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6268021 Binder vehicle and coating medium composition and the use thereof for multi-layer coating July 31, 2001
A binder vehicle composition which is suitable for coating media, containing:A) 20 to 77% by weight of one or more binder vehicles based on oligomeric or polymeric polyol compounds with a hydroxyl number of 80 to 300, an acid number of 0 to 30, a number average molecular weight (Mn) of 5
6190739 Lacquering apparatus and method February 20, 2001
A lacquering line and a method of lacquering industrially manufactured products in standard and/or special colours, having one or more guide devices (1) for the industrially manufactured products, having one or more lacquering cabins and having spraying elements (2) disposed along the
6174422 Acid-free catalyst paste, its production and its use in cathodic electro-dip coating January 16, 2001
An acid-free, aqueous catalyst paste with a solids content of 30 to 70% by weight and containing dialkyltin oxide and a water-thinnable cationic binder vehicle and which can be used for cathodically depositable electro-dip lacquers, obtainable bya) dispersing dialkyltin oxide in an acid-
6165561 Multilayered enamelling process December 26, 2000
This invention relates to a process for the production of a multilayer lacquer coating on a substrate having an autophoretically coatable, metallic surface, in which a first priming coat of an autophoretically depositable coating composition is autophoretically deposited and then sto
6150486 Method for producing glycidyl (meth) acrylate copolymers November 21, 2000
Process for the production of glycidyl (meth)acrylate copolymers with a number-average molar mass (Mn) of 1000 to 6000 g/mol by solvent-free, continuous copolymerisation of glycidyl (meth)acrylate with ethylenically unsaturated monomers, in a reaction vessel with feed and discharge means
6144454 Method for the characterization of lacquer coated plastic surfaces November 7, 2000
Method for determining the visual effect of lacquer coatings on plastic surfaces, in which one or more successive lacquer layers is/are each applied onto the entire surface of a substrate consisting of a plastic test sheet joined with a metal test sheet and dried or cured, wherein the
6114489 Reactive hyperbranched polymers for powder coatings September 5, 2000
Novel powder coating compositions containing reactive hyperbranched polymers are disclosed and claimed. Preferred embodiments include powder coating compositions formed from hyperbranched polyesters having terminal hydroxy, carboxy, epoxy, and isocyanate groups. Preferred hyperbranched
6080296 Process for the production of multi-layer lacquer coatings on electrically conductive substrates June 27, 2000
A method of applying several coats to an electrically conducting substrate by applying a primer coat using electrophoresis, stoving the primer coat, applying directly to the stoved primer coat a colored and/or special effect coating layer made of an aqueous coating material containing co
6069218 Aqueous coatings, the production thereof and the use thereof in the production of multi-layer pa May 30, 2000
Aqueous coatings for the multi-layer painting of motor vehicles based on one or more binders and optionally crosslinking agents, pigments and/or fillers, paint industry additives and/or solvents, which contain as binder an aqueous dispersion based on polyurethane/polymer hybrid polymers
6064487 Method for calculating dye formulations of pigmented effect dyeing tones May 16, 2000
Process for calculating colour formulations of pigmented special-effect shades wherein i) for each pigment on which a colorant system is based a set of calibration panels is created, and the associated reflection factors are determined experimentally, ii) from the measured reflection
6063448 Coating media, the use thereof, and a method of producing multilayer coatings May 16, 2000
A coating medium suitable for multilayer coatings, containing, as a binder vehicle:wherein at least 50% by weight of the (meth)acrylic copolymers, with respect to the total amount of component A), has been produced in the presence of the hydroxy-functional polyesters corresponding to at
6025033 Method of producing multi-layer coatings February 15, 2000
A method of producing a multi-layer coating comprising the application of a color- and/or effect-imparting base lacquer coat of an aqueous base lacquer, the wet-into-wet-application on to the aqueous base lacquer coat of a clear lacquer coat of a two-component polyurethane clear lacquer,
6013326 Coating compositions use thereof and process for the production of multi-layer lacquer coatings January 11, 2000
Coating compositions suitable for stoved multi-layer coatings containing as binder:A) 20 to 40 wt. % of hydroxy-functional (meth)acrylic copolymer obtainable from styrene and/or styrene derivatives; hydroxyethyl, hydroxypropyl and/or hydroxybutyl (meth)acrylate; non-functionalised (cyclo
