optical disc reproducing method June 5, 2012
An optical disc apparatus includes a light source for emitting laser light, a light source drive unit for driving said light source, an optical element for splitting the laser light into a plurality of light fluxes, an optical element drive unit for controlling the optical element, a
8189447 Optical disc drive and method of controlling the same May 29, 2012
An optical disc drive for reading or writing information on a multilayer optical disc having three or more recording layers by irradiating the disc with a light beam includes an optical pickup for irradiating the disc with the light beam, a recording state detector for detecting data
8185793 Data reproducing apparatus May 22, 2012
A data reproducing apparatus has a nonvolatile memory in addition to a memory for data processing. When data error is uncorrected, data and error correction codes other than uncorrected data are accumulated in the memory for data processing. Corrected data is coupled and repaired, and
8181190 Optical disc apparatus May 15, 2012
In an optical disc apparatus, convex portions are provided on the inner surface of a top cover that covers the top surface side of the apparatus such that the convex portions are directly opposite or directly above a flexible printed circuit board during the slide-in/slide-out movements
8179148 Information detecting apparatus and method May 15, 2012
Proposed is a highly reliable information detecting apparatus and method. In an information detecting apparatus and method for detecting transmission information a transmission signal in which a burst period of transmitting a burst signal and a space period as a no-signal period are
8174954 Optical information recording and reproducing method and optical information recording and repro May 8, 2012
An optical information recording and reproducing method for recording or reproducing information by irradiating pulsed laser diode light from a laser diode (LD) light source in which the resistance value of the LD light source is measured in an operating state, the measured LD light
8174942 Data recording method capable of replacing defective data on different location in spare areas May 8, 2012
Disclosed data recording techniques prevent extremely decreasing writing/reading speed due to consecutive defects, which often occur when using a disk of large storage capacity, while allowing the size of a spare area used for alternate processing of a recordable optical disk to be c
8165006 Optical disc device and data reproduction method for the same April 24, 2012
Prevention of deletion of data in an unintended recording layer of an optical disc is ensured even when servo deviation occurs while controlling data reproduction. A light source outputs a light beam with light intensity according to a driving current on which a high frequency signal
8159913 Optical disc recording apparatus and recording power control method April 17, 2012
It is to provide an optical disc recording apparatus and a recording power control method that are adapted to high-speed recording and can set an optimal erasing power with high accuracy. A test writing signal detector reproduces a test writing signal of a predetermined mark length o
8156512 Optical disc drive having impact absorbing mechanism April 10, 2012
The present invention provides a thin optical disc drive whose impact resistance performance is improved. An under cover 19 is provided with a collision evasion hole 21 at a position corresponding to an end of an optical head housing 25. Moreover, a bottom cover 4 is provided with an
8149669 Optical disk apparatus and a focus-jumping control method thereof April 3, 2012
An optical disk apparatus for enabling to insert a multi-layered optical disk therein, which has plural numbers of recording layers, comprising: a spindle motor 42; an optical pickup 2; and a system controller 100 for controlling the optical pickup to move into a radial direction of the
8149663 Multilayer-optical-disc data-erasure method and optical disc apparatus April 3, 2012
In response to the trend toward the increase in the number of data layers of optical discs, the invention provides a data erasure method and its optical disc apparatus that enable faster data erasures with a simpler configuration. Test erasures are performed on the test areas T of data
8144559 Multiple pulse recording method with 3-valued power levels March 27, 2012
Pulses modulated between the erase power and the bottom power are used instead of cooling pulses for an optical disk medium that needs a write strategy with 4-valued power levels. Consequently, pulse instruction lines for the cooling pulses, power level instruction lines, and corresp
8139454 Recording and reproducing apparatus and method March 20, 2012
A Spare Area kept unused on a disk is available for use other than spare processing, or Defect Management process, and compatibility of the disk is at least secured between different recording apparatuses. This is implemented by recording a SWP_PAC cluster defined as a new item and by
8136128 Optical disc apparatus March 13, 2012
An optical disc apparatus for enabling reduction of fluid noises accompanying with disc rotation, effectively, comprises a tray 5 provided to be able to comes in/out into/from said housing freely, a unit mechanism 5 provided together with the tray, in one body, a turntable 9a provide
8132192 Optical disk apparatus March 6, 2012
In a prior art slim-type high speed rotation optical disk apparatus, the side wall of the bottom chassis is bent at a bending point toward the side of the optical disk according to the configuration of the corner air window section of the chassis. According to the present invention, this
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