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Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Patents
Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Houston, TX
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43577 Swapping a nonoperational networked electronic system for an operational networked electronic sy August 14, 2012
A method of switching a network access configuration associated with a first electronic system to a second electronic system via a network is described. The first electronic system is inoperable. The second electronic system replaces the first electronic system such that a user seaml
RE43070 Identifying and locating lost or stolen personal digital assistant devices via a landline- or wi January 3, 2012
A system and method for preventing unauthorized use of a device (e.g., a portable computer system) and for recovering the device when, for example, the device has been lost or stolen and an attempt to use it is made by someone other than an authorized user. The authorized user regist
RE42578 Synchronization using commitment July 26, 2011
A method of sharing a file object among a plurality of competing processes, the file object having a content that at least one competing process may need to adjust so that the file is suitable for the operating environment of the competing process. To help make an adjustment, the fil
RE42385 Universal USB charging accessory May 24, 2011
Embodiments of the present invention relate to an apparatus for supplying power to electronic devices, comprising a housing, an electric power source connector coupled to the housing, an electronic circuit enclosed in the housing and electrically coupled to the power source connector,
RE42195 Energy efficient crac unit operation using heat transfer levels March 1, 2011
A method for controlling one or more computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units for energy efficient operation, in which, the temperature of the air returned (Trat) into the one or more CRAC units and the temperature of the air supplied (Tsat) by the one or more CRAC units is detected.
RE42154 Parallel data network billing and collection system February 15, 2011
A billing and collection system comprising an access management computer for enabling payment for a service provided over a data network to be made for a telephone connection to a shared revenue billing network where the telephone connection to the billing network regulates access to the
RE41881 Re-writable optical disk having reference clock information permanently formed on the disk October 26, 2010
An optical disk structure and optical disk recorder which enables data to be rewritten onto the recording layer of the optical disk. A clock reference structure is permanently formed along servo tracks of the optical disk. An optical transducer is coupled to the clock reference struc
RE40775 Method for adjusting drive roller linefeed distance June 23, 2009
A difference in feed roller diameter from one printer to another causes a media to advance by a different amount for a given rotation of a drive shaft to which the feed roller is coupled. Such variation in advance distance is a linefeed error. Mean linefeed error is determined and co
RE40744 Method for determining the drop rate, the transit delay and the break state of communications ob June 16, 2009
A method of analyzing a communication network that determines a mean drop rate in a device x by polling each device from a network management computer (NMC) which is in communication with the network, and processing signals in the NMC to determine a drop rate D(x), in accordance with:
RE40680 Multi-resolution color contact-type image sensing apparatus March 24, 2009
A multi-resolution color contact-type image sensing apparatus whereby a color image of an original can be obtained with a particular resolution, depending upon the size of the original image. A first array of photosensor segments with a base resolution is arranged with at least one o
RE40530 Public key cryptographic apparatus and method October 7, 2008
A method and apparatus are disclosed for improving public key encryption and decryption schemes that employ a composite number formed from three or more distinct primes. The encryption or decryption tasks may be broken down into sub-tasks to obtain encrypted or decrypted sub-parts that a
RE40294 Servicing system for an inkjet printhead May 6, 2008
A wet-wiping printhead cleaning system for inkjet printer incorporating a wiper for wiping the printhead including a treatment fluid applicator configured for placing treatment fluid onto at least one element of the printhead and wiper elements involved in wiping the printhead orifice
RE39689 Apparatus for securing CCD board at a fixed position within a range of motion June 12, 2007
Apparatus for fixing the position of an optical sensor within a range of motion in relation to an optical apparatus. The fixing apparatus provides permits a range of motion through five degrees of freedom (DOF) during the securing process. The apparatus includes a housing for the optical
RE39441 Printer with vacuum platen having bimetallic valve sheet providing selectable active area December 26, 2006
A printer has a media transport with a rigid, air-transmissive platen. A movable air-transmissive flexible web overlays the platen. A suction device communicates with the platen to draw air through the web and through the platen such that a sheet of media carried on the web is biased
RE39242 Wet wiping printhead cleaning system using a non-contact technique for applying a printhead trea August 22, 2006
A wet-wiping printhead cleaning system including a treatment fluid applicator placing treatment fluid on at least one of two elements involved in wiping, said two elements being a printhead orifice plate surface and a wiper, the system being so configured that treatment fluid is appl
D693339 Transformer tablet computer November 12, 2013
D693336 Computing device November 12, 2013
D692880 Tablet computer November 5, 2013
D692785 Right angle ruler November 5, 2013
D691993 Computing device October 22, 2013
D668217 Battery pack October 2, 2012
D667824 Laptop computer September 25, 2012
D667487 Printer September 18, 2012
D667400 Mobile computing device housing with side features September 18, 2012
D667006 Housing for a mobile computing device September 11, 2012
D666567 Housing for a mobile computing device September 4, 2012
D666239 Multi-function imaging and printing device August 28, 2012
D666198 Housing for a mobile computing device August 28, 2012
D666197 Computer August 28, 2012
D665445 Multi-function imaging and printing device August 14, 2012
D664539 Computer July 31, 2012
D664193 Multi-function imaging and printing device July 24, 2012
D664192 Multi-function imaging and printing device July 24, 2012
D664142 Quadruple hinge assembly July 24, 2012
D663707 Teleconference room July 17, 2012
D662972 Roll fed printer July 3, 2012
D662933 Housing for a mobile computing device July 3, 2012
D662931 Computer July 3, 2012
D662930 Computer July 3, 2012
D662506 Stand June 26, 2012
D662131 Printer June 19, 2012
D662100 Case for a mobile computing device June 19, 2012
D660908 Printer May 29, 2012
D660351 Multi-function imaging and printing device May 22, 2012
D660350 Multi-function printer May 22, 2012
D660228 Power supply unit May 22, 2012
D656940 Cradle for portable server monitor April 3, 2012
D655705 Housing for a mobile computing device March 13, 2012
D655423 Fluidic dispense device March 6, 2012
D655331 Multi-function imaging and printing device accessory March 6, 2012

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