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Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Patents
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42281 Scintillator panel, radiation image sensor and methods of producing them April 12, 2011
A scintillator panel 1 uses a glass substrate 5, having heat resistance, as a base member for forming a scintillator 10. Glass substrate 5 also functions as a radiation entry window. Also, a dielectric multilayer film mirror 6 is disposed as a light-reflecting film between the scintillat
RE42220 Microscopy March 15, 2011
A method of telemicroscopy comprises the step of preparing a specimen on a microscopy slide. The slide is placed upon the stage of a microscope equipped with digital imaging apparatus and motorised stage and the specimen imaged to obtain a composite high resolution image of the whole
RE40291 Radiation detection device and method of making the same May 6, 2008
Light-receiving devices are two-dimensionally arranged on a substrate, bonding pads electrically connected to the light-receiving devices in the respective rows or columns via signal lines are arranged on the outer periphery of the substrate, and a protective passivation film is disposed
RE39806 Scintillator panel, radiation image sensor, and methods of making the same September 4, 2007
A scintillator panel (2) comprises a radiation-transparent substrate(10), aflat resin film (12) formed on the substrate (10), a reflecting film (14) formed on the flat resin film (12), a deliquescent scintillator (16) formed on the reflecting film (14), and a transparent organic film (18
RE38234 Ultraviolet detector August 26, 2003
An ultraviolet detector comprises a metal tubular member which hermetically encloses an anode and a cathode therein and is filled with a discharged gas introduced therein from a metal exhaust tube. After the anode and the cathode are enclosed within the tubular member, the ultraviolet de
D669858 Terminal box connector October 30, 2012
D669857 Terminal box connector October 30, 2012
D603731 Spectrometer November 10, 2009
D603730 Spectrometer November 10, 2009
D603729 Spectrometer November 10, 2009
D603280 Spectrometer November 3, 2009
D554754 X-ray device November 6, 2007
8587779 Spectrometer November 19, 2013
A spectrometer 1A is provided with an integrating sphere 20 for observing measured light emitted from a sample S of a measurement target, and a Dewar vessel 50 which retains a medium R for regulating temperature of the sample S, so as to cover the sample S and a second container portion
8587196 Photomultiplier tube November 19, 2013
The photomultiplier tube 1 is provided with a casing 5 made of an upper frame 2 and a lower frame 4, an electron multiplying part 33 having dynodes 33a to 331 arrayed on the lower frame 4, a photocathode 41, and an anode part 34. Conductive layers 202 are installed on an opposing sur
8582202 Observing device and method November 12, 2013
When it is detected that a solid immersion lens comes into contact with the semiconductor device, the lens is caused to vibrate by a vibration generator unit. Next, a reflected light image from the lens is input to calculate a reflected light quantity of the reflected light image, and it
8580374 Resin molded body November 12, 2013
A resin molded body comprises a front surface layer disposed on a front surface side, a back surface layer disposed on a back surface side, and an intermediate layer disposed between the front surface layer and the back surface layer, each of the layers has a micro-phase separated st
8576984 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and X-ray inspection system November 5, 2013
A solid-state image pickup apparatus 1A includes a photodetecting section 10A and a signal readout section 20 etc. In the photodetecting section 10A, M.times.N pixel units P.sub.1,1 to P.sub.M,N are arrayed in M rows and N columns. When in a first imaging mode, a voltage value according
8576206 Phase modulating apparatus and phase modulating method November 5, 2013
The present invention relates to a phase modulating apparatus capable of highly accurately and easily correcting the phase modulation characteristic of a reflective electric address spatial light modulator even when a condition of input light is changed. In the LCOS phase modulating
8575559 X-ray imaging device November 5, 2013
An X-ray imaging device 1 includes a back-illuminated solid-state image pickup element 10 including an X-ray detection section having a plurality of detection pixels arrayed for detecting incident X-rays formed on one surface 11 side, and an X-ray incident surface on the other surface 12
8575514 Light irradiation device and light irradiation method irradiating converged light with an object November 5, 2013
A light irradiation device and method for irradiating converged light with an object include a light source configured to output a light, a phase-modulating spatial light modulator, a controller, and a converging optical system. The phase-modulating spatial light modulator is configu
8574925 Fluorescence analysis method using fluorescent-activating antibodies November 5, 2013
An object of this invention is to provide a fluorescence analysis method that enables analysis (including imaging) of in vivo substances, etc., using antigen-antibody reactions to be carried out simply, at high sensitivity, and yet continuously and in real time. This invention's fluo
