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D270158 Computer terminal August 16, 1983
5764195 UHF/VHF multifunction ocean antenna system June 9, 1998
A multifunction antenna system is selectively operative over the UHF and VHF frequency ranges using a novel arrangement of symmetrically disposed phased radiating elements that function as a dipole turnstile type array at UHF and as a monopole at VHF. At VHF the UHF radiating elements an
5742593 On-line distributed TDMA/FDMA/CDMA link assignment in mobile radio networks with flexible direct April 21, 1998
When establishing a link (i-j) between two nodes i, j in a mobile radio communications network, transmission parameters are assigned such that conflicts and interference with nodes that neighbor the nodes i and j are avoided. A time-slot and a frequency-code value are assigned to the lin
5742258 Low intermodulation electromagnetic feed cellular antennas April 21, 1998
A dipole array antenna is configured for improved cellular operation by avoidance of metallic contacts which can lead to generation of intermodulation products (IMP). Isolated rectangular dipole radiators 12-17 are electromagnetically excited by perpendicularly aligned non-contacting
5691729 Aperture-to-receiver gain equalization in multi-beam receiving systems November 25, 1997
Where two or more antenna beams may receive signals from the same cellular communication system user, post-reception beam channel gain variations may obscure choice of the channel providing the strongest user signal. Thermal atmospheric noise, assumed to equally enter each beam, is utili
5684794 Validation of subscriber signals in a cellular radio network November 4, 1997
A relative time offset is measured between transmission of a downlink signal from a cellular radio network base station, and a reference signal (e.g., sync word) included in an uplink signal received at the base station from a network subscriber. If the measured time offset is within a
5684491 High gain antenna systems for cellular use November 4, 1997
In a cellular type communication system a sector antenna 12 provides coverage of a sector with a relatively low receive gain. A multi-beam antenna 20 covers the same sector with a plurality of narrower beams 21', 22', 23' and 24' providing higher gain. A multi-beam antenna system 10
5654939 Retrievable volumetric/planar acoustic array apparatus August 5, 1997
A volumetric/planar array structure for detection of low frequency active pulses in shallow water. The structure is such that the array can be repeatedly deployed and retrieved. The invention utilizes folding array arms that are deployed at a pre-selected depth using only gravity once th
5652751 Architecture for mobile radio networks with dynamically changing topology using virtual subnets July 29, 1997
An architecture for a radio network having nodes that are subject to dynamically changing topology such as, e.g., a mobile radio network. The network is partitioned into a number of physical subnets wherein each physical subnet includes a certain number of network nodes in relatively
5625369 Graphic-display panel antennas April 29, 1997
Thin panel antennas, suitable for mounting on the side of a building, display a graphic representation and coloration compatible with the surface form and coloration of the building. A graphic display structure functions as a radome covering the front of an antenna utilizing slot arr
5606333 Low wind resistance antennas using cylindrical radiating and reflector units February 25, 1997
Multi-beam antennas with relatively large effective apertures for high antenna gain are provided for tower or pole mounting for cellular and other uses. Low wind resistance is achieved by use of thin cylindrical radiating units and thin cylindrical tuned reflector units. Each radiating
5596337 Slot array antennas January 21, 1997
Simplified, high reliability slot array antennas are usable in cellular communication systems. In a flat panel form, an antenna includes a slot array with simplified feed enclosed within a back panel and a front radome structure. Use of a simplified feed, consisting of a vertical aluminu
5581260 Angular diversity/spaced diversity cellular antennas and methods December 3, 1996
In a communication system, two multi-beam antennas laterally spaced from each other each provide coverage of an azimuth sector for receiving signals from a system user. Each antenna provides lower gain performance at regions of crossover between its beams, as compared to peak gain along
5539783 Non-coherent synchronization signal detector July 23, 1996
A system and technique for detecting a recurring signal, for example, a synchronization pulse contained in an information signal stream modulated on a carrier signal, wherein the recurring signal has a known duration (.tau.) and a known period (T). The signal carrier is demodulated such
5534882 GPS antenna systems July 9, 1996
Antenna systems particularly suited for reception of GPS satellite signals include a vertical stack of element arrays. Each array, which may comprise four dipoles positioned around a central axis, receives signals phased to produce a circularly polarized 360 degree progressive phase radi
5502447 Beam sharpened pencil beam antenna systems March 26, 1996
A beam sharpened antenna pattern is achieved by intercoupling signals from individual radiating elements of an array to produce a sum mode signal and a ring mode signal. The ring mode signal represents a forward-directed antenna pattern having a zero to 360 degree progressive phase c
5485036 Local ground plane for high frequency circuits January 16, 1996
A local R.F. ground plane for high frequency active device. The R.F. grounded terminal of each active device is connected directly to its local R.F. ground plane. In the case of a transistor, there are common emitter, common base, or common collector circuits. The common electrode or
5434587 Wide-angle polarizers with refractively reduced internal transmission angles July 18, 1995
