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Detroit, MI
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7150695 Planetary transmissions having input clutches and three interconnected gear sets December 19, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms and thr
7150631 Hybrid electro-mechanical transmission wire isolators with threaded inserts December 19, 2006
An electrical connector assembly for use in establishing electrical communication between a control module and a motor/generator in a hybrid electro-mechanical transmission includes an insulating wire isolator and nuts nonrotatably preassembled thereto. The electrical connector reduces
7150554 Dark look LED automotive lighting December 19, 2006
Automotive lamps are configured having at least one array of light emitting diodes (LEDs) supported within the lamps. A bezel is positioned in each lamp adjacent to the LEDs, the bezel having a dark surface, the dark surface having a high gloss finish with reflector shaped surfaces to
7150309 Cylinder bore liners for cast engine cylinder blocks December 19, 2006
A cast-in-place cylinder bore liner (15) is disclosed for use in sand casting of engine cylinder blocks, the cylinder bore liner (15) having a protuberant portion (60) adjacent a first end (61) thereof, whereby accuracy in the positioning of cast-in-place bore liners (15) is maximize
7150288 Control valve apparatus December 19, 2006
A control for parallel hybrid transmission has a valve mechanism, which is operable to supply fluid pressure to a torque-transmitting mechanism with or without the operation of the vehicle engine. The valve mechanism is responsive to an electrically driven pump to supply fluid pressure
7150271 Vapor assisted cold start control algorithm December 19, 2006
An engine system according to the present invention includes an engine and a fuel system that delivers a liquid fuel and a vapor fuel to the engine. A control module communicates with the fuel system and modulates the vapor fuel delivered to said engine based on a determination of a desi
7150250 Valve and fueling strategy for operating a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combust December 19, 2006
Low load operating point for a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combustion engine is reduced without compromising combustion stability through a valve control operative to establish sub-atmospheric pressure conditions within the combustion chamber into which fuel and exh
7149618 Cost structure method including fuel economy and engine emission considerations December 12, 2006
A powertrain control selects engine operating points in accordance with power loss minimization controls. Power loss contributions come from a variety of sources including engine power losses. Engine power losses are determined in accordance with engine operating metrics such as power
7148848 Dual band, bent monopole antenna December 12, 2006
A dual-band monopole antenna includes a ground plane. A metal plate is located a first distance from the ground plane and includes first and second portions connecting to form a first angle therebetween. A slot is formed in the metal plate that isolates a center portion of the metal
7147271 Airflow control devices with planar surfaces December 12, 2006
An airflow control device comprises a body and an active material in operative communication with the body. The active material, such as a shape memory material, is operative to change at least one attribute in response to an activation signal. The active material can change its shap
7147269 Airflow control devices using current December 12, 2006
An airflow control device comprises a body and an active material in operative communication with the body. The active material, such as a shape memory material, is operative to change at least one attribute in response to an activation signal. The active material can change its shap
7147200 Fiber preforming process and coating for screen tooling therefor December 12, 2006
An improved screen tooling for a fiber preforming process, and a durable coating system for such tooling. The coating system comprises a surface layer of a porcelain enamel composition that is generally a borosilicate glass, and preferable contains quartz, borax, boric oxide, potassium
7146802 Reducing NO.sub.x emissions with a staged catalyst December 12, 2006
The conversion of NO.sub.x to nitrogen in the exhaust of a lean burn engine using a hydrocarbon assisted-selective catalytic reduction system is benefited by a two-stage oxidation catalyst-reduction catalyst SCR reactor. The character and quantity of the oxidation catalyst is managed
7146724 Method of Assembling an internal combustion engine December 12, 2006
This invention provides a method of assembling a modular internal combustion engine. The modular engine includes a cast crankcase having an open top and a closed bottom, a mid-plate, and an extruded cylinder bore block. A pre-assembled crankshaft with bearings, connecting rods, and p
7146690 Releasable fastener system December 12, 2006
A releasable fastener system comprises a loop portion and a hook portion. The loop portion includes a support and a loop material disposed on one side thereof. The hook portion generally includes a support and a plurality of closely spaced upstanding hook elements extending from one
7143807 Mold design for improved bore liner dimensional accuracy December 5, 2006
A mold design is disclosed for sand casting of engine cylinder blocks, such as engine cylinder V-blocks, with cast-in-place cylinder bore liners, wherein a dimensional accuracy in the positioning of cast-in-place bore liners is maximized.
