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Henkel Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien Patents
Henkel Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien
Dusseldorf, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36549 Fatty oil ex Helianthus annuus for the production of diperazelaic acid February 1, 2000
The use of a fatty oil ex Helianthus annuus containing 78 to 92% by weight oleic acid and 2 to 10% by weight linoleic acid for the production of .Iadd.azelaic acid or for the production of .Iaddend.diperazelaic acid .Iadd.from the azelaic acid thus produced.Iaddend., with elimination of
RE30747 Adhesive applicator crayons September 22, 1981
An adhesive applicator crayon comprising a shape-giving base consisting of a gel of a gel-forming salt of an aliphatic carboxylic acid having from 8 to 36 carbon atoms with a cation selected from the group consisting of alkali metals, ammonia and lower alkylamines, with a liquid selected
RE30199 Oxidation hair dyes based upon tetraaminopyrimidine developers January 29, 1980
An aqueous hair dye preparation comprising an oxidation dyestuff combination of a coupling component and a developer component consisting of a tetraaminopyrimidine derivative or a water-soluble acid addition salt thereof, as well as a process for dyeing hair by utilizing this oxidation
D604563 Dish November 24, 2009
D580765 Bottle November 18, 2008
D574606 Multi dosage dispenser August 12, 2008
D569732 Bottle May 27, 2008
D568161 Container May 6, 2008
D567918 Air freshener April 29, 2008
D562700 Bottle February 26, 2008
D562688 Bottle February 26, 2008
D562404 Correction roller February 19, 2008
D561592 Bottle February 12, 2008
D555201 Roller pen November 13, 2007
D554183 Liquid correction pen October 30, 2007
D553990 Bottle October 30, 2007
D552475 Bottle October 9, 2007
D552271 Candle holder October 2, 2007
D550341 Humidity absorber September 4, 2007
D549102 Container August 21, 2007
D546432 Air freshener July 10, 2007
D545218 Container with closing device June 26, 2007
D544358 Container June 12, 2007
D543451 Folding box May 29, 2007
D543450 Folding box May 29, 2007
D543242 Correction roller May 22, 2007
D543241 Correction and glue tape dispenser May 22, 2007
D541162 Bottle and cap April 24, 2007
D540689 Jar April 17, 2007
D539668 Bottle April 3, 2007
D539667 Bottle April 3, 2007
D539549 Hair dye brush handle April 3, 2007
D539352 Tape dispenser March 27, 2007
D538670 Bottle March 20, 2007
D536984 Container February 20, 2007
D536825 Detergent capsule February 13, 2007
D536131 Dyeing basin for hairdresser January 30, 2007
D536130 Detergent capsule January 30, 2007
D535883 Container January 30, 2007
D535783 Detergent capsule January 23, 2007
D535379 Air freshener January 16, 2007
D534804 Container January 9, 2007
D532094 Air freshener November 14, 2006
D532046 Correction tape November 14, 2006
D531673 Correction tape November 7, 2006
D530208 Container October 17, 2006
D528923 Bottle September 26, 2006
D527843 Hair dye comb September 5, 2006
D522377 Package June 6, 2006
D521560 Correction tape and transparent cap May 23, 2006

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