6008314 Aminourethane hardeners, epoxide-based coating media and the use thereof December 28, 1999
Aminourethane hardeners, suitable for aqueous epoxide-based coating media, otainable by the reaction ofA) aminourethanes which are obtainable by the reaction ofa) compounds comprising at least one cyclic carbonate group, andb) amines comprising at least one primary amino group wherein the ratio
6001924 Aqueous polymer/polyurethane resin binder vehicle dispersion and the production thereof, and coa December 14, 1999
An aqueous binder vehicle dispersion and coating media, which can be used for multi-layer coating, wherein the dispersion is obtainable by the reaction ofI. 20 to 97% by weight of a polyurethane(-urea) resin containing groups which are reactive towards a chain extender IV), having a numb
5993911 Aqueous coating compositions using polyalkylene glycol dialkyl ethers and process for multi-laye November 30, 1999
Aqueous coating compositions suitable for multi-layer lacquer coatings which contain binders based on water-dilutable polyol compounds in the form of hydroxy-functional poly(meth)acrylates, polyurethanes, polyethers, polyesters and/or polyester-modified poly(meth)acrylates together with
5991042 Method and an apparatus for the characterisation of lacquered surfaces November 23, 1999
A method of determining the visual effect of lacquer coatings in which one, two or more lacquer coatings are applied to the surface of a flat substrate and are dried or hardened, wherein one or two of the lacquer coats are applied with a coat thickness gradient, and one or more surface
5987727 Process for the production of automobile body parts and automobile bodies November 23, 1999
A process for the production of automobile parts lacquered with two coats, in which two coating layers are applied on both sides of a coil of sheet metal and are each stoved, and corresponding sheet metal parts are then stamped out of the coil and shaped by the deep-drawing process. In e
5965000 Storage-stable, single-component concentrate, production and use thereof for the production of c October 12, 1999
Concentrate containing cathodically depositable binders, optionally crosslinking agents, optionally organic solvents, pigments and optionally extenders, together with water, having a solids content of 35 to 50 wt. % at a weight ratio of pigment and optionally extender to binder and c
5962143 Coating composition for producing heat radiation-reflecting coatings October 5, 1999
Coating composition for producing heat radiation-reflecting coatings.The invention relates to a coating composition for producing heat radiation-reflecting coatings that contains a binder, pigments and solvents and/or water. One or more black pigments or specially formulated colored pigm
5902646 Coating medium, a method of producing multi-layer coatings and the use of the coating medium May 11, 1999
This invention relates to coating media based on one or more styrene-free, unsaturated polyester resins, which containA) one or more unsaturated polyesters obtainable by the reaction ofa) 0.5 to 1.0 mole of at least one alpha,beta-ethylenically unsaturated dicarboxylic acid or the anhydride
5886085 Aqueous coating media and their use in single-layer and multi-layer coating processes March 23, 1999
Coating media and their use in processes for producing single-layer and multi-layer coatings are described. The coating media contain an aqueous mixture comprisingI. 99-70% by weight of a mixture ofA) 50-100% by weight of one or more binder vehicles which at least in part contain ionic g
5880209 Binder formulation for producing pigment March 9, 1999
A pigment paste forming resin having a viscosity of from about 50 to about 5,000 mPa and a solids content of from about 20 to about 40%, containing from about 20 to about 50 parts of a polyester urethane resin having an acid number of from about 10 to about 50, with from about 70 to abou
5854329 Water-thinnable dispersion, a process for producing it, and coating media December 29, 1998
This invention relates to a water-thinnable dispersion of one or more cationically modified and urethane-modified (meth)acrylic copolymers, which are produced by the solution polymerisation of unsaturated monomers which are polymerisable by a radical mechanism, or of a mixture of such
5852120 Aqueous, heat curable coating compound, its preparation and its use December 22, 1998
Aqueous, heat-curable coating compound containingfrom 38.5 to 80% by weight of one or more film-forming copolymers and/or cocondensates which are emulsifiable in water or rendered water soluble by neutralisation with bases, having a number average molecular weight (Mn) of from 800 to 10,
5807924 Coating media and a process for producing multi-layer coatings September 15, 1998
