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General Dynamics Corporation, Space Systems Div. Patents
General Dynamics Corporation, Space Systems Div.
San Diego, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5269370 Thermal cycling device December 14, 1993
A thermal cycling apparatus having an upper heat chamber and a lower cold chamber positioned vertically beneath the upper heat chamber and vertically coaxial therewith whereby a material to the thermal cycle tested can be transferred between the upper heat chamber and the lower cold
5228351 Arrangement for measuring the field angle of a magnetic field as a function of axial position wi July 20, 1993
An arrangement for measuring the field angle of a magnetic field as a function of axial position within a magnet bore tube of a magnet such as is used with the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC). The arrangement includes a magnetic field alignment gauge that is carried through the
5226616 Multi-position support structure connecting a payload to a booster rocket July 13, 1993
The support structure takes the form of a load isolating payload support strut assembly whose length can be selectively shortened between fully extended and fully compressed to vary the spacing between the payload and the booster rocket during different stages of a flight. The strut asse
5050293 Method of making a laminated conductor for high current coils September 24, 1991
Method for fabricating a laminated coil conductor for a high current coil which includes wrapping a layer of insulation around a rotatable shaped mandrel and then winding a plurality of copper sheets over the insulation as the mandrel is rotated. Solder is interposed between the copper s
5046365 Transducer thermal protection system September 10, 1991
The disclosure is directed to a thermal protection systems for protecting instrumentation transducers having a low maximum operating temperature in the range of 200 degree F. to 900 degrees F. when exposed to operating environment greater than 2000 degrees F. The embodiments of the prote
4953058 Modular segment adapted to provide a passively cooled housing for heat generating electronic mod August 28, 1990
A modular segment that is adapted to receive heat generating electronic assemblies therewithin. The modular segments may be joined together to form a housing and the electronic assemblies are electrically interconnected through a hollow channel provided in the joined modular segments

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