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Detroit, MI
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7111833 Dual disc spring September 26, 2006
A dual spring includes a pair of conically-shaped spring sections, which are joined at a common fulcrum. One of the spring sections is disposed radially inward from the fulcrum and the other of the spring sections is disposed radially outward from the fulcrum. Both of the conical section
7111454 Fuel control compensation for secondary air system flow variation September 26, 2006
An engine control system and method maintains an optimum exhaust fuel to air ratio in an internal combustion engine. A secondary air injection (SAI) pressure is measured in an SAI system. The SAI pressure measurement is converted into an SAI flow value. A fuel compensation value is o
7110871 Method for determining preferred input operating points for a vehicle transmission September 19, 2006
Preferred operating points for a vehicle powertrain including an engine and a transmission are determined in accordance with a comprehensive operational mapping of input and output conditions and corresponding aggregate system losses corresponding to engine and transmission losses. I
7110869 Hybrid transmission member speed determination, sensor diagnostics and fault recovery September 19, 2006
A hybrid powertrain has a transmission including a motor and a sensor for sensing rotation of the transmission output member. Motor speed signals are available from the motor controller. Speed signals representative of output speed are calculated from both the speed sensor and the motor
7110537 Mobile vehicle housing for a portable communication device September 19, 2006
The invention provides a device for enhancing performance of a portable cellular phone within a mobile vehicle. The device includes a housing located within the vehicle into which a portable cellular phone may be placed. The housing includes an exterior layer that reflects noise sign
7109685 Method for estimating states and parameters of an electrochemical cell September 19, 2006
A method of estimating a state of charge (SOC) and a state of health (SOH) of an electrochemical cell (EC) includes modeling the EC with a linear equation, measuring a terminal current of the EC, measuring a terminal voltage of the EC and measuring a temperature of the EC. The linear
7108627 Planetary transmissions having two interconnecting members and at least two input clutches September 19, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms, two in
7108316 Energy absorbing assembly utilizing reversibly expandable mechanical structures for impact manag September 19, 2006
Reversibly deployable energy absorbing assemblies for impact management generally include a translatable first element, a rigid support structure and a second element having one end fixedly attached to the rigid support structure and an other end fixedly attached to the translatable firs
7107864 Quality control methods for gas diffusion media September 19, 2006
The present invention discloses various methods in which a quality of a diffusion media for use in a fuel cell assembly can be qualitatively evaluated. The material constant, an internal contact angle, a ratio of high and low energy pores, and an external contact angle can be calcula
7107143 Estimation of oxygen concentration in the intake manifold of an unthrottled lean burn engine September 12, 2006
A method of estimating oxygen concentration in the intake of a lean burn engine is accomplished during throttled operation by repeatedly combining determined air/fuel ratio and intake mass air flow and estimated cylinder mass flow and exhaust gas recirculation flow in a state observer, w
7107141 Method for obtaining axle-torque drivability with engine torque-based system September 12, 2006
A control system that controls operation of an engine to achieve a desired vehicle drive characteristic includes a pedal sensor that generates a pedal device position signal and an adjusted pedal module that determines an adjusted pedal based on the pedal device position signal and a veh
7106605 DC converter circuit with overshoot protection September 12, 2006
A DC-DC converter comprises an input circuit that stores inductive energy that includes a first switch that releases the stored inductive energy. A transformer includes a primary winding that communicates with the input circuit and a secondary winding. An output circuit communicates with
7106213 Distance detection and display system for use in a vehicle September 12, 2006
A distance measuring and display system for use on a vehicle having a mirror assembly thereon comprises at least one front distance measuring sensor for measuring the distance to an obstacle in front of the vehicle, at least one rear distance measuring sensor for measuring the distance t
7105242 Control of polymer surface distribution on diffusion media improved fuel cell performance September 12, 2006
Favorable performance of diffusion media in fuel cells has found to be correlated to a parameter (the C/F ratio) that relates to a spatial and thickness distribution of the hydrophobic fluoropolymer on the carbon fiber substrate structure of the medium. Suitable diffusion media may be
7105148 Methods for producing hydrogen from a fuel September 12, 2006
Methods and apparatus for producing hydrogen are provided. The methods and apparatus utilize reforming catalysts in order to produce hydrogen gas. The reforming catalysts may be platinum group metals on a support material, and they may be located in a reforming reaction zone of a pri
7105117 Manufacturing method for increasing thermal and electrical conductivities of polymers September 12, 2006
A method of manufacturing to increase the thermal and electrical conductivity of polymers includes layering a filled polymer with an unfilled polymer to produce a multi-layered system of alternating filled and unfilled polymer layers. The filler material comprises thermally and/or el
7104917 Countershaft planetary transmissions September 12, 2006
A multi-speed power transmission includes a countershaft portion and a planetary gearset portion. The countershaft portion is controlled by synchronizer torque-transmitting mechanisms, and the planetary gearset portion is controlled by selectively engageable friction-type torque-tran
