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6669202 Multi-core brush seal assembly for rotary machines December 30, 2003
A brush seal assembly that in an exemplary embodiment includes an elongate brush core holder, at least three elongate brush core packs bundled together side-by-side in the brush core holder forming a single assembly. Each brush core pack includes a bristle holder and a plurality of brist
6667022 Process for separating synthesis gas into fuel cell quality hydrogen and sequestration ready car December 23, 2003
A method and apparatus for separating gas mixtures containing synthesis gas (syngas) into separate streams of wet hydrogen containing significantly reduced amounts of CO.sub.2 and CO, with the CO.sub.2 being "sequestration ready" and containing less than 1% fixed gases. In the preferred
6661240 Methods and systems for capacitive motion sensing and position control December 9, 2003
A system for detecting motion and proximity by determining capacitance between a sensor and an object. The sensor includes sensing surfaces made of a thin film of electrically conductive material mounted on a non-conductive surface. In another embodiment, the sensor is a human body.
6660405 High temperature abradable coating for turbine shrouds without bucket tipping December 9, 2003
An abradable coating composition for use on shrouds in gas turbine engines (or other hot gas path metal components exposed to high temperatures) containing an initial porous coating phase created by adding a "fugitive polymer" (such as polyester or polyimide) to the base metal alloy,
6659711 Methods and apparatus for regulating turbine cooling airflow supply systems December 9, 2003
A check valve includes a valve housing and at least one control member. The valve housing includes a sidewall and an opening extending therethrough. The sidewall defines the opening and includes at least one recess formed therein. Each control member is rotatably coupled to the valve hou
6659332 Directionally solidified article with weld repair December 9, 2003
A directionally solidified nickel-base superalloy article has a defect therein extending parallel to the solidification direction. The article is repaired by removing any foreign matter present in the defect, and then heating the article to a repair temperature of from about 60 to about
6658854 Methods and apparatus for retaining gas turbine engine nozzle basesheets December 9, 2003
A method for assembling a flap and seal system for a gas turbine engine exhaust nozzle including a plurality of backbone assemblies facilitates attaching a basesheet to a backbone. The method includes attaching an attachment system including at least one strap to a basesheet, and cou
6658330 Method and system for upgrading software for controlling locomotives December 2, 2003
A method of upgrading control software on a first locomotive. The first locomotive includes a first locomotive interface. A first computer is coupled to the first locomotive interface, and a first communicator is coupled to the first computer. The first computer is programmed for ope
6652226 Methods and apparatus for reducing seal teeth wear November 25, 2003
A gas turbine engine includes a non-rotatable member that includes a honeycomb seal that reduces wear to rotor seal teeth disposed within the gas turbine engine. The gas turbine engine also includes a rotatable annular member including a sealing assembly disposed between rotor and st
6652180 Method and apparatus for load-bearing coupling November 25, 2003
A coupling for coupling a component to a hanger including a first member and a second member. The coupling includes a first member and a second member. The first member includes a pair of extending portions and a pair of extending tabs. The second member includes a pair of circumferentia
6651439 Methods and apparatus for supplying air to turbine engine combustors November 25, 2003
A combustor for a gas turbine engine that facilitates reducing combustor chamber dump pressure losses to improve combustor and engine performance is described. The combustor includes a diffuser that diffuses airflow directed into the combustor. The diffuser includes an outer wall, an inn
6648540 Rabbet plate for coupling rotors November 18, 2003
A locating plate for locating a first piece of rotary machinery relative to a second piece of rotary machinery is provided. The plate has a first periphery surface for mating with a first receiving surface of the first piece of rotary machinery and a second periphery surface for mating w
6644009 Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines November 11, 2003
A method for controlling an aircraft engine using a control system enables an engine to be operated at low power while hail is ingested. The control system includes a processor coupled to the aircraft engine. The method comprises receiving a plurality of sensed inputs from the aircraft e
6641929 Article having a superalloy protective coating, and its fabrication November 4, 2003
An article protected by a protective coating includes a substrate made of a first nickel-base superalloy substrate material that is susceptible to the formation of a secondary reaction zone when overlaid by a diffusion aluminide coating or an aluminide overlay coating. A protective coati
6633144 System and method for measuring parameters of a DC motor field October 14, 2003
A system and method determine the parameters of a field of a DC motor. The method comprises obtaining parameters of the DC motor; and performing an iterative processing loop, the iterative processing loop being performed n times. The iterative processing loop includes regulating field cu
