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Gulf & Western Manufacturing Company Patents
Gulf & Western Manufacturing Company
Southfield, MI
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RE31497 Anti-friction gibs for presses January 17, 1984
In an industrial mechanical press, anti-friction gibs are provided to replace conventional V-type bronze gibs without requiring extensive rebuilding of the press. Linear roller bearings, and their associated flat races, are substituted for plain bronze gibs which enable zero clearance
RE31013 Calibrated replacement torque rod August 17, 1982
A torque rod replacement assembly which includes ball joint assemblies, each having a projection arm, one of which telescopes into the other, weld slots .Iadd.or windows .Iaddend.being provided for permanent assembly, and graduation being provided on the telescoping parts to facilitate a
D271518 Closure for a pressure device November 22, 1983
D267230 Snap hook December 14, 1982
D267229 Snap hook December 14, 1982
D266351 Multidirectional welding outlet September 28, 1982
D259509 Enclosure for body data monitoring apparatus June 9, 1981
D259092 Tap and die wrench May 5, 1981
D255211 Tap and die wrench June 3, 1980
4674711 Portable aircraft arresting apparatus June 23, 1987
Portable aircraft arresting apparatus is disclosed which is comprised of a towable wheeled trailer providing a frame adapted to be anchored along a runway or landing strip and which is adapted to selectively support two different energy absorbing units, one of which includes a tape reel
4666031 Workpiece feeding and conveying system May 19, 1987
A workpiece feeding and conveying system is disclosed which is comprised of a plurality of stationary workpiece supply stations radially spaced from and circumferentially spaced apart relative to a central axis. A plurality of pocketed workpiece transfer plates are supported radially out
4647123 Bus networks for digital data processing systems and modules usable therewith March 3, 1987
A structure for interconnecting a plurality of modules into a data processing system, which structure includes a plurality of module receiving receptacles, several process active, individual first electrical conductors intersecting the receptacles wherein the conductors are positiona
4628235 Control circuit for motor driver December 9, 1986
A control circuit is provided for operating a power switch with an associated resistance, wherein the power switch has conductive and nonconductive conditions and is adapted to apply a driving voltage across an electric load circuit, such as a D.C. motor, when the power switch is in
4611154 Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a DC load September 9, 1986
A control circuit and method for using the same in operating a power switch such as a relay, FET, etc., having conductive and nonconductive conditions and adapted to direct a high magnitude driving current from a power supply through an electric load circuit when the power switch is in t
4600352 Spare tire handling mechanism July 15, 1986
A spare tire handling mechanism is disclosed which is of the character mounted on a vehicle for displacing a spare tire between a stored position beneath the vehicle chassis and an accessible position therebelow and in which the spare tire engages ground and can be pulled out from beneat
4591839 System for detecting low liquid level and probe therefor May 27, 1986
A system for actuating a warning device when the level of a liquid in a receptacle is below a preselected level. This system includes a probe formed from a length of positive temperature coefficient wire whereby the resistance through the wire increases with increased temperature. This
4577817 Three-dimensional vacuum envelope March 25, 1986
A three-dimensional vacuum envelope is provided for storing compressible articles and particularly survival equipment such as a parachute. It includes upper and lower walls of flexible, substantially gas-impermeable material. One of the upper and lower walls includes an integral loop
4577816 Vacuum-packed survival equipment March 25, 1986
A vacuum-packed assembly for the compact storage of compressible survival equipment is provided. The assembly includes a compressed article of survival equipment, such as a sleeping bag, life raft, or parachute within a flexible, evacuated, heat-sealed envelope of gas-impermeable materia
4570118 Angular position transducer including permanent magnets and Hall Effect device February 11, 1986
A transducer for creating an electrical signal proportional to the angular position of a member pivotally mounted on a given axis, which transducer comprises an element pivoted directly by the member and containing a means for creating a flux field linearly varying in intensity along a g
4551989 Oil equalization system for refrigeration compressors November 12, 1985
A lubricant distribution system for refrigeration units having a plurality of parallel compressors which system maintains the proper level of lubricant in the compressors during operation. The system comprises compressor suction inlet lines which connect each of the compressors of th
4545467 Integrated console bracket October 8, 1985
