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Stamford, CT
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4481697 Combined strain relief and cord grip November 13, 1984
An improved cord grip and strain relief fitting to restrain and seal flexible cord to an enclosure or junction box. The structure includes a body member, a grommet, a strain relief member and a nut. Tightening the nut onto the body member results in radial forces between the grommet and
4479349 Hydraulic control system October 30, 1984
A hydraulic control system for regulating the distribution of fluid from a variable displacement pump to a plurality of fluid actuated devices is disclosed. The control system includes at least first and second control valves, each of which valves regulates the flow of fluid to a fluid
4478527 Temperature compensation for zero and span changes in a measurement circuit October 23, 1984
There is provided a differential amplifier having a plurality of inputs connected through input resistors to a summing junction at the inverting input of a differential amplifier which also has a negative feedback path having a feedback resistor. One of the input resistors is connected t
4474281 Apparatus and method for coin diameter computation October 2, 1984
A system for recognizing coin diameters and for computing the cumulative value of coins, including an arrangement for determining the velocity of the coins under free fall conditions by measuring (1) the time taken by a given coin to traverse a fixed distance, namely, a gap between the l
4472789 Vital timer September 18, 1984
A vital timer for energizing a vital relay at the end of a preselected time interval generated by a vitally programmed microprocessor. Diverse time data words of the preselected time interval are generated, loaded into diverse registers within the microprocessor, and are incremented by m
4471905 Fare collection apparatus having improved security September 18, 1984
A farebox for receiving currency includes a housing having a deposit section, a cashbox for holding the currency, and a recess in the housing for removably receiving the cashbox. A blocking mechanism defined by the cashbox closes an entrance to the cashbox to prevent access to the cu
4471486 Vital communication system for transmitting multiple messages September 11, 1984
A vital communication system includes a conventional, that is non-vital, communication link, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is responsive to input data, and provides for encoding and transmission as well as checking of its own input arrangement. The encoding and transm
4468009 Refractory protection tube for immersion molten metal devices August 28, 1984
A refractory protection tube for immersion molten metal parameter determining devices having a thin perforated metal tube with a coating of refractory fibers and a binder to provide thermal insulation, freedom from out-gassing and mechanical strength.
4467136 Drainable enclosure for explosion-proof electrical systems August 21, 1984
A hazardous location sealing fitting is provided with a multipart assembly so that the fill and drain opening may be maintained in a vertical orientation irrespective of the conduit orientation. The main body member comprises a "T" with a service port through which a fiber dam is placed
4465550 Method and apparatus for slicing semiconductor ingots August 14, 1984
A method and apparatus for slicing solid materials, such as silicon, germanium, glass, ceramics, gallium arsenide, etc. by reactive chemicals which are carried to the workpiece by a travelling flexible member such as a wire or cable. More particularly, the invention relates to a method a
4460332 Temperature controlled oven with internal filter July 17, 1984
A temperature controlled oven for heat treating materials such as solid state electronic devices in which a housing forms an enclosure and has an opening for receiving a first sub assembly which forms a second enclosure with an aperture confronting the opening in the housing, and a secon
4459467 Temperature controlled oven with multiple preset temperatures July 10, 1984
A controlled temperature oven provided with a pyrometer having a temperature sensitive resistance, an electrical heating element, a nonlinear heat sensing element within the oven chamber, and a variable power supply electrically connected to the heating element, the variable power su
4459180 Method and means for compensating for IR voltage drop in electrochemical cells July 10, 1984
Apparatus for compensating for the IR drop in a polarographic type electrochemical cell which utilizes an injected current for in situ calibration includes means operable for a brief period of the current injection to change the cell bias so as to maintain the total cell current for
4459030 Draft tube apparatus July 10, 1984
Improved draft tube mixing apparatus having one or more of the following features: (a) controlled circulation at the inlet of the tube which allows operation at reduced submergence by preventing formation of a vortex; (b) an additional passage for controlled flow into the draft tube alon
4458879 Valve July 10, 1984
Disclosed is a valve in which the valve internals, the valve seat, guides and slide valve are maintained in position solely by a clamping action of a quick make-up cylinder having an inlet flow passage into the valve. The valve is particularly suited for small valves as no screws or othe
4457808 Method and means for recalibrating electrochemical cells in situ July 3, 1984
A method for in situ recalibration of a polarographic type electrochemical measuring system having a fourth electrode which includes adjusting the sensitivity of the system so that the measured value of a standard sample is correct and then measuring the transient response of the cell un
4457577 Cable tray ground clamp July 3, 1984
