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RE36524 Steam attemperation circuit for a combined cycle steam cooled gas turbine January 25, 2000
In a combined cycle system including a gas turbine, a steam turbine and a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), wherein gas turbine exhaust gas is used in the heat recovery steam generator for heating steam for the steam turbine, the gas turbine exhaust gas flowing from an entry end to a
RE36497 Combined cycle with steam cooled gas turbine January 18, 2000
In a method of operating a combined cycle system including a gas turbine, a steam turbine and a multi-pressure heat recovery steam generator, an improvement includes supplying gas turbine cooling duty steam from a high pressure section of the steam turbine and from an intermediate pressu
RE32110 Aluminum oxide coated cemented carbide product April 15, 1986
A high-strength, coated cemented carbide product comprising a cemented carbide substrate and a fully dense alpha aluminum oxide coating on the substrate. The coating has a thickness of from 1-20 microns and is firmly and adherently bonded to the cemented carbide substrate through a thin
RE31840 Transformer for use in a static inverter February 26, 1985
A novel transformer is described for use in a static inverter in association with one or two switching semiconductor devices. The transformer produces an output for control of the associated switching device(s) which changes in sense from conduction aiding to conduction inhibiting as
RE29579 Dual source auxiliary power supply March 14, 1978
An auxiliary power supply system for providing controlled alternating current in an electric motor traction vehicle driven by a prime mover through a traction alternator. During normal traction operation the prime mover operates at a high constant rotational speed to directly drive an
H1975 Thermoplastic article having a metallic flake appearance July 3, 2001
The transparent articles described herein have interspersed small particles with a metallic glint. This appearance is achieved by dispersing metal oxide-coated glass platelets within a thermoplastic matrix. It is desirable to take steps to avoid breaking the glass platelets during the
H1943 Process for the manufacture of bisphenol-A February 6, 2001
A process for producing a dihydric phenol preferably bisphenol-A consisting of the steps of (1) formulating reaction ingredients of phenol, acetone, recycle bisphenol A, impurities, an acid catalyst and water, (2) reacting the ingredients to form a product mix consisting of bisphenol-A,
D267869 Housing for electric motor February 8, 1983
7936170 RF coil and apparatus to reduce acoustic noise in an MRI system May 3, 2011
A radio frequency (RF) coil for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes a first end ring section containing a plurality of openings and a second end ring section containing a plurality of openings. A plurality of rungs is disposed between the first end ring section and the sec
7933730 Method and system for restoration of a navigation data loss in image-guided navigation April 26, 2011
A method for restoring navigation failure information in a fluoroscopy-based imaging system is disclosed. The method includes obtaining a plurality of receiver navigation information using a calibration target rigidly attached to a supporting member of the imaging system. The calibra
7929746 System and method for processing imaging data April 19, 2011
A system and method includes using a point spread function based rule to classify regions in a dataset and processing the dataset based on the point spread function based classification.
7920980 System and method for dynamically providing feedback April 5, 2011
A method for dynamically providing feedback is presented. The method includes monitoring one or more steps performed by one or more components in a machine, where the one or more steps are associated with a workflow. Further, the method includes analyzing the one or more steps performed
7920729 Classification methods and apparatus April 5, 2011
A method includes using a point spread function based rule to classify regions in a dataset.
7868617 Cooling system and apparatus for controlling drift of a main magnetic field in an MRI system January 11, 2011
An apparatus for controlling a temperature of a warm bore of a superconducting magnet in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes a cooling tube that is mounted on a surface of the warm bore and is configured to transport a coolant. A chiller is coupled to the cooling tube
7860291 Method and apparatus for correcting motion in multi-shot diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance i December 28, 2010
A method for performing motion correction in an autocalibrated, multi-shot diffusion-weighting MR imaging data acquisition includes performing motion correction on k-space data in an autocalibration region for each shot individually and then combining the motion-corrected k-space data
7855559 Circuit and apparatus for decoupling RF surface coils December 21, 2010
A decoupling circuit for a radio frequency (RF) surface coil having a plurality of tuning capacitors includes at least two decoupling points and a DC source coupled to the at least two decoupling points. Each decoupling point is associated with one of the plurality of tuning capacito
7831077 Method and apparatus for generating an image using MRI and photography November 9, 2010
A method for generating an image of a region of interest of a subject includes obtaining a set of magnetic resonance (MR) data for the region of interest. In addition, photographic data for at least one surface of the region of interest is obtained, for example, from a database or by
7831011 Computed tomography method and system November 9, 2010
An method of computed tomography is disclosed herein. The method includes acquiring an axial dataset and acquiring a helical dataset as part of an acquisition protocol. A computed tomography system is also disclosed.
