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Hein, Lehmann AG Patents
Hein, Lehmann AG
Dusseldorf, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4983290 Slit-tube filter January 8, 1991
A slit-tube filter has a hollow cylindrical filter element of bent wires which are attached to vertical retaining supports and form horizontal slits between themselves through which the liquid to be filtered passes, the cylindrical inner wall of the filter elements forming the filter
4871288 Screen lining October 3, 1989
A screen lining is disclosed which includes at least two screen elements (1), a supporting substructure (6), a plastic section (5) and bolts (10). The screen elements (1) each have a lateral edge and are positioned next to one another. The plastic section (5) has an upper region (4), an
4861462 Method of forming sieve unit for screening machine August 29, 1989
A screen unit for a screening machine comprises a screen layer which is bonded to a screen frame spanning an opening thereof. The screen layer is uniformly heated before such bonding is effected so that cooling after bonding generates a tension in the screen layer to allow it to have a
4819810 Screening machine with floating eccentric shaft April 11, 1989
A screening machine with two driven systems driven in circular oscillation by means of at least one eccentric shaft. The shaft is mounted on both frames simultaneously which are separated from one another and each of the frames comprises a plurality of crossmembers fastened parallel to o
4708795 Screening device November 24, 1987
An apparatus for the separation of a liquid from a solid of a solid-liquid mixture has a tangential inlet screen section at the upper end of a vertical separating screen which decreases in diameter downwardly. The mixture is introduced tangentially onto the spiral screen section and then
4645540 Continuously operating centrifuge February 24, 1987
The invention relates to a continuously operating centrifuge having a centrifuge basket, a feed tube for the charge, reaching into the basket, and an accelerating and heating device arranged at the bottom of the basket, which device has, coaxial to the basket, rings of various diameter
4636304 Drum screening machine January 13, 1987
The invention relates to a screening machine with a screening drum which rotates about its axis and has a screen made of elastic material. The characterizing feature of the invention is that the screening drum has at least one screening zone which has the shape of a cylinder or truncated
4600506 Screening machine and method July 15, 1986
The invention relates to a screening machine having a multiplicity of mutually parallel transverse supports which are arranged transversely to the transport direction of the material being screened and on or between which a flexible screen plate is fastened. The transverse supports, whic
4412865 Device for separating a filler mass November 1, 1983
A device for separating a filler mass into solid and liquid components and, in particular, for converting a highly viscous sugar filler mass into sugar crystals and molasses, includes a centrifuge, a dosaging device for feeding the filler mass and a device for heating the filler mass
4396503 Method and device for coating elements and screen elements made thereby August 2, 1983
In accordance with the inventive method, a one-sided coated element, in particular a screen element, is provided with a bonding agent after being cleaned. Subsequently, form elements are inserted into the openings of the elements from the rear side thereof which completely fill the openi
4383919 Screen bottom system May 17, 1983
In this screening bottom, the screening elements which are mounted on a support structure are provided with an exchangeable and automatically clamped rubber plate acting as a wear-and-tear resistant layer. Beneath the rubber plate, a reinforcing structure is provided consisting of pl
4297215 Belt filter press October 27, 1981
A belt filter press has a lower and an upper endless filter belt and a lower and an upper endless support belt which support the upper and lower belts in engagement against a lower and upper row of rollers along a press path, respectively, which rows of rollers define therebetween a pres
4248701 Side seal assembly for a screening machine February 3, 1981
A side seal assembly for a screening machine of the type which includes an elastic sealing element which bridges a slot between the sidewall and the screening lining of the screening machine, and a support for the sealing element is provided. The sealing element is covered with an elasti
4188288 Screen with tubular frame systems coupled for rectilinear motion February 12, 1980
A screening mechanism which has two ladder-shaped frame systems with spaced parallel ladder stringers and spaced parallel ladder rungs extending between the stringers, wherein at least one of the said frame systems is moving relatively to the other frame system to form sieve zones of
3970470 Centrifuge July 20, 1976
A centrifuge, specifically a sugar centrifuge for the continuous centrifuging of highly viscous fillmasses, has a separating sieve conically widening upwardly to the outlet and an accelerating pot having no holes, which reduces downwardly and is connected to the smallest diameter of

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