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Detroit, MI
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7305873 Method for dynamically determining peak output torque in an electrically variable transmission December 11, 2007
A method for determining output torque limits of a powertrain including an electrically variable transmission relies upon a model of the electrically variable transmission. Transmission operating space is defined by combined electric machine torque constraints and engine torque const
7305825 Engine turbine temperature control system December 11, 2007
A turbine temperature control (TTC) system for regulating operation of an engine to control a temperature of a forced air induction device. The system includes a sensor that is responsive to an exhaust gas temperature and that generates a signal. A control module determines a temperature
7305295 Throttle limiting for an internal combustion engine December 4, 2007
A throttle limit control for an internal combustion engine throttle control is disclosed. Rate limiting is applied to prevent excessive rates of change in throttle actuation. Throttle pedal authority is continually maintained and throttle headroom is not compromised thereby. Application
7305236 Method of cellular connectivity reporting December 4, 2007
The invention provides a method of reporting connectivity of a mobile vehicle. A call request fails, a failure type of the failed call request is determined, a time of the failed call request is determined, a location of the vehicle when the failed call request occurred is determined
7303835 Diffusion media, fuel cells, and fuel cell powered systems December 4, 2007
A porous diffusion media according to the present invention is positioned against a catalyst layer of the membrane electrode assembly, the porous matrix comprises carbon paper, and the water transfer particles comprise carbon fibers or powders. Relatively high and relatively low water
7303679 Oil spill recovery method using surface-treated iron powder December 4, 2007
A method of recovering spilled hydrocarbon fluids from a body of water utilizing the increased oleophilic properties of reacted iron particles suspended in a magnetorheological (MR) fluid. The iron particles normally used to create MR fluids, are reacted with an organic compound containi
7303603 Diesel particulate filter system with meta-surface cavity December 4, 2007
A diesel particulate filter including a microwave-absorbing target housed within a waveguide cavity lined along the walls with a hard-electromagnetic surface (HES). The HES modifies specific electromagnetic boundary conditions for a given design frequency so as to enable the establis
7303602 Diesel particulate filter using micro-wave regeneration December 4, 2007
A diesel particulate filter including a microwave-absorbing target within a waveguide cavity. The cavity accepts microwave-frequency electromagnetic radiation through input couplers 90 degrees out of phase with each other to excite circular polarization heating modes. Through excitat
7303495 Continuously variable transmission case cover December 4, 2007
A case cover for a continuously variable transmission includes a wall having a plurality of fastening elements thereon and at which a sheave assembly is rotatably mountable. The wall forms at least a portion of a cavity for containing at least a portion of the sheave assembly. Two su
7303056 Magnetorheological device and system and method for using the same December 4, 2007
A controllable magnetorheological (MR) damper having first, second and third portions is disclosed. The first and second portions have a translational degree of freedom therebetween, and the third portion has a rotational degree of freedom with respect to the first and second portion
7303033 Vehicle frame assembly and method for same December 4, 2007
A method for assembling vehicular structural frames employing elongated members and connectors interconnecting the elongated members increases flexibility in assembling chassis frames and body frames. The method includes assembling a first vehicle structural frame according to a first
7302371 Captured test fleet November 27, 2007
A system and method for vehicle design and manufacture. The method includes designing a vehicle, building a pilot vehicle of the designed vehicle, installing a telematics units in the pilot vehicle, configuring the telematics unit to monitor systems of the pilot vehicle during vehicl
7302315 Method and system for remotely inventorying electronic modules installed in a vehicle November 27, 2007
The invention provides a method and system for remotely inventorying electronic modules installed in a vehicle. A vehicle telematics unit sends an identification request to at least one electronic module. The telematics unit receives at least one electronic module identifier in respo
7301442 Multi-functional fob November 27, 2007
A multi-functional fob provides at least one of the features selected from a programmable lock/unlock button; a voice activated button; an ice-scraper; a credit card strip; and a rechargeable interface. One or a combination of the features may be integrated into a single fob. A fob-r
7301304 Energy storage system state of charge diagnostic November 27, 2007
An energy storage system determined to be at an operating point indicative of incipient threat to its condition is permitted to continue power flow for a duration that is a function of the state of charge before a diagnosis of a critical state of charge condition is rendered. If the
7300719 Porous diffusion media and bipolar plate assembly with anion exchange resin and devices incorpor November 27, 2007
A device comprising a membrane electrode assembly, porous diffusion media, and at least one pair of bipolar plate assemblies is provided. The membrane electrode assembly is interposed between a pair of diffusion media substrates, the bipolar plate assembly comprises at least one flow
7299701 Compressive fatigue and energy test apparatus and method for testing clutch plate friction mater November 27, 2007
The present invention presents a means for simultaneously testing the compressive strength and measuring the thermal energy dissipated by a given friction material during slip. The testing apparatus includes a rotatable flywheel that rotates a transmission reaction plate to simulate
7297085 Three mode, multi-speed transmission November 20, 2007