A cable tray grounding clamp which comprises two conjoined clamps, for electrically connecting a cable tray, or the like, and a grounding conductor. The body of the conjoined clamps is a high yield strength material for providing strength and rigidity to permit application of appropr
4455512 System for linear motor control June 19, 1984
Movable (a head) and stationary (a stator) members are disposed in contiguous relationship. First magnetizable and non-magnetizable zones are alternately disposed on the stator in a particular direction. Second magnetizable and non-magnetizable zones are alternately disposed on the h
4454601 Method and apparatus for communication of information and error checking June 12, 1984
Information originating at a plurality of terminal units is transmitted to a common information sink via a concentrator coupled between a plurality of terminal units and the common information sink. In one embodiment, used in a time reporting system, the information originates at a token
4454078 Mixing systems having agitators for mixing gas with liquid June 12, 1984
A motor rotated agitator is adapted to be inserted within a container of liquid wherein the agitator has a plurality of curved blades secure at their top edges to a disc adapted to be rotated by a motor. The lower edges of the blades have a circular plate secure thereto, having a central
4453777 Relay valve assembly June 12, 1984
A fluid system for the rail brake cylinder of a highway/rail vehicle including a control valve responsive to brake pipe pressure drops to provide a control signal to a variable load relay valve assembly which provides brake cylinder pressures. The relay valve assembly maintains the r
4453746 Universal ferrule or band clamp hose fitting June 12, 1984
A hose fitting having a stem which includes a recess between a hose stop flange and a bulbous distal end and radial ridges in the recess. The maximum diameters of the ridges are smaller than the maximum diameter of the hose stop flange and the distal end so that a band clamp can be used
4451018 Non contact isolated current detector May 29, 1984
A receiver for sensing track currents includes a toroid coupled to the track rails via a single conductor. The toroid has an air gap in which a linear Hall sensor is inserted. The voltage of the Hall sensor is applied to signal processing circuitry including a low pass filter, amplifier
4445383 Multiple range capacitive pressure transducer May 1, 1984
There is provided a multirange, variable capacitance pressure transducer by bonding a diaphragm plate that is conductive between a pair of insulating plates with the diaphragm plate having a plurality of cavities provided on each side so that diaphragm deflection areas of different sizes
4445258 Method of sealing interfaces of bearing surfaces to steel barrels of piston pumps May 1, 1984
The method of contemporaneously sealing interfaces of bearing surfaces for valve faces and cylinder linings in a steel rotary cylindrical barrel having a plurality of longitudinal bores extending through the barrel longitudinally from one end to the other, each of the bores having a
4445045 Unit controller for multiple-unit dispatch control April 24, 1984
A control system is provided for controlling the distribution of load among a plurality of generators when some of those generators respond quickly to control and some do not. The area control error signal is divided into portions to provide a unit error signal assigned to each generator
4444492 Apparatus for projecting a series of images onto dies of a semiconductor wafer April 24, 1984
The apparatus forms one-to-one reticle images on a wafer. The apparatus includes means for holding a reticle containing an image pattern corresponding to the size of the desired wafer pattern. An illumination system substantially uniformly illuminates the reticle pattern. A one-to-on
4443910 Above-the-floor adaptor for upright vacuum cleaner April 24, 1984
A vacuum cleaner for selective conversion between on-the-floor and above-the-floor cleaning. The basic upright vacuum cleaner includes a joint with a through passageway connecting the handle to the floor nozzle and through which the suction air passes. The joint includes a wall with a
4443098 Pellicle mounting fixture April 17, 1984
The pellicle mounting fixture for affixing a pellicle to a mask, including a first support and a second support member and with the first member for receiving a pellicle and with the second member for supporting a mask, a guide structure connected to the first member and the second membe
4439683 Ionization smoke detector March 27, 1984
An ionization smoke detector having a sensing chamber and including: a screen or mesh electrode enclosing and forming the outer limits of said sensing chamber, while fully exposing said sensing chamber to the ambient atmosphere; a baffle means covering said electrode and in close proximi
4437088 Electrical simulation of percussive bell March 13, 1984
An electronic circuit for simulating the sound of a percussive bell struck at a predetermined repetition rate. A realistic electronically generated sound is produced by appropriately modulating two or more audio frequencies with a decaying exponential control signal and thereafter mi
4434708 Control valve for double-acting piston and valve assemblies March 6, 1984
An improved control valve for double-acting piston and cylinder asemblies is disclosed in which pressure for actuating a regeneration valve to direct hydraulic fluid from the contracting side of the piston to the expanding side, is controlled by a cylindrical check valve apparatus (8
4427023 Dry product valve January 24, 1984
Method and means for solidifying nuclear waste for permanent disposal are disclosed. A storage container, in the preferred form of a drum or barrel, is charged with a predetermined amount of liquid polymer resin in an uncatalyzed state. Catalyst-containing frangible ampoules are also
4425037 Apparatus for projecting a series of images onto dies of a semiconductor wafer January 10, 1984
