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Houston, TX
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42268 Method and apparatus for organizing addressing elements April 5, 2011
A method and apparatus for organizing and accessing addressing elements is herein disclosed. In many situations in use of a handheld computer, for example, it is desirable to obtain quick and easy access to addressable resources from among a list of such resources. In the case of a h
RE39700 Ink additives for improved ink-jet performance June 26, 2007
Oxo anions (both singly and multiply charged), such as phosphates, polyphosphates, and phosphate esters, serve as additives, and in the case of cationic dyes, may serve as replacement counter-ions, for use in thermal ink-jet inks to reduce kogation significantly. The addition of such
RE37874 Off-axis ink with supply with pressurized ink tube for preventing air ingestion October 15, 2002
In the preferred embodiment, an inkjet printer includes a replaceable print cartridge which is inserted into a scanning carriage. The print cartridge contains a regulator valve. An ink tube extends from the scanning carriage to a separate, disposable ink supply cartridge located within t
RE37671 Printhead-carriage alignment and electrical interconnect lock-in mechanism April 30, 2002
A printhead cartridge and carriage assembly (10) is provided comprising: a carriage (12); a snap-spring (62) for securing a printing cartridge (14) in postion on the carriage; and an interconnect strip (16) for supplying electrical signals to the cartridge, including a force loading spri
RE37517 Portion of an optical scanner January 22, 2002
RE36948 Print enhancement system for enhancing dot printer images November 7, 2000
A method and apparatus for enhancing the quality of images printed by dot printers or dot displays are disclosed. Image irregularities caused by quantization are smoothed by using a set of rules to transform an initial pattern into an enhanced pattern for printing. The initial pattern ma
RE36350 Fully integrated miniaturized planar liquid sample handling and analysis device October 26, 1999
A miniaturized total analysis system (".mu.-TAS") comprising a miniaturized planar column device is described for use in liquid phase analysis. The .mu.-TAS comprises microstructures fabricated by laser ablation in a variety of novel support substrates. The .mu.-TAS includes associated
RE35922 Method and apparatus for preventing print overruns October 13, 1998
A page printer is described which divides each page of text, graphics, etc. into lateral page strips, each having an allocated page strip rasterization time (PSRT) based upon the printer's page print time. A method is described for assuring that a print mechanism in the printer has a
RE31515 Fiber optic connector February 7, 1984
The retainer sleeve of a three piece ferrule suitable for very small diameter optical fibers has an outside diameter threaded portion at the closed end so that, after the ferrule and optical fiber have been assembled, an outer sleeve, having a correspondingly threaded inside diameter
RE30743 Thermal printer-plotter system for multi-directional printing and plotting September 15, 1981
A printer-plotter system is provided having a single horizontally movable, print-plot head comprising geometrically arranged thermal resistor elements which are processor-controlled for plotting continuous multi-directional line segments and for printing, while plotting, upper and lo
RE30171 Multiconfiguration ionization source December 18, 1979
This is an ion-producing source having a distinct chemical ionization configuration and a distinct electron impact configuration. In this source, a hollow chamber including an ion source and a source of sample molecules receives a hollow, slidable cylindrical member having a chemical
RE29246 Data transfer control apparatus and method May 31, 1977
An improved data transfer system enables a common data source to operate asynchronously with a plurality of different data receivers at a data transfer rate that is limited only by the operating rates of the data receivers and the data source. The operating conditions of the data rec
D659734 Webcam May 15, 2012
D654076 Display device February 14, 2012
D645867 Display device cradle September 27, 2011
D480086 Computer workstation September 30, 2003
D480082 Computer workstation September 30, 2003
D479717 Computer workstation September 16, 2003
D475400 Sheet handling tray June 3, 2003
D475399 Sheet handling tray June 3, 2003
D475398 Duplexer June 3, 2003
D474181 Portable personal computer system May 6, 2003
D474180 Computer workstation May 6, 2003
D473894 Multi-function inkjet printer April 29, 2003
D472880 Electrical contact April 8, 2003
D472571 Digital projector April 1, 2003
D472266 Document feeder for an optical scanner March 25, 2003
D471871 Interface cable connector March 18, 2003
D471205 Portion of a computer display with a computer icon graphic March 4, 2003
D470859 Portion of a computer display with a computer icon graphic February 25, 2003
D469775 Pedestal computer docking station February 4, 2003
D469773 Pedestal computer docking station February 4, 2003
D469763 Computer workstation February 4, 2003
D469096 Scanner January 21, 2003
D468750 Portion of a computer display with a computer icon graphic January 14, 2003
D468736 Personal digital assistant January 14, 2003
D467927 Front portion of an optical scanner cover December 31, 2002
D466928 Ink jet print cartridge December 10, 2002
D466924 Inkjet printer December 10, 2002
D466923 Inkjet printer with fixed sheet feeder December 10, 2002
D466552 Inkjet printer December 3, 2002
D465801 Document printer November 19, 2002
D465515 Inkjet printer with sheet feeder November 12, 2002
D465514 Printer November 12, 2002
D464938 High performance cooling device October 29, 2002
D464373 Printer access door October 15, 2002
D464371 Ink jet print cartridge October 15, 2002
D463436 Hand held optical scanner front face portion September 24, 2002
D463272 Tiered cartons September 24, 2002
D462971 Combination printer, facsimile, copier and scanner September 17, 2002

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