8564875 Terahertz wave generation device October 22, 2013
A terahertz wave generating apparatus 2 includes an excitation light source 10, a transmission-type diffraction grating 32, a variable imaging optical system 61, and a nonlinear optical crystal 70. The transmission-type diffraction grating 32 inputs pulsed excitation light output fro
8564773 Spectroscopy module October 22, 2013
In a spectroscopy module 1, a light passing hole 50 through which a light L1 advancing to a spectroscopic portion 4 passes is formed in a light detecting element 5. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the relative positional relationship between the light passing hole 50 and a light
8564764 Blood examination apparatus October 22, 2013
This blood examination apparatus examines cancer cells mixed in an examination object which is flowing blood, and includes: a flow cell through which the examination object is made to flow; an imaging optical system which light output from the examination object in an examination reg
8564704 Solid-state imaging device having transimpedance amplifier October 22, 2013
A solid-state imaging device 1 includes photodiodes PD.sub.1 to PD.sub.N, charge-voltage converting circuits 10.sub.1 to 10.sub.N, pre-holding circuits 20.sub.1 to 20.sub.N, a transimpedance amplifier 30, a peak holding circuit 50, and a post-holding circuit 60. The charge-voltage co
8564087 Photodiode manufacturing method and photodiodes October 22, 2013
A semiconductor substrate 2 is dry etched before an insulating layer 4 is exposed, whereby a hole H1 penetrating through the semiconductor substrate 2 and reaching the insulating layer 4 is formed at a position corresponding to a photosensitive region S1. Next, an irregular asperity
8564036 Photodetector for detecting energy line in a first wavelength region and in a second wavelength October 22, 2013
In a photodetector 1, a low-resistance Si substrate 3, an insulating layer 4, a high-resistance Si substrate 5, and an Si photodiode 20 construct a hermetically sealed package for an InGaAs photodiode 30 placed within a recess 6, while an electric passage part 8 of the low-resistance
8563893 Laser material processing system October 22, 2013
A laser processing apparatus comprises a converging lens 31 for converging processing laser light and rangefinding laser light L2 toward a wafer 1, an actuator for actuating the lens 31, a shaping optical system 49 for adding astigmatism to reflected light L3 of the rangefinding lase
8563044 Microparticle dispersion liquid manufacturing method and microparticle dispersion liquid manufac October 22, 2013
In a dissolving step, a poorly soluble drug and a dispersion stabilizer are dissolved in a volatile organic solvent. In a fixing step, the organic solvent, contained in a solution obtained in the dissolving step, is removed by evaporation, pellet-form residues 1 are obtained by the o
8298836 Isolated Polynucleotide encoding modified fab' antibody, expression vector, and transformed host October 30, 2012
Disclosed is an isolated polynucleotide encoding a modified Fab' antibody, which includes an Fd chain and an L chain with the Fd chain including a CH1 region and the L chain including a CL region, wherein the modified Fab' antibody further includes a cysteine for binding to a fluores
8295321 Laser light source October 23, 2012
A laser light source 1 is provided with a first reflection mirror 11, a laser medium 12, an aperture 13, an output mirror 14, a half mirror 15, a light beam diameter adjuster 16, and a second reflection mirror 17, and outputs laser oscillation light 31 reflected by the half mirror 15 to
8294793 Solid-state imaging device and frame data correcting method October 23, 2012
The present invention relates to a solid-state imaging device, etc., which makes it possible to obtain an image with higher resolution by properly correcting pixel data even when any one of row selecting wirings is disconnected. A solid-state imaging device (1) comprises a photodetec
8294106 Terahertz antenna module October 23, 2012
In a terahertz antenna module 1, a photoconductive antenna element 17 is fixed to a wiring board 9, and electrically connected to an electric signal input/output pin 24 of an electric signal input/output port 23 via a signal electrode of the wiring board 9. Further, a buffer member 7, a
8294089 Time of flight mass spectrometer and charged particle detector therefor October 23, 2012
In a charged particle detecting apparatus 100 for which an MCP is sandwiched with an IN electrode 1 and an OUT electrode and an anode electrode and a rear cover are installed therebehind, the component members in the rear of the IN electrode 1 are arranged further inside than the IN
8288708 Optical filter October 16, 2012
An optical filter 2 is disposed on an image sensor 12 including a plurality of sensor pixels 12a which are aligned, and includes a elongated translucent substrate 4; a first optical filter layer 6 laminated on the translucent substrate 4, and a second optical filter layer 8 laminated
8288604 Method of rapid methylation, kit for preparing PET tracer and method of producing PET tracer October 16, 2012
