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Harsco Technologies Corporation
Fairmont, MN
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8245646 Articulated rail vehicle August 21, 2012
A dual tamper vehicle is provided. The dual tamper vehicle has a single articulated frame assembly having two sets of tampers. The articulated frame assembly is, essentially, a bifurcated vehicle having a forward, first vehicle and a trailing, second vehicle joined by a primary coupling
8177417 Apparatus for continuous blending May 15, 2012
The present invention provides a continuous blender having a drive unit assembly with a shell assembly mounting assembly and a shell assembly structured to be removably coupled to the shell assembly mounting assembly by one or more clamps. The drive unit assembly may be coupled to sh
8025013 Moving platform on rail vehicle September 27, 2011
A rail vehicle having a single frame assembly and a movable platform coupled thereto is provided. The rail vehicle indexes, i.e. advances intermittently, along railroad rails. The movable platform advances in a single direction at a generally steady speed as the rail vehicle indexes
7347613 Apparatus for continuous blending March 25, 2008
The present invention provides a continuous blender having a drive unit assembly with a shell assembly mounting assembly and a shell assembly structured to be removably coupled to the shell assembly mounting assembly by one or more clamps. The drive unit assembly may be coupled to sh
7337797 Ball valve and method of manufacture March 4, 2008
A ball valve having a ball valve assembly disposed within a unitary, elongated tube is provided. The unitary, elongated tube has a first, inlet end, a medial portion having a cross-sectional area, and a second, outlet end. The first, inlet end is a swedged tube having a cross-section
7258069 Laterally adjustable nipper-clipper assembly and method of operating a laterally adjustable nipp August 21, 2007
A nipper-clipper assembly for lifting railroad ties and installing clip assembly springs to couple rails to a tie. The ties are disposed below the rails and extending in a lateral direction relative to the longitudinal rails. The nipper-clipper assembly includes a main beam assembly,
7182312 Replaceable outlet on a cylinder valve February 27, 2007
A valve assembly having a body and a removable outlet adaptor with an anti-rotation device structured to resist rotation and movement of the removable outlet adaptor during installation and/or removal. The anti-rotation device has a first component on the removable outlet adaptor and
7131277 Cryogenic vessel with an ullage space venturi assembly November 7, 2006
A cryogenic vessel includes a first, outer vessel assembly having an outer vessel and a liquid fill line assembly and a second, ullage space vessel having a bottom and disposed within the first, outer vessel, adjacent to the top of the first, outer vessel. The liquid fill line assembly h
7114342 Pressure management system for liquefied natural gas vehicle fuel tanks October 3, 2006
A storage and delivery device for a cryogenic liquid that includes a vessel assembly and a delivery line assembly. The vessel assembly has a liquid space and a vapor space. The delivery line assembly has a liquid line, a vapor line, and a delivery line. The liquid line is in fluid co
7073339 Pressure control device for cryogenic liquid vessel July 11, 2006
An economizer circuit assembly for a cryogenic liquid vessel assembly is disclosed. The cryogenic liquid vessel assembly includes a first, outer shell and a second, inner shell defining a storage space. The storage space has a liquid space and a vapor space. The cryogenic vessel also has
7028489 Over-pressurization protection system for cryogenic vessel April 18, 2006
A dual purpose recirculation valve system for a cryogenic vessel includes a fill line, a delivery line assembly, a recirculation line and a recirculation valve. The cryogenic vessel defines a storage space and includes a pressure monitoring device structured to monitor the pressure i
6957661 Valve with pressurization rate reduction device October 25, 2005
A valve includes a housing assembly, a stem assembly and a surge suppression device. The surge suppression device includes an initial flowpath between the valve inlet and the outlet, a primary flowpath between the inlet and the outlet, a first valve assembly and a second valve assemb
6904758 Cryogenic vessel with an ullage space venturi assembly June 14, 2005
A cryogenic vessel includes a first, outer vessel assembly having an outer vessel and a liquid fill line assembly and a second, ullage space vessel having a bottom and disposed within the first, outer vessel, adjacent to the top of the first, outer vessel. The liquid fill line assembly h
6901973 Pressurized liquid natural gas filling system and associated method June 7, 2005
A liquid natural gas filling system structured to store a cryogenic fluid at a low pressure and fill a use vessel at a high pressure. The filling system includes a first, low pressure vessel, at least one second, high pressure vessel, a plurality of conduits, each conduit in the pluralit
6695277 Modular form tube and clamp system February 24, 2004
A method of constructing a wall form and of forming a wall includes employing a modular concrete form system having a clamping device to clamp adjacent modular form members to one another. The clamping device includes an elongated bar, a pair of clamps mounted on the bar, and a pair of c
6662729 Rail anchor spreader December 16, 2003
A railway anchor spreader has a rotating plate on each side of each rail, with the bottom of each rotating plate having a pair of jaws. The tie plates are lowered until the jaws strike the ballast, and the tie plates are then pivoted first in one direction, and then in the opposite d
6598537 Tie plugger riding station and associated method July 29, 2003
A tie plugger riding station which includes a main frame assembly, a seat assembly coupled to the frame assembly, at least one rail wheel coupled to the frame assembly, an articulated wheel assembly, and a coupling device structured to couple the frame assembly to a plugging machine. The
6595140 Railway tie plate insertion apparatus and method July 22, 2003
