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4067624 Emergency valve cover containing a quick service valve January 10, 1978
A fluid brake control system is provided including a brake control pipe and a control valve comprising a quick action chamber and an emergency slide valve operable from a normal to a service brake position in response to service reduction in brake pipe pressure, the emergency slide valve
4066383 Surface aeration impeller January 3, 1978
An impeller which is adapted to be affixed to a rotating shaft is provided for aerating a liquid and includes a support disk having a circular outer edge. The support disk is affixed to the rotating shaft in such a manner that it is maintained in a substantially perpendicular relationshi
4066382 Surface aeration impeller January 3, 1978
An impeller which is adapted to be affixed to a rotating shaft is provided for aerating a liquid and includes a support disk having a circular outer edge. The support disk is affixed to the rotating shaft in such a manner that it is maintained in a substantially perpendicular relationshi
4066229 Device for preventing traction power harmonic interference on high frequency track circuits January 3, 1978
An overlay selective harmonic transducer device is installed on affected track circuits, that is, track circuits on which interference with normal functioning has occurred due to traction power harmonics.
4065767 Programmable electronic siren December 27, 1977
A dynamic loudspeaker is driven by chopped d.c. from the collector of a transistor. A free wheeling diode is connected in parallel with the speaker circuit to dissipate the inductive energy in the speaker voice coil when the transistor is turned off. The transistor is controlled by a
4065081 Alternating current track circuits December 27, 1977
Alternating current track circuits are provided for the several adjoining track sections of a stretch of railway track, each of the track circuits comprising an alternating current code transmitter and an alternating current code receiver connected to track rails at opposite ends of the
4061344 Fitting for penetration through fire rated barriers December 6, 1977
Penetrations or passageways through fire rated or fire resistant walls, floors, partitions, and ceilings are frequently necessary to provide for present or future pipes, cables or conduits. A fitting placed in the penetration provides a seal to prevent the passing of fire, products of
4060152 Rail car brake apparatus November 29, 1977
Rail car brake rigging of the type for use in a two-axle, four-wheel rail car truck is disclosed which embodies a double-acting brake cylinder and slack adjustor disposed transversely between the side frames of the car truck and connected to parallel brake beams disposed on opposite side
4058713 Equalization by adaptive processing operating in the frequency domain November 15, 1977
Equalization apparatus for a communication system transmitting through a time or frequency spread medium. The message to be transmitted is partitioned and transmitted in burst or frame by frame form. Each frame comprises the message (unknown at the receiver) followed by a test signal
4058288 Scotch yoke November 15, 1977
An improved scotch yoke has a means for absorbing sideward thrust. It includes a rod extending in a first direction through a hole in the yoke housing. A yoke arm in the housing is pivotable about an axis and extends in a second direction that intersects the first direction. Projection
4058279 Flat wheel detector November 15, 1977
Apparatus for detecting the presence of flat wheels on railroad cars, comprising a high frequency transmitter or source connected so that the rail feed points are staggered or offset with respect to the detector apparatus. As a result, the transmitter cannot be completely shorted by a
4056749 Modular motor November 1, 1977
A small motor assembly is shown which requires little, if any, hand work for assembly. A terminal assembly is associated with the magnetic frame and held in place by the field coils. The terminations of the field coils are connected to selected terminals of the terminal assembly. An end
4056011 Scotch yoke November 1, 1977
An improved scotch yoke has a means for absorbing sideward thrust. It includes a rod extending in a first direction through a hole in the yoke housing. A yoke arm in the housing is pivotable about an axis and extends in a second direction that intersects the first direction. Projection
4053879 Fail safe digital code rate generator October 11, 1977
A digital code rate generator comprises a digital number generator driven by a clock running at an appropriate frequency. Preferably the digital number generator is arranged to simultaneously generate digital representations for a plurality of different numbers. These different digit
4053785 Optical smoke detector with smoke effect simulating means October 11, 1977
Smoke detection apparatus including a pair of photoelectric cells which receive illumination in a predetermined ratio from a very low level light source. An improved simulating device is included for the purpose of testing the correct functioning of the alarm system connected to a sensin
4053128 Jointless high frequency track circuit systems for railroads October 11, 1977
A stretch of railway track, has a high frequency track circuit transmitter and receiver and a cab signal transmitter coupled across track rails at each of several locations marking the ends of track sections along a stretch of railway track. Each location has an impedance bond having a
4052110 Fluid pressure brake system with electronically assisted application and release October 4, 1977
A fluid pressure brake system includes electrically actuated application and release valves. Upon brake application, brake control pipe pressure is vented electrically to accelerate application. Upon brake release, supply reservoir pressure is admitted electrically to the brake control p
4046352 Hydraulic apparatus for raising and lowering an impeller shaft September 6, 1977
A hydraulic apparatus is provided for raising and lowering the shaft of an impeller apparatus and includes a hydraulic cylinder having a piston mounted therein. A piston rod is connected to the piston and extends from one end of the cylinder. A support means for the cylinder is provided
4038573 Coil terminating means July 26, 1977
A terminal board is provided for terminating the coil ends of a winding on an electric motor or other wound coil. The terminal board comprises a unitary structure which overlays the coil supporting structure. In a preferred embodiment, the terminal board will comprise supporting stru
4038522 Integrated card reader system July 26, 1977
The card reader circuit integrated with the reader head structure includes at least one card compatibility network adapted to determine, at the reader head itself, whether or not the card is compatible with the reader head based upon compatibility indicia carried by the card. The circuit
4034612 Multiple purpose instrument housing July 12, 1977
A pressure gauge assembly is provided having a pressure responsive mechanism, a case enclosing the mechanism, and a transparent face plate for the front of the case. The case has a back plate and a generally cylindrical wall attached thereto. A plurality of relatively short segmented
4033167 Process for forming intermediate metal conduit July 5, 1977
A forming technique is disclosed for intermediate metal conduit so as to make it compatible with electrical fittings that are usually employed with conventional rigid conduit.
