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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D462961 Flat panel display device September 17, 2002
D462682 Computer keyboard September 10, 2002
D456834 Document production device May 7, 2002
D450756 Document printer November 20, 2001
D448771 Printer mounted document scanner October 2, 2001
D434436 Document printer November 28, 2000
D379290 Module inject/eject lever May 20, 1997
D373579 Flat panel display September 10, 1996
D373349 Mass termination block September 3, 1996
D320684 Automatic printed circuit board handler October 8, 1991
7014974 Substrate coating for improved toner transfer and adhesion March 21, 2006
A printing method comprising: providing a substrate having a surface coated wiht a coating comprising at least 25% silica; and printing on the coated surface with an ink comprising pigmented polymer particles and a carrier liquid.
6561643 Advanced media determination system for inkjet printing May 13, 2003
A system of classifying the type of incoming media entering an inkjet or other printing mechanism is provided to identify the media without requiring any special manufacturer markings. The leading edge of the incoming media is optically scanned using a blue-violet light to obtain bot
6516425 Raid rebuild using most vulnerable data redundancy scheme first February 4, 2003
A method of managing data in a hierarchical data storage system employing data redundancy schemes includes prioritizing a data rebuild based on a most vulnerable data redundancy scheme in the storage system. A data storage system embodying this rebuild prioritization method is also d
6516160 Estimation of toner usage based on pulse width count and pulse edge count February 4, 2003
The invention includes a method, a computer readable medium, and an apparatus of estimating toner usage based on pulse width count and pulse edge count. In one respect, the invention includes a method for estimating toner usage. The method comprises determining a pulse width count, d
6508552 Printer having precision ink drying capability and method of assembling the printer January 21, 2003
A printer having precision ink drying capability and method of assembling the printer. The printer comprises a print head that is adapted to eject a plurality of ink drops through outlet orifices defined by the print head. The ink drops form a plurality of ink marks at a plurality of loc
6507768 Method and system to compensate for wear in a sheet handling device January 14, 2003
A method and system to regulate the sheet transport speed in a sheet handling device. Sheets are transported at a transport speed governed by an assigned signal. The actual transport speed of the sheets is determined and the assigned signal is adjusted to make the actual transport speed
6490634 Adaptive digital data transfer apparatus and method December 3, 2002
An apparatus and method for transferring digital data from a source application in a computer to a destination application in a computer through one of plural types of transfers. The apparatus automatically determines how a transfer can be made by automatically analyzing the receptiv
6487636 Method and apparatus for mapping data in a heterogeneous disk array storage system November 26, 2002
A RAID data storage system includes a heterogenous disk array coupled to a controller. The disk array provides a storage space that includes a first set of stipes each having at least "N" blocks and a second set of stripes each having less than "N" blocks. The controller can operate to m
6482574 Droplet plate architecture in ink-jet printheads November 19, 2002
A process for fabricating a droplet plate for the printhead of an ink-jet printer, which process provides design flexibility, precise dimension control, as well as material robustness. Also provided is a droplet plate fabricated in accord with the process.