7143618 Method of making pre-formed tubular members December 5, 2006
A method of making a pre-formed tubular member includes the steps of providing a tubular member extending longitudinally and providing a bending assembly having a mandrel with at least one ball and a bending die. The method also includes the steps of positioning the at least one ball
7143314 Method and apparatus for ensuring integrity of critical RAM variables November 28, 2006
Methods and apparatus are provided for ensuring the integrity of a software variable stored in memory. The method comprises the steps of verifying the integrity of the specific hardware to be used in calculating and storing software variables, calculating a software variable and a du
7142978 Navigation system with map and point of interest databases November 28, 2006
Methods and apparatus are provided for generating route instructions on a turn-by-turn navigation system in a vehicle. Turn instructions can include a turn icon as well as visual and audio prompts. The turn-by-turn navigation system typically includes a dual-use disk changer configured
7142963 Driver control input device for drive-by-wire system November 28, 2006
A driver control input device includes a support post and a steering ring rotatably supported with respect to the support post. A steering transducer is operatively connected between the steering ring and support post to convert mechanical rotation of the steering ring into non-mecha
7142959 Providing status data for vehicle maintenance November 28, 2006
The current invention provides a system and method for providing status data for vehicle maintenance. A GPS location trigger is monitored for at a telematics unit. Communication between the telematics unit and a call center is initiated responsive to the GPS location trigger. Status data
7142810 Method of communicating with a quiescent vehicle November 28, 2006
The invention provides a method for establishing communications with a quiescent mobile vehicle. A satellite radio system broadcast channel is monitored for a command signal. The command signal is extracted from the broadcast channel. A cell phone in a telematics unit is powered up based
7142132 Methods and systems for multi-state switching using at least one ternary input and at least one November 28, 2006
Systems, methods and devices are described for placing a controlled device into a desired operating state in response to the position of a multi-position actuator. Two or more switch contacts provide input signals representative of the position of the actuator. Control logic then det
7142101 Automobile recall notification system and method for using the same November 28, 2006
A method is provided for distributing a recall notification to an automobile equipped with an in-vehicle communications system. The method comprises the steps of providing a telematics service center with identification information corresponding to the automobile, matching the identi
7142099 Method and system for providing flexible vehicle communication within a vehicle communications s November 28, 2006
A method is directed to providing a custom message set within a vehicle message service system. The method includes receiving at least one vehicle message service request, determining at least one set of vehicle parameters based on the at least one received vehicle message service re
7141216 System for sono-catalytic production of hydrogen November 28, 2006
A device for producing hydrogen includes a container housing a water-based solution and a metal constituent. A generator ultrasonically irradiates the water-based solution in the presence of the metal constituent to produce hydrogen gas.
7141207 Aluminum/magnesium 3D-Printing rapid prototyping November 28, 2006
A 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping process using Al/Mg particles coated with a metal (i.e. copper, nickel, zinc, or tin) that (1) prevents oxidation of the Al/Mg particles, and (2) either alone, or when alloyed with the aluminum or magnesium core metal, melts below the liquidus temperature
7140993 Fly-by-wire limp home and multi-plex system November 28, 2006
An electro-hydraulic control mechanism for use with a multi-speed transmission includes a pair of logic valves, which are manipulated during the ratio interchanges and the ratio establishment by aiding in the distribution of fluid pressure from a plurality of trim valves. The logic v
7140672 Integrated front assembly November 28, 2006
Front structure for a vehicle includes a unitary panel formed to define a vehicle cowl and a vehicle bulkhead. The vehicle cowl may form an air intake plenum. The unitary panel is configured to at least partially define a front compartment of the vehicle. An alternative unitary panel
7140660 Cup holder assembly November 28, 2006
A cup holder assembly includes a housing partially defined by a pair of opposing sidewalls and configured to partially enclose an interior space. At least one support ring pivotably moves along a cam surface of the housing between a use position and a stored position. In the use posi
7140601 Independent and integrated compact air-bump stops November 28, 2006
A compact air-bump stop (jounceshock) provides improved motor vehicle suspension system accommodation of jounce and rebound than is provided than by a conventional shock absorber, bump cushion and/or air-bump stop. In an independent jounceshock, a primary shell and a secondary shell are
7140478 Reversibly expandable energy absorbing assembly utilizing actively controlled and engineered mat November 28, 2006
Reversibly expandable energy absorbing assemblies that utilize an actively controlled and engineering material to reversibly change a shear stress or a flexural modulus property. The actively controlled and engineering materials include magnetorheological fluids, electrorheological fluid
7140476 Hand brake lever November 28, 2006
A hand brake lever, especially for a motor vehicle, includes at least two tubes (2, 3) telescopically inserted into each other for actuating a locking device (5) of a parking brake. The tubes (2, 3) automatically lock in any pulled-out position and actuation of a device corresponding
7140267 Multi-speed dual clutch transmission November 28, 2006
A multi-speed, dual clutch transmission includes an input shaft, an output shaft, and first and second countershafts. The first and second countershafts are axially displaced from the input shaft, the output shaft and from one another. Four intermeshing gear pairs, an interconnecting
7140235 Leak detection system for a vehicle fuel tank November 28, 2006
A leak detection system for a vehicle fuel tank includes a sensor that is responsive to a pressure within the fuel tank and that generates a pressure signal based thereon. A control module initiates an engine-off natural vacuum (EONV) test and determines a pressure change based on the
7140224 Moderate temperature bending of magnesium alloy tubes November 28, 2006
A method for bending magnesium alloy tubes. The method includes heating the tube at moderate temperature in the range of about C. to C., and bending the tube to a bend angle or forming the tube to a desired shape.
