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T977009 Gypsum wallboard and method for producing same December 5, 1978
disclosed is a paper-covered gypsum board comprised of a gypsum core and a paper cover sheet covering at least one side of said core, the surface of said paper cover sheet adjacent the gypsum core being surface sized with a sizing composition initially comprised of a hydrophobic cellulos
T977003 Joint cement compositions containing mica and quaternary compounds December 5, 1978
asbestos-free joint cement compositions are disclosed comprised of a binder, mica, calcium carbonate, a thickener, and a specified quaternary ammonium compound.It has been conventional to replace asbestos with attapulgite clay to provide the body and anti-sagging properties usually assoc
T958002 Milk carton paperboard May 3, 1977
plastic coated sized paperboard, used in the manufacture of leak proof containers for liquids, is provided with a coating of a water-soluble calcium salt disposed between the sized paperboard and the plastic coating. In testing formed containers for defects in the plastic coating by
T102603 Table syrup containing butter or butter oil January 4, 1983
A table syrup is disclosed consisting essentially of an aqueous phase containing at least about 65% sugar having emulsified therein about 1 to 40% butter, based on the total emulsion weight and about 0.05 to 0.4% of a stabilizer consisting of 20-35% pectin, 35-50% carrageenan, 15-30% loc
RE35621 Cardable hydrophobic polypropylene fiber, material and method for preparation thereof October 7, 1997
A method for placing hydrophobic polyolefin fiber in condition for cutting, carding and production of nonwoven material without substantial sacrifice in desired hydrophobic properties in the corresponding nonwoven, by utilization of a sequential treatment of the fiber with a neutralized
RE34904 Alkylaryl hydrophobically modified cellulose ethers April 11, 1995
Cellulose ethers are disclosed which have sufficient nonionic substitution to render them water soluble and which are further modified with a C.sub.10 to C.sub.24 long chain alkylaryl group in an amount between 0.2% by weight and the amount which makes them less than 1% by weight soluble
RE32145 Orally active tolciclate .[.(and tolnaftate).]. May 13, 1986
It has been found that fungal diseases can be effectively treated systemically by oral administration of tolciclate .[.or tolnaftate.].. The .[.drugs.]. .Iadd.drug .Iaddend.will generally be administered in divided daily doses in the form of tablets, capsules, syrups or suspensions.
RE30631 Saddle lock-up for tab-less flexible printing plates June 2, 1981
The invention is a saddle lock-up for flexible printing plates utilizing a plurality of radially and axially moveable sleeves contained within an inverted wedge-shaped opening.
RE29681 Metal salts of 1,1,5,5-tetrasubstituted dithiobiurets June 27, 1978
Disclosed are novel metal salts of 1,1,5,5-tetrasubstituted dithiobiurets of the formula ##STR1## in which R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4, when taken independently of each other are selected from the group consisting of C.sub.1 -C.sub.18 alkyl, C.sub.6 -C.sub.12 aryl,
RE29468 Process for making a C.sub.1 -C.sub.7 aliphatic hydrocarbyl ester of an N-[2,6-di(C.sub.1 -C.sub November 8, 1977
Disclosed is a process for making a C.sub.1 -C.sub.7 aliphatic hydrocarbyl ester of an N-[2,6-(C.sub.1 -C.sub.7 alkyl)phenyl] .alpha.-amino-carboxylic acid from the corresponding 2,6-di(C.sub.1 -C.sub.7 alkyl)aniline and the corresponding chlorocarboxylic acid ester, which comprises
H1743 Inventory management method and apparatus August 4, 1998
Method and apparatus for inventory monitoring a supply consumed in the manufacturing of a finished product. An inventory management system monitors the quantity of supplies in a storage facility. Based upon historical data related to the rate of usage of the supplies, the inventory m
H1629 Poly(aminoamideureylene) resin, its synthesis, and its use in paper and paperboard manufacture January 7, 1997
The invention provides a novel poly(aminoamideureylene) resin and a process for making the resin without epichlorohydrin. The resin useful for improving wet strength of paper and paperboard intermediates. The resin is formed by making a prepolymer by reacting a diaminoamine, a dicarboxyl
H1613 Polyamide-epichlorohydrin wet-strength resins with reduced content of epichlorohydrin-derived by November 5, 1996
A process for reducing the concentration of epichlorohydrin by-products in the manufacture of polyamide-epichlorohydrin resins, comprising reacting polyaminopolyamide prepolymer in aqueous solution with epichlorohydrin and an immiscible solvent for the epichlorohydrin, continuing the rea
H1388 Polyolefin polymer and method of making same December 6, 1994
A polyolefin composition comprises repeating units of a metathesis polymerizable olefin monomer, a metathesis polymerization procatalyst, a metathesis polymerization procatalyst activator, and at least one member selected from the group consisting of: (i) a Lewis acid catalyst and a
H1144 Solid propellant rocket motor with fusible end closure holder March 2, 1993
A solid propellant rocket motor comprising a motor case, solid propellant and at least one end closure, wherein at least one end closure is connected to the casing by at least one fusible connector which melts at temperatures below those that will cause autoignition of the motor but
H1088 Process for installing liner in pressure vessel August 4, 1992
A process is disclosed for installing an elastomeric liner in a pressure vessel. The process comprises winding a tacky ribbon around an expandable mandrel, inserting it in the vessel shell, expanding the mandrel and optionally curing the wound ribbon.
