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RE40885 Robotic tape applicator and method September 1, 2009
A method of fastening a first curved part to a second curved part comprises placing the second part into a specified orientation in relation to a robotically controlled tape applicator, applying two-sided adhesive tape along a non-linear path over the surface of the second part, and
RE37951 Automotive additives and sealants containing waste powder prime December 31, 2002
The present invention is directed to compositions for use as additives in the automotive industry, which compositions contain waste powder prime and a plasticizer selected from the group consisting of 2-ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate, diisoheptyl phthalate, a linear phthalate based upon C
RE35958 Method of forming phosphate coating on zinc November 17, 1998
Disclosed is an improved method for coating a zinc surface comprising treating said surface with an aqueous, acidic solution containing:(a) about 0.5 to about 4 percent phosphate ion;(b) an ion selected from the group consisting of zinc ions, manganese ions, and mixtures thereof, said ions b
H2089 Compositions useful for degreasing metal surfaces November 4, 2003
Metal surfaces are effectively cleaned of grease and oil using an aqueous composition containing surfactant, alkalinizing agent, metal corrosion inhibitor, brightening agent and relatively high levels of glycol ether.
H2077 Composition and process for durably modifying surfaces of normally hydrophobic solid synthetic p August 5, 2003
Dispersions in water of "poly{vinyl alcohol}" ("PVA"), preferably those types resulting from about 90 mole % hydrolysis and/or ester interchange of polymers of vinyl carboxylates and having a molecular weight of about 155,000, are particularly effective for modifying the surfaces of plas
H2047 Reinforcement laminate September 3, 2002
A thermosettable adhesive is used to secure a laminate having a compliant layer (for example, a foamable composition containing a diene rubber), a layer comprised of a thermosettable resin capable of being cured to a rigid state, and an optional carrier layer (for example, a metal foil)
H2014 Process and composition for forming an adherent paint or vitreous enamel coating on steel February 5, 2002
Excellent adhesion of vitreous enamel to steel can be achieved via an intermediate layer formed on the steel by bringing it into contact with a liquid composition that contains water and a component of solute selected from the group consisting of dissolved silicates and dissolved borates
H1712 Radiation-curable acrylates of polyol monoalkyl ethers February 3, 1998
Radiation-curable compositions containing monoalkyl or mono-aralkyl ether di-acrylates or di-methacrylates of particular ethoxylated and/or propoxylated polyols of formulae I and II have been developed. These polyol derivatives substituted with hydrophobic ether functionalities const
D618100 Cap with nozzle June 22, 2010
D596934 Anaerobic washer July 28, 2009
D591354 Tape dispenser April 28, 2009
D588646 Tape dispenser March 17, 2009
D580497 Tape dispenser November 11, 2008
D579981 Tape dispenser November 4, 2008
D576480 Anaerobic washer September 9, 2008
D573645 Standing tape dispenser July 22, 2008
D570917 Adhesive tape dispenser June 10, 2008
D547181 Applicator cap July 24, 2007
8574691 Starch-based adhesive compositions and use thereof November 5, 2013
An improved adhesive composition having increased bond strength between a celluosic board and plastic film substrate is provided. The adhesive composition having improved adhesion includes a modified starch component, polyethylenimine and water. Articles having improved adhesion and
8288533 Methods for preparing benzoxazines using aqueous solvent October 16, 2012
This invention relates to syntheses for the preparation of benzoxazine, including benzoxazine monomers and benzoxazime oligomers, from phenolic compounds, aldehyde compounds, and either primary diamine compounds, such as diamino alkylene compounds, e.g., methylene diamine, or diamino
8288451 Photo-curable resin composition for ultraviolet light-LED irradiation October 16, 2012
A photo-curable resin composition for the UV-LED light source, which is rapidly cured and particularly has excellent surface curing property, is disclosed. The resin composition contains (a) polybutadiene (meth)acrylate; (b) a polythiol compound; and (c) a photo radical initiator and
8287687 Cyanoacrylate compositions incorporating organic micropulp October 16, 2012
The present disclosure provides a cyanoacrylate-based composition comprising a cyanoacrylate component and an organic micropulp component dispersed in a curable (meth)acrylic monomer matrix. The composition is particularly useful as an adhesive composition for zero gap applications.