The apparatus forms one-to-one reticle images on a wafer. The apparatus includes means for holding a reticle containing an image pattern corresponding to the size of the desired wafer pattern. An illumination system substantially uniformly illuminates the reticle pattern. A one-to-on
4424713 Silicon diaphragm capacitive pressure transducer January 10, 1984
A capacitive pressure transducer utilizing a plate of electrically conductive semi-conductor material sandwiched between a pair of plates of inorganic electrically insulating material and electrostatically bonded thereto. A pair of concentric circular recesses are etched in the plates
4421976 System for monitoring heater elements of electric furnaces December 20, 1983
A system for monitoring heater elements of electric furnaces so as to identify individual failures, such system comprising an arrangement for detecting the electrical open state of any one of the heater elements, including a current transformer for monitoring current flow; and the ca
4421360 Relay valve assembly December 20, 1983
A fluid system for the rail brake cylinder of a highway/rail vehicle including a control valve responsive to brake pipe pressure drops to provide a control signal to a variable load relay valve assembly which provides brake cylinder pressures. The relay valve assembly maintains the r
4420066 Cam lock slack adjuster December 13, 1983
A brake cylinder comprises a brake actuator device having a fluid operable piston and a coaxial adjoining hand brake operable device for axial actuation of a coaxial tubular push rod, there being a slack adjuster for selectively adjusting the retraction of the push rod. An actuating rod
4419814 Method of making a bobbin construction for autotransformer ballast December 13, 1983
A method of fabricating an autotransformer ballast and the unique ballast resulting therefrom are disclosed; the method comprising forming a single bobbin for accommodating a main primary winding and a main secondary winding, each having a large number of turns, and additional, filament
4419015 Agitator having detachable wear sleeve December 6, 1983
An agitator has a shaft carrying a wear sleeve detachable secured thereon and extending through a fixed flange. A detachable stuffing box is secured to a first side of the flange, and an axially operable element of a valve is secured to the shaft on the opposite side of the flange. The s
4415408 Apparatus, and method for controlling consistency November 15, 1983
Consistency of slurries such as paper pulp stock is controlled by ultrasonically measuring the flow of the slurry (the velocity of the particles therein) as the slurry is agitated by an impeller which induces circulation thereof within a region in a tank containing the slurry. Diluta
4410935 Current overload protection for inverter of uninterruptible power supply system October 18, 1983
Current overload protection is provided for an inverter of an uninterruptible power supply system; a shutdown circuit responds when a current overload is present, and a plurality of at least three comparators having different input threshold and different time delays at their respect
4408453 Hydraulic control system October 11, 1983
An hydraulic control system is disclosed which comprises a fluid reservoir (14), a variable displacement pump (12) having a fluid input connected to the reservoir and a fluid output, and a fluid pressure actuated displacement of the pump. A control valve (18) is connected to the fluid
4406571 Ampoule crusher mechanism September 27, 1983
Apparatus for solidifying nuclear waste for permanent disposal are disclosed. A storage container, in the preferred form of a drum or barrel, is charged with a predetermined amount of liquid polymer resin in an uncatalyzed state. Catalyst-containing frangible ampoules are also positi
4406444 Brake hanger for railway brakes September 27, 1983
A brake hanger comprises upper and lower U-shaped lugs of substantially rigid material spaced from each other by a pair of laterally spaced leaf springs which are rigidly secured to the lugs respectively at their opposite ends. The upper lug is adapted to be journaled on a fixed pivot
4404534 Electromagnetic assembly September 13, 1983
An electromagnetic assembly includes a core having an inner cylindrical portion and an outer cylindrical portion spaced from the inner cylindrical portion to provide space or a cavity for a bobbin. The bobbin is adapted to fit into the space provided in the core and has an elongated
4403955 Receptacle for support of a melt containing crucible September 13, 1983
A segmented cup-shaped receptacle is provided for completely supporting a melt containing softened crucible, the receptacle having plurality of similar elevational segments. The elevational segments are normally adjoining to provide complete support for the crucible, but are separable
4403546 Printing mechanism September 13, 1983
An improved imprinting mechanism is disclosed of the type particularly useful in document stamping machines which imprint on a document both the date and the time of receipt, and a serial number. A plurality of character wheels (30-58) is mounted for rotation on a shaft (28), each ch
4403329 Support system for electrical resistance element September 6, 1983
Disclosed is a support system for an electrical resistance heating element, such element being adapted to be mounted on ceramic fiber insulation covering the inner surfaces of furnace shells or the like. The support comprises a pin for insertion into the ceramic fiber module; and a clip
4402534 Air hose coupling lock September 6, 1983
A lock having a first portion for engaging a first coupling and in concert with a shoulder of a second portion to lie in the plane of the lip of a second coupling inhibits uncoupling rotation. A third portion of the lock for engaging the first coupling maintains the shoulder in the plane
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