The usable range of incidence angles for electromagnetic wave polarizers using arrays of polarizer elements is increased by introduction of a dielectric medium having a dielectric constant large enough to reduce the angle of wave incidence upon the polarizer elements. For example, arrays
5410319 Near field antenna measurement systems and methods April 25, 1995
A field monitor in the near field receives an antenna signal which approximates that which would be received by the monitor if located in the far field. In one aspect of the invention, the antenna signal is produced by an array of spaced apart receiving elements. In another aspect of the
5402133 Synthesizer radiating systems and methods March 28, 1995
Synthesizer radiating systems providing efficient wideband operation incorporate a radiating element (20a), such as a loop, dipole or whip, which has dimensions which are small relative to wavelength in the radiated frequency band. Energy dissipation is substantially reduced by cycli
5359334 X-scan aircraft location systems October 25, 1994
Linear array antenna systems are used in X-scan aircraft location systems and methods able to avoid disabling azimuth error conditions caused by multipath reflections under roll and pitch conditions during aircraft carrier landing operations. Aircraft azimuth and elevation data is derive
5317598 Portable test receiver for remote monitoring system May 31, 1994
A portable test receiver for field maintenance of a remote sensor monitoring system for underground transformers. The apparatus uses a phase locked loop method to demodulate the DPSK modulation of the remote monitor transmitter. The apparatus is battery operated and easily moved to permi
5304998 Dual-mode communication antenna April 19, 1994
A compact wide-band panel antenna is modified to provide a dual-mode antenna system with improved operation, particularly in the presence of interfering signals and varying reception conditions in mobile communications applications. A hybrid junction arrangement is used to combine re
5270723 Near field antenna measurement systems and methods December 14, 1993
A field monitor in the near field receives an antenna signal which approximates that which would be received by the monitor if located in the far field. In one aspect of the invention, the antenna signal is produced by an array of spaced apart receiving elements. In another aspect of the
5177491 Navigation receiver with beam asymmetry immunity January 5, 1993
Airborne navigation receivers are designed to derive navigation information with accuracy immune to beam asymmetry errors. Scanned navigation beams of the Microwave Landing System are subject to asymmetry causing beam center measurement errors at power levels other than a standard level
5151707 Linear array antenna with e-plane backlobe suppressor September 29, 1992
An antenna comprising a linear array of active elements positioned in one or more rows. The back portion of the array is partially enveloped by a reflector. The reflector includes a backwall and at least one sidewall perpendicular to the backwall and extending forward of the backwall. In
5151332 Aluminum sheets bonded with cadmium September 29, 1992
First and second aluminum members are joined by the steps of(a) dissolving and removing completely the aluminum oxide layer from the surface of each of said first and second members to be joined and replacing each of the aluminum oxide layers with a layer consisting essentially of zinc;(
5111214 Linear array antenna with E-plane backlobe suppressor May 5, 1992
An antenna comprising a linear array of active elements positioned in one or more rows. The back portion of the array is partially enveloped by a reflector. The reflector includes a backwall and at least one sidewall perpendicular to the backwall and extending forward of the backwall. In
5111208 Calibration of plural - channel system May 5, 1992
In a system having plural signal-carrying channels, a phase shift is introduced between a signal in one of the channels and a reference signal for calibrating the individual channels. The reference signal is obtained by adding samples of signals in other ones of the channels. The phase
5107534 Flat panel display system and method April 21, 1992
A flat panel display system is provided in which the pixels thereof are illuminated by optical fibers. Economy and compactness are achieved by using micromechanical light modulators to demultiplex light from a limited number of LED's to a large number of pixels. By using micromechanical
5056065 System for deploying horizontal line array October 8, 1991
A sonobuoy system and method for deploying an array of transducers in a substantially horizontal line at a desired depth below the surface of a body of water. The trailing end of the array is deployed first, allowed to descend, and suspended at the desired operating depth. The leading en
5044546 Process for bonding aluminum sheets with cadmium and product thereof September 3, 1991
First and second aluminum members are joined by the steps of(a) dissolving and removing completely the aluminum oxide layer from the surface of each of the first and second members to be joined and replacing each of the aluminum oxide layers with a layer consisting essentially of zinc;(b
4999639 Radome having integral heating and impedance matching elements March 12, 1991
An antenna radome, suitable for use with high precision, environmentally sensitive array antennas, includes a dielectric sheet formed to protect the antenna from environmental conditions and a series of conductors fixed on the sheet in a certain pattern so that the sheet with the conduct
4983981 Active array element amplitude stabilization January 8, 1991
An amplitude control system particularly suitable for an active antenna array includes a power detector for generating a power level signal representative of a level of radio frequency (RF) energy radiated by an antenna element, or groups of elements, in a phased antenna array. A ref