D314673 Embossed diaper cover stock material or similar article February 19, 1991
D314672 Embossed diaper cover stock or similar article February 19, 1991
D313512 Embossed diaper cover stock or similar article January 8, 1991
D313319 Embossed diaper cover stock or similar article January 1, 1991
D311997 Embossed diaper cover stock material or similar article November 13, 1990
D311687 Food container October 30, 1990
D250503 Furniture subframe December 12, 1978
D250502 Furniture subframe December 12, 1978
D245304 Frame for a furniture arm August 9, 1977
8568701 Cationic synthetic polymers with improved solubility and performance in phosphate surfactant-bas October 29, 2013
The present invention is related to surfactant-based formulations comprising the polyelectrolytes and blends of such polyelectrolytes with non-cellulosic cationic polysaccharide polymers wherein the surfactant is a phosphate ester. The surfactant-based formulations exhibit improved c
8258085 Oil-well cement fluid loss additive compostion September 4, 2012
The present invention relates to compositions and use of fluidized polymer suspensions containing allyloxy linkage and its functional derivatives, and water soluble polymers for use in oil field applications as fluid additives for drilling and cementing processes.
8206553 Retention and drainage in the manufacture of paper June 26, 2012
A method of improving retention and drainage in a papermaking process is disclosed. The method provides for the addition of an associative polymer, prepared by an inverse emulsion polymerization process that utilizes multiple, discrete additions of initiator. Additionally, a process
8173799 Raw cotton linters composition, method of making, and uses thereof May 8, 2012
A composition of a loose mass of comminuted raw cotton linter fibers has a bulk density of at least 8 g/100 ml and at least 50% of the fibers in the mass passes through a US standard sieve size #10 (2 mm opening). This composition is made by obtaining a loose mass of first cut, second cu
8163134 Copolymer blend compositions for use to increase paper filler content April 24, 2012
Methods for making a heterogeneous polymer blend comprising one or more anionic polymers, one or more cationic polymers, and one or more non-ionic polymers, which method comprises (a) adding to a non-neutral solution a first amount of polymerization initiator and one or more anionic
8160305 Method and apparatus for measuring deposition of particulate contaminants in pulp and paper slur April 17, 2012
A method and an apparatus for measuring the depositability of particulate contaminants present in a pulp or paper mill fluid stream and evaluating interactions of such particulate contaminants with other contaminants collects the particulate contaminants on a suitable substrate, such as
8101710 Membrane separation process for removing residuals from polyamine-epihalohydrin resins January 24, 2012
This invention relates to a process for preparing polyamine-epihalohydrin resins having reduced levels of residuals. The process comprises (a) charging a membrane separation apparatus with an aqueous composition comprising at least one polyamine-epihalohydrin resin, and (b) separating
8076279 Cleansing formulations comprising non-cellulosic polysaccharide with mixed cationic substituents December 13, 2011
The present invention is related to the use of a non-cellulosic cationically modified polysaccharide in cleaning compositions and more particularly to a surfactant based cleansing composition comprising, a surfactant, a non-cellulosic cationically modified polysaccharide and a solven
8052840 Pulping additives for a reduction of resin from Kraft pulp November 8, 2011
Compositions and methods for the removal of resin from wood chips processed in a Kraft pulping process are disclosed. The method is particularly useful for removing triterpene and triterpenoid resin.
