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Detroit, MI
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7166053 Planetary transmissions having four interconnecting members and clutched input members January 23, 2007
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms and fou
7166050 Powertrain with an electrically-variable transmission January 23, 2007
A powertrain incorporates two electrical units, two planetary gearsets in a radially-stacked package to provide a shortened length of the transmission. The output members of the electrical units are interconnected by a gear mechanism, which is drivingly connected with a conventional
7165698 Construction for multi-layered vacuum super insulated cryogenic tank January 23, 2007
A construction for a multi-layered vacuum super insulated cryogenic tank and a method for making the same is disclosed. The cryogenic tank uses an inner tank that is wrapped with multiple layers of radiation shielding and is suspended within a frame by one or more suspension members. The
7165567 Valve apparatus for compensating centrifugal forces January 23, 2007
A control valve apparatus for a rotating clutch includes a valve having a spool portion and a mass portion. The spool portion provides a control function to distribute pressure from a static source to a chamber of the clutch. The valve also has a mass associated therewith which is re
7165541 Protruding oil separation baffle holes January 23, 2007
A baffle plate for an internal combustion engine is used to separate air and oil as required for recirculation of crankcase gasses. The baffle plate includes oil holes with protrusions extending therefrom. The protrusions extend in a direction opposing the flow of an air/oil mixture.
7165408 Method of operating a cryogenic liquid gas storage tank January 23, 2007
The present invention teaches methods of operating a pressurized cryogenic liquid gas storage tank that has a vent cooling shield around which fuel vented from a storage tank flows to cool the storage tank by reducing the influence of heat influx into the storage tank. The method of the
7164760 Audible caller identification with nametag storage January 16, 2007
The present invention provides a system and method for audible caller identification with nametag storage. A call signal is received, the call signal including an automatic number identification. A determination is made whether the automatic number identification matches a nametag-id
7163487 Engine retard operation scheduling and management in a hybrid vehicle January 16, 2007
A hybrid vehicle includes a powertrain having a retarded diesel engine, an electric machine and energy storage system. The engine and motor are operatively coupled through one or more planetary gearsets and selective coupling paths in accordance with application and release of various
7163484 Eight-speed transmissions with four planetary gear sets January 16, 2007
Eight-speed transmissions are provided that include four planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms and various fixed interconnections to provide eight forward speed ratios and at least one reverse speed ratio. The powertrain includes an engine and torque convert
7163483 Three speed transfer case with two transfer chains January 16, 2007
A transfer case for a vehicle having front and rear axles includes three input clutches connected to first, second and third members of a planetary gear set. First and second transfer chains are connected to each other and operatively engageable between the planetary gear set and the
7163482 Controlled release of perfluoropolyether antifoam additives from compounded rubber January 16, 2007
Antifoam compositions for functional fluids contain antifoam agents comprising perfluoropolyether compounds (PFPE). An automatic transmission fluid is provided containing the antifoam composition in a lubricating base oil, along with conventional additives such as antiwear agents. Au
7163095 Clutch assembly with vibration damper January 16, 2007
A clutch assembly includes a hub with a hub friction surface and an inner surface that cooperate to define a cavity. A damper member is situated within the cavity and is in contact with the hub friction surface. The damper member is rotatable with respect to the hub so that relative
7162339 automated vehicle calibration and testing system via telematics January 9, 2007
Methods and apparatus are provided for automatically updating the calibration parameters of a vehicle from a remote location. The apparatus typically comprises an onboard computing platform connected to electronic control units in the vehicle. The computing platform is typically pre-
7162215 Method and system for setting user preference satellite radio music selections in a mobile vehic January 9, 2007
A system and method is directed to setting user preference satellite radio music selections in a mobile vehicle. The method provides creating at least one vehicle preference selection list utilizing a user interface, transferring the vehicle preference selection list into a mobile co
7161563 Electronic vehicle registration and license plate January 9, 2007