4968982 Aircraft landing system having simplified out-of-coverage indication (OCI) November 6, 1990
In the ground-based equipment of a microwave landing system (MLS), a linear array antenna is employed to generate both a scanning guidance beam, which provides azimuthal position data to an incoming aircraft, and a pair of out-of-coverage indication (OCI) beams, which are disposed outsid
4963881 Method and apparatus for enhancing the signal resolution of an analog-to-digital converter October 16, 1990
A method and apparatus for enhancing the resolution of an analog-to-digital converter. The method uses the addition of a second analog waveform to a first analog signal which is to be converted. When the composite signal is converted to digital form, this enhances the effective resolutio
4948031 Process for bonding aluminum with cadmium and product thereof August 14, 1990
A process for joining first and second aluminum sheets in which the bonding surfaces of the aluminum sheets have their aluminum oxide layer replaced by a zinc layer and the zinc layers are plated with a non-alloy metal bonding material such as cadmium. The first and second aluminum sheet
4912480 Offset phase-center antenna for aircraft landing system March 27, 1990
An azimuthal scanning antenna for an aircraft landing system is formed of a set of vertically disposed columnar radiators arranged side-by-side in a horizontal array. The columnar radiators are tilted back in pitch Individual ones of the radiators are formed of waveguide
4894766 Power supply frequency converter January 16, 1990
The present invention achieves the above objects, among others, by providing apparatus for converting a supplied AC input signal into an AC output signal having a selected lower frequency than the frequency of the AC input signal, which apparatus translates individual half cycles of the
4887297 Apparatus for processing stereo signals and universal AM stereo receivers incorporating such app December 12, 1989
Multi-system or "universal" AM stereo receivers are provided which require no switching of the receiver's stereo decoder circuitry regardless of which AM stereo system signal is being received. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, acceptable stereo sound is achieved for all AM
4872145 Noise trap circuit October 3, 1989
A noise trap circuit particularly suitable for use in an electro-acoustic system, operates to suppress low level signals or noise while allowing a relatively large signal to pass unattenuated between input and output terminals of the circuit. Blocking elements between the input and outpu
4870312 Surface wave device having anti-reflective shield September 26, 1989
A surface wave acoustic delay line is formed of a set of electrode assemblies disposed on the surface of a block of crystalline material propagative of a surface acoustic wave. In each of the assemblies, the electrodes are arranged in an interdigitated pattern. Reflected waves are ca
4850915 Apparatus for deploying and supporting a large aperture volumetric array in a medium July 25, 1989
An apparatus for supporting a large volumetric array of acoustic sensors in water is packaged in a standard configuration sonobuoy envelope and utilizes conventional sonobuoy deployment components. A housing within the envelope contains a plurality of tubular extendable members stored on
4837580 Microwave landing system with fail-soft switching of dual transmitters, beam steering and sector June 6, 1989
An MLS system having redundant subsystems. Dual signal sources feed dual power dividers. A first switch array selects the power divider to be used and provides the selected signals to an array of phase shifters. A second switch array provides the phase shifted signal, which may be amplif
4823127 Automatic, real-time fault monitor verifying network in a microwave landing system April 18, 1989
The fault monitoring function of an executive monitor contained in a microwave landing system is verified by evaluating a history of the parametric information sampled by an executive monitor and storing in memory the number of out of tolerance parametric signals received from an ant
4814714 Long time constant integrating circuit March 21, 1989
A method and apparatus for performing integration using a circuit capable of integrating an input signal over a wide linear dynamic range. The circuit modulates the input signal with a biphase signal having positive and negative phases. The modulated signal is then provided to an int
4794543 Multi level split gate signal processor determining the centroid of a signal December 27, 1988
Successive MLS scanning signals are received as pulse-type analog signals and converted into corresponding digital signals. The centroid of each digital signal is determined at at least two different levels below the peak of the digital signal. The centroids for each signal are averaged,
4791429 Multimode omniantenna with flush mount December 13, 1988
A central aperture provides at least two radiation pattern modes. A second aperture concentric with the central aperture provides at least two radiation pattern modes. A first feed system excites the central aperture and a second feed system excites the concentric aperture. Circuit means
4771289 Beamforming/null-steering adaptive array September 13, 1988
A beamforming adaptive control loop is simultaneously employed in combination with a null-steering adaptive control loop to enhance the signal/interference ratio resulting in an increase in the messasge quality. The loops may employ temporal processing in which case on-epoch sample/h
4755983 Dedicated message matched filter July 5, 1988
In order to recover the original audio modulation samples when using a continuous code change, sampled data, spread spectrum waveform structure, a dedicated message matched filter is used to process data from multiple emitters within the same range interval. The dedicated message matched
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