7998311 Enhanced surface sizing of paper August 16, 2011
Size press compositions and methods for producing sized paper products, including liner board, are disclosed. The size press compositions contain at least one non-reactive cationic surface sizing agent, at least one reactive sizing agent, at least one promoter resin, at least one binder,
7981477 Hydroxyalkylcellulose as additive in pigmented metering size press coatings July 19, 2011
Pigmented coated paper is prepared by adding a water-soluble hydroxyalkylcellulose (HAC) with an alkyl moiety of 1 to 4 carbons, or water soluble alkylhydroxyalkylcellulose (AHAC) with an alkyl hydrophobe of 1 to 24 carbons to a pigmented wet coating formulation in an amount equal to
7981247 Process for increasing the refiner production rate and/or decreasing the specific energy of pulp July 19, 2011
The present invention relates to processes for enhancing a refiner's production rate and/or reducing the specific energy consumption for a freeness target through the use of lubricant(s) or carrier(s)/frictionizer(s), respectively.
7973004 Rheology modifier for aqueous surfactant-based formulations July 5, 2011
The present invention relates to aqueous formulations useful in useful in personal care, oral care, household and institutional applications which contain polymers comprised of water soluble synthetic backbone with covalently connected hydrophobic ends can deliver `salt-like` rheology to
7960497 Preparation of alkyl ketene dimers June 14, 2011
The embodiments of the process of the present invention relate to the preparation of alkyl ketene dimers (AKD), where the process combines at least one polyamine with a fatty acid chloride in a molar ratio of less than one mole of polyamine to one mole of fatty acid chloride thereby
7943705 Creping adhesives made from amine-terminated polyamidoamines May 17, 2011
Polyamidoamine (PAE) resins are prepared from polyamidoamine made with excess amine, which are reacted with a specifically defined amount of difunctional crosslinker. The amount of difunctional crosslinker used is based on the polyamidoamine amine number and reduced specific viscosity
7932349 Membrane separation process for removing residuals polyamine-epihalohydrin resins April 26, 2011
This invention relates to a process for preparing polyamine-epihalohydrin resins having reduced levels of residuals. The process comprises (a) charging a membrane separation apparatus with an aqueous composition comprising at least one polyamine-epihalohydrin resin, and (b) separating
7932309 Ether derivatives of raw cotton linters for water-borne coatings April 26, 2011
A water-borne coating composition containing an ether derivative of raw cotton linters (RCL), a latex polymer, and water in which the ether derivative RCL provides improved rheological properties when compared to analogous cellulose ether compounds produced from more refined cellulose
7902312 Michael addition adducts as additives for paper and papermaking March 8, 2011
Several Michael addition adducts of vinylamines with .alpha.,.beta.. -unsaturated alkyl carbonyl compounds including amides, esters and acids, particularly acrylamide are presented. Additionally, a process for producing these Michael addition adducts is described. These adducts are g
7893115 Defoamer emulsion compositions for pulp mill applications February 22, 2011
An oil-in-water emulsion useful as a defoamer for pulp and paper mill applications is described. The defoamer has an oil blend (of a triglyceride oil or a mixture of triglyceride oils and silicone), a stabilizing agent (to make the oil blend stable in the emulsion), hydrophobic silic
7879917 Defoamers for pulp and papermaking applications February 1, 2011
A defoamer made from a composition that has at least one triglyceride oil or triglyceride oil mixture, at least one silicone, at least one silicone-triglyceride stabilizing agent, hydrophobic silica particles, optionally one or more surfactants and/or dispersants, and optionally one
7854800 Alkanolamine-stabilized dispersed rosin sizing agents and their preparation December 21, 2010
This invention teaches the stabilization a dispersion of rosin using an alkanolamine salt of the rosin. The stabilized dispersion is used as a sizing agent in papermaking processes.
7851416 Oxidized guar for oilfield servicing fluids December 14, 2010
An oilfield servicing fluid composition containing an aldehyde guar produced by enzymatic oxidation of a non-derivatized, straight guar or of a guar derivative. The enzyme used to oxidize the guar to the aldehyde guar is galactose oxidase, which may be combined with catalase or catal
7828934 Reactive cationic resins for use as dry and wet strength agents in sulfite ion-containing paperm November 9, 2010
This invention relates to resins useful for imparting strength to paper, the process of incorporating these resins into paper and the paper produced containing the resins. In particular the invention relates to resins useful for imparting dry-strength and wet-strength to paper under
7820060 Synergistic biocide and process for controlling growth of microorganisms October 26, 2010
Synergistic mixtures of haloamines and their use to control the growth of microorganisms in aqueous systems are disclosed. The method of using the synergistic mixtures entails adding an effective amount of a monohaloamine and an effective amount of a dihaloamine to an aqueous system.
7726592 Process for increasing the refiner production rate and/or decreasing the specific energy of pulp June 1, 2010
The present invention relates to processes for enhancing a refiner's production rate and/or reducing the specific energy consumption for a freeness target through the use of lubricant(s) or carrier(s)/frictionizer(s), respectively.

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