6480443 Method and system for restraining a cartridge within an insertable magazine November 12, 2002
In general, the present invention provides an autochanger device having a cavity for receiving a magazine containing a media cartridge, wherein a retention arm of the cavity retrains the media pieces within the magazine while the magazine fills the cavity. In particular, a detent mechani
6478490 Printer media transport apparatus and method November 12, 2002
A printing apparatus with an index-feeding printing system having a first media path, a continuous feed finishing apparatus having a second media path, and a media buffer device having a third media path connecting between the first media path and the second media path. The third path ma
6476928 System and method for controlling internal operations of a processor of an inkjet printhead November 5, 2002
A printing system having a printhead assembly with an integrated distributive processor for providing localized control of internal printhead processor operations. These internal operations include thermal, energy, firing and timing aspects of the printhead. The printing system inclu
6476845 Electrophotographic printer, and method of controlling light emitting elements in an electrophot November 5, 2002
A method of controlling light emitting elements in an electrophotographic print head includes providing a predetermined number of pulse width modulators having different width output pulses, the predetermined number being less than the number of light emitting elements; selecting multipl
6470387 Locating networked devices based on usage October 22, 2002
A tool for locating a device on a network includes software for capturing information from the network or from devices on the network. The captured information includes user information relating to a user or users that use the device being located. The captured user information is cross
6467769 Output bin for printing devices October 22, 2002
An output bin that uses gravity to urge the sheets into alignment along two edges and thereby help form a fully aligned stack. In one embodiment, the bin includes a first panel facing each sheet as the sheet is output from the printing device, the first panel having a top, a bottom and a
6467410 Method and apparatus for using a vacuum to reduce cockle in printers October 22, 2002
In a printer, liquid ink is applied to a print medium as the medium is passed through the printer. A low pressure zone is generated along one surface of the print medium to hold a portion of the print medium substantially flat for a period of time during and after the liquid ink is a
6464417 Method and apparatus for print media detection October 15, 2002
A multi-purpose, transmissive paper sensor includes a light beam projector and light detector having an analog output signal. Changes in the output signal from an open loop condition indicate the presences of at least one print medium being in the field-of-view of the sensor. Output sign
6461196 Methods and apparatus for preventing damage to memory cards, memory card connectors and other el October 8, 2002
Methods and apparatus for preventing damage to memory cards, memory card connectors, host electronics, and other electronic devices by only allowing intended electronic devices to mate with the connector for which it is intended and/or determining when an electronic device has been i
6461066 Printer media feed encoder apparatus and method October 8, 2002
A printer with a media feed apparatus has a media tray with a surface for supporting a stack of media sheets. A wave drive mechanism above the stack support surface has a media contact element operable to make contact with a top sheet of a media stack in the tray while moving in a feed d
6460990 Non-warping heated platen October 8, 2002
A non-warping heated platen uses tight controls in the axial direction between a planar heater used to heat print media passing thereacross and a rigid planar base to which it is coupled. A plurality of embodiments are described for coupling the heater and base.
6460136 Method and apparatus for loading an operating system kernel from a shared disk memory October 1, 2002
The invention enables plural computers to initiate operation of respective operating systems through use of a shared operating system kernel. A system embodying the invention includes a central storage unit (e.g. a disk drive) that includes an operating system kernel, and plural comp
6460078 Apparatus for automatically configuring media connectors of a node interface device October 1, 2002
Apparatus is disclosed for automatically configuring network media connections of end node interfaces as well as node interfaces that operate as a hub, a switch or a repeater in a Local Area Network. The apparatus utilizes a pseudo-random sequencer to prevent lock step operation whereby
6457887 Hard copy print media path for reducing high frequency cockle October 1, 2002
A wet-dye hard copy apparatus is provided with a vacuum transport for moving print media from and input, through a print zone, to an output. In order to reduce high frequency paper cockle, the print media is subjected to a post-printing predetermined bending while the print dye thereon i
6457709 Method and apparatus for automatically self-centering endless belts October 1, 2002
A media transport belt assembly has a continuous belt encompassing two rollers supported on a frame. A tension mechanism biases the rollers apart to generate tension in the belt. The end of one roller moves in response to increased belt tension to skew the first roller with respect to th
6457707 Automatic document feeder October 1, 2002
