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Detroit, MI
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7238132 Electrically variable transmission arrangement with transfer gear between motor/generators July 3, 2007
An electrically variable transmission includes an input member to receive power from an engine about a primary axis; an output member connected to a transfer member for transmitting power to a secondary axis; first and second motor/generators; first and second torque transfer devices; an
7238131 Electrically variable transmission having three planetary gear sets and three fixed interconnect July 3, 2007
A family of electrically variable transmissions providing low-content, low-cost electrically variable transmission mechanisms including first, second and third differential gear sets, a battery, two electric machines serving interchangeably as motors or generators, and three selectable
7237662 Selectable one-way torque transmitter with a friction torque transmitter actuator July 3, 2007
A selectively operable one-way torque-transmitting mechanism has a friction actuator, which is operable to adjust the position of torque-transmitting members between the inner and outer race of the selectable one-way torque-transmitting mechanism. In an unactuated position of the fri
7237433 Hybrid tire pressure monitoring system July 3, 2007
A tire pressure monitoring system for a vehicle having a plurality of inflatable tires includes a plurality of rotation sensors that generate rotation signals based on a rotation of each of the tires and a pressure sensor that is responsive to a pressure within one of the tires and that
7236872 Speed sensor instability detection June 26, 2007
A speed sensor instability detection and correction system for use with a vehicle includes a speed sensor output variation extractor monitoring and recording change in output of a speed sensor over time. A speed sensor output variation comparison module detects speed sensor instability b
7236871 Acceleration limiting for a vehicle June 26, 2007
A method and apparatus to control acceleration of a vehicle equipped with an electrically variable transmission and including a regenerative braking system, each are operably connected to a vehicle driveline. The method and apparatus include determining which one of a preselected shift
7236869 Blended torque estimation for automatic transmission systems June 26, 2007
A torque prediction module for an automatic transmission system includes a throttle-based torque prediction module. The throttle-based torque prediction module determines a first predicted torque of an engine in a vehicle that is based on a position of a throttle, an ambient air pres
7236783 Method for provisioning a telematics units June 26, 2007
A method for provisioning a telematics units comprising the steps of: initiating a wireless over the air service provisioning session between a telematics unit and a wireless network carrier, wherein data is downloaded from the wireless network carrier to the telematics unit during t
7235318 Fuel cell system back-pressure control with a discrete valve June 26, 2007
A fuel cell system that employs a two-position valve at the cathode exhaust gas output for controlling the pressure within the fuel cell stack to control the stack relative humidity. In one embodiment, the two-position valve is switchable between a fully open and a fully closed posit
7235029 Integrated motor clutch for electrically variable transmissions June 26, 2007
A two-mode, compound-split, electro-mechanical transmission utilizes an input member for receiving power from an engine, and an output member for delivering power from the transmission. First and second motor/generators are operatively connected to an energy storage device through a cont
7234888 Arrangements for anchoring items to automotive framing components June 26, 2007
An item such as a passenger assist handle is anchored to an automotive framing component by a mounting stud passing through a hole in the framing component. The mounting stud includes a shaft with a helix at a first end and a threaded portion at a second end. The helix and threaded p
7234716 Vehicle step apparatus and method of operation thereof June 26, 2007
A step apparatus for a vehicle having a door and a rocker panel includes a step disposed at and in operable communication with the door, wherein the step has a retracted position in response to the door being closed and a deployed position in response to the door being at least partially
7233861 Prediction of vehicle operator destinations June 19, 2007
A method for predicting vehicle operator destinations including receiving vehicle position data for a vehicle. The vehicle position data for a current trip is compared to vehicle position data for a previous trip to predict a destination for the vehicle. A path to the destination is
7233854 Method for improving fuel economy and performance when deactivating cylinders with vehicle cruis June 19, 2007
A method for controlling the speed in a vehicle includes adjusting at least one gain parameter based on a vehicle speed error and the displacement on demand mode of the engine. A new cruise throttle area is calculated from the adjusted gain parameter.
7232402 Motor driven auxiliary pump for electrically-variable transmission torsional damper June 19, 2007
The present invention relates to a torsional damper for an electrically-variable transmission. The torsional damper is equipped with a hydraulically actuable lock-out clutch to directly couple the engine to the input shaft of the transmission. The electric motors provided with the el
7232401 Method of compensating torque at cylinder switching on a DOD engine with electric parallel hybri June 19, 2007
A method for managing torque in a hybrid electric vehicle uses a displacement on demand (DOD) internal combustion engine (ICE), an electric machine and a battery. The method includes smoothing disturbances in ICE torque during a DOD transition using the electric machine.