7821265 Method and apparatus for acquiring MRI data for pulse sequences with multiple phase encode direc October 26, 2010
A method for acquiring magnetic resonance (MR) data for a pulse sequence with periodic signal modulation and a set of views having at least two phase encode directions includes selecting a direction of modulation. Each view in the set of views is assigned a readout number based on a
7801267 Method and system for auto positioning compression mechanism in a mammography system September 21, 2010
A method and system for auto positioning a compression mechanism in a mammography imaging system is disclosed herewith. The method comprises: automatically elevating the compression mechanism upon detection of a breast biopsy device. The breast biopsy device can be detected upon conn
7800367 Method and apparatus for generating T2* weighted magnetic resonance images September 21, 2010
A method for generating a susceptibility (or T2*) weighted magnetic resonance (MR) image includes defining a pulse sequence having a plurality of gradient echoes and acquiring MR data for each of the plurality of gradient echoes. A weighting function is applied to image data for each
7796795 System and method for computer aided detection and diagnosis from multiple energy images September 14, 2010
A method, system, and storage medium for computer aided processing of an image set includes employing a data source, the data source including an image set acquired from X-ray projection imaging, x-ray computed tomography, or x-ray tomosynthesis, defining a region of interest within
7767745 Methods of making a mixture for a PTFE membrane with metal oxides, and compositions related ther August 3, 2010
Method for making a mixture used in the production of a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane including metal oxide(s). The mixture includes PTFE resin, a lubricating agent, and a metal oxide. The mixture may be further processed to form a PTFE membrane.
7761100 Ultra-low frequency electromagnetic tracking system July 20, 2010
Described herein are one or more implementations for an electromagnetic (EM) position and orientation tracking system operating at an ultra-low frequency, which reduces the strength of eddy currents produced by nearby field-distorting electrically-conductive materials ("distorters"). Thi
7745797 Digital x-ray detector assembly June 29, 2010
A digital radiography imaging system having a digital x-ray detector that is easy to manufacture and produces high quality images with no artifacts. The digital x-ray detector including a front cover, a scintillator screen member, a light imager panel member having a surface in direc
7738320 Method and system for enhanced display of temporal data on portable devices June 15, 2010
A method for displaying temporal data on a portable device is presented. The method includes converting the temporal data to clock coordinates to generate a clock data set. In addition, the method includes presenting a clock plot representative of the clock data set on a dial of a clock.
7735350 Measuring intensity of shot peening in areas with difficult accessibility June 15, 2010
Determining shot peening intensity by affixing a Almen test strip to a shot peening surface, removing the peened strip from the shot peening surface, measuring an arc height of the shot peened strip, and determining peening intensity on the surface from the measured arc height. The s
7668298 System and method for collecting backscattered electrons in an x-ray tube February 23, 2010
A system and method for collecting backscattered electrons within a substantially evacuated vessel containing both an electron-emitting cathode assembly and an electron-attracting anode assembly. The system and method comprises an electron collector assembly including a first plate,
7668296 X ray tube assembly and method of manufacturing and using the X ray tube assembly February 23, 2010
In one embodiment, an X ray tube assembly is provided. The X ray tube assembly comprises an evacuated envelope, an anode disposed at a first end of the evacuated envelope and a cathode assembly disposed at a second end of the evacuated envelope. The cathode assembly comprises a cathode
7668295 System and method for high voltage transient suppression and spit protection in an x-ray tube February 23, 2010
A system and method to improve the high voltage performance of an x-ray tube with electrostatic deflection of an electron beam focal spot. The system and method provides protection of bias circuits from high voltage transients and spit protection in x-ray tubes through the use of a high
7667457 System and apparatus for detecting gamma rays in a PET/MRI scanner February 23, 2010
A gamma ray detector ring for a combined positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is integrated into a radio frequency (RF) coil assembly such that the detector ring is integrated with a RF shield. Each gamma ray detector in the detector ring inc
7664459 On-board message repeater for railroad train communications system February 16, 2010
A distributed power train (10) communications system for sending and receiving signals between a lead locomotive (14) and remote locomotives (12A/12B/12C) in the train (10). A lead (14) initiated message is received by at least the remote locomotive (12A/12B) nearest to the lead unit
7664222 Portable digital tomosynthesis imaging system and method February 16, 2010
A portable tomosynthesis imaging system is disclosed that includes a portable X-ray source assembly and a portable detector assembly. The source assembly may be coupled to a portable power supply and controller such that multiple projection X-ray images may be obtained at a site that
7654382 Table drive system February 2, 2010
A table drive system comprising a first drive assembly configured for moving a support table in a first direction, a second drive assembly configured for moving the support table in a second direction and a drive motor coupled to the first drive assembly and the second drive assembly