This invention relates to two-component, solvent-thinnable coating media based on a polyisocyanate component and a component which reacts with isocyanate. The coating media contain one or more hydroxy-functional copolymers, one or more secondary polyamines containing ester groups, one
5753739 Aqueous emulsion of chlorinated polyolefines, the preparation thereof, coating agents containing May 19, 1998
Aqueous emulsion of one or more water dilutable epoxide resins, containing10 to 70 wt % of one or more epoxide resins5 to 50 wt % of one or more organic solvents having a boiling point of to C.,10 to 70 wt % of water,and one or more chlorinated polyolefines in a weight ra
5731382 Coating agents and their use in particular in the production of transparent and pigmented top co March 24, 1998
Coating agents are described, that are suitable for the production of pigmented or transparent top coatings, based on hydroxy-functional (meth)acrylic copolymers, aliphatic and/or cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates, solvents, and customary lacquer additives and pigments. They are free from
5721017 Method for manufacturing aqueous coating agents by reusing lacquer slurry and the coating agents February 24, 1998
The re-use of lacquer slurry in the manufacture of aqueous coating agents is described,A) one part by weight of freshly obtained lacquer slurry with a water content of 10 to 50% by weight being incorporated under shearing action intoB) 0.15 to 0.6 parts by weight of a mixture ofB1) one o
5716756 Sulfonic acid esters, radiation-sensitive mixtures prepared therewith and their use February 10, 1998
Sulfonic acid esters are used as (a) compounds for forming a strong acid on irradiation in radiation-sensitive, positive or negative working mixtures also comprising (b) either a compound with at least one acid-decomposable C--O--C or C--O--Si bond (for positive working mixtures) or a co
5710208 Binder composition, coating composition containing this binder, production and use thereof January 20, 1998
A binder composition, a coating composition containing this binder, a process for its production and use to produce single or multi-layer lacquer coatings, particularly in the automotive sector, are described. The binder composition containsA) 25 to 75 wt. % of one of more resins contain
5672649 Process for preparing aqueous coating agents using modular systems September 30, 1997
A process for preparing aqueous coating agents with adjustable optical effects by mixing at least two storage-stable pre-mixed aqueous modules (units) is described, in whichA) at least one aqueous special effect module containing one or more special effect pigments, one or more anionic a
5654391 Aqueous dispersion based on polymer/polyurethane resins, process for the production thereof, coa August 5, 1997
Aqueous binder dispersions for aqueous coating compositions, which are stable in storage and have good applicational properties. The dispersions are obtainable by joint chain extension ofone or more polyurethanes containing no urea groups, bearing ionic groups or groups convertible into
5626917 Process for the multi-layer lacquer coating of substrates May 6, 1997
A process is described for the multi-layer lacquer coating of a substrate by applying a base lacquer layer of an aqueous coating composition onto the optionally precoated substrate and subsequently overcoating with a clear lacquer, which contains:A) at least one copolymer containing hydr
5612095 Process for multicoat lacquering March 18, 1997
A process is described for the production of a multicoat lacquer finish by application of a base coat layer of an aqueous coating agent to a substrate and subsequent application of a layer of a clear coat containing an organic solvent, that leads to coatings with excellent hardness and
5607719 Process for the preparation of heat-resistant coatings on wires or fibres and a suitable device March 4, 1997
A process and device for the preparation of coatings on wires or fiber-like materials by mixing one or more polymers which contain carboxyl and/or amide groups (A) and with at least two carboxyl and/or amide groups, a hydroxyl number of less than 130 and a number average molecular weight
5569685 Aqueous coating agent and its use in processes for coating plastics substrates October 29, 1996
Aqueous two-component coating agents contain 7.5 to 25 wt. % of at least one epoxide resin in the form of a dispersion, with respect to the resin solids, 1.5 to 15 wt. % of at least one water-miscible polyamine, 2 to 15 wt. % of at least one chlorinated polyolefin with a degree of chlori
5556912 Aqueous binder dispersion for physically drying coating compositions and use thereof September 17, 1996
Improved aqueous binder dispersions including polyurethanes and water-based physically drying coating compositions containing these aqueous dispersions which are particularly suitable for plain and metallic colored base coats employed for automotive repair lacquer coatings.
