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Detroit, MI
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7511602 Keyless entry module and method March 31, 2009
Methods and apparatus are provided for a key-less system for actuating a lock responsive to a valid OPEN signal. A first portion is continuously coupled to a power source and a second portion receives power from the source only when a coupling switch is ON. The first portion comprises a
7510640 Method and apparatus for hydrogen generation March 31, 2009
A method for configuring a solar hydrogen generation system and the system optimization are disclosed. The system utilizes photovoltaic modules and an electrolyte solution to efficiently split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The efficiency of solar powered electrolysis of water is op
7510621 Conductive adhesive bonding March 31, 2009
Electrically conductive workpieces with facing surfaces are bonded with an adhesive that is filled with conductive metal particles that are reactive with the surfaces of the workpieces. In the bonding process the surfaces are coated with the adhesive, pressed together and an electric cur
7510505 Powertrain and method of operation March 31, 2009
A method of releasing a lockup clutch for a fluid coupling assembly disposed between an engine and an automatically shiftable transmission during a negative engine torque mode of operation is provided. The method includes the steps of: A) determining a current engine torque value prior
7510496 Electro-hydraulic control system with interlock protection March 31, 2009
An electro-hydraulic control system for a transmission is provided having first, second, and third selectively engageable torque transmitting mechanisms. The control system includes a main source of fluid pressure and first, second, and third trim valves operable to effect the engage
7509202 Neutral idle hill detection March 24, 2009
A neutral idle hill detection system for a vehicle with an automatic transmission comprises a range selection input device that receives an operating range of a transmission. A throttle position input device receives a throttle position signal. A transmission output speed input devic
7509201 Sensor feedback control for noise and vibration March 24, 2009
A method of controlling noise/vibration in a vehicle having a powertrain includes sensing noise/vibration in the vehicle. An operating point of the powertrain is adjusted and a constant transmission output power is maintained to reduce the noise/vibration.
7509195 Driver control input device for drive-by-wire system March 24, 2009
A driver control input device includes a support post and a steering ring rotatably supported with respect to the support post. A steering transducer is operatively connected between the steering ring and support post to convert mechanical rotation of the steering ring into non-mecha
7508100 Electric motor/generator and method of cooling an electromechanical transmission March 24, 2009
An electromechanical transmission includes a rotor supported by a rotor hub that has at least one passage formed therein for providing cooling fluid flow to the rotor. Preferably, cooling fluid is provided to the passage through an orifice to control flow rate. An inner diameter of the
7507499 Battery pack arrangements March 24, 2009
Battery packs are retained by frames which are comprised of plastic beams and aluminum corner connectors that peripherally surround the battery packs. The plastic beams are tensioned by tensioning bolts which pass through the aluminum corner connectors and thread into threaded pin in
7507488 System and method for drying a fuel cell stack at system shutdown March 24, 2009
A system and method for drying a fuel cell stack after stack shutdown. In one embodiment, a cooling fluid is pumped through the fuel cell stack after the system is shutdown to use the heat still available in the cooling fluid immediately after shutdown to provide thermal equilibrium
7506309 Method for managing vehicle software configuration updates March 17, 2009
The present invention provides a system and a method for managing a software configuration of a vehicle. Software configuration update data for a vehicle is requested from a central database from one of a call center or a telematics unit. Vehicle software configuration data represent
7502673 Method and apparatus for remote vehicle communication March 10, 2009
A method for remote vehicle communication is provided. The method monitors, stores and/or transmits data representative of the operation of a component or system, whereby the transmitted data may be analyzed and vehicle performance improved through the analysis thereof. Additionally,
7499798 Method for transferring routes between navigational devices March 3, 2009
A method for navigation includes providing a route, including at least first and second route portions, at a telematics unit and determining a route status. The method further sends the second route portion to a mobile communication device based on the route status.