7232178 Vehicle hood assembly and method of elevating vehicle hood June 19, 2007
This invention relates to a vehicle hood assembly that is operative to raise the rearward and frontward portions of a vehicle hood. The system includes an actuator selectively extendable to raise the rearward portion of a vehicle hood from a first position to a higher second position. A
7232016 Fluid damper having continuously variable damping response June 19, 2007
An improved damping apparatus that utilizes a fluid having a viscosity that may be varied by the application of an electromagnetic field, such as a magnetorheological fluid or an electrorheological fluid, to provide the damping response. The damping apparatus includes a linear to rotary
7231907 Variable incremental activation and deactivation of cylinders in a displacement on demand engine June 19, 2007
A method of regulating displacement in a displacement on demand engine includes determining a desired engine displacement and determining a current engine displacement. The method further includes adjusting activation of a first cylinder to partially achieve the desired engine displa
7231270 Mobile play-list method June 12, 2007
A mobile play list method, comprising the steps of: broadcasting a work and identification for the work over a broadcast system; receiving the broadcast work and identification in a mobile device; receiving, from a user, an input identifying the broadcast work as desired by the user;
7231041 Method, device, and system for secure motor vehicle remote keyless entry June 12, 2007
Methods and apparatus are provided for sending an encrypted command message from a remote keyless entry device to a receiver in a motor vehicle. The method comprises defining a key generating key within the remote keyless entry device, and using that key generating key to generate a
7229377 Lubrication system for a transmission output differential mechanism June 12, 2007
A differential lubrication system includes structure forming a torque converter feed passage in fluid communication with a fluid source and in which fluid is selectively supplied to a torque converter. Structure forming a branch passage for lubricating a differential mechanism extends
7229113 Structural assembly for vehicles and method of making same June 12, 2007
A structural assembly for a vehicle and method of making same includes a hydroformed tubular member extending axially, a reinforcement disposed within and generally perpendicular to an axis of the tubular member, and at least one securement to secure the reinforcement to the tubular
7228249 Methods and apparatus for determining the condition of a sensor and identifying the failure ther June 5, 2007
Methods and apparatus are provided which generate an error signal if a sensor is either anticipated to fail or fails. At least two sensors provide input signals having magnitudes that approximately correspond to a sensed event. A processor calculates an actual correlation error for t
7227453 Multi-control telematics in a vehicle June 5, 2007
An apparatus and method allow either the driver or a passenger in a vehicle to operate a telematic unit in the vehicle. Communication requests may be prioritized, depending upon the type of communication desired and whether the request is being made by the driver or a passenger. Visu
7226680 Integrated air cooler, filter, and humidification unit for a fuel cell stack June 5, 2007
System for thermally conditioning, humidifying and filtering reactant feed gases supplied to a stack of fuel cells using an evaporative element, a water spray mechanism and a heat exchanger. The evaporation element also functions as a filter. The evaporative element may take the form of
7226665 Barrier coat for open tool molding June 5, 2007
A multilayer composite contains a gel coat layer, a laminate layer, and a barrier layer disposed between the gel coat and the laminate layer. The laminate contains from 40 80% by weight paste and from 20 60% by weight reinforcing fibers. The barrier coat also comprises a cured polyester
7226529 Electrolyzer system to produce gas at high pressure June 5, 2007
An apparatus and method to produce hydrogen gas a high pressure is disclosed. An electrolyzer is located inside a pressure vessel that is pressurized with high pressure water. The high pressure water is provided to both the anode and cathode sides of the electrolyzer by a pump in the
7226381 Nine-speed transmissions with four planetary gear sets June 5, 2007
Nine-speed transmissions are provided that include four planetary gear sets having six torque-transmitting mechanisms and various fixed interconnections to provide nine forward speed ratios and a reverse speed ratio. The powertrain includes an engine and torque converter that is cont
7226121 Rail assembly for vehicles June 5, 2007
A rail assembly for a vehicle includes a rail member extending longitudinally. The rail assembly also includes an insert disposed within and extending longitudinally along at least a portion of the rail member and having at least one curved section to provide load carrying capacity i
7225905 Magnetorheological fluid damper June 5, 2007
A magnetorheological damper device is provided having an increased shear interface area per unit volume of device, which enhances the stroking force of the damper. The damper generally includes a thrust shaft comprising an external threaded surface in threaded communication with a se
7225776 Valvetrain with two-step switchable rocker and deactivating stationary lash adjuster June 5, 2007
The invention provides a valvetrain configuration in an internal combustion engine in which a plurality of two-step rockers enable the engine poppet valves to switch between two lift profiles. In addition, a lost-motion stationary lash adjuster enables the deactivation of the engine
7225766 Engine cylinder cooling jacket June 5, 2007
A coolant jacket for an engine cylinder bank having longitudinally aligned cylinders includes upper, lower and side walls defining two inlet flow galleries extending along the intake and exhaust sides of the cylinder bank and communicating with the upper ends of the cylinders. Two outlet
7225702 Cable end fitting retainer assembly June 5, 2007
A cable end fitting retainer assembly for a vehicle includes a conduit end fitting for connection to a flexible cable. The cable end fitting retainer assembly also includes an end fitting retainer arm extending from the conduit end fitting for retaining a portion of the flexible cabl
7225542 Vehicle body compartment lid method of manufacturing June 5, 2007
A vehicle body compartment lid includes a unitary, one-piece panel. The panel has both an inner panel portion and an outer panel portion, and is bent or folded such that the inner panel portion and the outer panel portion are in juxtaposition with one another. A method of manufacturing
7224998 Method and system for modem protocol discrimination May 29, 2007
The invention provides a method of selecting a modem carrier type for data transmission over a wireless communication system. An incoming call is received from a mobile vehicle and then an initial carrier tone is sent to a mobile vehicle in response to the incoming call. A modem response
7224643 Self adjusting vehicle clock May 29, 2007
A method and system are provided for adjusting a clock time setting in a vehicle. The system includes a global positioning system that is in communication with a vehicle control module and has a memory that stores geographical data corresponding to time settings for regional time zones.