An integrated console bracket is provided having the appropriate hardware for mounting a shifter mechanism and a parking brake mechanism thereto. The bracket is integral in construction and includes a front end to which the shifter mechanism is mounted, a rear end including the parking b
4541300 Manually operable gearshift mechanism September 17, 1985
An improved manually operable gearshift mechanism is disclosed for an automobile transmission, and which gearshift mechanism is of the character including a support of sheet metal construction and first and second gear selector members mounted on the support for pivotal movement of the
4515036 Vehicle parking brake self-adjusting control mechanism May 7, 1985
A vehicle parking brake control mechanism having a clutch drive through which the brake setting actuator lever drives the brake cable to set the brake, is provided with a self-adjusting arrangement for automatically taking up slack in the brake cable. Release means actuated by the actuat
4506258 System for detecting low liquid level and probe therefor March 19, 1985
A system for actuating a warning device when the level of a liquid in a receptacle is below a preselected level. This system includes a probe formed from a length of positive temperature coefficient wire whereby the resistance through the wire increases with increased temperature. This
4497205 Method and apparatus for automatically sensing the level of a liquid in a reservoir February 5, 1985
A liquid level sensor adapted to be installed inside a reservoir of a liquid to be monitored. The level sensor includes a float made from magnetic material which moves between two opposed end positions along a predetermined up-and-down path following the top surface level of the liqu
4492833 Door jamb switch January 8, 1985
A door jamb switch has a first member adapted to be fixedly secured onto a door jamb of a motor vehicle, a first switch contact mounted on a plunger supported in the fixed first member for reciprocation along an axis between a first, door opened, position with the first switch contact
4487463 Multiple contact header assembly December 11, 1984
A header assembly is provided for the electrical connection of printed circuit boards to cables or other boards. The assembly includes an insulator having an array of male pin members mounted thereto. Each pin member comprises a plastic post to which a pair of electrical contacts is
4483569 Sealed ball and socket joints capable of disassembly November 20, 1984
Sealed ball and socket joints having a spherical member capable of swiveling relative to a socket member. A bearing ring disposed with or without clearance in a housing has a concave spherical surface portion in swiveling engagement with the ball member, and a pair of symmetrically d
4482081 Water activated inflation mechanism November 13, 1984
An inflation mechanism is provided for automatically inflating a life preserver or the like upon immersion in water. The mechanism includes a housing, a first piston slidably mounted within the housing, a second piston slidably mounted within the first piston, and a water-activated c
4470733 Multiple function cutting tool September 11, 1984
An improved cutting tool is provided for performing a number of different cutting functions. A pair of radial cutting edges are provided for boring and chamfering. Peripheral cutting edges are provided for slotting and profile milling. Relatively shallow flutes having a large convex surf
4457730 Vacuum packaged inflatable flotation device July 3, 1984
A vacuum packaged flotation device is provided comprising the combination of an inflatable flotation device, equipment for inflating the flotation device which comprises a valve, a container for holding an inflating medium and the inflating medium, and a sealed vacuum package containing
4456785 Shielded cable and method of manufacture thereof June 26, 1984
A shielded cable is provided having good electrical properties and which may be easily terminated. The cable includes an insulated conductor which is encased within a thermoplastic tape, a supported tape, and a metallic shield. The tapes are bonded together during a heating step so that
4449116 Actuated digital pretimed traffic controller May 15, 1984
In a digital pretimed traffic controller of the type used to control traffic signals at an intersection during a selected signal cycle there is provided an improvement wherein a demand signal, such as created by a detector, is directed to the controller. The demand signal is used for
4431884 Snap action switch February 14, 1984
A snap action toggle switch having a spring contact element formed of resilient metal strip material and including a U-shaped body member rigidified against flexure and comprised of a pair of spaced parallel side legs integral with and connected at one end by a flat base end portion and
4431404 Method and apparatus for heating plastic sheet material February 14, 1984
Apparatus is disclosed for heating a plurality of sheets of plastic material between adjacent ones of a plurality of vertically stacked and individually heated platens. The platens are vertically displaceable together and relative to one another, and any two vertically adjacent plate