8278449 Thermally switchable ruthenium initiators October 2, 2012
This invention relates to ruthenium initiators for the ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) of cyclic olefins that are inactive at room temperature but activatable at elevated temperature (referred to as ("thermally switchable"). In general, these are compounds of ruthenium
8278396 Curing agents for epoxy resins October 2, 2012
A curing agent for epoxy resin has one or more five- or six-membered aromatic rings, and substituted on the one or more five- or six-membered rings at least two functionalities reactive with the epoxy selected from the group consisting of hydroxyl, amine, imidazole, azine, hydrazide,
8277601 Reactive hot melt adhesive October 2, 2012
Solvent free, moisture curable reactive hot melt adhesives are prepared using an oxazolidine functional prepolymer and a polyfunctional isocyanate.
8273606 Method of fabricating a semiconductor package using a fluxing underfill composition applied to s September 25, 2012
The present invention relates to a method of fabricating a semiconductor package or circuit assembly using an fluxing underfill composition applied to solder contact points in a dip process.
8258086 Anti-seize composition with nano-sized lubricating solid particles September 4, 2012
An anti-seize composition includes lubricating solids and at least one of a material selected from a grease and an oil. The lubricating solids include at least 15 weight percent of nano-sized lubricating solid particles. The nano-sized lubricating solid particles each have at least o
8231758 Acrylic adhesives July 31, 2012
The present invention relates to two-part, curable, (meth)acrylic adhesives containing naturally occurring fillers which inhibit free radical cure, such as wood flour, and oxygen scavenging components. Also provided are methods of preparing such adhesive compositions and methods of b
8198345 Lubricious anaerobic curable compositions June 12, 2012
The present invention relates to lubricious anaerobic curable compositions.
8197990 Sealant integrated fuel cell components and methods and systems for producing the same June 12, 2012
A fuel cell, having improved sealing against leakage, includes a sealant disposed over the peripheral portions a membrane electrode assembly such that the cured sealant penetrates a gas diffusion layer of the membrane electrode assembly. The sealant is applied through liquid injection
8197989 UV-curable fuel cell sealants and fuel cells formed therefrom June 12, 2012
A fuel cell, having improved sealing against leakage, includes a fuel cell component having a cured sealant, wherein the cured sealant includes a telechelic-functional polyisobutylene, an organhydrogenosilane crosslinker, a platinum catalyst and a photoinitiator. The fuel cell compon
8188161 Anaerobic cure systems for anaerobic curable compositions, and anaerobic curable compositions co May 29, 2012
The present invention relates to new cure accelerator systems for anaerobic curable compositions. These anaerobic cure accelerator systems include the combination of a cationic initiator and a reducing agent, plus either (a) an aromatic nitrogen-containing compound and a thiol or (b)
8188157 UV curable coating compositions May 29, 2012
UV curable coating compositions and methods for applying such compositions to surfaces to provide abrasion resistance and/or structural rigidity thereto. The UV curable compositions of the present invention include at least one curable (meth)acrylate, at least one photoinitiator whic
8168743 Curable benzoxazine macromonomers, their preparation and cured products May 1, 2012
The invention relates to a curable benzoxazine macromonomer containing at least 3 benzoxazine rings and at least one aliphatic, heteroaliphatic, araliphatic, hetereoaraliphatic, aromatic or heteroaromatic fragment, the fragment comprising a shortest atom chain containing at least 40
8158724 Curable compositions for advanced processes, and products made therefrom April 17, 2012
Curable compositions, such as benzoxazine-based ones, are useful in applications within the aerospace industry, such as for example as a heat curable composition for use as a matrix resin in advanced processes, such as resin transfer molding, vacuum assisted transfer molding and resin
8137792 Water resistant adhesive and methods of use March 20, 2012
The invention provides the art with an adhesive that may advantageously be used in the manufacture of water resistant paperboard products, such as laminated board and corrugated board. The adhesive has the required tack, water resistance and viscosity that allows its use at commercial
8119754 Room temperature curing adhesive composition having high temperature properties February 21, 2012
Room temperature curing structural adhesive compositions including polyurethane oligomers having multi-methacrylate functionality, cycloalkylmethacrylate, at least one maleimide-functionalized compound and a cure system are disclosed. These compositions exhibit enhanced high temperat
8119746 Polysiloxanes grafted with radically curable and/or moisture curable groups February 21, 2012
This application relates to polysiloxane compositions grafted with improved heat curable, moisture curable, or heat/moisture curable groups. In particular, the polysiloxane compositions have reactive groups on the terminal or pendent areas of the siloxane backbone, which once reacted
8119724 Shrinkage-resistant polymers February 21, 2012
The present invention provides moisture curable polyacrylate compositions, which cured elastomers thereof demonstrate improved resistance to shrinkage when exposed to hydrocarbon fluids such as transmission fluids and oil and fuel based fluids. Such compositions include: a) a moist
8119251 Polyamides February 21, 2012
The reaction of diner acids, C.sub.10-C.sub.20 dicarboxylic acids, and alkylene diamines having from 2 to 8 carbon atoms provides polyamides having good oil and solvent resistance, high heat resistance, flexibility, and relatively low melt viscosities.
