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Stamford, CT
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4804956 Rearrangeable digital signal space division switching system February 14, 1989
A digital signal space division switching system in which signal blocking to new connections is avoided by rearranging existing connections. The rearrangement is accomplished without disturbing existing traffic and without requiring alternate paths to temporarily support existing traffic
4801118 Cable protection system including a conduit body and a clip January 31, 1989
A cable guard for use with conduit bodies to faciliate low friction and low abrasion, threading or pulling of cable through cable openings in the body. The cable guard consists of a tubular clip having a longitudinal or elongated slot extending its entire length and adapted to fit in gri
4800313 Long-life motor brush holder January 24, 1989
A long-life motor brush holder which significantly minimizes contact of the coil portions of a ribbon spring with the holder and consequently reduces friction drag; the arrangement is such that at least two cylindrical surfaces forming part of the brush holder serve as line contact suppo
4799741 Parking brake system for railway vehicles January 24, 1989
A fluid brake system has a brake pipe, a control valve device, a brake cylinder and a brake rigging, and in addition, a handbrake pipe, a protective device, a fluid pressure releaseable spring handbrake cylinder, and a manually operable handbrake device for selectively governing brakes
4798420 Fluid brake control system for railroad vehicles January 17, 1989
A fluid brake control system for a railway train has control valves of the ABD type that have service valves that are modified to provide continuous quick service, thus eliminating the need for special accelerated application valves as currently used in ABDW control valves.
4797774 Signal conditioning circuit January 10, 1989
A signal conditioning circuit including power terminals adapted to be connected to a direct current power source, sensor terminals adapted to receive a direct current signal from at least one electrical sensing device and output terminals adapted to be connected to an electrical resi
4792269 Container securing device December 20, 1988
Container securing device that permits containers of any length to be carried by an integral or intermodal train including the feature of a container spanning the connection of two adjacent cores. The device is implemented in a two-part structure of an upper and a lower member. The l
4786875 Conductivity measuring circuit November 22, 1988
A circuit for measuring the conductivity of a solution by applying a known ac current source across a pair of electrodes in the solution and utilizing an analog-to-digital dual slope converter, such as those of the integrated circuit type which include capacitor sampling of the signal
4779053 Square root circuit with voltage-time multiplier October 18, 1988
The square root insertion circuit of this invention has an operational amplifier circuit with a multiplying circuit of the voltage-time product type in its negative feedback path. The multiplying circuit is connected so that the time factor is proportional to the amplifier output signal
4776648 Relay valve assembly October 11, 1988
A relay valve is provided within a single housing and includes a brake cylinder relay valve with combined highway override, a dual pressure brake cylinder limiting valve responsive to load, highway supply line and rail supply line charge check valves and a rail reservoir protection valve
4775194 Pneumatically operated graduated release valve for rail vehicles October 4, 1988
Passenger rail vehicle brake control valve apparatus includes, a control valve device of the type limited to direct release of the brakes, having service, emergency, and continuous quick service portions secured to a pipe bracket, and a graduated release valve portion governed jointly by
4773713 Brake control system September 27, 1988
A housing has a triple valve coaxially adjoining a proportioning piston valve end-to-end, the triple valve having supply, lap and exhaust positions for governing pressure in a brake cylinder; and the proportioning piston valve being operable to sense an emergency signal in a brake pi
4766980 Rail car brake apparatus August 30, 1988
A parallel beam brake apparatus for dual and triple axle trucks and a single beam brake apparatus for single axle trucks each comprise spaced, pivotably mounted bell crank levers which engage a fluid operable actuator between one pair of arms and engage a pair of push rods with the remai
4762571 Expendable immersion device for combining an expendable immersion sensor and molten metal sample August 9, 1988
There is provided an expendable device for use with a standard immersion sensor for a molten metal bath to simultaneously hold a standard immersion sampler in juxtaposition to the sensor when the sensor is in its protective sleeve at the end of a lance ready for immersion into the bath.