An automatic transmission providing modal speed ratios, single transition gear shifting, low internal speeds, and an output lock feature is provided. First, second and third modal torque-transmitting mechanisms are selectively engagable along with first and second input torque-transm
7295902 Torque management algorithm for hybrid electric vehicles November 13, 2007
A system and method for determining a commanded engine and motor torque to minimize fuel consumption and manage battery state of charge in a hybrid electric vehicle. The method includes determining a penalty factor value that dictates the usage of the battery. A cost value is determined
7294077 CVT belt with chromium nitride coating November 13, 2007
A belt for a continuously variable transmission (CVT) includes at least one continuous band supported against a contact face in a slot formed in each of a plurality of transverse elements of the CVT. The band has a surface positioned against the contact face. This surface is coated with
7293538 Overhead camshaft drive assembly November 13, 2007
A variable timing camshaft drive assembly for an internal combustion engine utilizes a single cam phaser, driven by an engine crankshaft, capable of operating multiple camshafts carried on multiple banks of an engine. The cam phaser is carried on a hub extending from a mounting membe
7293445 Sheet processing apparatus, method of use, and plastically deformed sheet November 13, 2007
An apparatus for plastically deforming a work piece. The apparatus comprises at least two cylindrical guide rolls rotatable in a first direction, a bendable strip having a portion of at least one surface in communication with a portion of an outer circumference of each of the at leas
7292992 Methods of conducting vehicle business transactions November 6, 2007
Methods are provided for conducting a vehicle business transaction with a customer. Possession of a vehicle chassis is offered and/or granted to a customer in a first financial transaction for consideration. Possession of a vehicle body for engagement with the chassis is offered and/or
7292848 Method of activating an in-vehicle wireless communication device November 6, 2007
The invention provides a system and method for activating an in-vehicle wireless communication device. A mobile identification number associated with the wireless communication device is provided. A broadcast signal containing the mobile identification number and a satellite radio su
7291419 Durable membrane electrode assembly catalyst coated diffusion media with no lamination to membra November 6, 2007
A technique for fabricating an MEA for a fuel cell that is prepared as a catalyst-coated diffusion media (CCDM). The MEA includes a diffusion media layer having a microporous layer. A catalyst layer is deposited on the microporous layer so that it covers its entire surface. An ionomer
7291414 Reactant feed for nested stamped plates for a compact fuel cell November 6, 2007
A fuel cell in a fuel cell stack that provides a transition from nested bipolar plates in the active region of the stack to non-nested bipolar plates in the inactive regions of the stack without giving up the reduced stack thickness provided by the nested plates or changing the size of t
7291411 Fuel cell shutdown and startup purge using a stoichiometric staged combustor November 6, 2007
A device and method for operating a fuel cell system. The device includes a combustor that is configured to combine reactants used in the fuel cell in such a way as to produce an inert fluid used to inert electrodes within the fuel cell. The device also includes componentry to permit
7291087 Planetary manual transmission November 6, 2007
A powertrain has a power transmission including a pair of planetary gearsets. The planetary gearsets are selectively interconnectible with an input shaft through a plurality of synchronizer mechanisms to provide ten forward speed ratios and two reverse speed ratios.
7290991 Dual oil supply pump November 6, 2007
An automotive engine oil pump assembly having first and second pump mechanisms contained within a common housing. A shaft rotatably supported in the housing drives the pump mechanisms in a conventional manner. The pump mechanisms are offset in phase to reduce flow pulsations through the
7290587 Die thermal management through coolant flow control November 6, 2007
A system and method for thermal management of a die is disclosed wherein cooling of the die is controlled by controlling coolant flow to switch between laminar flow and turbulent flow as desired.
7290421 Variable curvature tube and draw die therefor November 6, 2007
A tube is bent having a curved portion with a variable radius extending between first and second ends. The curved portion includes a circular arc portion with a constant radius and a clothoid transition portion with a variable radius. The circular arc portion extends from the first end
7290318 Electromagnetic flanging and hemming apparatus and method November 6, 2007
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for applying electromagnetic force (EMF) to flanging and hemming metal panels to form a hemmed panel assembly. First and second apparatus and method steps use a translating EMF coil to flange a sheet and to finish a hem by progressive non-planar be
7289905 Navigation guidance cancellation apparatus and methods of canceling navigation guidance October 30, 2007
Methods and apparatus are provided for controlling navigation guidance in a vehicle. The method includes: a) determining a re-route instruction based on a non-executed guidance instruction; b) presenting the re-route instruction; c) determining a non-execution of a re-route instruction;
7289889 Vehicle control system and method October 30, 2007
A control system and method for use in vehicles, such as automotive vehicles. The control system and method is particularly adapted for use in vehicles having by-wire control systems. The control system uses three system controllers. Each of the controllers is adapted to receive redu
7289024 Method and system for sending pre-scripted text messages October 30, 2007
A system employing a telematics unit and a telematics call center. The telematics unit includes a first module and a first set of at least one pre-scripted text message, and the telematics call center includes a second module and a second set of at least one pre-scripted text message.
