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4654644 Photoelectric smoke detector circuitry March 31, 1987
A photoelectric smoke detector operating on a scattered light principle. The photosensor is connected at the input of an operational amplifier, such amplifier functioning as a threshold detector, saturation pulse amplifier and fixed pulse width compensator. Another feature of the inv
4653812 Truck mounted pneumatic brake control system March 31, 1987
A railway car has a brake control equipment group on each truck for governing the brakes thereof including simplified light weight triple valve and reservoir equipment and a modulation equipment group is disposed between trucks of the car providing normal per car requirements for mod
4652057 Control system for integral trains March 24, 1987
A train having at least a pair of control cabs spaced along the train interconnected electrically. Electric signals transmitted between the control cabs allows for fluid braking signals to be propagated from both control cabs toward each other. Each car of the train includes a device
4648274 Photoelastic measuring transducer and accelerometer based thereon March 10, 1987
A photoelastic transducer is constructed with a photoelastic element receiving a polarized light beam with a wave plate providing a phase displacement in its orthogonal components. The element has reflective surface coatings to produce multiple internal reflections
4642019 Hydraulic control system and valve therefor February 10, 1987
A hydraulic control system is provided, including first and second bidirectional fluid actuated motors adapted to travel a predetermined amount in each direction. A directional control valve is placed in fluid communication with a supply of high pressure, hydraulic fluid and a reserv
4640492 Involute valve closure February 3, 1987
A rotary valve for fluid flow control is provided having curved sealing surfaces, at least one of which has a cross-sectional arc segment forming a portion of an involute, for a valve closure member and a fluid port valve seat or seating surface. By machining the sealing surfaces of the
4639719 Apparatus for monitoring circuit integrity January 27, 1987
An apparatus to monitor a circuit in which an AC voltage source is connected to a plurality of paralleled current consuming loads, such as heaters, including a reactive load in parallel with the current consuming loads at a point in the circuit more distant from the voltage source than
4637579 Railroad switch mechanism January 20, 1987
A railroad switch mechanism wherein the switch points of a track switch are moved between normal and release positions by a switch machine connected to the switch points by throw rod, lock rod and detector rod assemblies which are adjusted to have predetermined lengths. The lock or detec
4633421 Method for transposing time measurements from one time frame to another December 30, 1986
A method for transposing the time of an event as read at a remote station with one clock to the time frame of another clock at a master station when the clocks are not synchronized and are of insufficient accuracy to provide measurements to within a few microseconds relative to other tim
4630792 Railway wheel detector December 23, 1986
A railway wheel detector which is mechanically actuated by the flange of a railway wheel which engages a contacting surface of the detector which may be provided by a rigid plate. This surface is supported by blocks of compressible, resilient material, preferably a closed cell foam e
4628213 Electronic circuits for driving bells or electromagnetic devices December 9, 1986
A multimode electronic circuit for driving bells or other electromagnetic devices. An important feature of this design is that it allows one circuit to function in a variety of modes: either in the vibrating mode or single stroke mode, both being operative with either an AC or DC source.
4623921 Antenna diplexer utilizing aural input for visual service November 18, 1986
A television broadcasting system uses an antenna diplexer to combine signals generated from visual and aural power amplifiers. The diplexer comprises first and second hybrids coupled together by transmission lines which have aural-frequency cavities for reflecting aural energy from an
4619081 Combined nozzle with air foil October 28, 1986
A combined nozzle and air foil for providing a flow of cooling and cleaning fluid to a rotating cutting blade providing cutting of a substrate. A nozzle portion for location intermediate the cutting blade and the substrate. The nozzle portion including at least one opening for directing
4617662 Vital message system with unique function identification October 14, 1986
A vital communication system connects an input location to an output location using a non-vital communication link. In addition to transmitting, from the input location to the output location, a word with a bit dedicated to each different input, a system check word is transmitted. Ea
4617173 System for controlling the diameter of a crystal in a crystal growing furnace October 14, 1986
A crystal growing furnace has lift and rotation control apparatus for both a growing crystal and a crucible containing a melt. A transducer and a servo motor are disposed above the furnace having respective shafts connected along a common horizontal axis on opposite sides of a longit
4616118 Cock and trip switch actuating mechanism October 7, 1986
A cock and trip switch actuating mechanism for operating a switch inside of a housing, the switch having an energy storage system rotatably mounting on the housing wall and having a cam plate rotatable about a shaft extending perpendicularly of the housing wall, the cam plate having spac
4610206 Micro controlled classification yard September 9, 1986
A modular control system for a railroad classification yard is described. The control system can automatically perform those functions necessary to control the various elements of a railroad classification yard to enable the train of cars to be switched from a hump track to one of a plur
4607525 Height measuring system August 26, 1986
The invention of this disclosure is a profiling and testing system that uses an air probe to determine the contour of a wafer containing a plurality of dies so that an electrical sensor may automatically step from die to die and test the completed dies in the wafer.