A method and apparatus is provided for electronically providing vehicle identification and registration information to a vehicle. The system includes a remote control unit, which receives and stores vehicle identification and registration information. At least one computer on the veh
7160641 Methods to cool a fuel cell and if desired heat a hybrid bed simultaneously January 9, 2007
A technique for rejecting heat from a fuel cell stack. Heated stack coolant from the fuel cell stack is directed to a heat pump module where it is compressed to raise its temperature. The heated and compressed coolant is then directed through a radiator that cools the coolant through
7160343 Systems and methods for carbon monoxide clean-up January 9, 2007
A fuel cell system comprises a fuel cell stack and a carbon monoxide clean-up system in communication with the fuel cell stack. The carbon monoxide cleanup system comprises a first water gas shift reactor, a first hydride heat exchanger, and a second water gas shift reactor. The firs
7160341 System for controlling front and back end temperatures of a shift reactor January 9, 2007
A temperature control system and method controls temperatures of front and back ends of a shift reactor. Front and back end temperature sensors sense temperatures of the front and back ends of the shift reactor and generate front and back end temperature signals. An actuator injects
7160224 Single motor recovery for an electrically variable transmission January 9, 2007
A vehicular powertrain includes operatively coupled engine, electrically variable transmission and driveline. During normal operation when all motors are operating as expected, the engine is operated in a torque control mode in accordance with a torque command provided by a system co
7159901 Deployable knee bolster for instrument panel January 9, 2007
An energy absorbing knee bolster for use in an interior of a vehicle is disclosed. An energy absorbing support structure is configured to support an instrument panel within a vehicle. The energy absorbing structure has a deployable tubular mechanism for absorbing occupant impact energy a
7159898 Vehicle air bag module retention system January 9, 2007
A steering wheel assembly includes an air bag module retention system that employs at least one spring. The at least one spring performs two functions. First, the at least one spring provides snap-fit engagement to retain the air bag module to the armature of the steering wheel. Second,
7159894 Snap-in roof rail air bag assembly and method of installation January 9, 2007
A roof rail air bag assembly includes an air bag module having an air bag inflator and an air bag with a plurality of cushion retention tabs. Also included in the assembly are an inflator bracket and a plurality of snap-in clips. The bracket is attached to the air bag inflator; the s
7159623 Apparatus and methods for estimating vehicle fuel composition January 9, 2007
A method of estimating composition of fuel in the fuel tank of a vehicle. A refuel event is detected. Fuel consumption is monitored during a plurality of stages after the refuel event. A plurality of fuel trim shift values are determined relative to the stages. The fuel trim shift va
7159456 Level indicator for liquid hydrogen tank January 9, 2007
A liquid hydrogen tank assembly that employs a level sensor inductively coupled through the tank walls so as to minimize one conductive heat path through the tank walls. The tank assembly includes an inner tank and an outer tank having a vacuum layer therebetween to maintain the liquid
7159437 Heated die for hot forming January 9, 2007
A hot forming tool is heated with multiple electrical resistance cartridge heaters. The heaters are located in the body of the tool so as to maintain the entire forming surface within a predetermined temperature range. Numerical thermal and optimization analyses direct the placement
7159427 Heated and insulated tool container for hot gas blow-forming January 9, 2007
Apparatus for hot gas blow-forming including opposed heated and insulated tool containers, each including a tool heater plate that is adapted for attachment to a platen of a press with one or more load bearing spacers interposed between the tool heater plate and the platen. Each tool
7157178 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell January 2, 2007
A fuel cell system with a proton exchange membrane. There is a cathode catalyst layer overlying the first face of the proton exchange membrane, and a cathode diffusion layer overlying the cathode catalyst layer. There is an anode catalyst layer overlying the second face of the proton
7156887 Methods, apparatus, and systems for producing hydrogen from a fuel January 2, 2007
Methods and apparatus for producing hydrogen are provided. The methods and apparatus utilize reforming catalysts in order to produce hydrogen gas. The reforming catalysts may be platinum group metals on a support material, and they may be located in a reforming reaction zone of a pri
7155916 Supply unit cooling January 2, 2007
A feed gas supply unit for a fuel cell system uses a feed gas supply and/or cooling fluid passages to cool the control unit, bearings, and motor of the feed gas supply device.
