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RE43532 Hospital bed July 24, 2012
A patient support including a frame and a mattress supported by the frame. The frame includes a deck support and a deck supporting the mattress.
RE43193 Hospital bed February 21, 2012
A bed for a person is provided. The bed includes a frame, a deck including a seat section and a foot section movable relative to the seat section. The bed further including a mechanism that control movement of the foot section relative to the seat section.
RE43155 Hospital bed and mattress having a retractable foot section February 7, 2012
A patient support is disclosed having an adjustable length deck and a mattress positionable on the deck.
RE40814 Oscillatory chest compression device June 30, 2009
An oscillatory chest compression device includes an oscillatory air flow generator and a positive air flow generator. A first feedback system controls the oscillation rate of the oscillatory air flow generator, and a second feedback system controls the peak pressure created by the po
RE38453 Infant incubator March 9, 2004
An infant incubator in which the heater for heating the air circulated through the incubator and the speed of the fan which forces air across the heater to circulate through the incubator are controlled to increase the temperature of the heated air and delivery of the heated air to the s
RE38135 Mattress structure having a foam mattress core June 10, 2003
An elongated mattress core for a mattress structure includes a foam core having an upwardly-facing top surface, a bottom surface spaced apart from the top surface, and first and second elongated sides connecting the top and bottom surfaces. The foam core is formed to include a plurality
D628416 Side rail for a bed December 7, 2010
D617589 Side rail for a bed June 15, 2010
D617588 Side rail for a bed June 15, 2010
D617587 Side rail for a bed June 15, 2010
D617586 Side rail for a bed June 15, 2010
D616679 Side rail for a bed June 1, 2010
D616678 Side rail for a bed June 1, 2010
D599144 Headboard/footboard for an adjustable bed September 1, 2009
D504945 Air pulse generator May 10, 2005
D479070 Bed siderail September 2, 2003
D463179 Top rail member of a bed siderail September 24, 2002
D459119 Siderail support arm June 25, 2002
D458481 Slats of a bed siderail June 11, 2002
D447347 Chair September 4, 2001
8584282 Boost feature for a bed November 19, 2013
An adjustable bed comprises an occupant support having adjustable settings that include an elevation, a profile and an angular orientation. The bed also includes an interface for allowing desired values of the adjustable settings to be individually commanded. The bed also includes a
8584279 Pulmonary mattress November 19, 2013
A patient support surface including a cover defining an interior region, a layer of three dimensional material, located at the interior region, and an air circulation device disposed adjacent the layer of three dimensional material. The patient support surface includes at least one o
8578527 Localized microclimate management November 12, 2013
An occupant support includes a mattress 20, a detector 54 and an energy management system comprising thermally conductive pathways and a controller 60. The controller activates one or more selected pathways in response to information from the detector to regulate energy transfer at a
8572778 User interface for hospital bed November 5, 2013
A user module for a patient support apparatus is provided. The user module has a user interface operably coupled thereto. The user interface includes an input device and an output device. The output device includes a visual display including textual and non-textual elements. The non-
8296884 Siderail gap filler October 30, 2012
A gap-filler for a patient-support apparatus comprises a barrier panel, a first coupler coupled to the barrier panel and a second coupler coupled to the barrier panel and configured to engage a siderail of the patient-support apparatus such that the gap-filler is movable relative to
8296883 Bed and vertically compact side barrier therefor October 30, 2012
Side barrier retractable bed made up of parallel bars (e.g. 14, 15, 16) that may be retracted to a low position along the length of the bed. To minimize the height of the barrier when in the low position, at least two of the bars (15 and 16) have profiles and positions to allow that they
8291532 Canister lift for a patient support apparatus October 23, 2012
A lifting device for a patient support apparatus is provided. The patient support apparatus includes a frame and a lifting device coupled to the frame. The lifting device is configured to move the frame between a raised position and a lowered position. The lifting device includes a m
8286282 Bed frame and mattress synchronous control October 16, 2012
A support apparatus includes a bed frame with movable portions and a mattress supported on the bed frame. A control system synchronously controls inflation and deflation of at least one air bladder of the mattress and movement of at least one of the movable portions.
8284047 Wireless bed connectivity October 9, 2012
A hospital bed has wireless communication circuitry operable to transmit wirelessly bed status data. A surface supported by the bed has wireless communication circuitry operable to transmit wirelessly surface status data. The wireless communication circuitry of the hospital bed and the
8281433 Apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a person October 9, 2012
Embodiments disclosed herein related to person support apparatuses and systems, and in particular, to such apparatuses and systems that incorporate or are used with vital signs monitoring devices.