4606648 Clustered mixing system August 19, 1986
At least two levels of mixing, one adjacent the top of the vessel and one adjacent the bottom of the vessel are provided and individually driven at appropriate speeds to produce a single flow pattern in the fluid in the vessel. The bottom mixing apparatus is preferably a single large dia
4606228 Diaphragm for transducer measuring low pressure differentials August 19, 1986
A diaphragm for pressure transducers which will be suitable for measuring small differentials is constructed by perforating, either partially or completely, the diaphragm material. The resulting diaphragm will require very small pressure differentials to obtain full scale deflection as
4602524 Method of manufacturing bicycle chain drives July 29, 1986
A process for manufacturing a bicycle chain drive which utilizes a crank which is cold formed as a single piece with integral splines for engaging a sprocket wheel when the sprocket wheel is mounted in driving relationship with the crank. A cold forming process which can be used for
4599906 Remote probe differential pressure transducer July 15, 1986
A differential pressure transducer assembly for measuring flow in dirty and solids bearing fluids utilizes small barrier diaphragms located at the pressure taps of a flow measuring restriction. The barrier diaphragms are of minimum size and minimum thickness with a minimum volumetric com
4594685 Watchdog timer June 10, 1986
The invention provides apparatus and method to verify appropriate program execution. Hardware external to a processor includes a resettable timer and a shift register for storing and shifting a bit pattern. Internally of the processor a bit pattern is also manipulated by a routine which
4594578 One shot pulse width modulating converter June 10, 1986
A one shot voltage to pulse width converter is provided for producing a digital representation of an analog input signal voltage. The circuit includes an integrating amplifier circuit whose output is kept at a reference potential except when it is being ramped up in response to conne
4594127 Method and apparatus for growing crystals June 10, 1986
Method and apparatus for suspending a seed crystal over a fixed crucible containing a melt from a rotary and axially operable vertically disposed drive adaptor comprising the steps of forming a tubular receptacle adapted to be detachably secured at its upper end coaxially to the adapter,
4589628 Unitary bearing and locator assembly for rotatable valves May 20, 1986
A unitary bearing and locator assembly is provided having a body portion with a passageway therethrough and an integral shoulder flange portion. In one embodiment, this shoulder flange includes a rectilinear perimeter and a radiussed surface. In another embodiment, the shoulder flange ha
4587496 Fast acquisition phase-lock loop May 6, 1986
A PLL frequency detector or comparator is provided having an up-down counter, responsive to beat signals produced by the input periodic waveforms of the VCO reference signals and the input data signals, to produce top and bottom output signals which enable multivibrators connected to
4582951 Holder assembly for molten metal immersion devices April 15, 1986
A device for immersion in a molten metal to determine a parameter of the molten metal including a parameter determining element and a first elongate section. The first elongate section is a replaceable section including a paper tube having a refractory coating on its outer surface. T
4582638 Method and means for disposal of radioactive waste April 15, 1986
Method and means for solidifying nuclear waste for permanent disposal are disclosed. A storage container, in the preferred form of a drum or barrel, is charged with a predetermined amount of liquid polymer resin in an uncatalyzed state. Catalyst-containing frangible ampoules are also
4581676 Electrical contact coating for silicon pressure transducers April 8, 1986
An electrostatically bonded capacitive pressure measuring transducer constructed with a silicon diaphragm member sandwitched between a top silicon support plate and a bottom silicon support plate each of which has a via hole extending therethrough, a thin layer of borosilicate glass
4581181 Floating platform aerator/mixer apparatus April 8, 1986
A floating platform structure mounted on ballast tanks disposed in a tank having the liquid to be mixed and/or aerated by an impeller carried by the platform. Guide members on the structure have longitudinally spaced sets of rollers slidably engaging upstanding posts in the tank and rest
4575619 Electrical heating unit with serpentine heating element March 11, 1986
A heating unit combining a block of thermal and electrical insulating material and an electrical resistance element in which the block contains a mass of ceramic fibers bound together and has an elongated slot with confronting walls rising to the surface of the block from opposite sides
4573498 Ball valve March 4, 1986
A ball valve is provided which has a ball stem machined to have a through hole connecting the inlet and outlet port of the valve body when the stem is in a first rotational position. The valve body has a drain port which is aligned with the axis of the stem. When the stem is rotated 90.d
4572718 Anti-rotation locking assembly February 25, 1986
An anti-rotation locking assembly is provided for preventing rotation of a surface such as in a housing member with respect to a threaded shaft as on a body to which the housing member is threadably mounted. There are provided two opposing flats or relief surfaces on the end of threaded