4754272 Three aspect signalling device using no moving parts June 28, 1988
A three color aspect light signalling system that displays one color at a time without producing phantom signals. The apparatus utilizes three sources of collimated white light, a filter and two dichroic mirror/filters are used to produce three colored aspects and two output lenses a
4746171 Parking brake system for railway vehicles May 24, 1988
A fluid brake system has a brake pipe, a control valve device, a brake cylinder and a brake rigging, and in addition, a handbrake pipe, a protective device, a fluid pressure releasable spring handbrake cylinder, and a manually operable handbrake device for selectively governing brakes
4743201 Moveable electrical contact plunger May 10, 1988
A moveable contact plunger assembly for interconnection of electrical wires between adjacent railway cars. The assembly has a plunger with a shoulder which fits in abutment with a mating shoulder in an aperture of a dielectric connector block. A follower element is arranged for electrica
4740972 Vital processing system adapted for the continuous verification of vital outputs from a railway April 26, 1988
Continuous verification of vital (fail-safe) outputs from an information processing system is obtained without the need for large computing capacity (overhead). Multibit test sequences are provided continuously during successive subparts of the processor system cycle to vital output
4734835 Lamp housing and ventilating system therefor March 29, 1988
A lamp housing and an integrated ventilating and cooling system for such housing directed to (1) providing a stable environment for the optimum operation of a mercury arc vapor lamp, (2) providing minimum heat transfer to precision instrumentation adjacent to the lamp housing and (3)
4732355 Rate code decoding system March 22, 1988
In railway signaling systems which transmit rate code signals along track circuits, which signals are picked up by the trains and used for signaling purposes, such as speed control, the rate code signals of the same repetition rate received when the train passes between adjacent track
4730117 Cash box identification system March 8, 1988
An identification system for guaranteeing that a cash box adapted to receive revenue from an associated fare box is delivered to an authorized location; the system includes a transmitter as part of the cash box for generating a coded series of pulses uniquely identifying the particular
4726676 Optical signal power measurement method and apparatus February 23, 1988
An apparatus and method for measuring power and power losses of light transmissions in fiber optic cables. The apparatus includes a tester having a transmitter and a receiver, wherein the transmitter provides at one end of a fiber optical cable a test signal of a known wavelength of
4726628 Protection valve device for spring parking brake systems February 23, 1988
A protection valve device for a spring parking brake control system has a pipe bracket for connection in a normally pressurized brake pipe, the pipe bracket having connected thereto a protection valve, a charging reset valve and a charging check valve. The protection valve has a chamber
4723307 Simplified phase-controlled television broadcast switching circuit and three-position coaxial LC February 2, 1988
A noncontact switch couples power from A and B radio frequency sources to a load and an antenna in three modes. Mode I couples the A source to the antenna and the B source to the load; Mode III is B to antenna and A to load, and Mode II couples both A and B sources to the antenna. The
4719336 Method of making thermal insulating blocks and electrical heating units and the products thereof January 12, 1988
The process of molding thermal insulating blocks and electrical heating units with a mold having a horizontal filter screen in which a slurry containing a mass of inorganic fibers, water, and a binder is mixed to randomly orient the fibers and thereafter poured into the mold and a first
4718800 Stanchion January 12, 1988
A collapsible, self-propelled stanchion having a pair of struts pivotally connected at a king pin mating element and wheels at their other end. A motive and propulsion system interconnects the wheeled ends to raise and lower the stanchion as well as propelling the stanchion along the dec
4718445 Position indicator for a rotary valve actuator January 12, 1988
A position indicator for and method for applying the same to valve arrangements having a first strip attached to a first movable part and a second strip attached to a second stationary part of the valve arrangement. The strips have a line arranged down the middle with contrasting lin
4718351 Articulated coupling for integral trains January 12, 1988
An articulated coupling having a center coupling and a plurality of side bearings or couplings coaxial along a lateral axis to facilitate yaw and pitch between two cars while restricting roll. The side bearings each have a cylindrical member on one car received in a cylindrical recess
4717463 Oxygen sensor January 5, 1988
An expandable immersion oxygen sensor for molten metal is provided with an improved oxygen reference electrode including Cr, Cr.sub.2 O.sub.3, NiO, and Fe and the oxygen electrode and thermocouple are secured in the face of the sensor by resin-sand to reduce initial overshoot and failure
4715921 Quad processor December 29, 1987
The present invention includes plural plasma etching vessels and a wafer queuing station arrayed with a wafer transfer arm in a controlled environment. Wafer processing in each vessel is regulated by a state controller for processing a plurality of wafers from a single cassette, cont
4714297 Fluid pressure brake control portion December 22, 1987
A fluid pressure control portion for a fluid brake motor is inserted in a fluid pressure control passage between a triple valve and a brake motor for a particular car truck. This portion comprises a proportioning valve connected to an inshot valve through a pipe bracket to proportionally
4711418 Radio based railway signaling and traffic control system December 8, 1987
A railway signaling and traffic control system which minimizes the wayside equipment and eliminates the pole lines which carry power and signals along the right-of-way using instead the radio channel between the trains and the central office. Each train communicates with devices, such as
4710258 System for controlling the diameter of a crystal in a crystal growing furnace December 1, 1987