7104916 Planetary transmissions having a stationary fixed interconnection and providing at least eight s September 12, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms and two
7104914 Planetary transmissions having two fixed interconnections and a stationary gear member September 12, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms, two in
7104581 Vehicle body interchangeability September 12, 2006
A method is provided for providing vehicle reconfigurability. The method includes maintaining an inventory containing vehicle body pods each having a substantially identical interface at which each of the body pods is connectable to a chassis such that the body pods are interchangeable
7104307 Casting mold for engine block September 12, 2006
A casting mold for an engine block and method for manufacturing the casting mold. In one embodiment, the casting mold includes a mold seat with a double-curved surface, and a cast-in cylinder liner. The cylinder liner has an axis and an end surface. The end surface is in tangential c
7104238 Apparatus and method for lessening the accumulation of high boiling fraction from fuel in intake September 12, 2006
An intake valve for a combustion engine having an intake port is disclosed. The intake includes a valve guide having an end proximate the intake port, a valve shield extending from the end of the valve guide and into the intake port, and a valve stem arranged proximate the valve guide
7104080 Phase-change cooling system September 12, 2006
A phase-change cooling system for a vehicle includes an electronic control device for receiving power from a power source and having a first temperature. The phase-change cooling system also includes a condenser of an air conditioning system of the vehicle thermally communicating with
7104048 Low emission diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration September 12, 2006
A diesel engine system includes a diesel engine having a first exhaust segment and a second exhaust segment. A filter filters exhaust gas from the first and second exhaust segments. A flow control valve selectively re-circulates a portion of exhaust from the first exhaust segment back
7103957 Expendable torque converter alignment ring and assembly method September 12, 2006
In a preferred embodiment, an expendable alignment ring is adapted for centering opposing conical surfaces of a transmission torque converter and an engine crankshaft. The ring has an annular body formed of a thermoplastic such as high density polyethelene. The body has first and sec
7103463 Hydraulic clutch state diagnostic and control September 5, 2006
Clutch engagement is preferably determined in accordance with monitored pressure conditions within a clutch control chamber. Clutch slip is monitored and information respecting clutch engagement inferred therefrom is stored for subsequent retrieval and use in a redundant slip based c
7102476 Method to estimate attractive force in a permanent magnet chuck September 5, 2006
The design of permanent magnet chucks of desired specified attractive force at the base or working face of the chuck is expedited by the discovery of a general correlation between two specific engineering parameters. The attractive force intensity expressed as force per unit chuck wo
7101313 Motor vehicle powertrain control method for low traction conditions September 5, 2006
A driver-initiated low traction control method limits the drive torque of a motor vehicle during operation on low traction road surfaces. The low traction control mode is initiated by actuation of a switch or by moving a transmission range selector to a Low range while the vehicle is
7101312 Vehicular power take-off control September 5, 2006
A vehicular powertrain includes a throttle controlled engine and a power take-off system for driving external loads. A power take-off control executed in a first processor seeks to have engine control authority in accordance with operator invoked switch states including an enable switch
7101302 Planetary transmissions having a stationary member and input clutches September 5, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms, an int
7101301 Two-speed transfer case with center differential September 5, 2006
A simple planetary gear arrangement is provided for a transfer case. The transfer case includes a carrier connected to the transfer case input. The ring gear is connected with a rear axle. The sun gear is connectable with a front axle through a clutching arrangement including a one-way
7101298 Electric variable transmission with de-coupled engine charging in reverse September 5, 2006
A hybrid electromechanical transmission includes first, second and third planetary gear sets, an input member, an output member, and first and second motor generators. At least one of the gear members in the first planetary gear set is connected to the first motor/generator. At least
7100717 Integrated electric power take-off system September 5, 2006
The preferred embodiments of the present invention utilize the internal combustion engine of a hybrid vehicle, coupled with an energy storage device and series of inverters to provide electrical power generation capability for an electric power take-off (EPTO) system. Additional embo
7100565 DOD throttling and intake control September 5, 2006
A throttling and intake control system transitions between activated and deactivated modes in a displacement on demand engine. The throttling and intake control system includes an intake manifold pressure sensor that generates an intake manifold pressure signal and a controller that
7100472 Two speed transfer case having two transfer chains September 5, 2006
A transfer case is provided for a vehicle having front and rear axles. The transfer case includes first and second input clutches connected with an input member, and first and second transfer chains having different chain ratios operably connectable between the input member and the front
7100259 Method of metallic sandwiched foam composite forming September 5, 2006
Disclosed is a method of forming metallic composite structures The method utilizes superplastic and quickplastic formation methodologies in conjunction with the use of appended engineered metallic foams to provide energy absorbing materials.
