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6234903 Shaft coupling with cooling elements May 22, 2001
A shaft coupling (1) has at least one elastic torque transmission element (4) in a single piece to which connecting elements (3) are fixed at the driving and driven sides. In order to increase the stressability due to the thermal stresses on the elastic transmission elements (4) and thus
5484339 Articulated coupling January 16, 1996
An articulated coupling, especially for rail vehicles, for transmitting the engine power from a hollow input shaft mounted on the vehicle frame, to an output shaft of limited movement surrounded by the hollow shaft has a first flange rigidly connected to the hollow shaft and a second fla
5360375 Device for mechanically transmitting torque November 1, 1994
The device for mechanically transmitting torque from a motor to a power transmission is especially suitable for marine propulsion systems as a sound-damping transfer coupling of a drive shaft. The device comprises a damping member with two halves mirror-symmetrical relative to a plane th
5066263 Resilient shaft coupling November 19, 1991
A resilient shaft coupling, especially for Diesel engine drives, essentially comprises two rigid coupling parts such as a hub on the drive side of the shaft coupling and a flange ring on the end of the drive shaft opposite to the drive side, whereby the hub and the flange ring are co
4911484 Clamping ring pipe connection for metallic pipes March 27, 1990
To produce a pipe connection, one of the pipes that are to be interconnected has a pipe end that is widened in a cuplike manner, in which the pipe end of the other pipe is positively lodged. Before the two pipe ends are fixed together, a metallic clamping ring, the inside diameter of
4795402 Resilient shaft coupling January 3, 1989
A resilient shaft coupling having two metal parts that include an inner coupling ring and, coaxial thereto, an outer coupling ring. The facing generated surfaces of the rings are formed with a number of substantially radial cams or dogs which mesh with one another alternately in the
4781654 Resilient shaft coupling November 1, 1988
A resilient shaft coupling that, to transmit torque, includes an annular intermediate member made of rubber disposed between an inner rigid coupling part and an outer rigid coupling part. The intermediate member has, on its outer periphery, pinion-like rubber teeth that mesh, with pr
4708514 Resilient shaft coupling November 24, 1987
A highly-resilient shaft coupling includes a hub for rotating about a longitudinal axis, a drive ring, a resilient ring assembly including two axially-continuous circular ring parts bearing radially on the hub. Each ring part includes elastomeric ring sectors and ring sector plates adher
4610642 Ring segment connection arrangement for link coupling September 9, 1986
A link coupling having at least one coupling hub and one outer coupling flange interconnected by links or groups of links which are disposed at a tangent to the rotational axis. The links are arranged in pairs at an angle to one another, and are secured at their ends, by dowels or bolts,
4563166 Extra-resilient shaft coupling January 7, 1986
An extra-resilient shaft coupling. Two rigid parts are interconnected by a resilient intermediate member which transmits torque. The intermediate member includes two external metal ring members which are in the form of one or more peripheral parts and are interconnected by an elastomeric
4483056 Tool for closing pipe couplings November 20, 1984
The invention relates to a tool for closing pipe couplings between metal pipes (4, 5), the end of one pipe (4) being closingly engageable in a widened terminal part (6) of the other pipe (5), a sleeve ring (7) being pressed axially on to the widened part over the end face thereof. Ac
4432739 Spring steel liquid-damped shaft coupling February 21, 1984
A spring steel, liquid-damped shaft coupling in which the torque is transmitted between an inner part and an outer part coaxial therewith by means of radial spring elements disposed in discrete liquid-filled chambers, the liquid in any chamber being displaced, in response to a relati
4389204 Resilient shaft coupling, more particularly an interposed cardan shaft coupling June 21, 1983
A resilient shaft coupling. The parts of the coupling are supported by being radially braced against one another, but are movable relative to one another to a limited extent in the axial direction. One of the parts of the coupling contains an outer flange secured to a cylindrical jacket,
4347716 Flexible shaft coupling September 7, 1982
A flexible shaft coupling is of the kind comprising two annular assemblies which transmit torque between two rigid coupling parts which are arranged concentrically one within the other. The annular assemblies are concentric and have a space between them, and groups of radially directed f
4277958 Flexible shaft coupling July 14, 1981
A flexible shaft coupling is of the kind comprising two annular assemblies which transmit torque between two rigid coupling parts which are arranged concentrically one within the other. The annular assemblies are concentric and have a space between them, and groups of radially directed f
4257135 Assembly tool for tube fittings March 24, 1981
An assembly tool for tube fittings, including a pair of pivotal manually operated channel-shapped unique leg lever handles which nest one in the other and are provided with a pair of jaws which are connected to the lever handles by a set of low friction rotatable journal shafts, the
4249394 Flexible shaft coupling February 10, 1981
A flexible shaft coupling comprises a rigid hub coupling part and a rigid ring coupling part which surrounds the hub part concentrically, the two parts being connected together by two similar symmetrically disposed resilient rings which bulge outwards away from each other to form a cavit

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