A railway tie plate insertion vehicle includes operator's chairs mounted on both sides of the vehicle; with the occupants of each chair being provided with a tie plate insertion wand including controls for movement of the vehicle. A tie magazine deposits a tie plate on the tie upon actua
6581524 Conversion device for converting a rotational motion into a reciprocal motion June 24, 2003
A conversion device that is structured to be coupled to the rotating axle of a motor and to an output assembly. The output assembly has an elongated shaft with an axis extending generally perpendicular to the axis of the motor axle. The output assembly further is coupled to a frame to re
6575099 Railway tie insertion guide June 10, 2003
A railway tie insertion system includes a guide plate having an easily adjustable height, and in many embodiments including a pair of side guides. The tie plate extends for substantially the entire distance between the rails, thereby minimizing the escape of ballast. During insertion
6536354 Railway tie bed scarifier March 25, 2003
A railway tie bed scarifier mounts on a tie remover/inserter machine. The tie bed scarifier is dimensioned and configured to widen the pre-existing channels left in the ballast through the removal of old ties. The tie bed scarifier includes a carriage moving between a raised travel posit
6523260 Method of making a seamless unitary body quadrilateral header for heat exchanger February 25, 2003
A header box for a heat exchanger includes a hollow unitary body having four generally flat sides forming a generally quadrilateral cross-section. End plates are located at, and coupled to, each end of the unitary body. One generally flat side has a plurality of plug openings located. Th
6515249 Method of railroad rail repair February 4, 2003
A method of repairing a damaged railroad rail comprising the steps of: identifying a defect in the rail, removing the portion of the rail having a defect and leaving two truncated rail ends, preparing the truncated rail ends for welding, and welding the two truncated rail ends together.
6473940 Knob for a post valve November 5, 2002
A knob for a medical post valve, the post valve having a threaded bonnet with a diameter, and a valve stem, the valve stem having an external end shaped, generally, as a cylinder with two opposing flat sides, the knob comprising a hub having an elongated body with a diameter that is
6386114 Single shaft tamper with reciprocating rotational output May 14, 2002
A split tool tamper having a motor, a frame, a single tool shaft, and a tamping tool. The motor is coupled to the frame and the tool shaft is coupled to the motor. The tool shaft is further coupled to a single tamping tool.
6276143 External pressure building circuit for rapid discharge cryogenic liquid cylinder August 21, 2001
An external pressure building circuit for a portable cryogenic liquid cylinder which includes a tubular member disposed outside of the cylinder. The tubular member has an upper portion and a lower portion. The upper portion of the tubular member is in communication with the gas containin
6170401 Rail vehicle for use in the collection and distribution of railroad crossties January 9, 2001
A railway maintenance vehicle exchanges worn crossties for new ones. Worn ties are collected and placed on an increased capacity storage car which permits ties to be placed atop the storage cars in a lateral orientation. New ties are simultaneously unloaded from the storage cars for
6112670 Tie ejection apparatus for use with a railroad crosstie distribution vehicle September 5, 2000
A tie ejector distributes new ties to be installed along a railway track, from a tie distribution car of a rail carried tie exchange vehicle. New ties are moved from a gondola cars to a conveyor at the rear of the tie distribution car leading to the tie ejector. The tie ejector has an
6089162 Rail vehicle for tie loading and unloading July 18, 2000
A railway maintenance vehicle exchanges worn crossties for new ones. Worn ties are collected and stored in open-top gondola cars, preferably progressing longitudinally. New ties are simultaneously unloaded from the gondola cars for distribution along the-track. Flange-wheeled tie tra
6087013 Glass coated high strength steel July 11, 2000
A high strength, high toughness glass coated steel composite material is provided which exhibits greatly increased ballistic properties over the uncoated steel. A borosilicate glass coating is fused onto the surface of the steel in a process which heats the steel and an aqueous slurry of
5970977 Demand regulator having adjustable air flow October 26, 1999
A demand regulator for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus has a housing and a cover forming a breathing chamber with a mouthpiece. A diaphragm on the chamber is movable with changes in pressure due to user inhalation demand. An inlet valve coupleable to a supply of pressurized
5868078 Road and rail vehicle using rail wheel drive and apparatus February 9, 1999
A road and rail vehicle has a truck tractor vehicle frame such that it is street legal, but also provides sufficient power to move freight cars on low density rail lines or at other desired locations. The vehicle has a transfer case to provide front wheel drive by road wheels when the ve
5863617 Portable metal bonded anti-slip coating application process January 26, 1999
A method for applying a rough slip resistant non-skid surface to a substrate in the field at the cite of use, comprising applying at least one base coat of metal to a surface of the substrate; wetting the surface of the substrate with a surfactant; spreading grit onto the wetted surface
5842500 Overfill preventing valve December 1, 1998
An overfill preventing valve (20) is adapted to be operatively interposed in a flow path between a fluid source (21) and a compressed fluid storage cylinder (22) to prevent the cylinder from being overly filled. The improved valve includes an elongated tubular body having a first seat
5809895 Split tool mechanical vibrator September 22, 1998
A tamping assembly uses a split tool mechanical vibrator having corresponding front and back vibrator units powered by a single motor. A tamping tool provides easy connection to a tamping tool holder in such a way that two tamping tools may be mounted to one tool holder using a singl

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