6631335 Method and apparatus for generator stator bar wedge pressure testing October 7, 2003
Systems and methods are provided for measuring pressure on a member. The systems and methods include exciting the member to create a vibratory response in the member and detecting the vibratory response. The vibratory response is then compared to at least one of a plurality of previously
6631322 Method and apparatus for vehicle management October 7, 2003
A method and system for pacing a vehicle along a path of travel is described. The method includes determining a geographical location of the vehicle, displaying a vehicle position icon representative of the geographical location, determining an optimal position for the vehicle, displ
6630250 Article having an iridium-aluminum protective coating, and its preparation October 7, 2003
An article substrate is protected by a protective structure overlying a surface of the article substrate. The protective structure includes a protective coating that is formed by depositing a layer of iridium overlying the surface of the substrate, depositing a layer of aluminum over
6630198 Methods and apparatus for washing gas turbine engines October 7, 2003
A gas turbine engine wash process that facilitates reducing a formation of particulate matter within a gas turbine engine is described. The engine wash process includes injecting a first liquid into the engine to remove particulate matter formed within the engine and adversely affecting
6629415 Methods and apparatus for modeling gas turbine engine combustor liners October 7, 2003
A method for fabricating a three-dimensional turbine engine combustor liner model includes coupling at least a first member to a second member to form an assembly that has an inner surface. The assembly inner surface simulates an inner surface of the aircraft engine combustor liner. The
6625987 Control strategy for gas turbine engine September 30, 2003
A control strategy for a gas turbine engine which exchanges future lifetime of the engine for present thrust. Gas turbine engines, such as those used in aircraft, sometimes incur damage, as when they ingest birds, or are struck with ballistic objects fired by an enemy. The invention dete
6622383 Methods for shielding heat from a fuel nozzle stem of a fuel nozzle September 23, 2003
A fuel nozzle including a nozzle stem having an annular overhang and a heat shield secured to the overhang is described. More specifically, and in one embodiment, the nozzle stem includes an upstream end and a downstream end. The annular overhang is intermediate to the upstream end and t
6615574 System for combining flow from compressor bleeds of an industrial gas turbine for gas turbine pe September 9, 2003
A gas turbine cooling and sealing air supply system design for an industrial gas turbine is provided which effectively eliminates the need to dissipate bleed pressure across an orifice or similar device, thereby to optimize full load ISO performance. This flow system is realized by p
6598383 Fuel system configuration and method for staging fuel for gas turbines utilizing both gaseous an July 29, 2003
A nozzle configuration and control methodology adapted to provide a compact means for configuring and operating an industrial gas turbine on either gaseous or liquid fuel while utilizing fuel staging to achieve very low emissions. More specifically, the outer fuel nozzles are used for de
6594130 Method and circuit for the protection of a thyristor July 15, 2003
Circuits and methods for protecting thyristors in a bridge configuration are provided. A circuit comprises a line reactor in series with the input of the bridge and the input of the diametric cell, two leg reactors each in series with a respective leg and an output of the diametric cell.
6591613 Methods for operating gas turbine engines July 15, 2003
A fuel control system for a gas turbine engine includes logic that is used to facilitate enhanced compressor stall margin when the engine is operating in potential icing conditions is described. The fuel control system is coupled to at least one fuel regulator within the engine, and
6588245 Roll gap control for coiler July 8, 2003
Roll gap control is provided using a first roll position detector that detects a first position of a first roll, a second roll position detector that detects a first position of a second roll and a third roll position detector that detects a first position of the third roll. A processor
6585482 Methods and apparatus for delivering cooling air within gas turbines July 1, 2003
A gas turbine engine includes a compressor rotor assembly which directs air at a sufficient pressure and temperature to a downstream turbine for cooling. The compressor assembly includes a compressor including an impeller and a cooling circuit. The impeller includes an exit, an inlet,
6584778 Methods and apparatus for supplying cooling air to turbine engines July 1, 2003
A cooling air cooling system is selectively operable to reduce fuel gum deposits within the cooling system during gas turbine engine operations. The cooling system includes a recirculating loop that includes at least three heat exchangers in fluid communication with the recirculating loo
6584766 Methods and apparatus for minimizing thermal stresses in a centerbody July 1, 2003
A centerbody for a gas turbine engine includes a thermal control system which minimizes the thermal stresses between the centerbody and at least one stiffener. The centerbody stiffener extends radially inward from a centerbody shell. A cavity is defined within each centerbody stiffener.
