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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D441490 Handle for surgical lighthead May 1, 2001
D437957 Surgical light apparatus February 20, 2001
D434502 Combined power column and care cart November 28, 2000
D430696 Handle for surgical lighthead September 5, 2000
D421507 Surgical lighthead cover March 7, 2000
D421148 Handle for surgical headlight February 22, 2000
D418603 Power column January 4, 2000
D390574 Systems controller for an air mattress February 10, 1998
D389917 Housing for a surgical table surface controller January 27, 1998
6353948 Air fluidized bed March 12, 2002
A castor locking apparatus for a castor assembly rotatably mounted to the frame member of a fluidized bed by a support that includes a notched portion. The locking apparatus includes a housing coupled to the castor with the housing including an interior region with a top opening located
6344794 Personnel and asset tracking method and apparatus February 5, 2002
A personnel and asset tracking system for locating and tracking objects throughout an awareness area comprises a communication network, a central server connected to said communication network maintaining an awareness area database, a plurality of receiver nodes, and a plurality of tags.
6286165 Stretcher center wheel mechanism September 11, 2001
A stretcher for transporting a patient along a floor includes an elongated frame, a patient-support deck carried by the frame, and an elongated shaft having a longitudinally-extending axis of rotation. The shaft is coupled to the frame for rotation about the axis of rotation between a fi
6282738 Ob/Gyn stretcher September 4, 2001
A patient support apparatus includes a base, a frame coupled to the base, and a deck coupled to the frame. The frame includes a storage portion. The deck includes a head section, a seat section and first and second laterally spaced apart outer leg support sections adjacent the seat s
6279183 Communication network for a hospital bed August 28, 2001
A bed includes a base frame, a deck coupled to the base frame for supporting a body, a peer-to-peer communication network having a plurality of connection points, and a plurality of modules. Each module is electrically coupled to a selected connection point of the peer-to-peer commun
6276820 Handle for surgical light apparatus August 21, 2001
A surgical lighthead is provided with an outer cover, an inner reflective component, and handles disposed in recesses in the outer cover. The handles do not extend substantially beyond the outer surface of the outer cover. The recesses in the outer cover are spaced apart from the inner
6266831 Storable trauma board support July 31, 2001
In an illustrated embodiment of the present invention, a plurality of trauma board supports are movably coupled to a stretcher for motion between a first position away from a patient support surface of the stretcher and a second position above the patient support surface for releasab
6257608 Apparatus for propelling a wheel chair July 10, 2001
An apparatus for propelling a wheelchair includes a spokeless power ring connected to the wheel chair, and a drive wheel supporting the chair and engaging the floor. The power ring and drive wheel are coupled together in such a way that rotation of the power ring drives the drive wheel
6252512 Monitoring system and method June 26, 2001
A system including piezoelectric material wherein a force exerted on the piezoelectric material is determined by subjecting the piezoelectric material to an input signal of sweeping frequency and evaluating the response of the piezoelectric material to the applied signal.
6249923 Adjustable head rest for a patient support June 26, 2001
An apparatus is provided for supporting a patient. The apparatus includes a frame, a patient-support deck coupled to the frame and configured to support the patient, and a bracket coupled to the patient-support deck for pivoting movement about a transverse first pivot axis. The bracket e
6248977 Welding torch attachment June 19, 2001
A welding torch flash shield is used with a welding torch to protect the eyes of personnel working near the welding torch. The torch flash shield is comprised of a flexible elongated sleeve having a first open end provided distal from a second open end. The first open end is configured
6248066 Skin perfusion evaluation apparatus June 19, 2001
An apparatus for evaluating perfusion adjacent a skin surface includes a housing having first an second interior regions. The housing is configured to engage the skin surface. The apparatus also includes a plunger located in the first region of the housing for applying pressure to a firs
6243894 Side bolster system for a mattress June 12, 2001
A side bolster system is provided for use with a mattress having a first side and a second side. The side bolster system of the present invention includes a first side bolster configured to be positioned along the first side of the mattress, a second side bolster configured to be positio
6240584 Mattress assembly June 5, 2001
A mattress assembly comprises an inflatable central support portion having a head end, a foot end, a first side and a second side, and first and second side bolsters coupled to the first and second sides, respectively, of the inflatable central support portion. The first and second side
6240583 Ambulatory assist arm for a bed June 5, 2001
An ambulatory assist apparatus is configured to be mounted to a frame of a bed. The ambulatory assist apparatus includes an ambulatory assist arm having a first end portion and a second end portion configured to provide a handle, a mounting plate configured to be coupled to the frame of
6240582 Apparatus for positioning a patient-support deck June 5, 2001
A patient-support apparatus that comprises a base, a patient-support deck having a longitudinal length and a transverse width, and a deck-positioning assembly coupling the patient-support deck to the base. The patient-support deck is supported with respect to the deck-positioning ass
6240580 Extruded side rail apparatus June 5, 2001
A modular siderail for attachment to a bed includes a first end section having a first end and a second end. The second end includes a connector joint. The modular siderail also includes a second end section substantially identical to the first end section. A connector joint of the s
6226821 OB/GYN mattress May 8, 2001
A mattress includes a head section, a seat section and first and second outer leg support sections. The seat section and the first and second outer leg support sections are configured to define a central opening therebetween. The mattress further comprises a removable center leg supp
6226816 Procedural stretcher recline controls May 8, 2001
A stretcher includes a first actuator coupled to a head section and a second actuator coupled to a thigh section. A set of buttons accessible to a patient carried by the stretcher are coupled to motors that drive the respective first and second actuators. The buttons are pressed to move
6216293 Fracture frame mounting apparatus April 17, 2001
A patient-support apparatus comprises a frame, a patient-support surface supported by the frame, and at least one mounting bracket coupled to the frame. The at least one mounting bracket includes a portion that is adapted to couple to a fracture frame.
