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Hewlett-Packard Develoment Company, L.P. Patents
Hewlett-Packard Develoment Company, L.P.
Houston, TX
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7765188 Taxonomy editor July 27, 2010
A repository 10 stores metadata, including at least one taxonomy definition 16 and records 14, which may be classified using the defined taxonomies. An editor 20 may be used to edit taxonomy definitions, using a local copy 22. To check the edit, a taxonomy search service in repositor
7289151 System and method for data capture October 30, 2007
In one embodiment there is shown a method for capturing data, the method comprising sensing a first signal, capturing an auto exposure (AE) image in response to a sensed first signal, the auto exposure image captured with settings based upon preestablished criterion, and upon the AE imag
7227379 Nanoscale latch-array processing engines June 5, 2007
One embodiment of the present invention is an array of nanoscale latches interconnected by a nanowire bus to form a latch array. Each nanoscale latch in the nanoscale-latch array serves as a nanoscale register, and is driven by a nanoscale control line. Primitive operations for the latch
6595610 Signaling method for a pen driver circuit interface July 22, 2003
A signaling method for a pen driver circuit interface is embodied in a signal interface between a controller circuit and a pen driver circuit for a printer. At least one signal of the interface is omitted; and the pen driver circuit is modified to process a combination of signals includi

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