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Stamford, CT
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4162035 High resolution optical position code detector for information recorded on record carrier partia July 24, 1979
An optical position code detector which senses information that is recorded on a record carrier. The record carrier preferably has scan marks for synchronizing operation of the detector and at least one track with positionally encoded data marks which include one or more imprinted al
4160630 Gear pumps with low pressure shaft lubrication July 10, 1979
An improved gear pump includes seal plates having lubrication channels communicating between the low pressure side of the zone where the gear teeth intermesh and the shaft bearings. Lubricant flow is directed first through one bearing on one side of the pump and then back through the
4158840 3-D Radar comprising 2-D radar with height finding attachment June 19, 1979
A radar with 3-D capability comprises a conventional 2-D radar with a height finding attachment. More particularly, a height finding antenna is mounted on the back surface of the conventional 2-D antenna reflector and points in a direction offset in azimuth from the direction
4157580 Fail-safe time delay circuit June 5, 1979
A fail-safe time delay circuit is provided to produce an output a predetermined time, and no less than a predetermined time after an input stimulus. The circuit includes a driving circuit for a pair of relays which are operated at slightly greater than 50% duty cycle and out of phase
4153898 Audible alarm with laminated magnetic core May 8, 1979
An electrically actuated audible alarm having a magnetic structure comprising an assembly of laminations is provided to reduce eddy current losses. With the reduction of eddy current losses, faster magnetic flux buildup is possible and an increased velocity of striker and/or armature
4152756 Railroad crossing signal lamp May 1, 1979
An improved railroad crossing signal includes a deep dish parabolic reflector and an essentially flat plastic lens angled forward at the top relative to the axis of the reflector. The lens includes prism elements for laterally dispersing parallel light from the reflector more toward the
4150250 Strain relief fitting April 17, 1979
In many assemblies it is desirable to provide a strain relief device to grip an electric cord to prevent longitudinal motion of the cord, with respect to the strain relief device. The disclosed strain relief member surrounds the electric cord and is enclosed within a body member which,
4148215 Apparatus for making rheological measurements April 10, 1979
Consistency transmitters are described in which a torsional transducer is used as a flexural mount for a consistency sensor. A torsional force balance loop, in which signals from the transducer operates a torque motor to balance the torsional forces on the transducer corresponding to
4146944 Carpet cleaning machine April 3, 1979
A carpet cleaning machine having a scrub brush, independent means for selectively delivering cleaning and rinse solutions, and vacuum means for removing the solutions and entrained dirt. A cleaning head is moved about the carpet on a pair of wheels by an attached operating handle which
4146335 Containerized solids mixing machine March 27, 1979
A machine for mixing solids in portable containers, such as shipping containers, is provided with a drive station which has a mechanism for holding the containers at one end thereof and contains motors and associated drive elements for revolving the container continuously about a gen
4138141 Force absorbing device and force transmission device February 6, 1979
A force absorbing device and a force transmission device are provided including at least one member having a tubular configuration. A second member extends into one end of the tubular member and engages it in an interference fit to form a permanent joint. The tubular member and the s
4136337 Buzzer assembly January 23, 1979
An improved buzzer structure is designed for automated assembly and comprises a housing, a coil wound on a bobbin, a magnetic frame, and an armature mounted for reciprocating movement between a coil core and a diaphragm. The magnetic frame includes parallel side members which mate wi
4132504 Liquid ring pump January 2, 1979
An improved liquid ring pump includes an impeller having a larger axial length to diameter ratio than found in the prior art, with suction ports at both ends of the impeller. The number of impeller blades is chosen to be a prime number, preferably thirteen, to reduce pump noise and v
4132188 Device for securing elements to a tapered shaft January 2, 1979
A gauge movement includes a tapered plastic output shaft having a member disposed symetrically thereabout. The member has first and second ends and a conical inner surface disposed about and adapted to receive the tapered plastic output shaft. The conical inner surface extends substantia
4129354 Bus bar clamp December 12, 1978
A cast bus bar clamp with perimetric ribs and a connecting web is provided. The design eliminates abrupt changes in cross-sectional area. This, in turn, provides a less abrupt temperature gradient on cooling which, in turn, minimizes nonuniform solidification which, if present, frequentl
4129276 Technique for the detection of flat wheels on railroad cars by acoustical measuring means December 12, 1978
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of flat wheels on railroad cars, comprising an electro-acoustic transducer located on the track wayside so as to pick up the vibrations generated by a passing train. If a flat wheel is present it will generate a periodic clanging sound at a
