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5070251 Computer controlled standby power supply system December 3, 1991
A standby power supply system (SPS) is connected to supply power to a load by way of a transfer switch, to replace power from the AC lines, when the AC line fails to provide sufficient voltage to operate the load (e.g., 85% of nominal RMS voltage usually 120 VAC-RMS). The SPS has an inve
5070235 Accumulated exposure detection with exposure terminating attenuator December 3, 1991
The method of exposure control disclosed herein is particularly applicable to the pulsed laser illumination of photosensitive resists. The relative illuminating energy provided by successive laser pulses is measured and the successive measurements are accumulated. When the accumulated va
5068205 Header mounted chemically sensitive ISFET and method of manufacture November 26, 1991
This invention provides a method for producing header mounted sensors, such as a chemically sensitive ISFET structures, which comprises steps which include providing a plurality of electrochemically sensitive ISFET sites on a semiconductor substrate with a source region, a drain region a
5063392 Color change system for multicolor strip chart recorders November 5, 1991
An improvement is provided for printer such as the dot matrix or thermal type, in which the printhead is stepped across the paper over a multicolor ribbon supplied from a pivotally mounted cartridge and transported through a plane between the line of traverse of the printhead and the sur
5059369 Refractory fiber module retainer system October 22, 1991
A refractory fiber module retainer system and a method of forming such retainer system is disclosed; the system includes a unitary refractory fiber module possessing substantial rigidity; the module being formed, such as by molding to have a perforated support means embedded within the
5050823 Radio-based railway switch control system September 24, 1991
A switch machine operates a track switch under radio control via a switch controller. The switch controller may be given an identifying address unique to it which distinguishes the switch machine from other switch machines in the railway territory. In addressing or programming the switch
5049013 Mixer apparatus September 17, 1991
A mixer for liquids and liquid suspensions has a motor drive and housing which is portable and can be carried from tank to tank and attached to the tank where mixing is carried out. The housing depends from the yoke and contains a quill which is driven by the motor drive. A chuck mechani
5048064 Vital rate decoder September 10, 1991
A vital microcompressor-based rate decoder for use in a vital processing system in on-board main line railroad and rapid transit automatic train protection systems; the design is such that a method is incorporated for tolerating specific kinds of signal disruption and in such a way that
5046245 Methods of fabricating impeller blades for mixing apparatus September 10, 1991
A mixer impeller made up of paddle shaped blades, which near their tips (e.g., at 90% of the radius of the impeller from its axis of rotation) are of a width at least 40% of the impeller's diameter. The blades also having camber and twist. They are formed by establishing bending moments
5045851 Analog signal multiplexer with noise rejection September 3, 1991
In analog multiplexers using solid state multiplexing relays and having a shunt capacitor circuit across each input channel as part of a filter for normal mode noise, common mode noise is rejected by opening the shunt capacitor circuit in at least the selected channel and preferably all
5045787 Apparatus and method for measuring insulated track joint resistances September 3, 1991
A technique for measuring the insulation resistance of an insulated rail joint in the presence of leakage ground resistance (ballast resistance), as well as other track run-around paths, without the use of calibrated meters, such technique characterized by the use of a bridge circuit whi
5045673 PTC devices and their composition September 3, 1991
PTC Devices and PTC compositions described herein comprise a blend of at least three carbon blacks as a particulate filler in a fluorinated polymer to achieve a substantial PTC effect and operability over a wide temperature range including temperatures prevailing in a steam environme
5044762 Mixer apparatus for high horse power mixer application where mixer components of large weight an September 3, 1991
Mixer apparatus including a high horsepower motor and transmission drive for an impeller, together with associated shafts, impellers and a bearing and seal assembly, are supported on a tank without excessive loading and vibration of the top head of the tank and without special constructi
5044752 Apparatus and process for positioning wafers in receiving devices September 3, 1991
An apparatus is provided for loading and/or unloading wafers from a holding cassette to a quartz boat without scraping the wafer on the slots contained in the quartz boat; the apparatus comprising a robot and a paddle. The improvement resides in the main feature of wafer sensor means
5044566 Sewage pump with self-adjusting cutters September 3, 1991
A grinder pump which includes a housing; a shaft disposed within the housing having an axis; apparatus for mounting the shaft within the housing for rotational movement thereof; a moveable cutter carried on the shaft, apparatus for coupling the moveable cutter to the shaft to cause r
5043684 Compact high power, high directivity, waveguide directional coupler utilizing reactively loaded August 27, 1991
A directional coupler for coupling r.f. energy in a waveguide system from a main channel waveguide to a subsidiary channel waveguide, the coupling being in the range between about -3 dB to -15 dB. The coupler comprises a single coupling slot at the junction between the main channel waveg
5040882 Unit magnification optical system with improved reflective reticle August 20, 1991
