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General DataComm, Inc.
Middlebury, CT
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6282191 Methods and apparatus for transporting narrowband (voice) traffic over a broadband (ATM) network August 28, 2001
A SS7 signalling router receives SS7 signalling regarding narrowband calls to be routed over the ATM network. When the SS7 router receives signalling from the SS7 network, it does not process the signalling, but reads the originator point code (OPC) and forwards the signalling via the AT
6141322 Method and apparatus for precedence and preemption in ATM connection admission control October 31, 2000
A informational element (IE) is provided which permits the user to assign a precedence level to a call. A precedence/preemption connection admission control (P/P CAC) for use with any bandwidth allocation algorithm is also provided for processing a virtual circuit connection (VCC) reques
6122253 ATM network switch with congestion control September 19, 2000
An ATM network switch (11) including a buffer (24) for buffering the flow of ATM cells and a congestion control mechanism (23). The congestion control mechanism establishes a value Max, representing the maximum permissible number of ATM cells which may be stored in the buffer. The sw
6115415 Mapper for high data rate signalling September 5, 2000
A pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) mapper includes a constellation matrix memory which stores indications of a plurality of different constellations. The constellations are stored as masks of one hundred twenty-eight bits where a bit set to one indicates that the constellation include
6115358 Controlling the flow of ATM cells in an ATM network September 5, 2000
A method of controlling flow of ATM cells by signalling to the source of cells on a connection to reduce transmission rate when congestion occurs in a switch in an ATM network. The step of signalling being carried out by way of inserting into the Resource Management cells a new Explicit
6113652 Communications network equipment capable of non-disruptive software upgrade September 5, 2000
In accord with the objects of the invention, methods and apparatus for controlling communications network equipment are provided. The apparatus is used in a telecommunications network having a plurality of coupled nodes and a network controller coupled to at least one of those nodes, and
6075432 Method for generating enhanced etched inductor elements June 13, 2000
An inductor element comprises a copper pattern on a PCB on which a magnetic powder is deposited. The inductor is formed according to the method of the invention by etching a copper layer of a PCB in a desired pattern. A magnetic powder-loaded ink is then screened or stenciled over the pa
6067286 Data network switch with fault tolerance May 23, 2000
An ATM data network switch having two separate but simultaneously active switch fabrics and a plurality of slot controllers is disclosed. Each slot controller has at least one external data link thereto and is separately connected to the two separate switch fabrics. Each switch fabric wa
6049544 ATM switch voice server module utilizing flag signalling April 11, 2000
A voice server module for an ATM switch is provided and generally includes an interface block which receives and multiplexes high speed preprocessed data, a voice processing block which compresses voice data and which is coupled to the interface, a data bus for carrying compressed voice
6043991 Card panel having a bracket with integrally formed track for an EMI reduction spring March 28, 2000
A card panel includes a conductive bracket and a circuit board coupled to the bracket. The bracket includes a front side, and first and second lateral sides. The board is coupled to an inner surface of the first side of the bracket, while an outer surface of the first side operates as a
6041064 Voice server module for ATM switch March 21, 2000
A voice server module for an ATM switch is provided and generally includes an interface block which receives and multiplexes high speed preprocessed data, a voice processing block which compresses voice data and which is coupled to the interface, an ATM adaptation layer (AAL) processor w
6032187 Data service unit having inband networking protocol packet processing capabilities February 29, 2000
An intelligent data service unit (DSU) which terminates a digital subscriber loop is provided and includes a digital subscriber loop interface which receives incoming data from a DDS line of the service provider, a framing and signal converter for taking the incoming data and formatt
6028840 Method and apparatus for connection admission control of variable bit rate traffic in ATM switch February 22, 2000
A connection admission control system for the link of an ATM switch generally includes a system for accepting a proposed call if the tangent effective bandwidth, a conservative approximation for the bandwidth, of the proposed call when added to the sum of the tangent effective bandwi
5991746 Billing system utilizing a modified file transfer protocol for collecting non-file MIB tables fo November 23, 1999
An ATM billing system includes a data (billing) generator at each slot of an ATM switch, a plurality of billing collectors, and a billing center coupled to the ATM network. The data generators are provided with SNMP communication capability and with a modified TFTP communication capa