4127845 Communications system November 28, 1978
A telemetry and control system is disclosed which allows a control office to communicate with a plurality of remote field stations over a preferably duplex communication channel. Transmissions, both controls and indications are formatted as messages comprising a number of words. The firs
4127308 Fluid brake control system November 28, 1978
A fluid brake control system is disclosed for governing application and release of brakes of an interchange vehicle having a brake control pipe, an auxiliary fluid reservoir, a fluid brake cylinder, and a brake control device sensing changes in fluid pressure in the brake pipe for at tim
4123178 In-line blender October 31, 1978
An in-line blender is provided for mixing a single fluid or blending it with at least one other substance. The blender includes a conduit having a hollow interior disposed about a central axis and a shaft extending longitudinally through the conduit along the central axis. The blender
4122523 Route conflict analysis system for control of railroads October 24, 1978
A centralized traffic control system for complex railroad areas analyzes the intended path of travel of various trains to determine the existence of any conflicts. When one or more conflicts are detected, the system analyzes various options to resolve the conflict with a minimum disrupti
4120471 Highway crossing system with improved ring sustain feature October 17, 1978
A highway crossing warning system includes a motion detector transmitter and receiver respectively coupled to the track rails adjacent the highway crossing for detecting motion of an approaching train. Wrap-around approach sections initiate operation of the highway crossing warning, but
4118750 Vital relay operating circuit October 3, 1978
There is disclosed a circuit for energizing a vital relay in response to an input signal that is modulated between two frequencies. A discriminator circuit responds to the modulated frequencies and alternately produces an output patented of one polarity and then a reverse polarity in res
4118694 Base loop code transmitter October 3, 1978
A solid state code transmitter adapted for use with a conventional local fire alarm system in connection with installations that include a McCulloh loop circuit for the transmission of signals to a central proprietary fire alarm surveillance point. The transmitter circuit generates an el
4109318 Fluid injection and sampling device for an in-line blender August 22, 1978
An in-line blender is provided for mixing a single fluid or blending it with at least one other substance. The blender includes a conduit having a hollow interior disposed about a central axis and a shaft extending longitudinally through the conduit along the central axis. The blender
4109246 Alarm system with repeat of alarm interrupted for priority alarm August 22, 1978
A selected predetermined coded alarm is provided indicative of the one of a plurality of leads on which a signal indicative of an alarm condition may appear. If a station coded alarm should be initiated during the transmission of a coded alarm, the coded alarm is immediately terminated
4107791 Locking system for blender jar or the like August 15, 1978
A locking system featuring a movable pin which is selectively operative to lock a blender jar into its holder when the entire jar assembly is positioned on a console or the like for performing a blending operation; otherwise the pin stays in an appropriate position such that the blender
4105257 Electro-pneumatic apparatus for graduated brake release August 8, 1978
An electro-pneumatic circuit is provided for cycling a holding magnet valve located in the brake cylinder exhaust pipe of a rail car brake system. As brake pipe pressure rises to signal full or partial release of the brakes, the holding valve is alternately opened and closed to provide a
4099180 Geographic gain time control July 4, 1978
Apparatus is provided for modifying a conventional target locating system in which targets respond to an interrogation signal by transmitting a reply, and the target location is deduced from the azimuth from which a reply is received and the delay between the interrogation signal and the
4097764 Fail-safe solid state logic June 27, 1978
A fail-safe solid state logic system based on the use of an AC input signal of one type, and a DC input which causes a logical gate to convert the AC input signal to a totally different AC output signal; that is, to one adapted to be received by a vital driver or the like, which is tuned
4097722 Hair blower with orifice control June 27, 1978
A selectively adjustable air deflecting damper is provided in the air exhaust barrel of an electrically heated hand-held hair drier for adjusting the area of the air discharge orifice and concomitantly the air velocity of the heated air discharge. The damper is pivoted in the barrel
4094553 Brake control system having an electro-pneumatic pilot valve June 13, 1978
An electro-pneumatic pilot valve device is operably connected to a relay valve device for governing fluid pressure control of friction brakes of a vehicle in accordance with at least one variable analog signal input to the pilot valve device. The electro-pneumatic pilot valve device has
4093867 Apparatus for automatically calibrating and testing smoke detectors June 6, 1978
Apparatus for automatically calibrating smoke detectors within desired ranges of values of smoke obscuration, and thereafter retesting them for valid calibration; in accomplishing this the smoke obscuration is continuously increased at a predetermined uniform rate.
