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8589315 Behavior recognition using cognitive swarms and fuzzy graphs November 19, 2013
Described is a behavior recognition system for detecting the behavior of objects in a scene. The system comprises a semantic object stream module for receiving a video stream having at least two frames and detecting objects in the video stream. Also included is a group organization modul
8587037 Test structure to monitor the in-situ channel temperature of field effect transistors November 19, 2013
A field effect transistor (FET) having a source, a drain and a gate includes a first connection electrically connected to the gate near a first end of the gate, a second connection electrically connected to the gate near the first end of the gate, a third connection electrically conn
8585944 Ordered open-cellular carbon microstructure and method of making same November 19, 2013
An ordered open-cellular carbon microstructure and a methods for forming the ordered open-cellular carbon microstructure capable of greatly improving the carbon yield (remaining mass % after carbonization) of an open-cellular polymer material. In one embodiment, the method starts with
8584456 Bistable actuator mechanism November 19, 2013
A parallelogram mechanism is combined with shape memory alloy actuators to produce a bistable mechanism that remains in one of two positions until sufficient energy is added to overcome a threshold. The parallelogram mechanisms may be stacked to form a mechanism with a stroke greater
8579018 Lightweight sandwich panel heat pipe November 12, 2013
A sandwich panel heat pipe with a three-dimensional ordered open-cellular micro-truss core and a method creating the same. In one embodiment, the sandwich panel heat pipe includes a first face sheet, a second face sheet, the three-dimensional ordered open-cellular micro-truss core be
8575659 Carbon-beryllium combinationally doped semiconductor November 5, 2013
A combinationally doped semiconductor layer, a double heterojunction bipolar transistor (DHBT) including a combinationally doped semiconductor layer, and a method of making a combinationally doped semiconductor layer employ a combination of carbon and beryllium doping. The combinationall
8574994 HBT with emitter electrode having planar side walls November 5, 2013
A heterojunction bipolar transistor is formed with an emitter electrode that comprises an emitter epitaxy underlying an emitter metal cap and that has horizontal dimensions that are substantially equal to the emitter metal cap.
8573289 Micro-architected materials for heat exchanger applications November 5, 2013
A Heat Exchanger comprising a three-dimensional ordered microstructure material within a shell. The three-dimensional ordered microstructure material has dimensions that allow for large surface area to volume ratios, between 300 and 15000 m.sup.2/m.sup.3. Alternatively the three-dime
8569937 Piezoelectric resonator with capacitive sense and/or force rebalance electrodes to control an am October 29, 2013
In an embodiment, a piezoelectric resonator configured for parametric amplification is disclosed. The piezoelectric resonator may include or comprise a piezoelectric member, and first and second resonator electrodes associated with the piezoelectric member and positioned to enable a
8569675 Optical analog PPM demodulator October 29, 2013
The invention is a Demodulator for an Optical Analog Pulse Position Modulated signal suitable for inclusion in receivers for Free Space Optical communication systems. In one embodiment the Demodulator may use the pulse position modulated optical information signal and the clock signa
8567677 Optical identification system and method October 29, 2013
The invention is an optical labeling/identification system that comprises an optical interrogator, optical label and a programmer. The optical label stores and returns to the interrogator different parts of a wavelength code word. The programmer programs the optical labels with a pro
8567041 Method of fabricating a heated quartz crystal resonator October 29, 2013
A heated resonator includes a base substrate, a piezoelectric piece having a thickness and a top side and a bottom side, a first electrode on the top side, a second electrode opposite the first electrode on the bottom side, an anchor connected between the piezoelectric piece and the
8566265 Combined spike domain and pulse domain signal processing October 22, 2013
A neural network has an array of interconnected processors, at least a first processor in the array operating in a pulse domain and at least a second processor in the array operating in a spike domain, and each said processor having: first inputs selectively coupled to other processors i
8564073 Programmable connection and isolation of active regions in an integrated circuit using ambiguous October 22, 2013
A technique for and structures for camouflaging an integrated circuit structure and strengthen its resistance to reverse engineering. A plurality of transistors are formed in a semiconductor substrate, at least some of the transistors being of the type having sidewall spacers with LD
8296577 Cryptographic bus architecture for the prevention of differential power analysis October 23, 2012
An apparatus and method for preventing information leakage attacks through a polarized cryptographic bus architecture. The polarized cryptographic bus architecture randomly changes the polarity of the target bit such that the leaked information cannot be consistently averaged to yiel
8295654 High-speed self-adjusting photonic converter October 23, 2012
A device is disclosed. The device contains a first electro-optical waveguide comprising at least one first grating, a second electro-optical waveguide comprising at least one second grating, a plurality of electrodes disposed adjacent to the first grating and configured to impose an
8288877 Actuator enhanced alignment of self-assembled microstructures October 16, 2012
In some embodiments, provided is a microstructure assembly having a capture receptacle, a key, and an actuator associated therewith. The capture receptacle is associated with a substrate and includes alignment projections projecting upward from the base of the capture receptacle. The