An automatic document feeder for moving a stack of individual sheets from a stack loaded position to a single sheet separator in a document processing apparatus uses a gate comprised of a rotatable stack stop having a finger movable between a stack blocking position and a stack transmitt
6456802 Capacity determination for toner or ink cartridge September 24, 2002
Pixel counting and a single level toner sensor are used to identify the toner capacity of a toner cartridge. Pixel counting is used to estimate the remaining toner in a toner cartridge based on an assumed initial capacity. A toner sensor provides a signal indicating when the toner re
6456597 Discovery of unknown MAC addresses using load balancing switch protocols September 24, 2002
A method for discovering addressing information within a network switch for an unknown MAC address received as a destination address of a packet. Where prior techniques flooded the network with the received packet, switch to switch protocols of the present invention reduce the volume of
6456498 CompactPCI-based computer system with mid-plane connector for equivalent front and back loading September 24, 2002
A CompactPCI-based computer system including a chassis and a mid-plane board. The mid-plane board forms bus circuitry, and is positioned between a front and back of the chassis. The chassis and the mid-plane board combine to define a plurality of CompactPCI form factor slots, including
6454478 Heated vacuum platen September 24, 2002
Predetermined geometric constructs reduce heat loss in a vacuum platen and assist in the reduction of paper cockle in ink-jet printing. A vacuum platen for supporting media during printing is provided with a plurality of heating elements and surfaces interspersed with vacuum ports. The
6454474 Calibration of a media advance system September 24, 2002
A simple, yet accurate way of determining calibration values for correcting the characteristic sinusoidal feed errors of a printer or other recording device (such as a fax machine, plotter, etc.). A sheet of calibration media is employed for facilitating the calculation of the calibratio
6454393 Chamber and orifice shape variations in an orifice plate September 24, 2002
A method for making an orifice plate. The orifice plate defines both orifices and connected chambers. The orifice plate is constructed to permit, in the same print head, one chamber (or orifice) to be deeper (as well as, if desired, wider and longer) than another chamber (or orifice)
6450438 Apparatus and methods for forming a tape pack September 17, 2002
The invention includes apparatus and methods for forming a tape pack on a drum or the like in aligned formation. An apparatus in accordance with the present invention can include at least one alignment member. The tape pack, as it is formed, can be periodically passed by the alignment me
6438610 System using buffers for decompressing compressed scanner image data received from a network per August 20, 2002
A method and apparatus for decompressing and communicating a predetermined amount of data in a client-server environment in which the server relays communications between a client web browser and at least one shared peripheral device. Compressed data from the peripheral device is dec
6434629 Computing system which implements recording and playback of semantic commands August 13, 2002
A computing system includes a viewing screen, user interface means, a plurality of application processes, a data file and agent engine means. The viewing screen displays images. The user interface means enables a user to select and move the images displayed by the viewing screen. Each
6434617 Extensible, object-oriented network interface August 13, 2002
The invention enables an application program to communicate a message over a network without having information regarding a protocol employed by the network. A network library program, running independently of the application program, stores communication protocol data and procedures for
6430670 Apparatus and method for a virtual hashed page table August 6, 2002
The present invention generally relates to an apparatus and method for efficiently translating virtual addresses utilizing either single address space or multiple address space models in a virtual memory management system. In particular, a Virtual Hash Page Table (VHPT), an extension of
6430617 Methods and systems for dynamic measurement of a system's ability to support data collection by August 6, 2002
Methods and associated systems for dynamically measuring the capacity of a host system to gather network management data by a network management system application. The methods of the present invention are operable as part of a network management system on host systems of the network
6430050 Mechanical loading of a land grid array component using a wave spring August 6, 2002
A method and substrate using a wave spring to clamp a component to the substrate. One embodiment of the invention involves a method to use a wave spring to clamp a component to a substrate. The method includes placing the component on the substrate, placing a structure having holes on th
6428126 Support for electronic devices August 6, 2002
Methods and apparatus for supporting a plurality of electronic, or electrical, devices include at least one elongated structural element that defines an elongated channel in which the devices can be supported. The structural element can be a singlepiece configuration. A plurality of
6426836 Method and apparatus for reducing the formation of spots in laser projection July 30, 2002
A projection surface includes scattering microparticles that are in constant motion in relation to each other and to a source of laser radiation in a laser projection system. The microparticles reduce the formation of spots that normally occur when viewing the contents of images whic
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