7155335 Satellite radio real time traffic updates December 26, 2006
A system and method for providing real-time traffic updates to a mobile vehicle communication device is disclosed. Producing traffic incident region coordinate data, communicating the traffic incident region coordinate data to a mobile vehicle communication device, and determining wh
7155324 Apparatus and method for programming motor vehicle electronic control units December 26, 2006
Methods and apparatuses are provided for programming a plurality of Electronic Central Units (ECUs) for controlling devices in a motor vehicle. A host module positioned within the vehicle is coupled to each of the ECUs. The host module stores the software programs to be downloaded to
7154444 Ground plane compensation for mobile antennas December 26, 2006
An antenna system improves the radiation pattern of an antenna on a vehicle. An antenna includes a ground plane and receives RF signals. The antenna is mounted on a vehicle surface in close proximity to a vehicle window. A conductive structure is located on the vehicle window adjacent
7154385 Vehicle-trailer backing up system using active front steer December 26, 2006
A vehicle-trailer back-up control system that employs an active front steer sub-system. The system includes a smart hitch controller that receives a vehicle speed signal and a hand-wheel angle signal, and calculates a hitch angle command signal. The system further includes a hitch an
7154237 Unified power control method of double-ended inverter drive systems for hybrid vehicles December 26, 2006
A method of providing a unified power control of a motor including providing a first inverter system, a second inverter system, and a motor coupled therebetween; coupling the first inverter system coupled to a first energy source; coupling the second inverter system coupled to a seco
7154064 Method of improving weld quality December 26, 2006
A method of improving weld quality between aluminum members by slowing the rate of solidification of a molten weld trough into solidified material. Upper and lower aluminum members are positioned together in contact between facing surfaces thereof to expose a first outer surface of the
7153600 Integrated cell voltage monitoring module December 26, 2006
An integrated cell voltage unit for monitoring the voltage of each fuel cell in a fuel cell stack that is easily and reliably electrically coupled to the bipolar plates of the fuel cell stack. The bipolar plates of the fuel cell stack are equipped with a specialized tab connector that
7153334 Fuel reforming system and method of operation December 26, 2006
Carbonaceous material is removed from a catalyst within an autothermal reformer by introducing an isolated oxidant stream into the autothermal reformer prior to introduction of hydrocarbon fuel into the reformer. A hydrocarbon stream is introduced into the autothermal reformer following
7153232 Planetary transmissions having a stationary member and an input member December 26, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms and a g
7153231 Planetary transmissions having two interconnecting members and clutched input members December 26, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms and two
7152933 Brake booster vacuum prediction algorithm and method of use therefor December 26, 2006
An algorithm residing in, for example the ECM of a motor vehicle, which predicts brake booster vacuum for vehicles using vacuum for brake pedal assist. The predicted brake booster vacuum is compared to a calibrated brake booster vacuum threshold to determine if adequate brake booster
7152724 Hybrid electro-mechanical transmission park system access cover and method December 26, 2006
This invention relates to the housing of a hybrid electro-mechanical transmission consisting of park pawl system located in the end cover portion of the transmission housing. The end cover portion is configured to cover the park pawl system and allow access to the components of the p
7152559 Valve and fueling strategy for operating a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combust December 26, 2006
Part load operating point for a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combustion engine is reduced without compromising combustion stability through a valve control operative to establish low pressure conditions within the combustion chamber into which fuel and exhaust gases
7152454 Continuous blending for gas analyzer calibration December 26, 2006
A method for calibrating a plurality of gas analyzers includes providing gas analyzers that measure the concentrations of gases. A span gas includes a mixture of the gases. A calibration mixture is supplied to the gas analyzers that includes the span gas and a non-reactive zero gas. At
7152396 Reductant distributor for lean NOx trap December 26, 2006
A lean NOx trap operating in a lean NOx exhaust stream is progressively regenerated, sector to sector, for efficient operation of the trap and conservation of reducing gas used in the regeneration. A reductant gas distributor is inserted in the exhaust upstream of the trap. Reductant
7152352 Universal license plate attachment system December 26, 2006
A universal attachment system for attaching to a motor vehicle the license plate from a number of countries, even though the locations of the attachment holes of the license plates may be different from country to country. A right nut body has a first plurality of license plate attac
7151844 Image sensor method and apparatus having hardware implemented edge detection processing December 19, 2006
An image sensor comprising an integrated circuit chip that includes both a pixel array and edge detection circuitry hardwired together on the chip. The pixel array provides an addressable, non-destructive readout of the pixel data, with the edge detection circuit providing a hardwired
7150918 Bilayer coating system for an electrically conductive element in a fuel cell December 19, 2006
The present invention relates to an electrically conductive element for an electrochemical cell comprising an electrically conductive corrosion-susceptible metal substrate having a surface susceptible to passivation by forming oxides in the presence of oxygen. The surface is treated
7150915 Gel coat composition for in mold finish process December 19, 2006
Composite articles are prepared by a spray up operation. In a first step, a gel coat is applied onto a mold surface. Next, a barrier coat is applied over the gel coat in the mold and thereafter a laminate formula is applied over the barrier coat. In a preferred embodiment, the multil
7150799 Weld nugget inoculation December 19, 2006
A weld nugget between aluminum alloy parts is inoculated with a material in order to refine the grain structure of the weld and thereby improve its mechanical strength. The inoculate may be a Ti or Na based compound in the form of a paste, powder or film, which is applied to the sheets
7150696 Planetary transmissions having a stationary gear member and clutched input members December 19, 2006
The family of transmissions has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide at least eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The transmission family members include three planetary gear sets having seven torque-transmitting mechanisms, two in
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