4029274 Train control signalling system June 14, 1977
In a train control signalling system, a wayside signal of an unknown code rate is detected and decoded on board the train to determine the code rate and derive the coded train control intelligence. The code rate is determined by counting the number of cycles of a known higher frequency
4028807 Can opener latch for releasing cutting assembly June 14, 1977
To facilitate the cleaning of a can opener cutter, the pivoted handle on which it is mounted is arranged for easy removal. The shaft on which the handle is pivoted has an undercut section. A keeper edge mates with the undercut section of the shaft to restrain axial motion of the shaft
4021079 Blending valve for electro-pneumatic brakes May 3, 1977
An electro-pneumatic brake valve includes counteracting torque motors which rotate a cam in response to friction brake pressure, dynamic braking effort and/or an electrical control signal. The cam actuates switching elements to apply or release the friction brakes via a pair of solenoid
4018140 Hydraulic disc brake actuator April 19, 1977
A hydraulic disc brake actuator is disclosed. The actuator uses a first hydraulic motor for actuating a service brake, and a spring-applied, hydraulically released motor for emergency or handbrake applications. If the braking system malfunctions or is disengaged from its source of hy
4016376 Concave diaphragm for electro-acoustic transducer April 5, 1977
An electro-acoustic transducer, adapted to constitute part of an alarm unit, includes a magnetic diaphragm adjacent the core of the transducer. The case for the transducer is so configured that it forces the diaphragm into a concave shape, whereby the diaphragm operates extremely efficie
4012727 Alarm control system March 15, 1977
A flexible, expandable alarm control system in which varying combinations of functional circuit blocks or modules can be selected and connected in positions on a control panel by the customer or user of the system. Thus, the system can be modified to satisfy changing functional requireme
4012080 Pneumatic to hydraulic converter with integral dump chamber March 15, 1977
A pneumatic to hydraulic booster having an integral skid control means is disclosed. The skid control means includes a dump chamber and a dump valve, with the dump chamber being integrally formed within the housing of the pneumatic to hydraulic booster. A choke is also mounted between th
4008942 Printed circuit board holding spring February 22, 1977
An economical guide, holding and support means for a printed circuit board is disclosed. The holding or support means may be fabricated of spring steel and may be supported at one end by the same fastening means that fastens the printed circuit board connector to its mounting surface. Th
4007897 Control system for monitoring vehicle passage at predetermined locations February 15, 1977
A vehicle control system monitors vehicle passage at predetermined locations. Each time a vehicle passes a predetermined location a window is created for passage of that vehicle at the next predetermined location. So long as the vehicle actually passes the next location during the window
4005413 Buzzer construction and method of adjusting the same January 25, 1977
A buzzer structure, of the type comprising a housing having a coil unit therein and an armature mounted for vibratory movement adjacent the coil unit, includes in one embodiment an integral portion of the housing which is bent inwardly into engagement with the coil unit to fix the spacin
4003202 Variable feedback steering system January 18, 1977
A hydraulic control circuit for the steering system of an articulated vehicle is provided having a first pump means for delivering fluid under pressure and directional control valve means in fluid communication with the first pump means for controlling the direction of flow of the pr
4002968 Ground fault detector for a two-wire power supply January 11, 1977
Techniques are disclosed for detecting and responding to a ground fault on either side of a two wire filtered, or unfiltered, power supply. A first voltage divider is bridged across the lines of the power supply and an intermediate point is grounded. A second voltage divider is bridged a
4000918 Ferrule for liquid tight flexible metal conduit January 4, 1977
A ferrule is used together with other components to couple a liquid tight fitting to flexible metal conduit. To assure secure coupling, the ferrule must be fully engaged with the flexible metal conduit. Full engagement of the ferrule is not always obtained because of carelessness, burrs,
3996453 Totalizer December 7, 1976
A totalizer is provided which is adapted to accept a variety of process signals at the input thereof, which process signals will be in analog form. The signals are then first converted into digital form by first converting all of the types of input signals to a voltage signal that is
3995173 Solid state fail-safe logic system November 30, 1976
A solid state fail-safe logic system is disclosed including AND and OR gates which are designed as an evolutionary replacement for signal control functions previously performed by vital front and back contacts of vital relays and power check logic. The AND gate is basic and accepts an a.