7499784 Method of selecting a transmission shift schedule March 3, 2009
A method for selecting a shift schedule for a transmission in a motor vehicle is provided. The method includes the steps of determining whether a signal-to-noise ratio exceeds a threshold and calculating a tractive effort of the motor vehicle. A vehicle mass and a road grade is then
7497881 Heat exchanger mechanization to transfer reformate energy to steam and air March 3, 2009
A heat exchanger design is provided for optimal transfer of thermal energy between a primary reactor-out reformate and a primary reactor-in steam and air. In particular, one embodiment of the present invention comprises a prime-surface true counter axial flow heat exchanger positioned ar
7497799 Torque transmitting mechanism engagement control system and method March 3, 2009
A control system operable to engage a torque transmitting mechanism, the control system having at least one variable bleed solenoid valve operable to selectively provide pressurized fluid to selectively engage at least one torque transmitting mechanism. An electronic control unit is also
7497796 Electro-mechanical transmission March 3, 2009
A hybrid electromechanical transmission for a tracked vehicle includes a drive motor and a steer motor with separate propulsion paths to output members of the transmission. A two-speed range package is provided, including an input planetary gear set and first and second clutches. The
7494735 Fuel cell stack design and method of operation February 24, 2009
A hydrogen fuel cell stack has at least two segments of fuel cells each having reactant gas passages. The reactant gas passages of each fuel cell in each segment are arranged in parallel with each other. Flow of fuel cell fluids is in a gravity assisted downward direction. Gravity assist
7494734 Corrosion resistant plate for PEM fuel cell and methods of making same February 24, 2009
A fuel cell or electrochemical cell has a catalytic electrode and an electrically conductive contact element facing the electrode. The electrically conductive contact element conducts electrical current from the electrode and has a surface that includes a plurality of passivated regi
7494153 Anti-roll thrust system for vehicles February 24, 2009
A thruster system is provided for a vehicle that can be used to reduce the roll propensity of a motor vehicle. The system utilizes a control system and multiple sets of thrusters which are strategically placed upon the vehicle. The control system is provided for detecting a potential rol
7494023 Insulation for cryogenic tanks February 24, 2009
A magnetic multi-layer insulation system for a cryogenic storage tank. The system includes multiple layers of insulation comprising a carrier support structure disposed between a first major surface of a magnetic material defining a north pole facing away from the carrier support str
7493999 Hybrid electro-mechanical transmission park system and method of assembly February 24, 2009
This invention relates to the housing of a hybrid electro-mechanical transmission consisting of park pawl system located in the end cover portion of the transmission housing. The end cover portion is configured to cover the park pawl system and allow access to the components of the p
7493201 Method and apparatus for controlling active front steering February 17, 2009
An active front wheel steering control system for a vehicle that includes a first control sub-system that provides AFS oversteer control to control the angle of the front wheels during an oversteer condition, and a second control sub-system that provides AFS understeer control to control
7491455 Method to startup a fuel cell stack without battery derived compressor power February 17, 2009
A method of providing fuel cell start-up without battery derived compressor power is provided. The method includes introducing hydrogen to the anode inlet of a fuel cell stack previously purged with air. The introduced hydrogen in the anode channels and the existing air in the cathod
7487021 Method for determining estimated vehicle dynamics parameters February 3, 2009
A method for determining estimated vehicle dynamics parameters using a vehicle parameter estimator, a vehicle condition detector and a rich steering input detector for estimating vehicle understeer coefficient and front and rear cornering compliances in real time. The vehicle parameter
7485382 Parallel stack antifreeze system February 3, 2009
A fuel cell stack antifreeze system that purges a plurality of fuel cell stacks connected in parallel includes a compressor that supplies pressurized cathode gas to each of the plurality of fuel cell stacks. A controller deactivates a first group of one or more of the plurality of fu
7485044 Shaft assembly and method of manufacture thereof February 3, 2009
A shaft assembly comprises an annular hub with a shaft extending therefrom. The hub and the shaft are integrally formed from a single forging, thereby reducing stress concentration locations within the assembly. The hub includes a circumferential wall having a wall thickness. A plura
7484735 Reversible thermally expandable and/or contractible seal assemblies February 3, 2009
Seal assemblies employing reversible thermally expandable and/or contractible material that can be controlled and remotely changed to alter the seal effectiveness, wherein the seal assemblies actively change dimensional and/or modulus properties such as stiffness, shape orientation,
7484464 Adhesive-based reconfigurable pallet system for assembly lines February 3, 2009
A reconfigurable pallet that supports a structure includes a pallet base and a plurality of modular stanchions that are adhesively secured to the pallet base. The modular stanchions are selectively positionable along x and y axes relative to a top surface of the pallet base. The modular
7483772 System for remotely operating vehicle functions January 27, 2009
A method for remotely operating vehicle functions including receiving at least one wireless key fob signal at a kiosk system, receiving a vehicle function request at the kiosk system, and sending the wireless key fob signal from the kiosk system to a vehicle based on the vehicle function
7482076 Fuel cell stack humidification method incorporating an accumulation device January 27, 2009
A method of fuel cell stack humidification is provided incorporating the use of an accumulation device. The method provides for feeding back humid anode exhaust gas of the fuel cell stack to the fuel cell inlet and switching the anode inlet and outlet of the fuel cell stack for achieving
