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Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands, B.V. Patents
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands, B.V.
Amsterdam, NL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE40726 Patterned magnetic recording media with discrete magnetic regions separated by regions of antife June 9, 2009
A magnetic recording disk is patterned into discrete magnetic and nonmagnetic regions with the magnetic regions serving as the magnetic recording data bits. The magnetic recording layer comprises two ferromagnetic films separated by a nonferromagnetic spacer film. The spacer film mat
RE39001 Laser cutting method for forming magnetic recording head sliders March 7, 2006
A method for cutting a ceramic wafer to form individual sliders for use in supporting the read/write heads in magnetic recording disk drives uses multiple parallel scans of a pulsed laser to ablate the ceramic material. After the wafer has been cut into individual rows, a pulsed laser be
D639301 Dock assembly for a plurality of portable external storage devices June 7, 2011
D639297 Combined external storage device and removable portable memory key June 7, 2011
D638423 External storage device May 24, 2011
D636395 Dock for a portable storage device, or the like April 19, 2011
D543206 Housing for a storage device May 22, 2007
D530343 Housing for a storage device October 17, 2006
D530341 Housing for a storage device October 17, 2006
8301948 Storage device with adaptive error-correcting code for improved areal efficiency October 30, 2012
A method for adaptively applying an error-correcting code to a storage device is disclosed. A determination is made that a system is in an idle state of input/output requests. First data symbols are copied into a first location within a buffer. First data symbol errors corrected using
8300360 Compliant air bearing slider October 30, 2012
A compliant, flexible air bearing slider (ABS) reduces the contact forces between the slider and disk, thereby reducing excessive burnishing and wear and increasing the reliability of the slider. According to an embodiment, an ABS has at least one "compliance-enhancing feature" which
8300358 Magnetic head having write pole, first soft magnetic films separately disposed on both sides of October 30, 2012
Embodiments of the present invention help to suppress broadening of a write field of a main pole of a perpendicular recording head and realize high-quality write operation. According to one embodiment, a main pole of a write head extends to an air bearing surface or a medium-facing surfa
8300354 Hard disk drives using a bi-product of manufacturing a ZTMD lubricant to trap sub-micrometer par October 30, 2012
A magnetic disk drive having a layer of ZTMD raffinate coated within a housing of the disk drive to trap debris in order to prevent contamination related failure of the disk drive. The ZTMD raffinate can be applied to the inside of the housing of the disk drive, such as to side walls
8300337 Disk drive and method for measuring clearance change in the disk drive October 30, 2012
A method for measuring change of clearance between a head and a disk. The method includes reading a preliminarily written data string for clearance measurement on a disk to obtain a first measured value corresponding to a clearance, and writing a new data string for deterioration check o
8298688 Magnetic recording medium using layers having higher- and lower-H.sub.K anisotropic magnetic fie October 30, 2012
According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording medium includes a magnetic recording layer formed above a substrate, comprising: a first magnetic layer formed from a [Co/Pt].sub.n multilayered film, wherein the first magnetic layer has a face-centered cubic (fcc) (111) crystal stru
8296930 Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor having a flat shield October 30, 2012
A method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor that results in the sensor having a very flat top magnetic shield. The process involves depositing a plurality of sensor layers and then depositing a thin high density carbon CMP stop layer over the sensor layers and forming a mask
8291190 Disk drive including a host interface supporting different sizes of data sectors and method for October 16, 2012
A method for writing data to a disk drive. The method includes: receiving a write command; and, determining whether a beginning and an end of a rewrite area specified by the write command agree with boundaries of large-sized data sectors on a disk. The method also includes: reading h
8289657 Actuator mechanism for magnetic disk drive October 16, 2012
Embodiments of the present invention help provide a simple and inexpensive actuator mechanism for a magnetic disk drive. The actuator mechanism includes an approximately circular coil and a simple shaped magnet, and is capable of displaying adequate performance required for the magne
8289653 ABS with a lubrication control dam for hard disk drives October 16, 2012
A method and apparatus for controlling lubrication in hard disk drives. Hard disk drives often include lubrication on the disks to protect the disks from incidental contact with the head slider. Embodiments of the invention include lubrication control surfaces or dams on the air bearing
8286334 Method of manufacturing pre-sliders for read write heads by annealing to saturation October 16, 2012
Various embodiments of the present invention pertain to manufacturing pre-sliders by annealing to saturation. According to one embodiment, pre-sliders are lapped to prepare for air bearing surfaces for the pre-sliders. The pre-sliders are annealed to saturation to level off the amoun