8287895 Three-dimensional biological scaffold compromising polymer waveguides October 16, 2012
A three-dimensional biological scaffold. The scaffold includes at least three sets of polymer waveguides extending along at least three respective directions. The at least three sets of polymer waveguides interpenetrate each other at a plurality of nodes to form a self-supporting str
8285655 Method for object recongnition using multi-layered swarm sweep algorithms October 9, 2012
Described is a system for multi-layered object detection which presents a unified way of processing an entire field-of-view (FOV) using cognitive swarms of software agents and classifier cascades by partitioning the FOV into layers and processing the closest layer first. A plurality of
8285052 Image ordering system optimized via user feedback October 9, 2012
Described is a system for ordering images. The system receives a plurality of images. Image features are extracted from each image. A set of all possible image pairs are generated for all images. A similarity metric with weights is generated between the images in each image pair in t
8283553 Photon enhanced thermoelectric power generation October 9, 2012
A system and method for generating electrical power from a heat source utilizing both photonic and thermal conversion are disclosed. Specifically, power is generated by coupling photon converters to thermoelectric pairs in a way such that the thermoelectric pairs gain not only the ch
8274727 Programmable optical label September 25, 2012
The present invention is a programmable and latching retro-reflective construct suitable for use as an optical label in an optical labeling system. The invention contains retro-reflective structures such as lens beads, corner cubes or other retro-reflecting type structures. The retro
8272309 Composite truss armor September 25, 2012
A composite truss armor and a method of manufacturing the same. The composite truss armor includes a filler material and a three-dimensional (3D) ordered truss structure. The 3D ordered truss structure includes: a plurality of first truss elements defined by a plurality of first self
8270792 High-resolution multi-level frequency channelizers September 18, 2012
In some variations, the present invention provides a method for forming a chip-scale photonic frequency channelizer or spectrum analyzer. A low-loss waveguide forms a long delay-line in a first level, from which a large number of filter-taps form narrow channel passbands. Multi-dimen
8270671 Method and system for generic object detection using block features September 18, 2012
Disclosed is a method and system for generic object detection using block-based feature computation and, more specifically, a method and system for massively parallel computation of object features sets according to an optimized clock-cycle matrix. The method uses an array of correla
8263928 High speed photonic analog to digital quantizer September 11, 2012
An input analog signal is applied to electrodes bracketing electro-optically responsive waveguides being driven by a continuous wave or pulsed laser. The waveguides have reflection elements installed with transmission spectra sized, located and designed to transmit the laser light to
8258583 Conductive channel pseudo block process and circuit to inhibit reverse engineering September 4, 2012
A technique for and structures for camouflaging an integrated circuit structure. The integrated circuit structure is formed by a plurality of layers of material having a controlled outline. A layer of conductive material having a controlled outline is disposed among said plurality of
8257885 Recording reflection Bragg Gratings and apodizing reflection Bragg Gratings September 4, 2012
A system and method for producing a Bragg grating. A system and a method for apodization of gratings. The system and method for producing a grating include splitting a beam and reflecting one split beam an odd number of times and the other an even number of times before the two are a
8246846 Method for fabricating integrated MEMS switches and filters August 21, 2012
A method for fabricating integrated MEMS switches and filters includes forming cavities in a silicon substrate, metalizing a first pattern on a quartz substrate to form first switch and filter elements, bonding the quartz substrate to the silicon substrate so that the first switch and
8244077 Unit-cell array optical signal processor August 14, 2012
This invention provides a versatile unit cell as well as programmable and reconfigurable optical signal processors (such as optical-domain RF filters) that are constructed from arrays of those unit cells interconnected by optical waveguides. Each unit cell comprises an optical microd
8242865 Planar RF electromechanical switch August 14, 2012
A micromachined switch is provided including a base substrate, a bond pad on the base substrate, a cantilever arm connected to the bond pad, the cantilever arm having a conductive via from the bond pad, a first actuation electrode on the base substrate, and a second actuation electro
8242538 Method and device for growing pseudomorphic A1InAsSb on InAs August 14, 2012
A semiconductor device and method are being disclosed. The semiconductor device discloses an InAs layer, a plurality of group III-V ternary layers supported by the InAs layer, and a plurality of group III-V quarternary layers supported by the InAs layer, wherein the group III-V ternary
8241798 Methods and apparatus for increasing biofilm formation and power output in microbial fuel cells August 14, 2012
A method and an apparatus is provided for increasing biofilm formation and power output in microbial fuel cells. An anode material in a microbial fuel cell has a three-dimensional and ordered structure. The anode material fills an entire anode compartment, and it is arranged to allow
8229304 Phase control of a fiber optic bundle July 24, 2012