4572710 Method and apparatus for changing filters in nuclear power stations February 25, 1986
A remote control apparatus for removing from one of a number of filter pits, and loading for protective storage in a disposal drum, radioactive filters used in nuclear power generating stations, and for replacing spent filters. The apparatus includes a transportable base adapted to be pl
4571586 Alarm console controls February 18, 1986
An alarm console is provided which selectively generates audio signals in an ordered priority basis when there is a simultaneous request for two or more tone signals. The priority is from voice paging, highest priority; test mode, to test individually selected alarm tones; keyboard tone
4570882 Vital track circuit wheel detector February 18, 1986
A vital, or fail-safe, track circuit wheel detector for detecting the presence and position in a given detection zone of wheel-axles on railroad cars; in order to provide the requisite fail-safe indication, the operation of the system relies on a sensing means which produces two dist
4569060 FSK Coding method and apparatus involving multiples and submultiples of a given frequency February 4, 1986
A method for coding a data signal for transmission and reception which includes the steps of generating a prefix signal which is a train of pulses at a multiple or submultiple of a selected baseband frequency, then generating a data stream following said prefix with the data stream havin
4568428 Method and apparatus for vacuum distillation February 4, 1986
A vapor distillation system sprays a mixture of liquids to be distilled into an evacuated vaporizer chamber. The low boiling point components of the mixture will be vaporized while the remainder of the mixture will collect at the bottom of the vaporizer chamber. The collected liquid is
4566801 Submersible mixer alignable in a horizontal or vertical mode January 28, 1986
A submersible mixer with a housing, within which housing sits a motor and gear box or other drive means, attached to said housing is a high-efficiency impeller, said housing being supported by vanes which baffle liquid flow when being mixed, and which when said impeller axis is align
4564882 Humidity sensing element January 14, 1986
The structure consists of a substrate, a set of interdigitated electrodes deposited on the substrate surface. The electrode fingers have a period less than the substrate thickness. A first water permeable polymer film is deposited over the electrodes and a conductive mesh is formed over
4558605 Valve actuator coupling December 17, 1985
A valve actuator including a link arm having an adjustable wedge shaped aperture mounted in a circumferial recess of a coupling shaft having a wedge shaped cross-section in the circumferial recess. A coupling clamp is adjustably mounted in a second circumferial recess of the coupling sha
4558173 Hazardous location expansion fitting December 10, 1985
A fitting which couples two conduit members in a manner to permit relative longitudinal motion therebetween and which prevents the gases within the fitting from escaping at a temperature which might ignite an external ambient atmosphere. One form of the fitting includes a bushing affixed
4557599 Calibration and alignment target plate December 10, 1985
A target plate is provided in the operating field of view of a microscopic operating system having a plurality of target patterns thereon. These target patterns include scaled rulings, to which an operating element of the system is aligned, and reflective portions for calibrating the opt
4555766 Brake control system for vehicles November 26, 1985
A microprocessor having input fluid brake control apparatus and output fluid brake application apparatus is provided wherein the output fluid brake application apparatus comprises a digital signal characteristic of a desired fluid braking pressure. The brake application apparatus compris
4553200 Modular output driver for vital processor systems November 12, 1985
As a component in a vital processing system, the vital driver includes hardware and software elements that enable it to produce a time sensitive output in response to receipt, on a batch basis, of check words. The number, content and rate of the check words are checked and used by the
4550620 End-filling sampler for molten metals November 5, 1985
An end-fill molten metal sampler is provided with a ball type check valve within the entrance passageway to the sample cavity.
4548237 Ball valve with improved vent structure October 22, 1985
A ball valve is disclosed in which, in the closed position of the valve, a vent passage (74) extends through the ball element (22) and communicates with a further vent passage (58, 60, 62) extending through an annular seal (28) and the body (12) of the valve. See FIG. 1.
4547747 Phase locked loop for high speed data October 15, 1985
A phase locked loop circuitry for high frequency digital electronic signals is provided which includes a loop filter having a substantially infinite bandwidth and wherein the sum of the frquency comparator and phase comparator output signals is actively integrated by an operational a
4545465 Actuators for disc brake calipers October 8, 1985
An actuator for a disc brake caliper comprises a spring operable piston for applying pressure to the disc brake caliper when rendered effective through a self adjusting lead screw, one end of which is friction coupled to the piston to prevent rotation of the lead screw when the brakes ar
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