A method of rapid methylation of an aromatic compound or an alkenyl compound, which is capable of obtaining an aromatic compound or an alkenyl compound labeled with a methyl group or a fluoromethyl group under a mild condition rapidly in high yield using an organic boron compound who
8284345 Silicon light-emitting element October 9, 2012
A silicon light-emitting element includes a first conductivity type silicon substrate 10 having a first surface 10a and a second surface 10b on a side opposite to the first surface 10a, an insulating film 11 provided on the first surface 10a of the silicon substrate 10, a silicon lay
8283595 Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus October 9, 2012
A laser beam machining method and a laser beam machining device capable of cutting a work without producing a fusing and a cracking out of a predetermined cutting line on the surface of the work, wherein a pulse laser beam is radiated on the predetermined cut line on the surface of t
8280005 Radiation detection device, radiation image acquiring system, and method for detecting radiation October 2, 2012
An X-ray image acquiring system capable of improving the detection accuracy of a foreign substance contained in a subject is provided. An X-ray image acquiring system 1 irradiates X-rays to a subject S having a predetermined thickness W from an X-ray source, and detects X-rays transm
8279443 Bioinstrumentation apparatus October 2, 2012
A bioinstrumentation apparatus irradiates light onto a measured region of a subject, detects diffused light to acquire internal information on the measured region, and includes: a container holding a light transmitting medium; a light irradiation unit including a plurality of light emitt
8278592 Laser processing method October 2, 2012
While six rows of molten processed regions 13.sub.1, 13.sub.2 to become a cutting start point are formed within a silicon wafer 11 along a line to cut 5, a weakened region 18 is formed in a rear face 21 of an object to be processed 1 along the line to cut 5 when forming the molten proces
8276539 Nanomaterial observation sample preparation apparatus and preparation method October 2, 2012
An observation sample is prepared by immobilizing a nanomaterial on a substrate 10 by applying a voltage between a nanomaterial dispersion liquid 13, filled in an interior of an electrostatic spray nozzle 20, and the observation substrate 10 to electrostatically spray and dry the dis
8272747 Distortion detection system and distortion detection method September 25, 2012
The present invention relates to a distortion detecting system and a distortion detecting method having a structure for efficiently detecting distortion of a projected image that is projected onto a projected surface by a projector. The distortion detecting system includes a photodet
8268704 Method for dicing substrate September 18, 2012
A substrate dividing method which can thin and divide a substrate while preventing chipping and cracking from occurring. This substrate dividing method comprises the steps of irradiating a semiconductor substrate 1 having a front face 3 formed with functional devices 19 with laser light
8267517 Eyeball motion measurement apparatus September 18, 2012
An eye movement measurement apparatus 1 measures movement of a cornea 101 by imaging a corneal reflection light image L2 generated as a result of irradiating the cornea 101 with infrared light L1. The eye movement measurement apparatus 1 includes: an imaging section 5 having a sensor
8265226 X-ray image acquiring apparatus September 11, 2012
The present invention relates to an X-ray image acquiring apparatus having a structure for improving the quality of an image signal representing an X-ray image captured. The X-ray image acquiring apparatus (5) comprises an imaging section (7), a connecting section (8), and a signal c
8264673 Back-illuminated distance measuring sensor and distance measuring device September 11, 2012
Two charge quantities (Q1,Q2) are output from respective pixels P (m,n) of the back-illuminated distance measuring sensor 1 as signals d'(m,n) having the distance information. Since the respective pixels P (m,n) output signals d'(m,n) responsive to the distance to an object H as micro
8263966 Photodetector and method for manufacturing photodetector September 11, 2012
A photodetector 1 according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: an n-type InAs substrate 12; an n-type InAs buffer layer 14 formed on the n-type InAs substrate 12; an n-type InAs light absorbing layer 16 formed on the n-type InAs buffer layer 14; an InAs.sub.XP.sub.YS
8263479 Method for cutting semiconductor substrate September 11, 2012
Multiphoton absorption is generated, so as to form a part which is intended to be cut 9 due to a molten processed region 13 within a silicon wafer 11, and then an adhesive sheet 20 bonded to the silicon wafer 11 is expanded. This cuts the silicon wafer 11 along the part which is intended
8254688 Imaging system and imaging method August 28, 2012
The present invention relates to, for example, an image pickup system having a structure capable of imaging a subject at a low power consumption and a low cost even when the subject may be dark. The image pickup system comprises an image pickup device, a peak position detecting secti

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