A coherent laser receiver for receiving encoded light which may have propagated over an aberrated path, situated between a source of the encoded light and the coherent receiver. The coherent laser receiver comprises a bundle of optical fibers arranged in an array to receive light, as
8228582 Optical retro-reflective apparatus with modulation capability July 24, 2012
An optical MEMS retro-reflective apparatus with modulation capability having a retro-reflecting structure including a pair of reflective surfaces; and a MEMS device for moving at least one of the reflective surfaces of said pair of reflective surfaces relative to another one of the r
8223052 Randomized time encoding machine for sub-nyquist signal sampling July 17, 2012
A time encoding machine (TEM) for time encoding an input signal includes a hysteresis quantizer having a time encoded sequence output and a random sequence generator having a random signal output coupled to the hysteresis quantizer for randomizing switching times of the hysteresis qu
8216910 Group III-V compound semiconductor based heterojunction bipolar transistors with various collect July 10, 2012
A wafer comprising at least one high F.sub.t HBT and at least one high BVceo HBT having various collector profiles on a common III-V compound semiconductor based wafer. The N+ implant in the collector varies the collector profiles of individual HBTs on the wafer. The method for prepa
8214309 Cognitive-neural method for image analysis July 3, 2012
A self adapting cognitive-neural method and system for image analysis is disclosed. The method comprises detecting a set of potential items of interest in an image using a cognitive algorithm, refining the set of potential items of interest using a neural analysis, and adapting the c
8213709 Method and system for directed area search using cognitive swarm vision and cognitive Bayesian r July 3, 2012
A method and system for a directed area search using cognitive swarm vision and cognitive Bayesian reasoning is disclosed. The system comprises a domain knowledge database, a top-down reasoning module, and a bottom-up module. The domain knowledge database is configured to store Bayes
8212739 Multiband tunable impedance surface July 3, 2012
A tunable impedance surface capable of steering a multiband radio frequency beam in two different, independently band-wise controllable directions. The tunable surface has a ground plane and a plurality of first conductive elements disposed in a first array a first distance therefrom
8207782 Circuits and methods to minimize thermally generated offset voltages June 26, 2012
A circuit to minimize thermally generated offset voltages includes a differential pair of transistors having a first transistor and a second transistor and coupled to a current source, a differential input having a first input coupled to the first transistor and having a second input
8204924 Variable precision wavelets June 19, 2012
A method and apparatus are presented for performing wavelet transforms, post transform processing and inverse wavelet transforms whereby hardware complexity is reduced and processor performance is enhanced by performing the forward and inverse wavelet transformations and post transform
8204623 Planning approach for obstacle avoidance in complex environment using articulated redundant robo June 19, 2012
A planning approach for obstacle avoidance for a robot arm is disclosed. In particular, the invention relates to a planning approach for obstacle avoidance in complex environments for an articulated redundant robot arm which uses a set of via points surrounding an obstacle as an intermed
8197930 Three-dimensional ordered open-cellular structures June 12, 2012
A three-dimensional ordered open-cellular structure. In one embodiment, the structure includes: a plurality of first truss elements defined by a plurality of first self-propagating polymer waveguides and extending along a first direction; a plurality of second truss elements defined by
8195591 Cognitive signal processing system June 5, 2012
Described is a signal processing system. The system comprises a signal processing module having signal processing parameters and being configured to receive a plurality of signals. The signal processing module uses the signal processing parameters to output a processed signal, as eit
8195023 Functionally-graded three-dimensional ordered open-cellular microstructure and method of making June 5, 2012
A method for creating or forming a functionally graded 3D ordered open-cellular microstructure, and a functionally graded 3D ordered open-cellular microstructure. In one embodiment, the functionally-graded three-dimensional ordered open-cellular microstructure includes a first three-
8193611 High performance InAs-based devices June 5, 2012
Material layer structures that have high mobility, a high conduction band barrier and materials that can be implanted to enable higher performance FET device. The structures contain a quantum well layer disposed between two barriers and disposed above a buffer layer and a substrate.
8180183 Parallel modulator photonic link May 15, 2012
An RF photonic link having at least one light source, at least one photodetector, multiple optoelectronic modulators, and an RF waveguide common to each one of said multiple optoelectronic modulators. The multiple optoelectronic modulators are optically arranged in parallel to receiv
8180057 Chaotic signal enabled low probability intercept communication May 15, 2012
A circuit for generating chaotic signals implemented using heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) and utilized in low probability intercept communications. The HBT chaotic circuit generates truly random analog signals in the GHz range that are non-repeating and deterministic and may
8179331 Free-space phase shifter having series coupled inductive-variable capacitance devices May 15, 2012
A method of changing phase of a microwave electromagnetic beam in free space is provided wherein a cascade of device layers is located transverse to a path of the microwave beam. Each of the device layers have one or more columns. Each column has a device combination series-coupled t
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