5552227 Process of producing multilayer coatings with cationic layers of primer surface September 3, 1996
Process for producing a multi-layer lacquer coating of a substrate, in particular of automobiles or their parts, in which for the layer of primer surfacer (filler) a coating agent is used which is based on one or several cationic binding agents. Low stoving temperatures and corrosion pro
5552184 Coating agents, their use as clear coats and processes for the production of multicoat lacquer f September 3, 1996
A coating agent with a viscosity of 100-1000 mPa.s, measured by rotational viscometry at C. and a shear rate of 235 s.sup.-1, containing45-85 wt % of one or more polyesters, that have a branched structure and are essentially free from aromatic structural units, with a number-avera
5533674 Drying nozzle July 9, 1996
A drying nozzle is comprised of a tube for mounting on a nozzle head of a spray gun. The body contains inlet slits for ambient air entering one tube end which taper in a direction of the interior of the tube. The body expands toward the other tube end. Upon mounting the body on the nozzl
5530039 Process for manufacturing stopping compounds and use of the stopping compounds produced June 25, 1996
Process for manufacturing stopping compounds, in particular such as can be used for motor vehicle repair lacquering, in which in a first stage at least 90 wt.-% of the solvents required and 80 to 100 wt.-% of the binding agents required are dispersed together with such a proportion of th
5521247 Aqueous coating agent, its manufacture and use for producing layers of filler May 28, 1996
Aqueous coating agent including a water-dilutable mixture of binding agents ofI. 50 to 88 wt. % of a neutralised water-soluble reaction product including(A) 10 to 80 wt. % of a polyurethane resin with an acid number of 70 to 160, at least one terminal blocked isocyanate group devoid of free
5507928 Process for the production of multi-layer lacquer coatings April 16, 1996
Process for the production of multi-layer lacquer coatings by electrophoretic deposition of a first coating layer of a first, aqueous coating composition onto an electrically conductive substrate, application of a second coating layer based on a second, powder coating composition and
5486384 Process for producing multi-layer coatings by the use of clear lacquers which are capable of pol January 23, 1996
Process for producing a multi-layer lacquer coating by the application of a coat of clear lacquer including coating agents which are curable exclusively by polymerization in radicalic and/or cationic manner to a dried or crosslinked colored and/or effect-producing basecoat film process
5466492 Process for fixing wound items with radically polymerisable compounds November 14, 1995
Process for fixing wound items made from electrically conductive materials by impregnation with radically polymerisable compositions and thermal curing characterised in that the wound items are impregnated by immersion impregnation, flow coating, vacuum impregnation, vacuum pressure
5466492 Process for fixing wound items with radically polymerisable compounds November 14, 1995
Process for fixing wound items made from electrically conductive materials by impregnation with radically polymerisable compositions and thermal curing characterised in that the wound items are impregnated by immersion impregnation, flow coating, vacuum impregnation, vacuum pressure
5439710 Method of producing multilayer coatings, more particularly for lacquering of motor vehicles, hav August 8, 1995
A method or producing multilayer coatings, more particularly for lacquering of motor vehicles in which at least three immediately adjacent layers with alternating effective charge of the used binders are applied. The coating agents can be made polar e.g. by using resins containing ionic
5430107 Binding-agent composition, coating agent containing said binding agent, and the use thereof July 4, 1995
A binding-agent composition for coating agents which can be cured at low temperature contains:A. 4-72% by weight of an acidic CH-compound, obtained by transesterification of an aliphatic .beta.-ketocarboxylic acid ester with one or several monomers and/or polymers containing hydroxyl gro
5426138 Binding-agent composition, its production, coating agent containing said binding agent, and the June 20, 1995
A binding-agent composition for solvent-based or aqueous coating agents can be cured at low temperature to produce coatings which are non-yellowing and resistant to solvents. The binding-agent composition contains binding-agent components based on polyethers, polyesters, polyether po
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