7649354 Method and apparatus for acquiring magnetic resonance imaging data January 19, 2010
A multi-shot three-dimensional (3D) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data view-ordering strategy for uniform or variable density k-space sampling schemes is presented. The k.sub.y-k.sub.z plane is partitioned into multiple wedge-shaped "blades" (or radial fan beams). The angular size of
7631749 Table drive system December 15, 2009
A table drive system for driving a support table is disclosed herein. The table drive system comprises at least one of a first drive assembly or a second drive assembly or a combination thereof. The first drive assembly is configured for moving the support table in a first direction for
7620227 Computer-aided detection system utilizing temporal analysis as a precursor to spatial analysis November 17, 2009
A computer-aided detection system for evaluating tissue based on a series of timed images acquired both before and after a contrast agent is administered performs a temporal analysis of the tissue and then a spatial analysis in which the tissue is categorized. After the temporal and
7620151 High voltage tank assembly for radiation generator November 17, 2009
In one embodiment, a voltage rectifier circuit for a radiation generator is provided. The voltage rectifier circuit is configured to be used in a voltage multiplier circuit and a voltage doubler circuit. The voltage rectifier circuit comprises at least one first printed circuit board and
7583791 X-ray tube target assembly and method of manufacturing same September 1, 2009
An X-ray tube target assembly and method of manufacturing same is provided. The X-ray tube target assembly comprises an injection molded target disk. The injection molded target disk includes an injection molded hub member and an injection molded outer member. The injection molded ou
7576542 System and apparatus for providing electrical and cooling interconnections in a magnetic resonan August 18, 2009
A coil assembly and a magnetic resonance imaging system employing same are disclosed. The coil assembly includes a main gradient coil assembly having a first section positioned at a first end of the MRI system distal to a patient support system and a second section positioned at a second
7576481 High voltage stable cathode for x-ray tube August 18, 2009
A method of producing a cathode for use in an x-ray tube assembly is provided including machining an emission aperture into a cup emission surface portion of a cup structure. The cup structure is comprised of a cup base portion opposite the cup emissions surface portion. Electro-disc
7571750 Tool for transferring controlled amounts of fluid into and from a fluid flow circuit August 11, 2009
A tool for transferring controlled amounts of fluid into and from a fluid flow circuit is disclosed herein. The tool includes a substantially closed tube having a first end, a second end, and a chamber therein; an elongate plunger having a fore end extending inside the chamber and to
7558374 System and method for generating X-rays July 7, 2009
A system and method for generating X-rays comprising a waveguide having a cavity extending therethrough, a first sidewall, and a second sidewall opposite the first sidewall, the second sidewall having an opening extending therethrough forming or including a target therein. An electron
7558367 Method and system for detecting breast laterality July 7, 2009
A method for determining breast laterality includes interpreting laterality of a breast using at least one patient parameter obtained from orientation of a patient with reference to an axis. Some of the patient parameters include patient position, patient head orientation and patient
7505867 System and method for predicting medical condition March 17, 2009
In one embodiment, a method of deriving probability of a medical condition is provided. The method comprises obtaining a first medical data corresponding to a first medical subject from at least one medical information system, obtaining a second medical data corresponding to the firs
7505565 Method for making a light weight high performance target March 17, 2009
An x-ray anode for use in an x-ray tube is provided. The x-ray anode includes a substrate material, a target material, and one or more graded coefficient of thermal expansion material layers. The target material is coupled to the one or more graded coefficient of thermal expansion ma
7499825 Printed digital physiological data system and method March 3, 2009
Various methods related to encoding and retrieving physiological data, such as digital ECG data, via a set of binary data are provided. In one embodiment, the set of binary data may be generated from the physiological data and printed on a printout of the physiological data or some o
7489131 System and apparatus for direct cooling of gradient coils February 10, 2009
A system for cooling a gradient coil assembly of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes a gradient coil having a first surface comprising a plurality of conductors and a plurality of inter-turn channels. Each inter-turn channel is located between turns of the plurality of
7471202 Conformal coil array for a medical tracking system December 30, 2008
Described herein are one or more implementations for reducing the effects of distortion caused by the distorters in medical image-capture components used in medical electromagnetic tracking system. Examples of a medical image-capture component include an X-ray image detector used in
7470109 Machine tooled diaphragm partitions and nozzles December 30, 2008
Partitions have an airfoil coupled at opposite ends to inner and outer side walls. The side walls each mount radially extending male dovetails. The inner web and outer ring of a diaphragm include complementary shaped dovetail grooves. The male dovetails have reduced diameter portions whi
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