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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D262693 Density measuring balance January 19, 1982
5221873 Pressure transducer with quartz crystal of singly rotated cut for increased pressure and tempera June 22, 1993
A pressure transducer comprises a quartz crystal having an orientation within a range of angles between about and about relative to the Z axis of X, Y and Z crystallographic axes. Such a pressure transducer provides a useful pressure response at pressures and
5165479 Method for stimulating subterranean formations November 24, 1992
The present invention provides a method of treating a subterranean formation utilizing a gelled fluid containing a galactomannan gum and a crosslinking agent comprising a source of borate ions and a delayed crosslinker comprising a source of Ti(+4) or Zr(+4) ions. The combination of
5127473 Repair of microannuli and cement sheath July 7, 1992
This invention relates to a method of repairing holes, channels, voids and microannuli in a cement sheath situated in the annular space between a casing and the wall of a wellbore penetrating a subterranean earth formation, which method involves the use of a hydraulic cement consisting
5125455 Primary cementing June 30, 1992
This invention relates to a method of cementing a cylinder in a bore, such as a casing in a wellbore, which method involves the use of a hydraulic cement consisting of discrete particles having a particle size not greater than about 30 microns. The cement which is utilized in a water slu
5123487 Repairing leaks in casings June 23, 1992
This invention relates to a method of repairing a hole in and thereby terminating the undesirable flow of fluid through a hole in a casing disposed in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean earth formation which method involves the same use of a hydraulic cement consisting of discrete
4889183 Method and apparatus for retaining shaped charges December 26, 1989
The invention provides a perforating assembly and a method and apparatus for retaining shaped charges in a charge carrier. A shaped charge body has two clips associated with it: a band clip having a plurality of radially extending tabs oppositely oriented for mounting the shaped charge b
4880468 Waste solidification composition and methods November 14, 1989
A waste solidification composition comprising hydraulic cement, fly ash and fumed silica material is provided. Also provided are a method of solidifying agglomerations of solid and liquid waste materials and a method of disposing of waste materials such as drilling muds and cuttings
4842073 Fluid additive and method for treatment of subterranean formations June 27, 1989
A formation control additive is utilized in stimulation fluids to minimize formation permeability damage as a result of formation contact by the stimulation fluid. The formation control additive can comprise N-alkypyridinium halides, N,N,N-trialkylphenylammonium halides, N,N,N-trialk
4809783 Method of dissolving organic filter cake March 7, 1989
A method of increasing the production of hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation wherein an undesirable filter cake is present, resulting from the introduction of gelled polysaccharide containing fluids into the formation, comprising contacting the formation with an effective amount o
4804044 Perforating gun firing tool and method of operation February 14, 1989
A tool for activating the firing head of a perforating gun located below a packer by applying pressure to the upper well annulus while maintaining an unimpeded bore between the perforating gun and the pipe string. The tool is provided with a flow valve to prevent flow through the flow bo
4771801 Protective cover assembly with reverse buckling disc September 20, 1988
A protective cover assembly for a fluid end of a plunger-type pump or other positive displacement pump. The protective cover assembly includes a cover adapted to fit in an open end of the fluid end of the pump. The cover comprises a convex or domed center portion adapted for buckling awa
4700780 Method of reducing fluid loss in cement compositions which may contain substantial salt concentr October 20, 1987
Cementing compositions having improved fluid loss capabilities for use in oil, gas, water and other well cementing operations are disclosed. Such compositions are comprised of water, hydraulic cement and a fluid-loss additive comprising a polymerization reaction product consisting es
4502537 Annular sample chamber, full bore, APR.RTM. sampler March 5, 1985
An annulus pressure responsive sampler valve comprising a power section and a sampler section having an annular sample chamber therein; the sampler valve having a full bore therethrough.
4393939 Clay stabilization during oil and gas well cementing operations July 19, 1983
A process for treating a subterranean formation with an aqueous cement composition and minimizing damage to formation permeability by said composition filtrate comprising mixing with said composition at least one polycationic polymer having a molecular weight of about 400 to 6,000,000
4368136 Aqueous gel composition for temporary stabilization of subterranean well formation January 11, 1983
Particular aqueous gel compositions are described for use as a carrier fluid for gravel, sand or particulate matter for the purpose of gravel packing, fracturing, or propping fractures in a subterrranean well formation.