4093161 Control system with improved communication for centralized control of vehicles June 6, 1978
A control system for a plurality of vehicles provides for efficient communication while minimizing necessary bandwidth and communication delays. Periodic reports are received from the vehicles by a controlling authority. All vehicles in motion continually receive a permissive GO sign
4092010 Variable fluid passage May 30, 1978
A device is provided having means for defining a fluid passage which include an inlet section, a throat section, and an outlet section. The fluid passage decreases in size in the inlet section and increases in size in the outlet section. A plurality of flexible members extend axially
4091292 Fail-safe monitor of d.c. voltage May 23, 1978
In some circumstances it is important to maintain a d.c. potential within a specific range of a critical value. The circuit shown will provide a fail-safe signal if the potential deviates from the allowed range. Two zener diodes and two optically coupled isolators are used. If the d.c.
4090412 Handbrake linkage for transmitting mechanical braking force between adjacent rail vehicles May 23, 1978
A linkage is disclosed which is especially adapted for use in articulated rail vehicles to ensure proper transmission of handbrake actuating force from car section to car section regardless of relative movement therebetween. Parallel bar linkages extending between car sections adjust
4090173 Vital digital communication system May 16, 1978
An all-digital communication system is arranged to exhibit fail-safe qualities. Each message includes a pair of words, each word separated from every other word by framing information in the form of two bits, either 1/0 or 0/1. Each word in the message is arranged to exhibit a constant
4090029 Liquid tight connector with improved ground conductivity May 16, 1978
A liquid tight connector for joining a liquid tight flexible conduit to a junction box or panel and having improved ground continuity is provided. The connector includes a body member having a cast-on lug to which an external ground may be secured. To provide a liquid tight seal between
4088327 Sealing ring with tabs for holding for assembly May 9, 1978
One or more radially projecting tabs are provided on a discontinuous ring for retaining the ring in proper association with a body member in spite of movement or vibration of the assembly. The tab, or tabs, mate with a grooved section of the body member. The groove may comprise a thread.
4085463 Mixing apparatus April 18, 1978
A mixing apparatus and system therefor is disclosed in which two fluid materials are mixed or blended in which the components may vary in viscosity from 1 to 100,000 centipoise. Basically a material which is desired to be emulsified or blended is fed from a source under pressure to a
4084858 Uncoupling valve with override feature April 18, 1978
An uncoupling valve for use in rail car brake systems having a pressurized supervisory pipe includes opposed piston motors which hold the valve open long enough to depressurize the supervisory pipe and cause an emergency brake application, when two cars are uncoupled accidentally. On the
4080654 Vehicle performance monitor March 21, 1978
A vehicle performance monitor includes a simulator which responds to the same control signals as does the vehicle control system and, produces at its output, a signal against which actual vehicle performance can be measured. This signal and another signal, generated by the vehicle contro
4080005 Empty-load fluid pressure brake system including proportioning valve March 21, 1978
Empty-load fluid pressure brake equipment for a railroad car. An automatic changeover valve is operated by the pressure developed in the controlled outlet connection of a triple valve. In the empty position of the changeover valve, a volume reservoir is placed in communication with the
4076322 Electro-pneumatic brake system with valve actuating checking circuit February 28, 1978
A fluid pressure brake system includes electrically actuated application and release valves. Upon brake application, brake control pipe pressure is vented electrically to accelerate application. Upon brake release, supply reservoir pressure is admitted electrically to the brake control p
4075898 Scotch yoke February 28, 1978
An improved scotch yoke has a means for absorbing sideward thrust. It includes a rod extending in a first direction through a hole in the yoke housing. A yoke arm in the housing is pivotable about an axis and extends in a second direction that intersects the first direction. Projection
4075766 Apparatus for the treatment of divided solid material February 28, 1978
An apparatus for the treatment of divided solid material is provided having a chamber disposed about a generally vertical axis. Means are provided for introducing the divided solid material into the top portion of the chamber and further means are provided for introducing a pressurized g
4075502 Monitoring device February 21, 1978
A monitoring device which is directed to achieving a more reliable power supply for an electronic or electromechanical system; such monitoring device including a means for selecting, in response to detection of subtle failures in either of two power supplies, so as to connect one and onl
4074879 Track signalling system February 21, 1978
A track circuit signalling system for an electrified rapid transit system using significantly fewer components is provided. Instead of a transmitter and receiver at each track circuit boundary, alternate boundaries have transmitters only; and the intermediate boundaries have two receiver
4074700 Quick-acting valve assembly February 21, 1978
A valve assembly comprises a valve carrier slidably received in a central bore of a valve body, a valve washer assembly mounted for movement with the carrier, the washer assembly including at least one spherically shaped contact surface for contacting an annular seat located between inle
4070086 Variable length electrical connector January 24, 1978
An electrical connector means comprising a plurality of individual units which may be coupled end-for-end to provide a multiple-conductor connecting means of any desired length. Each of the individual units comprises an outer housing of an electrically non-conductive material and def
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