6581285 Methods for replacing nuggeted combustor liner panels June 24, 2003
A replacement method facilitates replacing of a portion of a nuggeted combustor liner within a gas turbine engine combustor in a cost-effective and reliable manner. The combustor includes a combustion zone that is defined by an inner and an outer liner. The inner and outer liners each
6579065 Methods and apparatus for limiting fluid flow between adjacent rotor blades June 17, 2003
A rotor assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a plurality of radially extending and circumferentially spaced rotor blades and a seal. Each of the blades includes a platform including a radially outer surface and a radially inner surface. The platform radially outer surface defines a
6578794 Methods and systems for jet engine overthrust protection June 17, 2003
A method for sensing and reacting to jet engine fan speed in excess of a fan speed computed from an aircraft throttle input is disclosed. Engine fan speeds are detected by adding test conditions to a main central processing unit (CPU) and adding test conditions to an independent over
6578362 Methods and apparatus for supplying cooling air to turbine engines June 17, 2003
A cooling air cooling system operable to reduce fuel gum deposits within the cooling system when a gas turbine engine operates above a predefined percentage of rated engine power. The cooling system includes a recirculating loop including a plurality of heat exchanges in fluid commun
6578361 Methods and apparatus for determining engine cavity leakage June 17, 2003
An apparatus is coupled to a gas turbine engine that includes a plurality of engine cavity drains. The apparatus includes a manifold block and a lower seal plate. The manifold block includes a plurality of indicators, and is coupled to the gas turbine engine such that each indicator is i
6576067 Fabrication of an article having a protective coating with a polished, pre-oxidized protective-c June 10, 2003
An article protected by a thermal barrier coating system is fabricated by providing an article substrate having a substrate surface, and thereafter producing on the substrate surface a protective coating having a polished, pre-oxidized protective coating surface. The protective coating i
6572337 Turbine rotor torque transmission June 3, 2003
An axial torque coupling between a pair of adjacent rotating machine wheels comprising a first wheel having a first plurality of axially extending knuckles, the first plurality of knuckles spaced circumferentially in an annular array with first slots therebetween, and a second wheel havi
6558813 Article having a protective coating and an iridium-containing oxygen barrier layer May 6, 2003
A protected article includes a substrate, such as a nickel-base superalloy, a protective coating comprising aluminum overlying a surface of the substrate, and an iridium-containing oxygen barrier layer overlying the protective coating. A ceramic thermal barrier coating may overlie the
6557503 Method for lowering fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide emissions in two-stroke diesel engines May 6, 2003
A method of lowering fuel consumption and NO.sub.x levels in a two-stroke diesel engine having at least one piston disposed in at least one combustion chamber comprises the steps of providing a compression ratio within the combustion chamber between about 16.5:1 to about 19:1, provid
6557347 Methods and apparatus for controlling peak firing pressure for turbo-charged diesel engines May 6, 2003
A method and apparatus of operating a turbo-charged diesel locomotive engine to facilitate controlling pressure in an engine cylinder is provided. The method includes determining an allowable peak firing pressure for the turbo-charged diesel engine, determining an actual peak firing
6554628 Remote cable extractor April 29, 2003
An extractor rotatably couples to a connector and includes an extractor body, a first member, a second member, a biasing mechanism, and a cam arm. The first member and the second member both extend perpendicularly away from the extractor body to engage the connector. The cam arm attaches
6552508 Apparatus and method for optimally controlling flux in an AC motor April 22, 2003
A method and apparatus for controlling flux in an induction motor. During initial start of an induction motor drive the motor flux has to be charged up. The method provides time optimal flux forcing under limited inverter ampere capability. Command stator flux and current are generated a
6551423 Preparation of low-sulfur platinum and platinum aluminide layers in thermal barrier coatings April 22, 2003
A method for preparing a coated nickel-base superalloy article reduces the sulfur content of the surface region of the metallic coating layers to low levels, thereby improving the adhesion of the coating layers to the article. The method includes depositing a first layer of platinum
6544003 Gas turbine blisk with ceramic foam blades and its preparation April 8, 2003
A blisk combining gas turbine blades and disk in a single structure comprises a disk and a number of blades integrally affixed to the disk. Each blade includes an airfoil made at least in part of an open-cell solid ceramic foam formed of ceramic cell walls, and an intracellular volume
6543997 Inlet guide vane for axial compressor April 8, 2003
An blade row for use in a compressor is provided. The blade row has a plurality of inlet guide vanes. Each inlet guide vane has a meanline approximately equal to NACA standard A4K6 meanline, a thickness distribution approximately equal to NACA standard SR 63 thickness distribution, a
6539783 Methods and apparatus for estimating engine health April 1, 2003
An engine tracking filter system that obtains information from two or more operating conditions to estimate health parameters P, performance parameters Y.sub.p, and sensor estimates Y.sub.s, is described. Such multipoint estimation of engine health enables estimation of all engine he
6538406 System and method for improving transient speed response of electric motors March 25, 2003
A system and method for improving transient speed response of electric motors includes a comparator that determines a difference between a current reference and an adjusted current reference generated by the electric motor drive system, and an integrator the receives and integrates t
6536206 Apparatus for decreasing combustor emissions March 25, 2003
A gas turbine engine includes a compressor rotor assembly including a first rotor, a combustor configured to operate with a fuel/air mixture equivalence ratio less than one, and a water injection assembly. The water injection assembly includes a water delivery system including a first
6533875 Protecting a surface of a nickel-based article with a corrosion-resistant aluminum-alloy layer March 18, 2003
A surface of a nickel-base article such as an internal surface of a gas turbine airfoil is protected with a donor layer of aluminum and at least one other element. To form the protective layer, a donor alloy is contacted to the protected surface of the article, and simultaneously the
6532992 Reusable pipe flange cover March 18, 2003
A pipe flange cover for temporarily covering a pipe opening and a pipe flange at an end of a pipe, the cover having a front face and a rear face, the rear face having a center portion surrounded by a peripheral portion of the rear face, the peripheral portion formed with a plurality of
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