7480550 Vehicle email notification using data from different sources January 20, 2009
A vehicle email notification system and method that accesses data from the vehicle as well as from one or more other sources and combines the information into an email that is then sent to the owner or other authorized subscriber. The email notifications are triggered by different ev
7480546 System and method for providing language translation in a vehicle telematics device January 20, 2009
The invention provides a method, a computer usable medium including a program, and a system for providing language translation in a vehicle telematics device. The method includes providing data in a first language format to the vehicle telematics device. The data in the first language
7479716 Cooling system for a stator assembly January 20, 2009
A stator assembly is provided having a generally annular stator core including a plurality of radially inwardly extending stator teeth. A stator wire is wound around each of the plurality of stator teeth to form a plurality of stator coils. Each of the plurality of stator coils are s
7479616 Compound laser beam welding January 20, 2009
Hot cracking in laser welds produced in metal workpieces, especially aluminum or magnesium sheet alloys, is avoided by suitably combining the beams of two different lasers, for example a CO.sub.2 laser and a YAG laser, into a compound beam that is moved along a weld path in the surfa
7479337 Fuel cell shutdown and startup using a cathode recycle loop January 20, 2009
A method and device for operating a fuel cell system. A recirculation loop coupled to a fuel cell cathode ensures that fluids passing through the cathode are recycled, thereby enabling reaction between residual oxygen in the recycled fluid and fuel that has been introduced into the r
7479336 Gas control and operation method of a fuel cell system for water and gas distribution January 20, 2009
A gas control and operation method of a fuel cell system for improved water and gas distribution is disclosed. The present invention provides for a mechanization of a fuel cell system that allows control of the anode reactant and anode effluent through the anode portions of the fuel
7478833 Volume-filling mechanical structures for a bolster system January 20, 2009
A volume-filling mechanical structure for modifying a crash includes a bolster system defined by an outer bolster and an inner bolster, a honeycomb celled material expandable from a dormant state to a deployed state, the honeycomb celled material disposed intermediate the outer and i
7478709 Vibration damping apparatus January 20, 2009
A vibration damper apparatus has two substantially freely rotatable inertia members disposed within a rotatable hub. Each of the members has a wide semi-cylindrical portion and a narrow semi-cylindrical portion with the wide portion of the first damper member being axially aligned wi
7474942 Method and system for modifying a wake up mode of a telematics unit January 6, 2009
A method of enabling vehicle communications includes receiving a mode change trigger at a telematics unit; receiving a signal at the telematics unit responsive to a trigger event; modifying a wake up mode of the telematics unit based on the signal; and energizing the telematics unit
7474309 Hybrid vehicle display apparatus and method January 6, 2009
A display apparatus for a hybrid drive vehicle includes a screen that depicts a first icon, a second icon, and a third icon to represent energy sources and energy destinations. The appearance of the screen is variable to indicate the flow of energy between energy sources and energy d
7474029 Rotor magnet placement in interior permanent magnet machines January 6, 2009
A machine includes a stator and a rotor having a plurality of poles. Each pole is formed at least in part by a plurality of permanent magnets recessed within the rotor at a predetermined distance from an outer surface of the rotor. The distance is predetermined to minimize rotor flux
7473480 Low voltage compressor operation for a fuel cell power system January 6, 2009
An apparatus and method for operating a fuel cell power system utilizing a low voltage power source and system power to power an airmover. The fuel cell power system uses a low voltage power source to power the airmover during start-up and transitions to using system power to power the
7470206 Multi-speed countershaft transmission with a planetary gear set December 30, 2008
A transmission is provided that combines first and second countershafts with a planetary gear set, and uses first and second head gear sets to provide ratio. Each of the countershafts supports gears in no more than five co-planar, intermeshing gear sets (and in most embodiments no more
7468107 Carburizing method December 23, 2008
The present invention provides a carburizing method that involves heating a steel component quickly to a relatively high carburizing temperature (e.g. 1900 degrees F. and above), contacting the component at the relatively high carburizing temperature with a methane-containing carburi
7467684 Anti-roll thrust system for hydrogen powered vehicles December 23, 2008
A thruster system is provided for a vehicle that can be used to reduce the roll propensity of a motor vehicle. The system utilizes a control system and multiple sets of thrusters which are strategically placed upon the vehicle. The control system is provided for detecting a potential rol
7467123 Method, system and computer product for generating a manufacturing process map using fuzzy logic December 16, 2008
A method for generating a manufacturing process map comprises obtaining sets of N-dimensional expert data from at least three sources, defining a membership function for each set of expert data, applying fuzzy logic operations to said membership functions to generate new membership f
7467029 Dual processor supervisory control system for a vehicle December 16, 2008
A vehicle control module for controlling an actuator unit in response to an input having a first processor, a first communication link coupled to the first processor, and a second processor coupled to the first processor via the first communication link. The first processor is config
7466218 System and method of controlling vehicle communications during emergency conditions December 16, 2008
A method and a system for controlling communications between a vehicle telematics device and a call center. The method includes determining an emergency condition. A communications priority is determined. Information is selectively communicated between the vehicle telematics device and t

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