7288039 Multiplexed pressure switch system for an electrically variable hybrid transmission October 30, 2007
A powertrain has an electrically variable hybrid transmission having an electro-hydraulic control system, plurality of electrical power units, and a plurality of torque transmitting mechanisms selectively engageable by the electro-hydraulic control system to provide four forward speed
7287581 Full function vehicle HVAC/PTC thermal system October 30, 2007
The integrated automotive HVAC/PTC system of the present invention includes a bi-fluidic heat exchanger between an air conditioning subsystem and a heating subsystem which enables heat extracted during dehumidification of the ventilation air to be transferred into dehumidified ventil
7287571 Lost foam casting pattern October 30, 2007
Pattern for the lost foam casting process including a pouring-basin-forming portion, a sprue-forming portion, a runner-forming portion, a gate-forming portion, and an inline-riser-forming portion. The runners formed by the pattern each have an inline riser through which melt flows be
7286047 Telematics system diagnostics logic analyzer October 23, 2007
A method of monitoring electronic module data in a mobile vehicle. The method includes receiving at least one trigger event status indicator responsive to a trigger set from at least one of a plurality of vehicles at a vehicle analysis engine, via a wireless network, modifying the tr
7286045 Method for identifying vehicles October 23, 2007
A method for identifying a vehicle includes receiving a stolen vehicle input at a call center and receiving a confirmation input at a call center. A vehicle code display command is sent from the call center to a telematics unit of the stolen vehicle and a vehicle code of the stolen v
7285353 PEM fuel cell separator plate October 23, 2007
A composite separator plate for use in a fuel cell stack and method of manufacture is provided. The composite separator plate includes a plurality of elongated support members oriented generally parallel to each other and a polymeric body portion formed around the support members. Th
7285069 Multi-speed power transmission October 23, 2007
A powertrain incorporates a multi-speed planetary transmission having four planetary gearsets and seven torque-transmitting mechanisms. The planetary gearsets are interconnected and controlled by the torque-transmitting mechanisms in combinations of two, such that eight forward speed
7285066 Multiplexed trim valve system for an electrically variable hybrid transmission October 23, 2007
A powertrain has an electrically variable hybrid transmission having an electro-hydraulic control system, plurality of electrical power units, and a plurality of torque transmitting mechanisms selectively engageable by the electro-hydraulic control system to provide four forward speed
7284648 Non-sealed park actuator guide for hybrid transmission and method October 23, 2007
This invention relates to an actuable park pawl system for a hybrid electro-mechanical transmission located in the end cover portion of the transmission housing. The end cover portion is configured to cover the park pawl system and ancillary components such as the actuator guide. Thi
7284411 Method of making a gas diffusion media and quality controls for same October 23, 2007
The present invention discloses various methods in which a quality of a diffusion media for use in a fuel cell assembly can be qualitatively evaluated. The material constant, an internal contact angle, a ratio of high and low energy pores, and an external contact angle can be calcula
7284313 Method for assembling a hybrid electro-mechanical transmission October 23, 2007
A hybrid transmission including two electric motors and a plurality of planetary gear sets operatively connectable to the motors and to an engine is provided. Novel motor features are provided including structure adapted to improve reliability and to facilitate assembly. More precise
7282003 Powertrain including input disconnect and accessory drive system for an electrically variable tr October 16, 2007
A vehicle powertrain includes an engine connected to an input torque device including a torque isolator. A plurality of intermeshed accessory drive gears are connected to the torque device for driving accessories. A hybrid electromechanical transmission is connected to one of the acc
7281904 Transmission pump and filter October 16, 2007
The filter housing has a filter outlet portion with a central filter outlet passage. The outlet portion includes a terminal end portion defining a filter nozzle. The filter nozzle forms a nozzle passage between the filter nozzle and the pump housing. The nozzle passage communicates w
7281600 Pre-engineered frame portion and method of use therefor October 16, 2007
A vehicle chassis includes a structural frame having a frame portion that partially defines an open space and that has a predetermined configuration such that the open space maintains a predetermined amount of spatial integrity in the event of a horizontal impact to the vehicle chass
7280977 System and model for performance value based collaborative relationships October 9, 2007
The present invention provides a model for assessing performance of a dynamic collaborative relationship. The present invention provides a method of modeling dynamic relationships by inputting data related to the collaborative relationship into a model, which comprises a plurality of

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