4423991 Cam activated planetary turning machine January 3, 1984
An apparatus for turning or milling a workpiece is provided. The apparatus includes a first sleeve having an eccentric bore and a second sleeve positioned within this bore. The second sleeve also has an eccentric bore within which a tool mandrel or spindle is rotatably positioned. The
4421245 Closure assembly December 20, 1983
A closure assembly is provided for sealing vessel manways, coke drums and other high temperature connections. It includes a cover member, a substantially cylindrical retaining member, a crush ring slidable with respect to the retaining member, a stop member, and a sealing ring positi
4419027 Bellows seal for ball and socket joints December 6, 1983
In a ball and socket joint comprising a ball and a socket in mutual swivelling sliding engagement with each other, the ball having a stud integrally formed at one end thereof and projecting outwardly through one end of the socket, the improvement consisting in forming the socket with a
4416591 Reciprocal pump with improved valve November 22, 1983
In a submersible pump of the type comprising a liquid inlet, a liquid outlet and an interconnecting valve chamber in which a valve member reciprocates to force liquid from the inlet to the outlet of the pump there is provided an improved valve member which uses a valve having an elon
4415291 Ball and socket joints November 15, 1983
A ball and socket joint having a ball provided with an integral stud projecting outwardly through an end of the socket, a portion of the peripheral spherical surface of the ball being in swivelling sliding engagement with a corresponding partial spherical bore in the socket, and a ge
4407492 Integrated spring mat assembly for seating October 4, 1983
A spring mat assembly for a seat or seat back frame has a pair of relatively widely spaced longitudinal bolster wires across which a plurality of relatively closely spaced transverse stringer wires are connected as by wrapping therearound. The stringer wires extend outwardly beyond e
4406995 Base station for monitoring call boxes September 27, 1983
In a base station for monitoring the status of several function conditions at remote call boxes, each box of which is assigned a distinctive identification code and is capable of selecting and transmitting a message in the form of a plurality of successive signals upon a change in a
4406935 Door jamb switch September 27, 1983
In a door jamb switch of the type having a first member adapted to be fixedly secured onto a door jamb of a motor vehicle, a switch element having a first actuated condition and a second actuated condition and a plunger mounted for reciprocation in the fixed first member along an axis
4402993 Process for coating optical fibers September 6, 1983
Vitreous optical fibers provided with hermetically sealed coatings applied by method and apparatus comprising; drawing a fiber directly from a fiber extruder into and through an elongated chamber having inert gas air locks at its opposite ends. Between the air locks, the optical fiber pa
4401133 Device for launching spherical pigs into a pipeline August 30, 1983
An improvement in a device adapted to be connected to a pipeline for launching generally spherical pigs into the pipeline, which device includes an elongated barrel secured to the pipeline and having a forward end for passage of a pig from the barrel and an escapement means for allow
4400672 Relay mounting device August 23, 1983
A relay mounting device for securing a relay having a front face, with visual or manipulative components thereon, onto a support panel having a front surface, a parallel rear surface and an access opening therethrough. This device comprises a unitary body with a bezel portion adapted to
4393341 Windshield cleaning system July 12, 1983
A vehicle windshield cleaning system is disclosed which includes windshield wiper blades reciprocally driven by an electric motor, and an associated pump driven by an electric motor for dispensing windshield washing liquid onto a windshield to be cleaned. A manually positionable mode sel
4391159 Parking brake actuating device July 5, 1983
A device for pulling upon a parking brake actuating cable in response to movement of a pedal actuated lever in a selected path between a brake release first position and a brake engaging second position wherein the device comprises a motion translating element having first and second
4386869 Integrally sealed vibration dampening ball and socket joints June 7, 1983
Integrally sealed vibration dampening ball and socket joints having a spherical member capable of swivelling relative to a socket member. A split metallic or high strength plastic bearing ring disposed with clearance in a shell has a concave spherical surface portion in swivelling en
4384517 Full tonnage stop for hydraulic presses May 24, 1983
The drive cylinder component of a hydraulic press is reciprocable relative to a fixed ram to drive the press slide toward the press bed for the performance of work on a workpiece between the slide and bed. The cylinder component is provided with an integral radially outwardly extending f
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