A crystal growing furnace has lift and rotation control apparatus for both a growing crystal and a crucible containing a melt. A transducer and a servo motor are disposed above the furnace having respective shafts connected along a common horizontal axis on opposite sides of a longit
4708721 Solvent absorption and recovery system November 24, 1987
Materials, such as pollutants, solvents and the like, in a fluid stream, such as a gaseous stream or liquid stream, are removed by contacting the fluid stream with a liquid selective solvent or absorbent for the material or pollutant to be removed. In the case where the fluid stream bein
4702291 Propulsion system for integral trains October 27, 1987
A rail vehicle propulsion system having an engine whose speed is a function of a selected vehicle speed, an alternator connected to the engine for generating an electrical signal to drive an electric motor connected to the axle by a variable automatic mechanical transmission. The electri
4700167 Bobbin construction with strain relief October 13, 1987
A bobbin construction that features a unique termination connection means or assembly at one end of the bobbin, including closely spaced apart recesses, one of the recesses being adapted to receive the crimped portion resulting from joining together a lead and one end of the reactor coil
4694858 Hydraulic control valve September 22, 1987
A control valve having three motor passageways and a combination sequence and regeneration valve in a common housing, wherein the combination sequence and regeneration valve operates to prevent fluid communication between the third motor passageway and an inlet passageway when the pr
4689736 Distributed process control system August 25, 1987
A method and apparatus for carrying out the control of a process using a distributed process controller wherein each controller receives during consecutive time slots of a scan cycle inputs from the process representing measured values of process variables to be controlled by the con
4686450 Fluid flow sensor August 11, 1987
A fluid flow sensor especially adapted for use in solid state electronic system. The sensor employs a heated thermistor in a first sensing network with a temperature compensation means, the two being connected in common to a sensor point. A second network includes a threshold adjusting m
4683374 Method and means for multiplexing optical sensors July 28, 1987
Apparatus for optically multiplexing the signals of several optical sensors when those sensors are of the type which utilize a single light input optical fiber for each sensor to send light to the sensor from a central monitoring station and a single signal output optical fiber for each
4682116 High speed phase locked loop filter circuit July 21, 1987
A phase locked loop circuit for high frequency digital electronic signals is provided which includes a loop filter having a substantially infinite bandwidth and wherein the sum of the frequency comparator and phase comparator output signals is actively integrated by an operational am
4679689 Processing, shipping and/or storage container for photomasks and/or wafers July 14, 1987
This invention pertains to a system for holding Photomasks and/or wafers in a clean environment during processing, shipment and/or storage. The apparatus of the invention comprises a processing holder that may be used for the internal processing of photomasks and/or wafers, as well as be
4673920 Fire alarm control and emergency communication system June 16, 1987
A multistationed integrated life safety system in which each station will be situated at a diffferent location and have complete capabilities in terms of local fire protection, fire detection, control and/or monitoring and controlling the security of an area. Each station communicates wi
4673063 Hydraulic shock absorber having reserve liquid supply chamber and indicator June 16, 1987
A shock absorber has a reserve fluid supply chamber near one end and a cylindrical housing portion adjoining the reserve supply chamber containing a spring for biasing a piston to pressurize liquid in the reserve supply chamber. The piston moves a shaft axially carrying an indicating
4672217 Easily cleaned photoelectric smoke detector June 9, 1987
A photoelectric smoke detector which operates on the scattered light principle and involves a light source, and a photosensor placed at an angle to the light beam such that it is normally not illuminated, the light source and photosensor being located within a dark detection chamber
4669181 Method for manufacturing an electrical heating unit with serpentine heating elements June 2, 1987
A thermal heating and insulating unit is manufactured by molding in situ a block of thermal insulating material about an electrical resistance element. The resistance element is first made from a continuous wire of electrical resistance material and formed into a serpentine configuration
4668478 Vertically positioned transfer system for controlling and initiating the flow of metered amounts May 26, 1987
A transfer system for controlling and initiating the flow of metered amounts of materials which may be radioactive ash, radioactive calcined salts, cement, flour, or pharmaceuticals comprising a vertical non-converging conduit which acts as a storage hopper; a stationary platform loc
4664017 Hydraulic control system and valve May 12, 1987
An improved sequence-and-relief valve comprises a housing (60), a plurality of conduits (42/44, 46, 53) opening into a bore (62) within the housing, a valve cartridge (64) with the bore, the valve cartridge having a central bore (66) in which a valve element (76) may be moved into and ou
4656313 EMI/EMP electrical cable penetration seal April 7, 1987
A method, and apparatus for practicing the method, is provided for the transit of one or more cables through an opening in a bulkhead while preventing electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic pulse energy from passing through the opening. A housing of electrically conductive
4655689 Electronic control system for a variable displacement pump April 7, 1987
An electronic control system for a variable displacement pump comprises apparatus for sensing the actual position of the displacement determinative element and the actual rotational speed of the pump cylinder block, and for producing representative signals which are combined to produ
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