7140081 Releasable fastener system November 28, 2006
A releasable fastener system comprises a loop portion and a hook portion. The loop portion includes a support and a loop material disposed on one side thereof whereas the hook portion includes a support and a plurality of closely spaced upstanding hook elements extending from one side
7139660 System and method for changing motor vehicle personalization settings November 21, 2006
A method and control system enable at least one adjustable setting of an apparatus in a vehicle to be changed in response to a selection made by a user of the vehicle either from the vehicle or from a location remote to the vehicle. The system has a user actuated input device that provid
7138598 Apparatus and method for accommodating part mismatch during joining November 21, 2006
A method of joining a pair of overlapping workpieces, the method includes: inserting a filler material between the pair of overlapping workpieces; applying a pressure to at least one of the workpieces so that the filler material is crushed; and joining the two workpieces together in a re
7138197 Method of operating a fuel cell power plant November 21, 2006
A fuel cell system extracts water from the effluent of a fuel cell for supply to other components of the fuel cell system that require water. A preferred embodiment is a fuel cell system, for the production of electricity from hydrogen gas and an oxidant, comprising: (a) a fuel cel
7137919 Planetary dual power path transmission with electric motors November 21, 2006
A dual path planetary transmission includes two planetary gearsets each having a sun gear member, a ring gear member, and a planet carrier assembly member. Each of the members of the planetary gearsets are selectively connectible between an input shaft, an output drive mechanism, and
7137414 Fluid transfer apparatus November 21, 2006
The fluid transfer apparatus has an outer composite body having end sealing lips that are adapted to sealingly engage the surface surrounding the spaced passages between which fluid is to be transferred. The transfer apparatus has a central member having a uniform cross section adapt
7136763 Increasing current and voltage sensor accuracy and resolution in electric and hybrid electric ve November 14, 2006
A method for estimating an electrical measurement, such as a current or a voltage, comprises generating an analog electrical measurement signal using a sensor. An analog filter filters the analog electrical measurement signal. An A/D converter samples the analog signal and generates
7136735 Adaptive hill hold for automobile applications by redundant clutch apply November 14, 2006
A vehicle having an automatic transmission includes a roll-back detector that generates a roll-back signal indicating a vehicle roll-back event. A controller receives the roll-back signal and determines whether the automatic transmission is in a forward drive mode having first and second
7136729 Supervisory diagnostics for integrated vehicle stability system November 14, 2006
A supervisory diagnostics system and related method for providing vehicle diagnostics for an integrated vehicle stability system that monitors the state of health of sensors, actuators, vehicle sub-system and communication sub-systems that are used in the stability control system. Th
7135784 Fast torque control of a belted alternator starter November 14, 2006
A belted-alternator starter system that continuously provides pre-flux when the vehicle ignition is on and the engine is off to provide a faster torque response when the engine is turned on. The alternator/starter device operates as an alternator for providing electrical energy to ve
7135245 Apparatus and method for stack temperature control November 14, 2006
A system for modulating a temperature of one or more fuel cells in a fuel cell stack includes a catalytic combustor in heat exchange relationship with the fuel cell stack. The catalytic combustor promotes an exothermic reaction. A hydrogen source selectively supplies hydrogen (H.sub.2) t
7133755 State of health monitoring and fault diagnosis for integrated vehicle stability system November 7, 2006
A system and method for providing state of health monitoring and fault diagnostics for a vehicle stability system. The system includes at least one primary sensor and at least one secondary sensor for sensing the operation of at least one vehicle characteristic. The system calculates
7132935 Single person vehicle light test November 7, 2006
Methods and apparatus are provided whereby a single person can test exterior lights of a vehicle. The apparatus comprises a controller coupled to the lights for turning light groups ON and OFF in a predetermined sequence in response to a START TEST signal and vehicle safe-status. Veh
7132191 Addressing one MEA failure mode by controlling MEA catalyst layer overlap November 7, 2006
A method of addressing one MEA failure mode by controlling MEA catalyst layer overlap, and the apparatus formed thereby is disclosed. The present invention addresses a feature of membrane electrode assembly (MEA) architecture that is associated with field failures due to the loss of
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