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Harris Corporation Patents
Harris Corporation
Melbourne, FL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE40479 Wireless spread spectrum ground link-based aircraft data communication system for engine event r September 2, 2008
The system and method of the present invention provides a record of the performance of an aircraft engine. A plurality of sensors sense engine conditions and generate engine data. A ground data link unit is positioned within the aircraft and receives the engine data .Iadd.and stores
RE39983 Carrier injecting waveform-based modulation scheme for reducing satellite transponder power requ January 1, 2008
A QPSK modulation scheme uses a data spreading mechanism to rob a relatively limited portion of available transmitter power, and inject into the QPSK waveform a prescribed amount of carrier signal power, through which detection and non-regenerative extraction of the carrier at the re
RE36388 Sine/cosine generator and method November 9, 1999
A sine/cosine generator with coarse and fine angles having compressed sine and cosine read only memories (ROMS) by use of symmetry of coarse angles about .pi./4 and, optionally, symmetry of fine angles about 0. The output of the ROMs directly feed multiplexers for utilization of the comp
RE32130 Apparatus for editing and correcting displayed text April 29, 1986
A console for keyboard editing and correcting of text, such as newspaper copy, displayed on the screen of a cathode ray tube. The encoded text copy is recirculated in a refresh memory having a large capacity dynamic shift register and a small capacity random access memory where various e
RE31710 Personalized on-line printing and inserting magazine binding machine October 23, 1984
A method and apparatus for handling signatures such as magazines or the like which includes the on-line printing of personalized information onto materials to be inserted within a finished magazine. The system also provides on-line printing of personalized information onto materials
RE29105 Apparatus for making books January 11, 1977
An improved apparatus for making books and other sheet material articles includes a main conveyor for transporting groups of signatures to a covering station. A cover conveyor transports covers to the covering station where they are sequentially applied to the groups of signatures in
D665798 Network communications server August 21, 2012
D659384 Pouch for holding a radio May 15, 2012
D657503 Strap and buckle apparatus April 10, 2012
D605616 Portable communication device December 8, 2009
D602892 Ruggedized two-way radio October 27, 2009
D595679 Two-way radio July 7, 2009
D582869 Radio December 16, 2008
D576123 Radio September 2, 2008
D569371 Image display apparatus May 20, 2008
D569358 Two-way radio May 20, 2008
D553586 Electronic module October 23, 2007
D450227 Reversible wire termination blade November 13, 2001
D449767 Wire termination blade October 30, 2001
D448644 Punchdown tool October 2, 2001
D448347 Telephone signal splitter September 25, 2001
D442040 Wire termination blade May 15, 2001
D440844 Impact punchdown tool April 24, 2001
D435029 Linesman test set December 12, 2000
D431171 Reversible wire termination tool September 26, 2000
D429978 Double wire termination blade August 29, 2000
D429610 Double wire termination blade August 22, 2000
D429130 Wire insertion impact tool August 8, 2000
D428610 Linesman test set July 25, 2000
D427869 Cutting shears July 11, 2000
D418132 Telecommunications test set December 28, 1999
D415164 Wireless communications base station October 12, 1999
D400875 ISDN test set November 10, 1998
D389714 Cutting shears January 27, 1998
D382454 Wire installation tool August 19, 1997
D380951 Telephone wire installation tool July 15, 1997
D379265 Portable computer carrying case May 20, 1997
D376585 Portable computer docking station December 17, 1996
D376145 Telephone test set December 3, 1996
D361073 Microwave radio enclosure August 8, 1995
D355916 Phone line test set February 28, 1995
D348468 Speaker cover panel July 5, 1994
D347424 Video processor terminal May 31, 1994
D345139 Modular adapter for testing telephone circuits March 15, 1994
D332100 Speaker and control panel for an intercom December 29, 1992
D316824 Telephone line tester May 14, 1991
D314926 Portable line tester or similar article February 26, 1991
D313013 Multiplexer bay for data communication systems December 18, 1990
D299492 Telephone voice termination block January 24, 1989
D274059 Housing for a graphic telephone May 29, 1984

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