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Stamford, CT
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RE31987 Automatic lamp bulb changer for signal lamps September 17, 1985
In order to provide for automatic replacement of lamp bulbs (lamps) when they fail to illuminate and to enhance the reliability of signal lamps, such as those which signal oncoming trains as they move along railway tracks, a plurality of lamps are disposed angularly spaced from each othe
RE31386 Fluid brake control system September 20, 1983
A fluid brake control system is disclosed for governing application and release of brakes of an interchange vehicle having a brake control pipe, an auxiliary fluid reservoir, a fluid brake cylinder, and a brake control device sensing changes in fluid pressure in the brake pipe for at tim
RE30986 Vital relay driver having controlled response time June 29, 1982
A vital relay driver whose response time can be readily controlled such that the release time of the relay may be varied, yet may be held to very close tolerances. The vital relay driver is controlled by a microprocessor dedicated to this function, such processor generating a dynamic sig
RE30079 Fluid brake control system August 21, 1979
A fluid brake control system is disclosed for having an improved brake cylinder release control device for use in association with a brake control pipe, a fluid reservoir, and a service valve. The control device has a housing containing a differential abutment subject to actuation from
RE29831 Fluid brake control system November 14, 1978
A fluid brake control system is disclosed having an improved emergency application and stability control device for use in association with a brake control pipe, emergency and auxiliary fluid reservoirs, a first quick action chamber, a brake cylinder, and emergency and service control
RE29722 Fluid brake control system August 8, 1978
A fluid brake control system is disclosed having an improved quick service and accelerated release control device having valves operable when rendered effective to locally reduce the brake pipe pressure to accelerate a brake application signal through a train and at other times to apply
D406279 Combination emergency lighting device and exit sign March 2, 1999
D394072 Drive for an industrial mixer May 5, 1998
D360037 Lab mixer for biotechnology July 4, 1995
D357997 Fixed lens emergency lighting unit May 2, 1995
D351602 Sump pump October 18, 1994
D346223 Plate mount industrial mixers April 19, 1994
D344983 Exit sign March 8, 1994
D344293 Insert for exit signs February 15, 1994
D343458 Portable industrial mixers January 18, 1994
D343003 Pedestal mount industrial mixers January 4, 1994
D333874 Turnstile cover March 9, 1993
D323663 Transmission cover February 4, 1992
D322322 Lab mixer December 10, 1991
D321853 Combined locomotive console and master controller cover November 26, 1991
D292978 Horizontal variable speed turbine pump December 1, 1987
D290395 Lab mixer with adjustable shaft June 16, 1987
D290394 Lab mixer with adjustable shaft June 16, 1987
D290393 Lab mixer June 16, 1987
D255451 Blade for mixing liquids in a conduit June 17, 1980
D253054 Vacuum cleaner nozzle October 2, 1979
D245501 Liquid ring pump August 23, 1977
6619568 Material dispersing device and method September 16, 2003
A nozzle for delivering vaporized liquid material has a cylindrical housing with a central, cylindrical cavity having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet. The nozzle also has a plunger inserted into the fluid outlet of the housing so that the plunger and the housing form a fluid path. The
6612444 Apparatus and process for recovering a desired fraction of a raw material September 2, 2003
An apparatus for recovering a desired fraction of a raw material bearing the desired fraction has a vessel or cell defining a treatment chamber therein, with an inlet into the chamber for introducing a slurry of raw material to be treated into the chamber. An attrition zone is defined in
6580729 Signal multiplexer and method June 17, 2003
A signal multiplexer for N channel signals of different frequency bands that utilizes only N+1 hybrid couplers and presents a constant impedance to the transmitters that supply the N channel signals. The channel signals are coupled by separate ones of N of the N+1 hybrid couplers to N pa
6417772 Life safety system with energy saving visual alarm appliance and method July 9, 2002
A life safety system with a micro-controller that is programmed to operate both a visual signal and an audible signal. One feature of the system is that a user is permitted to enter a temporal signaling mode for not only the audible signal, but also the visual signal. The program include
6398184 Lock device and lock method for knife gate valves June 4, 2002
The present invention provides a device and method for locking a knife gate valve in a position, such as an open and/or closed position. The locking device has a pair of first posts disposed substantially parallel to the shaft. A swivel lock member is mounted to rotate substantially abou
6373444 Common aperture UHF/VHF high band slotted coaxial antenna April 16, 2002
A slotted coaxial antenna design that accomplishes simultaneous DTV and NTSC broadcast with minimal tower wind loading, is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, the antenna design comprises a VHF slotted coaxial antenna that acts as a framework to house multiple UHF slotted coaxial a
6359530 Switching waveguide directional coupler and method March 19, 2002
A switchable directional coupler in which a three position switch partitions the coupler into three distinct coupling paths among its four ports according to the status of a pair of quadrature phase input signals of amplitudes A and B. In one position with both input signals being ac
6343445 Tower structure February 5, 2002