An optical projection system has been provided which is particularly suited for use in microlithography and includes a source of exposure energy for generating a beam of energy. A primary lens and mirror are located in the path of the beam for receiving the beam and passing only a portio
5037318 Connector for joining junction and panel boxes to metal clad jacketed cable August 6, 1991
A fitting which includes a sleeve having first and second axial extremities, the first axial extremity has internal tapered threads, the second axial extremity has threads for engaging a cooperating fitting on an associated electrical cabinet. An axial extremity of metal clad jackete
5033889 Open loop carriage control for dot-matrix printer using tables July 23, 1991
A method for operating a dot-matrix printer to allow printing in the accelerating and decelerating regions of the carriage traverse, which comprises the steps of: firing the wires for registration at the present position of the carriage and stepping the carriage by energization of a
5031977 Deep ultraviolet (UV) lens for use in a photolighography system July 16, 1991
A deep ultraviolet (UV) lens for use in a photolithography system provides enhanced resolution by using shorter wavelengths of light exposure (in the ultraviolet wavelength). The improved lens includes a meniscus and a first mirror for imaging light in the deep ultraviolet range to the m
5025265 Method and apparatus for increasing visibility of trend lines on strip chart recorders June 18, 1991
A multipoint recorder with a slow effective chart speed is operated to provide good visibility for the most recent record. A number of consecutive values for each point are scanned and stored. These values are recorded by a high speed printing mechanism during a first period of the r
5016683 Apparatus for controllably feeding a particulate material May 21, 1991
An apparatus for controllably feeding a particulate material, and particularly silicon material into a crucible, comprises a drum mounted for rotation about an axis tilted at an acute angle with reference to the horizontal. At least one cavity, a portion of which is formed in the inner
5013400 Dry etch process for forming champagne profiles, and dry etch apparatus May 7, 1991
A two-step process for forming champagne profiles on semiconductor wafers that provide, when metallized, good reliability, microcracking-free contacts and vias is disclosed. Dry etch apparatus having electrodes in a triode configuration, two plasma forming regions, and a pressure control
5013385 Quad processor May 7, 1991
The present invention includes plural plasma etching vessels and a wafer queuing station arrayed with a wafer transfer arm in a controlled environment. Wafers are movable within the controlled environment one at a time selectably between the several plasma vessels and the wafer queuing
5010310 Alternating current immunized relay and method of immunizing a relay to alternating current April 23, 1991
A relay apparatus which comprises an armature, means for pivotally mounting the armature, first and second pole pieces dimensioned, configured and disposed for cooperation with the armature, a magnetic circuit including at least one coil, a plurality of iron shunt lamina spanning the mag
5010295 Ball screw supported Z stage April 23, 1991
A ball screw supported Z stage for use in a wafer prober is disclosed. The present invention provides the capability of precisely positioning and rigidly supporting a work surface in a low profile package.
5008705 Autofocus system for microlithography April 16, 1991
The autofocus system disclosed herein utilizes grazing angle illumination of a spot on the surface of a semiconductor wafer approximately on the axis of the projection lens so that the position of the spot varies as a function of the spacing between the lens and the wafer. The spot is
5007613 Valve and actuator apparatus allowing multiposition relationship April 16, 1991
An assembly which includes a linkarm joining a valve having a rotatable mounted first shaft on which a butterfly is mounted and a actuator having a second shaft which reciprocally moves in a linear path. The linkarm includes a plate having first and second apparatus for engaging the firs
5006989 Digital vital rate decoder April 9, 1991
This invention relates to cab signalling systems that receive various permissible maximum speed signals and decode the maximum speed signal to inform the engineman of a train of the current maximum safe speed that a train may travel. The apparatus of this invention accomplishes the f
5006783 Three phase voltage regulator system using tertiary winding transformer April 9, 1991
A three phase voltage regulator system uses a transformer having primary, secondary and tertiary windings for each phase which are closely magnetically coupled to each other and are connected to provide a four wire (wye) three phase output on three hot lines with a neutral line, and
5006283 Mixing system for dispersing a compressible fluid such as gas into liquid in a vessel April 9, 1991
The gas outlet of a pipe or other sparging device is encompassed by a cover or cap which is located between the gas outlet and the mixing impeller at the bottom of a vessel. The cap is closed at the top and has a side wall so that the gas bubbles disperse around the lower rim of the wall
5005843 Chuck mechanism for detachably connecting impeller shaft and drive unit of mixing apparatus April 9, 1991
Chuck mechanisms quickly connect and enable quick disconnection of an impeller shaft of a mixer from the drive shaft of the motor unit. A spindle has a keyway which enables a key, either a detent key which is movable in the keyway or a key which is provided by pins extending from the
4994969 Automatic yard operation using a fixed block system February 19, 1991
A system for automatic operation of rapid transit vehicles in a railway yard. The vehicles have a receiver system which is responsive to information communicated thereto and a control system responsive to the receiver system for controlling the continued operation of vehicle. The inv
4988961 Device for achieving minimal reflections in antenna coupling January 29, 1991