6212746 Retaining ring installation apparatus April 10, 2001
An apparatus for installing clips onto workpieces which includes a spring biased alignment mechanism which positions a workpiece for the installation of a retaining clip thereon and thereafter, causes the workpiece to be ejected from the apparatus.
6212718 Air-over-foam mattress April 10, 2001
A mattress structure (30) having a plurality of side-by-side lower support elements (50), a layer of material (54) underlying the lower support elements (50), and a plurality of side-by-side upper support elements (52) overlying and being supported by lower support elements (50) is descr
6212714 Hospital bed and mattress having a retracting foot section April 10, 2001
A bed having a foot prop on an adjustable length deck foot section and a mattress with a length and thickness adjustable foot section and a thickness adjustable heel section. The adjustability of the deck and the mattress allows sizing of the bed to the occupant as well as heel manag
6208250 Patient position detection apparatus for a bed March 27, 2001
An apparatus is provided for detecting a position of a body on a support surface of a bed. The apparatus includes at least one first sensor coupled to the bed and at least one second sensor located adjacent the support surface. The at least one first sensor has an output signal which is
6202672 Valve assembly March 20, 2001
A valve assembly for an air mattress having a common actuator on a manifold between opposed supply and exhaust valves moving the valves along their actuating axis. The system includes a plurality of actuator/valve combinations for different portions of the air mattress. A pulsating valve
6202231 Surgical stretcher March 20, 2001
An extender board for use on a surgical stretcher is disclosed. The surgical stretcher includes a pivotable back section, and an actuator that locks to prevent the back section from pivoting and that unlocks to permit the back section to pivot. The extender board includes a frame, a pane
6202230 Surgical table apparatus March 20, 2001
A surgical table apparatus includes a base, a pedestal, and an upper support frame coupled to the pedestal. The upper support frame includes a head frame section, a seat frame section, optional leg supports, and optional head supports.
6195820 Pivoting hand table March 6, 2001
A hand table assembly includes a platform having a longitudinal central axis and a platform attachment apparatus for coupling the platform to a patient support deck generally in a horizontal plane and at a angle. The platform attachment apparatus illustratively includes a firs
6185769 Resident transfer chair February 13, 2001
A chair apparatus includes a base frame, an intermediate frame coupled to the base frame, and a resident support frame including a back section, a seat section, and a leg section pivotably coupled to the base frame and the intermediate frame by a plurality of links to permit the support
6185767 Controls for a bed February 13, 2001
A bed includes a base frame, a bed deck above the base frame, and an intermediate frame carrying the bed deck. The intermediate frame is mounted to the base frame for movement relative to the base frame between a raised position spaced apart above the base frame and a lowered position
6182316 Surface pad system for a surgical table February 6, 2001
A surface pad apparatus for a surgical table includes a body pad section positioned to lie beneath at least the torso and the thighs of the patient. The body pad section includes an upwardly-facing top surface and spaced-apart, elongated first and second sides. The apparatus also inc
6182310 Bed side rails February 6, 2001
A chair bed for supporting a person is provided, the chair bed having a head end, a foot end, and opposing sides. The chair bed includes a frame and a deck supported on the frame. The deck includes head, seat, and foot sections. A mattress is mounted on the deck and has an upwardly-facin
6178578 Pressure control assembly for an air mattress January 30, 2001
A mattress is provided having an elongated foam base, a plurality of air sacks positioned above the foam base, and a longitudinally-extending manifold. Each air sack defines an interior region. The manifold includes an outer wall defining an interior region in fluid communication with a
6176597 Reflector for surgical light apparatus January 23, 2001
A surgical lighthead includes a light source having a reference point defined thereon and a reflector including a concave reflector surface which has a central axis. The concave reflector surface is formed to include a plurality of facets configured to reflect light emanating from th
6175973 Stand assist lift January 23, 2001
An apparatus for assisting a person in achieving a standing position. The apparatus include a base, a frame extending upward from the base, a lifting arm pivotally coupled to the frame, a platform upon which a person can stand, and an actuator which is controlled to raise and lower the
6174068 Light fixture with auxiliary light January 16, 2001
A light fixture apparatus includes a support frame mounted to the wall and an auxiliary or examination light source coupled to the support frame and movable from a first stored position to a second deployed position. A first switch in series with the auxiliary light source is opened when
6163903 Chair bed December 26, 2000
A bed including a frame, an articulating deck on the frame having head, seat, and foot deck sections, and a mattress on the deck. The deck foot section and mattress foot portion have a first length when the foot section is in the up position and a second length shorter than said first
6158070 Coverlet for an air bed December 12, 2000
A coverlet is disclosed for enclosing an air fluidizable section of a patient support surface. The air fluidizable section includes a diffuser board assembly for supporting a fluidizable medium, a side wall defining a boundary of the air fluidizable section and an air permeable top wall
6154899 Resident transfer chair December 5, 2000
A chair apparatus includes a base frame, an intermediate frame coupled to the base frame, and a resident support frame including a back section, a seat section, and a leg section pivotably coupled to the base frame and the intermediate frame by a plurality of links to permit the support
6151739 Heel pressure management apparatus and method November 28, 2000
A sleep support surface includes a mattress having at least two bladders located adjacent a foot end. The bladders each have a predetermined, adjustable internal pressure. The pressure in at least one of the bladders is selectively and independently reduced to provide pressure relief on
6151732 X-ray cassette holder for a patient support surface November 28, 2000
A holder for retaining an x-ray cassette against a bottom surface of a patient support deck is provided. The patient support deck is part of a bed that has an outer frame with first and second side frame members. The holder includes a cassette channel member configured to receive an end
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