A tower support structure for supporting communications equipment or other types of equipment above the ground is provided. The structure includes a foundation, a tower having a number of tower sections is supported by the foundation. The tower includes main bracing systems and sub-braci
6341930 Divergent inlet for bulk material feeder and method of retrofiting feeder with same January 29, 2002
A bulk material feeder for improving material flow as the material makes the generally ninety degree ( transition from the downcomer to the generally horizontal conveyor. The downcomer presents an innermost divergent surface that extends upwardly from the discharge opening of
6334705 Fluid mixing impellers with shear generating venturi January 1, 2002
An axial flow mixer impeller which is high in efficiency in terms of flow is made more effective, when used in a sparging system for dispersion and for mass transfer of a liquid phase or a gaseous phase into a liquid which is being mixed or agitated, by forming a shear field which breaks
6320555 Internally branch fed slotted coaxial antenna November 20, 2001
A slotted coaxial antenna design that accomplishes four-way branch feeding without the use of feedlines, is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, the antenna design is based on a number of layered coaxial feeds where each layer feeds the next outer layer. The internally branch fed slotte
6313806 Slot antenna with susceptance reducing loops November 6, 2001
A multi-layered slotted antenna with reduced susceptance and increased conductance with a minimal effect on antenna radiation in the azimuth. Separate conductors are connected across the individual slots to reduce the slot susceptance with a minimal effect on slot radiation.
6299776 Biochemical oxidation system and process October 9, 2001
A biochemical oxidation system and process is disclosed for the removal of insoluble sulfides from metal ores. A liquid mixture of an ore slurry and of a liquid biochemical oxidation medium is flowed through a plurality of covered overflow tanks connected in series. The liquid mixture is
6250797 Mixing impeller system having blades with slots extending essentially all the way between tip an June 26, 2001
An axial flow mixing impeller system for efficient mass transfer by control of size of the bubbles of the fluid which is being dispersed, especially gases and liquids with viscosities greater than the liquid into which dispersion occurs, is obtained by creating passageways through the
6226032 Crystal diameter control system May 1, 2001
A system controls the diameter of both a neck region and a full diameter region of a monocrystalline rod being pulled from molten material held in a crucible. The system uses a video camera viewing light reflected from a meniscus around the rod where the rod emerges from a melt surface o
6158722 Mixing system for introducing and dispersing gas into liquids December 12, 2000
A mixing system utilizes up pumping impellers which entrain gas into the liquid both at the surface (the gas liquid interface) and below the surface by induction to draw gas down below the surface where it is dispersed into the circulation produced by the impellers. The impellers are
6142458 Mixing system for dispersion of gas into liquid media November 7, 2000
In order to sparge gas into a liquid or liquid suspension in a tank wherein a principally axial flow pattern downwardly towards the bottom of the tank and then upwardly along the side wall of the tank returning axially downward is established by an axial flow impeller, a disc of a diamet
6137448 Center FED traveling wave antenna capable of high beam tilt and null free stable elevation patte October 24, 2000
A digital signal, beam radiation antenna consisting of a cylindrical mast having an inner tubular conductor and an outer tubular conductor, and means for exciting said inner conductor to establish a traveling wave internal to said antenna. Moreover, there are spaced slots in said outer
6109449 Mixing system for separation of materials by flotation August 29, 2000
A mixing system in a tank provides a flotation cell for froth collection of minerals such as metallic ores thereby separating such ores from other materials with which they are mined and enabling a concentrated ore component to be collected. The mixing system maintains particles cont
6089748 Apparatus for stabilizing a mixer which circulates liquid against excessive oscillation July 18, 2000
Mixer apparatus having an impeller on a shaft, which circulates a body of liquid the surface of which can clear the impeller, especially when the liquid is in a tank, and the tank is drained, is protected against excessive by use of a flexural member, which may be in the form of radi
6062821 Integral oil filter-pump system May 16, 2000
An integral oil filter-pump system for an electric power device which involves a cabinet having an oil-filled compartment for containing the power device, as well as a circulation pump for circulating oil through the system, including the compartment for containing the power device.
6045121 Bi-directional valve seal mechanism April 4, 2000
A seating ring having a unique surface designed to engage with the convex outer surface of a valve disc, thereby providing a uniquely tight and bi-directional seal. The seating ring has a first, free end, an angled contact point adjacent to the free end, a convex sealing surface adjacent
6023180 Clock compensation circuit February 8, 2000
A clock compensation circuit includes a clock tree; a reference clock; a phase detector for detecting relative phase information of the tree clock and the reference clock; a controller, coupled to said phase detector, for determining and controlling the amount of delay necessary to shift
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