A technique and arrangement for lowering the mismatch normally obtained, thereby increasing the bandwidth, in a standard rectangular-to-coaxial waveguide "T" junction coupling in an antenna system, such arrangement including, in a T-junction of a coaxial transmission line to a waveguide
4978178 Automatic self-resetting parking brake December 18, 1990
A parking brake having an output lever connected at a first pivot point to a brake rod, at a second pivot point to a automatic fluid responsive actuator and at a third point to one end of a chain of a standard manual releaseable parking brake unit. The other end of the chain is connected
4975634 Jitter measurement device December 4, 1990
Jitter is measured by applying a first clock signal to a device-under-test, measuring the phase difference between the jittered clock signal received from the device-under-test and a reference clock signal, and converting the phase difference to a jitter measurement. The phase difference
4973206 Method and apparatus for loading and unloading semitrailers and off railroad flat cars November 27, 1990
Method and apparatus for loading and unloading semitrailers on a train of flat cars by coupling the semitrailers to power driven stanchions respectively, providing the power driven stanchions with automatic control in the form of proximity sensors for governing movement of the semitr
4971398 Suppression control of cab signal automated brake application November 20, 1990
A suppression control device comprises a relay valve together with respective temporary and permanent diaphragm operated circuit breakers for governing suppression of a cab signal penalty brake application that can be used with either of two principal types of locomotive braking systems
4971288 Valve actuator with hydraulic damper November 20, 1990
A valve actuator for an associated valve which includes apparatus for opening and closing an associated valve and a first housing in which a first diaphragm is disposed to define first and second chambers on respective sides of the first diaphragm. The apparatus also includes a valve
4968589 Probe card for integrated circuit chip and method of making probe card November 6, 1990
Probes are formed on a support in a pattern to engage pads on an integrated circuit chip and leads on a printed circuit board. As a preliminary step, a thin layer of a conductive material may be formed on the support. The probes may then be formed by (a) providing facsimiles of the probe
4965865 Probe card for integrated circuit chip October 23, 1990
A probe card provides an interconnection between pads on an integrated circuit chip and leads on a printed circuit board to test the chip operability. The card includes a dielectric substrate having a substantially planar surface and at least one channel disposed in such surface in a
4964705 Unit magnification optical system October 23, 1990
An optical projection system has been provided which is particularly suited for use in microlithography and includes a source of exposure energy for generating a beam of energy. A primary lens and mirror are located in the path of the beam for receiving the beam and passing only a portio
4962373 Scheme for power conservation in fire alarm system October 9, 1990
An arrangement for conserving the alarm-state power supplied to numbers of light emitting devices included in respective addressable terminal units of a fire alarm system or the like. The addressable terminal units are connected to a transmission line or loop; and a loop controller cycli
4962368 Reliability and workability test apparatus for an environmental monitoring system October 9, 1990
An environmental monitoring system in which a controller is arranged to test the workability and reliability of a plurality of detector units on a cyclic basis. Each unit has an analog sensor and an analog to digital converter for converting the analog sensor voltage to a digital value i
4956779 Digital overspeed controller for use in a vital processing system September 11, 1990
The functions to be performed by a digital overspeed controller are implemented by application of two concepts, namely "diverse channels" and "even/odd systems cycles"; in accordance with the first concept, two channels are maintained throughout the overspeed controller, beginning wi
4956634 City tie line connection for fire alarm system September 11, 1990
Improvement to a fire alarm system that enables a city tie line connection to be made selectively. Terminal units at a variety of locations are coupled or connected in separate, independent loops within the system such that serial synchronous power transmission and data communication is
4954809 Continuity-isolation testing for class A wiring in fire alarm system September 4, 1990
A fire alarm system in which a large number of terminal units, comprising detectors and interface circuits, at a variety of locations are coupled or connected in separate, independent loops of the system, each of the scattered terminal units being addressable from a central control panel
4954805 Piezo electronic horn September 4, 1990
The invention provides an electronic horn for an alarm circuits of the type in which the d.c. power supply for the horn will be of a particular polarity to indicate an alarm condition. The circuit provides a piezo sounder connected across the terminals of the power supply, an inductor
4952906 Strobe alarm circuit August 28, 1990
A strobe light circuit is provided for flashing a strobe flash unit at a desired frequency. An inductor is repetitively connected and disconnected across a d.c. power line by a switch means so that energy is stored in the inductor during the period when the circuit is complete. The flash
4949031 Environmental stress screening apparatus for electronic products August 14, 1990
Apparatus for environmental stress screening of electronic components includes a chamber having a wall defining an opening therein. A product carrier pallet has a portion dimensioned and configured to inserted in the opening. The portion of the product carrier pallet has a periphery and
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