3991958 Magnetically actuated registration circuitry for a vehicle control system November 16, 1976
The control system operates vehicles over a right-of-way divided into a plurality of zones and selects the direction of traffic along the right-of-way. The presence of a vehicle is sensed when it enters the zone from either direction and the occupancy of the zone is registered. The o
3989908 Speaker supervision in a public address system November 2, 1976
Apparatus and technique for supervising a public address system such that any faults on the lines connected to speakers in the system or any faults within the speaker structures can be detected and suitable corrective action can be taken. To accomplish this purpose, only three wires or l
3988546 System for audibly recognizing an aurally unclassifiable signal October 26, 1976
According to the present invention, a system for audibly recognizing a received signal which is aurally unclassifiable because it is too short or too long in its duration and/or its frequency band is too wide or too narrow, such as occurs in sensor systems, for example, infiltration
3987512 Tilting floor cleaner October 26, 1976
A rug scrubbing machine for cleaning variable depth sculptured rugs and the like which features an arrangement permitting selective tilting of the frame carrying the scrubbing brushes. Variation in the tilting angle is achieved by pivotally mounting the front wheel, with means for select
3986522 Hydraulic control valve October 19, 1976
A hydraulic control valve comprises a housing having inlet and exhaust ports, first and second motor ports, and passageways interconnecting the ports. A shiftable valve element has an internal flow passage and four operative positions for controlling flow through said passageways. In the
3983592 Rug shampooer October 5, 1976
A rug shampooing machine, including means for producing dry foam from a liquid detergent source and for working such foam into a rug or carpet by means of a brush rotating on a horizontal axis; further comprising a vacuum nozzle, roller and squeegee means for picking up the dirty solutio
3980997 Smoke detector September 14, 1976
Smoke detection apparatus including a pair of photoelectric cells which receive illumination selectively from a very low level light source. One of the cells is termed the "direct" cell because it is in the direct path or on the axis of a narrow conical beam of light emanating from the
3978392 Energy transfer circuit August 31, 1976
An electrical load is energized from an energy source that may not have the capacity to carry the load directly. More specifically, a capacitor is charged at a low charge current for a relatively long period of time and when the load is to be energized, the capacitor is discharged throug
3976272 Control system for railroads August 24, 1976
A traffic control system for governing from a central office train control equipment such as track switches and track signals which are disposed along a stretch of railroad track. The control system is flexible in that it can operate with either the CTC (unit lever) type of control where
3975908 System for providing auxiliary power August 24, 1976
A system for providing auxiliary power comprises a primary circuit including a primary pump, an output line for providing primary power, and a return line. An auxiliary circuit includes an auxiliary pump, an output line for providing the auxiliary power and a return line. The auxiliary
3974933 Explosion proof and watertight enclosure with inspectable means for verifying validity of reclos August 17, 1976
When electrical equipment is used in a hazardous atmosphere, it must be enclosed in an explosion proof enclosure so an electrical spark cannot cause a fire or explosion. The present invention provides a means for assuring that an explosion proof enclosure which has been opened for in
3970826 Electro-mechanical card reader head July 20, 1976
A card reader head that includes a plurality of spring biased sensing fingers adapted to sense the code on an embossed card. The code sensing fingers are slidable in a path parallel to the entry path of the embossed card between a rest or home position defined by limit stops and an activ
3970271 Dual frequency track circuit July 20, 1976
There is disclosed a double rail track circuit for use within a railroad block or each cut section of a block. Adjacent cut sections, or blocks, are separated by insulated rail joints. A transmission line having terminals accessible at each joint is provided. The transmission line has
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