8280748 Bed management October 2, 2012
A computing device, system, method and machine readable medium for managing beds of a healthcare facility is provided. A system includes a client device and a server computing device. The client device may generate a request to assign a bed to a patient, present a list of beds to ass
8272892 Hospital bed having wireless data capability September 25, 2012
A system is provided for use with a pre-existing hospital bed and a nurse call system. The system includes a first apparatus that is coupleable to a data port of the hospital bed and a second apparatus that is spaced from the hospital bed, that is spaced from the first apparatus, and tha
8267206 Motorized traction device for a patient support September 18, 2012
A patient support including a traction device for powered movement of the patient support.
8266742 Biometric bed configuration September 18, 2012
A bed has one or more electronically-controllable features. Input-output devices are used by persons to control the electronically-controllable features. A biometric input-output device obtains biometric data from persons who desire to control one or more of the electronically-contro
8266741 Bed movement cessation based on IV pump alarm September 18, 2012
A bed for use with a patient coupled to a medical device via at least one patient care line is provided. The bed includes a frame including at least one movable patient support section and an actuator coupled to the movable patient support section. The actuator is operable to move the
8262036 Transferable patient care equipment support September 11, 2012
An equipment support, such as an IV pole, comprises an upper portion, a lower portion having a lower end configured to engage a socket, and an actuator movable relative to the lower end. When the upper portion is gripped by a releasable gripper, the lower end can be disengaged from the
8260517 Patient support apparatus with drive wheel speed control September 4, 2012
A control system for a self-propelled patient-support apparatus includes a controller that utilizes a power drive speed control algorithm to control the power output to a motor of a drive mechanism for driving the patient-support apparatus across a floor. The control algorithm normal
8260475 Constant low-flow air source control system and method September 4, 2012
A constant low-flow air source control system and method is used to operate a pump to inflate an inflatable support structure used to support a person.
8258973 Transferable patient care equipment support September 4, 2012
A patient care equipment support includes power and data connectors configured to be coupled to power and data connectors of patient care equipment when the patient care equipment is coupled to the equipment support to provide a power coupling and a data coupling between the patient
8258965 System for monitoring caregivers and equipment at a patient location September 4, 2012
A hospital monitoring system for monitoring hospital personnel, a plurality of patient locations for patients, and associated devices is configured to control the associated devices based on the presence of hospital personnel or alarms.
8258963 Body position monitoring system September 4, 2012
A bed includes a frame, a controller coupled to the frame, and a patient position detection system coupled to the frame and coupled to the controller. The patient position detection system has at least three modes of operation of varying sensitivities for determining whether a person
8258944 Hospital bed obstacle detection device and method September 4, 2012
A hospital bed obstacle detection device and related method for detecting an obstacle between first and second components of a hospital bed is provided.
8251876 Breathing exercise apparatus August 28, 2012
A breathing exercise apparatus comprises a chamber having a vent open to the atmosphere, a mouthpiece having an opening, a first member having a plurality of apertures positioned in the chamber between the opening in the mouthpiece and the vent, a second member having a plurality of
8250686 Apparatus with patient adjustment device coupled to architectural system August 28, 2012
An apparatus comprises an architectural system and a patient adjustment device. The patient adjustment device is coupled to the architectural system and adapted to pull on a patient receiver to move a patient received by the patient receiver and located on a bed relative to the bed t
8240410 Patient support apparatus with powered wheel August 14, 2012
A patient support apparatus has a first frame and a second frame supported above the first frame and movable relative to the first frame. A plurality of casters are coupled to the first frame. A wheel is movable relative to the first frame between a lowered position engaging the floor
8240092 Headwall to bed interface August 14, 2012
A headwall is adapted for use with a bed in a room of a healthcare facility. The headwall comprises a wall unit mounted relative to a wall of the room and a floor unit extending along a floor of the room. The bed docks to the floor unit. It is disclosed to use the headwall to provide
8239986 Siderail assembly for a patient-support apparatus August 14, 2012
A siderail assembly includes a frame, a link mechanism coupled to the frame and movable between first and second positions, and a panel coupled to the linkage and movable therewith between a first position and a second position. The link mechanism is configured to provide compound mo
8217667 Method and apparatus for piezoelectric sensor status assessment July 10, 2012
A method for assessing the status of a piezoelectric sensor of interest is disclosed. The sensor of interest is located adjacent a surface of a mattress supporting a person. In some instances, the sensor of interest may be coupled to a mattress or coupled to a bed frame that supports the
8215065 Modular wall unit July 10, 2012
A modular patient room includes a plurality of modular wall panels or units having various configurations. In some embodiments, the modular wall units have at least one shelf and a flip-down work surface. The modular wall unit optionally may include an integrated computer monitor and
8196240 Pressure relief surface June 12, 2012
The present invention includes a pressure relief patient support for use in combination with a bed frame. The pressure relief support surface includes a plurality of layers of a three-dimensional fiber material positioned above a plurality of vertical air cells.
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