7224559 Differential current detection May 29, 2007
A detection circuit detects a difference between a source current and a return current. The detection circuit includes a constantly biased magnetic core through which conductors of the source and return currents extend, and a sense winding around the core. The sense winding carries an
7223205 Method for controlling engine and/or transmission temperature May 29, 2007
The method of the present invention is adapted to control transmission oil temperature. According to a preferred embodiment, the engine coolant temperature may be controlled in addition to or regardless of transmission oil temperature. To maintain transmission and/or engine temperatu
7223202 Hydraulic circuit for torsional damper assembly of an electrically variable transmission May 29, 2007
The present invention relates to a torsional damper for an electrically variable transmission. The torsional damper is equipped with a hydraulically actuable lock-out clutch to selectively directly couple the engine to the input shaft of the transmission. The electric motors provided
7222014 Method for automatic traction control in a hybrid electric vehicle May 22, 2007
A method for providing traction control in vehicle powertrain systems is particularly adapted for traction control in a powertrain system of a hybrid electric vehicle comprising an internal combustion engine, an electric machine and a transmission that is operatively coupled to the e
7222013 Throttle phase out control May 22, 2007
A vehicular powertrain has output torque established in accordance with various torque contributions in including throttle and brake torques. Throttle torque contribution is reduced proportionally to the amount of brake torque requested. Furthermore, such torque reductions are less a
7222011 Engine and driveline torque transfer device control May 22, 2007
A starting clutch control includes an engine control state and a slip control state. The engine and slip control states include feedforward and driveline damping control terms. The engine state control may further include an engine speed control term. The slip control state further i
7222006 Method for determination of pre-authorization engine operation time for a vehicle theft deterren May 22, 2007
Methods and apparatus are provided for determining the duration a motor vehicle engine may operate while operator authorization is verified in response to an ignition request. In one embodiment the method includes the steps of decrementing a pre-authorization timer from a first prede
7220513 Balanced humidification in fuel cell proton exchange membranes May 22, 2007
A fuel cell with a gas diffusion media having a hydrophobic layer adjacent a flow field plate and a hydrophilic layer adjacent the membrane electrode assembly of the fuel cell. The two layers enable balanced humidification of reactant gas along with a basis for managing capillary wat
7220510 Sulfonated poly(arylene) films as polyelectrolyte membranes May 22, 2007
Polyelectrolyte membranes suitable for use in a fuel cell are provided as a solid state sulfonation product of particular fluorinated polymers, or alternatively as a fluorination product of particular sulfonated polymers. A sulfonated polymer is provided that contains repeating units
7220509 Constituents and methods for protecting fuel cell components, including PEMs May 22, 2007
A fuel cell comprising a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) that is made up of a membrane sandwiched between first and second electrodes, a contaminant peroxide, damaging to the MEA, and at least one constituent with the contaminant peroxide that prevents, or at least inhibits, decomp
7220501 Integrated hybrid electrochemical device May 22, 2007
An integrated hybrid electrochemical device comprising a nickel-metal hydride battery and an alkaline H.sub.2--O.sub.2/air fuel cell together sharing a common alkali metal electrolyte in a housing common to both. In one embodiment, the NiMH battery and alkaline fuel cell electrodes share
7220386 On-board fuel properties measurement for engine management May 22, 2007
A narrow test chamber has at least one heater immersed with its major faces parallel to the fuel surface, part way up the chamber. Heater resistance increases non-linearly as a critical temperature is reached. When the heater is energized, fuel begins to evaporate. Heater temperature
7220217 Engine spin-up control with natural torque smoothing May 22, 2007
A hybrid vehicle includes an engine having at least one cylinder and an electric machine that drives the engine during a start-up period. A control module monitors a rotational speed of the engine and regulates torque generated by the electric machine based on the rotational speed du
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