7099760 Active wheel steering control August 29, 2006
A control system that employs closed-loop control for providing active vehicle rear-wheel steering, where the control system receives longitudinal wheel slip inputs to improve the vehicle directional stability. The longitudinal wheel slip inputs can be from one or more of wheel speed
7099759 Method and apparatus for estimating steering behavior for integrated chassis control August 29, 2006
A method and apparatus for providing integrated chassis control of a vehicle over the entire range of the vehicle dynamic state, including steady state and non-steady state steering conditions and linear and non-linear tire behavior, based on the general steer equation by using an es
7098173 Thermally stable antifoam agent for use in automatic transmission fluids August 29, 2006
Antifoam compositions for automatic transmission fluids contain antifoam agents comprising perfluoropolyether compounds (PFPE). An automatic transmission fluid is provided containing the antifoam composition in a lubricating base oil, along with conventional additives such as antiwear
7097922 Multi-layered superhard nanocomposite coatings August 29, 2006
Superhard nanocomposite coatings which are applicable to coating contact surfaces on substrates in a variety of industrial processes are disclosed. In a typical embodiment, the superhard nanocomposite coating includes a refractory metal silicon nitride coating layer having silicon in
7096986 Mobile chassis and interchangeable vehicle body with ram air circulation system August 29, 2006
An improved body configuration for a vehicle having an aerodynamic configuration and defining a pair of longitudinally extending air flow channels at the opposite sides of the body and inwardly of the outer periphery of the fenders for achieving good air flow. A front bridging member
7096925 Modular electric HVAC systems for vehicles August 29, 2006
Components for HVAC systems used in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles are mounted in modular configuration on a frame with air conditioning components connected to one another by metal pipes welded to the components. An alternating current motor, integral with a compressor, is driven by
7096845 Captured nut using a stamped retention feature August 29, 2006
A bracket and nut assembly including a bracket having a first end and second end. The first end includes a first substantially planar portion spaced apart from and positioned substantially parallel to a second substantially planar portion. A third portion interconnects the first and
7096557 Making panel reinforcements during hot stretch forming August 29, 2006
Small sheet metal reinforcement pieces are co-formed with a larger sheet metal part during a hot stretch forming against a heated forming tool surface. Locator holes are made in blanks for the reinforcing pieces so they can be precisely located on locator pins in the forming surface
7095425 Superposed colors graphic for providing a continuous color fade transition between two colors August 22, 2006
A superposed colors graphic providing a true, continuous color fade transition between two different colors achieved by applying first and second color graphics onto respectively different side surfaces of at least one transparent substrate, each color graphic having a respective col
7094173 Wide ratio transmissions having a stationary planetary member and at least four clutches August 22, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms, a fixe
7092937 Vehicle diagnostic knowledge delivery August 15, 2006
A method for vehicle diagnostic knowledge delivery comprising receiving a search request from a user system and accessing a database of case records in response to the search request. Each of the case records includes a case-record number attribute, a set of vehicle-description attri
7092810 Method and system for reducing acceleration-based wheel slip utilizing pedal-to-throttle progres August 15, 2006
A system and method is directed to wheel slip for a mobile vehicle. The method provides for monitoring a plurality of vehicle system signal inputs, determining an actual vehicle speed value, a pedal progression vehicle speed value, and a control signal modification value based on the
7092802 Vehicle website audio/video communication link August 15, 2006
A website interface system for a vehicle includes a vehicle with a first camera. A remote device includes a first display and a first microphone. A vehicle website provider communicates with, and establishes a communications interface between, the vehicle and the remote device. The r
7092799 Method and system for remotely inventorying electronic modules installed in a vehicle August 15, 2006
The invention provides a method and system for remotely inventorying electronic modules installed in a vehicle. A vehicle telematics unit sends an identification request to at least one electronic module. The telematics unit receives at least one electronic module identifier in respo
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