8284527 Magnetic heads having a graded domain control film and methods of manufacture thereof October 9, 2012
A magnetic head, according to one embodiment, includes a sensor film, a sensor cap film provided above the sensor film, a pair of shields including an upper magnetic shield and a lower magnetic shield which serve as electrodes that pass current in a film thickness direction of the se
8284526 Tunneling junction magnetoresistive effect element and manufacturing method thereof October 9, 2012
According to one embodiment, a TMR effect element includes a ground layer, an antiferromagnetic layer above the ground layer, a first ferromagnetic layer above the antiferromagnetic layer and exchange-coupled to the antiferromagnetic layer, an anti-parallel coupling layer above the f
8284521 Magnetic head slider October 9, 2012
Embodiments of the present invention help to provide a flying height adjusting type magnetic head slider with reduced influence of a heater coil induction field. According to one embodiment, a magnetic head slider comprises a heater, a read element, and a write element, which are formed
8283792 Methods and systems for forming an alignment mark with optically mismatched alignment mark stack October 9, 2012
Methods for fabricating an alignment mark are disclosed. A method includes forming a base layer that includes a first material and forming an alignment mark layer above the base layer that includes a second material that is optically mismatched with the first material. The alignment
8279556 Slider air bearing for disk drives October 2, 2012
A slider designed to reduce fly height sigma in a plurality of fly media is provided. The slider includes an air bearing surface, a front shallow step pad and a rear shallow step pad that are at a first level deeper than the air bearing surface. The slider further includes a first rear
8279552 Hermetically sealing a hard disk drive October 2, 2012
A HDD comprising an internal base plate comprising a porous material and configured for attachment of internal components of the HDD, an external hermetic base plate comprising a non-porous material and configured to hermetically seal the HDD, an external attachment base plate comprising
8276257 Method for making coplanar write head pole tips October 2, 2012
A method and apparatus for providing a write head having well-defined, precise write head pole tips. A coplanar write head pole tip processing method provides a thin-film magnetic write head pole tip layer and defines first and second pole tips from the pole tip layer. When the pole
8274763 Magnetoresistive sensor having a quantum well structure and a P-doped trapping layer to prevent September 25, 2012
A Lorentz Magnetoresistive sensor having an ultrathin trapping layer disposed between a quantum well structure and a surface of the sensor. The trapping layer prevents charge carriers from the surface of the sensor from affecting the quantum well structure. This allows the quantum we
8274762 Methods and systems for using resistivity of sensor film in an element shunt September 25, 2012
A system in one approach includes a sensor stack formed of a plurality of thin film layers; a shunt formed of at least some of the same layers as the sensor stack, the shunt being spaced from the sensor stack; a first lead coupled to the sensor stack and the shunt; and a second lead coup
8274755 Magnetic disk unit September 25, 2012
Embodiments of the present invention provide a magnetic disk unit capable of attaining miniaturization, lower cost, lighter weight, lower profile, and higher density. According to one embodiment, only a carriage and a spindle motor among respective constituent components of a hard disk
8274754 System, method and apparatus for integrated bypass channel and diverter for hard disk drives September 25, 2012
An integrated bypass channel and diverter assembly for hard disk drives having small form factors is disclosed. A bypass channel is formed directly in the base plate to allow a partial bypass to exist with or without a diverter feature. The design addresses the issue of proper disk s
8271801 Implementing data confidentiality and integrity of shingled written data September 18, 2012
A method, apparatus and a data storage device are provided for implementing data confidentiality and integrity of data stored in overlapping, shingled data tracks on a recordable surface of a storage device. A unique write counter is stored for each zone written to the recordable sur
8270260 Optically assisted magnetic recording head having a waveguide core with a plate-shaped portion p September 18, 2012
An optically assisted magnetic recording head causes light to be efficiently incident on a near-field light generating element and is thereby capable of efficiently generating near-field light. The optically assisted magnetic recording head, according to one embodiment, has a wavegui
8270257 Thermally assisted recording systems with low loss light redirection structure September 18, 2012
A system according to one embodiment comprises a slider having a first light channel and a second light channel, the first and second light channels having axes oriented at an angle relative to each other, the angle being less than 180 degrees; and a reflection portion adjacent an ex
8270125 Tunnel junction magnetoresistive sensor having a near zero magnetostriction free layer September 18, 2012
A magnetoresistive tunnel junction sensor having improved free layer stability, as well as improved free sensitivity. The free layer is constructed to have a low magnetic coercivity which improves free layer sensitivity. The free layer is also constructed to have a negative magnetost
8270124 Magnetic head having reduced cost electrostatic discharge shunt September 18, 2012