4355685 Ball operated J-slot October 26, 1982
A downhole tool includes inner and outer telescoping cylindrical members. The inner cylindrical member has a cylindrical indexing sleeve disposed thereabout. A groove having a semi-circular cross section is disposed in a cylindrical outer surface of the indexing sleeve. Connected to the
4334582 Method of cementing from a floating vessel June 15, 1982
A method is provided for cementing an annular cavity between a subsea well casing and a borehole from a floating vessel. A drill string is run into the casing. An opening positioner attached to the drill string is engaged with a valve in the casing. The drill string is lifted to open the
4324293 Circulation valve April 13, 1982
A reverse circulation valve includes a cylindrical housing having an open longitudinal passageway disposed therethrough and a circulating port and a power port disposed through a wall thereof. A valve mandrel is slidably received in the housing and movable from a closed position closing
4319638 Apparatus for cementing from a floating vessel March 16, 1982
An apparatus is provided for cementing an oil well borehole from a floating vessel. A sliding sleeve cementing valve is adapted to be interconnected with a casing string. A drill string to be lowered into the casing string includes a drill pipe, an opening positioner connected to the dri
4319634 Drill pipe tester valve March 16, 1982
A drill pipe tester valve includes a spherical valve member supported from an upward facing surface of a housing so that downward forces exerted on the valve member in its closed position, due to fluid pressure in a string of pipe above the valve member, are transmitted substantially ent
4319633 Drill pipe tester and safety valve March 16, 1982
A drill pipe tester valve includes a spherical valve member supported from an upward facing surface of a housing so that downward forces exerted on the valve member in its closed position, due to fluid pressure in a string of pipe above the valve member, are transmitted substantially ent
4313495 Downhole pump with pressure limiter February 2, 1982
A well testing assembly includes a pressure limiter located between a downhole pump and an inflatable packer. The pressure limiter includes a housing having first and second housing parts and having an inflation passage disposed therein for communicating a discharge of the downhole p
4311197 Annulus pressure operated closure valve with improved reverse circulation valve January 19, 1982
A testing apparatus for use in an oil well includes an improved circulation valve having a cylindrical housing with an open bore therethrough and a circulating port through a wall thereof. A valve mandrel is slidably received in the housing and movable from a closed position closing said
4310161 Inflatable packer element January 12, 1982
An improved well packing device of the type having an inflatable bladder reinforced with a reinforcing material, and also having an annular end piece attached to the inflatable bladder. The reinforcing material is looped at one end about a toroidal member. This toroidal member is con
4299397 Inflatable packer assembly with control valve November 10, 1981
An inflatable packer assembly includes a cylindrical mandrel with a cylindrical valve body concentrically disposed about the mandrel. The valve body includes an inlet communicating with an interior of the mandrel and an outlet for directing fluid to an inflatable element of the packer
4299118 Viscometer November 10, 1981
An improved rotational viscometer is provided, having a base, a housing, and one and only one adjustable support leg supporting the housing from the base. The support leg provides for adjustment of the length of the leg and provides for alignment of the housing relative to the base. A
4297891 Apparatus and method for protecting a transducer November 3, 1981
A system for protecting a transducer connected thereto by damping, through a pressurized fluid, a signal to be converted by the transducer is disclosed. The system includes a transducer protector apparatus having a housing and an element for damping the signal to be converted by the
4296808 Isolation packer extension October 27, 1981
An isolation packer extension doubles the distance between upper and lower packer assemblies of an isolation packer so that less accurate positioning thereof is required when performing cementing operations from a floating vessel.
4264823 Well logging digital neutron generator control system April 28, 1981
A pulsed neutron well logging system using a sealed off neutron generator tube is provided with a programmable digital neutron output control system. The control system monitors the target beam current and compares a function of this current with a preprogrammed control function to devel
4248265 Adjustable relief valve February 3, 1981
An improved adjustable relief valve is provided having a valve body with a valve body inlet and outlet disposed therein. A reciprocating plunger is disposed in said valve body, and is movable between a first closed position isolating said valve body inlet and outlet, and a second open
4219081 Knockdown centralizer August 26, 1980
An improved centralizer includes upper and lower collars with a plurality of spring members attached at upper and lower ends to said collars. Each of said collars includes a first and second arcuate collar portion. A first peripheral end portion of said first collar portion includes a

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