8110067 Low ratio RTV compositions and methods for making same February 7, 2012
A two-part moisture-curing composition having as a first part water and an hydroxy-terminated diorganosiloxane; and a second part which includes a reactive silicone, at least one end-capping silane which includes one or more enoxy groups, at least one end-capping catalyst and at least on
8106141 Cure accelerators for anaerobic curable compositions January 31, 2012
Reaction products prepared from reactants including: (a) at least one compound of structural Formula (I): ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.1 is selected from aryl and heteroaryl; X is selected from a direct bond, --O--, --S--, --NH--, alkylene, cycloalkylene, heterocyclylene, arylene, al
8101276 Pressure sensitive adhesive compositions and articles prepared using such compositions January 24, 2012
Articles prepared with a pressure sensitive adhesive prepared by combining an acrylic polymer and a silane-functional polymer, such as glass and plastic laminates, show improved impact resistance.
8088851 Polyacrylate compositions January 3, 2012
The present invention provides curable poly(acrylate) compositions, cured reaction products of which demonstrate improved resistance to shrinkage when exposed to hydrocarbon fluids, such as transmission fluids and oil- and fuel-based fluids.
8088850 Polyacrylate compositions January 3, 2012
The present invention provides curable poly(acrylate) compositions, cured reaction products of which demonstrate improved resistance to shrinkage when exposed to hydrocarbon fluids, such as transmission fluids and oil-and fuel-based fluids.
8075721 Low exothermic thermosetting resin compositions useful as underfill sealants and having reworkab December 13, 2011
This invention relates to the thermosetting resin compositions useful for mounting onto a circuit board semiconductor devices, such as chip size or chip scale packages ("CSPs"), ball grid arrays ("BGAs"), land grid arrays ("LGAs") and the like, each of which having a semiconductor chip,
8066288 Components comprising polyisobutylene compositions November 29, 2011
This document provides components comprising a predetermined sealing surface and a curable composition thereon. The cured reaction product of the curable composition forms a seal having improved resistance to vapor permeation when exposed to hydrocarbon fluids and especially to hydro
8053587 Reworkable thermosetting resin composition November 8, 2011
This invention relates to thermosetting resin compositions useful for mounting onto a circuit board semiconductor devices, such as CSPs, BGAs, LGAs and the like, each of which having a semiconductor chip, such as LSI, on a carrier substrate. The compositions of this invention are rew
8042712 System for dispensing fluid product October 25, 2011
The subject invention is a system for dispensing a controlled amount of fluid product from a dispensing container which includes a pneumatically driven dispensing actuator. This actuator includes a dispensing cylinder and a movable dispensing piston. The dispensing piston is movable unde
8034851 Anaerobic cure systems for an anaerobic curable compositions, and anaerobic curable compositions October 11, 2011
The present invention relates to new cure accelerator systems for anaerobic curable compositions. These anaerobic cure systems include tetraalkyl ammonium oxidizing salts that are soluble in the (meth)acrylate component of the composition.

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