A method for manufacturing a magnetic head with an electrostatic discharge resistor for preventing electrostatic discharge damage to magnetic head. The electrostatic discharge resistor is formed by a processes that saves manufacturing time and cost by forming resistor in the same dep
8270123 Vertical-current-type reproducing magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same September 18, 2012
In one embodiment, a vertical-current-type reproducing magnetic head includes a sensor film, an upper shield paired with a lower shield that together flow a current into the sensor film in a thickness direction of the sensor film, and magnetic-domain control magnetic films provided a
8270120 Flex cable assembly damper September 18, 2012
A flex cable assembly for a head stack assembly of a hard disk drive comprises a flex cable for conducting data signals from the head stack assembly to a connector. The flex cable comprises a dynamic loop section between a termination for the head stack assembly and the connector. A
8270116 Magnetic disk drive and magnetic head slider with stabilized flying September 18, 2012
A magnetic disk drive includes a magnetic recording medium and a magnetic head slider adapted to fly over a surface of a magnetic recording medium and read or write information. The magnetic head slider includes a slider air bearing surface and a magnetic transducer. The slider air beari
8270115 Asymmetrical air bearing surface for a head slider in hard disk drives September 18, 2012
A method and apparatus for a head slider air bearing surface (ABS) in hard disk drives that mitigate fly height deviations. The invention mitigates these problems by providing an ABS of the head slider with elongated asymmetrical features that extend substantially parallel to the dir
8270111 Perpendicular magnetic recording head September 18, 2012
Embodiments of the invention provide a perpendicular magnetic recording head that causes the difference between a physical track width and an effective track width to be small. Sides of a main pole are made concave with the concave vertex on each side located close to a trailing edge of
8270109 Magnetic head slider inhibiting a side erase and method of manufacturing thereof September 18, 2012
In one embodiment, a magnetic head slider includes a write head having a single magnetic pole, the single magnetic pole having a main magnetic pole piece that extends to a medium opposing surface facing a magnetic disk. The main magnetic pole piece generates a recording magnetic field
8268517 Photolithographic method and mask devices utilized for multiple exposures in the field of a feat September 18, 2012
A photolithographic mask set for creating a plurality of characters on a device includes a plurality of photolithographic masks, wherein each mask includes at least one mask character area and at least one mask character field area that surrounds said mask character area; wherein each sa
8268461 Patterned perpendicular magnetic recording medium with ultrathin oxide film and reduced switchin September 18, 2012
A patterned perpendicular magnetic recording disk has a Co-alloy recording layer patterned into discrete data islands arranged in concentric tracks and exhibits a narrow switching field distribution (SFD). The disk includes a substrate, a NiTa alloy planarizing layer on the substrate
8268407 Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic write head having write pole September 18, 2012
A method for manufacturing a write head having write pole with a tapered upper surface to improve the channeling of magnetic flux to a pole tip of the write pole. The method includes depositing a first layer of magnetic material over a substrate. A CMP stop layer, image transfer layer an
8266785 Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor having a novel junction structure for improve September 18, 2012
A method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor having improved pinned layer stability at small track widths. The method includes providing a substrate, and depositing a plurality of sensor layers. A layer of material that is resistant to removal by chemical mechanical polishing
8264918 Near-field recording device having heating mechanism positioned near a trailing side of a magnet September 11, 2012
One purpose of the invention according to one embodiment is to provide a magnetic recording apparatus of high recording density in which magnetization transition curvature amount of a recording pattern is small. In one embodiment, the center of a heating area is arranged at a track e
8264233 Magnetoresistive electrostatic discharge (ESD) detector September 11, 2012
A magnetoresistive electrostatic discharge (ESD) event detector includes at least one magnetoresistive device. The at least one magnetoresistive device detects an ESD event in an ESD sensitive device based on magnetoresistive properties of the at least one magnetoresistive device. Th
8261432 Disk spacer drop-proofing tool for disk removal process September 11, 2012
An apparatus for removal of a disk in a disk stack. The apparatus includes a shaft. The shaft has an end portion insertable into a disk remover tool. The shaft has a positioning portion at an end of the shaft opposite the insertable end portion. The positioning portion includes a sur
8259414 Magnetic recording disk having aligning pattern and method for aligning thereof September 4, 2012
Embodiments of the invention provide patterned media in which the center and the direction of the disk can be detected. According to one embodiment, patterned media has a bit pattern including convex portions of a magnetic material on one surface or both surfaces of a nonmagnetic sub

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