5989073 Panel feedthrough terminal block assembly November 23, 1999
A power block includes an insulative block which is mounted to a panel and a plurality of connection mounts which are coupled to the insulative block. The insulative block includes a plurality of molded dividers and the connection mounts are located therebetween. Each connection mount
5983183 Audio automatic gain control system November 9, 1999
An automatic gain control (AGC) algorithm is provided to the digital signal processor instructions of an audio processing unit of a multimedia multipoint server. The AGC algorithm operates to bring the power level of the audio signal of every active channel to within a fixed range. The A
5949782 Call correlation tag for ATM messages September 7, 1999
A processor of an ATM switch is adapted for inserting a call correlation tag (CCT) information element (parameter) into all call initiating messages (e.g., CALL SETUP or INITIAL ADDRESS) of which it is the source. The CCT is unique over a period of time such that two ongoing calls or
5943321 Circuit set-up and caching for multimedia multipoint servers August 24, 1999
An MMS circuit set-up system includes a real time link manager (RTLM) which is coupled to the audio video controller (AVC) of the MMS. The AVC receives data from the MMS reservation system about the starting and ending times for conferences and sends commands to the RTLM to set up co
5933417 Multimedia multipoint telecommunications reservation acceptance systems and controllers August 3, 1999
A multimedia conference reservation controller and reservation acceptance system includes a database of all presently reserved resources on each MMS controlled by the reservation controller which includes an identification of each resource together with the starting time and ending time
5864555 Method and apparatus for generating a proxy connection endpoint for operation administration and January 26, 1999
Methods and apparatus are provided for handling asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) cells sent from first user equipment through a plurality of ATM nodes and destined for second equipment, when the second equipment does not support ATM operations and maintenance (OAM) functionality. In
5862184 Mapper for high data rate transmission through channels subject to robbed bit signalling January 19, 1999
A mapper for a PAM encoder is provided and includes apparatus for generating desired code levels, and a constellation matrix memory which stores indications of a plurality of different N-dimensional constellations. The plurality of different constellations are used individually or to
5862179 Mapper for high data rate signalling January 19, 1999
A pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) mapper includes a constellation matrix memory which stores indications of a plurality of different constellations, wherein at least one of the different stored constellations is of different dimension than another of the stored constellations. The co
5844600 Methods, apparatus, and systems for transporting multimedia conference data streams through a tr December 1, 1998
Multimedia conferencing systems are provided and include a plurality of audio/video terminals which are coupled together via a telecommunications network, with the network including switches and an audio bridge. The audio/video terminals are provided with interface modules which receive
5841773 ATM network switch with congestion level signaling for controlling cell buffers November 24, 1998
An ATM network switch is provided with a switch fabric linking a plurality of slot controllers. Each slot controller receives ATM cells from an external data link and has at least one input port to the switch fabric. The switch fabric switches a data cell received from any one port to on
5838724 Spectral and power shaping mapper for high data rate signalling November 17, 1998
A spectral and power shaping mapper for high data rate signaling modem functions in a first mode having spectral and power shaping and using convolutional encoding, a second mode having power shaping, a third mode having power shaping using convolutional encoding, and a fourth mode h
5825823 PCM channel diagnosis October 20, 1998
A two-level or three-level probing signal is generated by a transmitter for transmission over a channel and for detection and analysis by a receiver. The two-level probing signal is a signal having a first PCM .mu.-law level over a first frame, and a second PCM .mu.-law level over a seco
5825816 Spectral and power shaping mapper for high data rate signalling October 20, 1998
A spectral and power shaping mapper for high data rate signaling modem is provided. Based on data rates and other criteria, groups of incoming bits are grouped together, with a first subgroup of bits being used to generate two sign vectors, a second subgroup of bits being used in conjunc
5822371 Mapper for high data rate signalling October 13, 1998
A pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) mapper includes a constellation matrix memory which stores indications of a plurality of different constellations, wherein at least one of the different stored constellations is of different dimension than another of the stored constellations. The co
5818884 High speed synchronous digital data bus system having unterminated data and clock buses October 6, 1998
A high speed synchronous digital bidirectional data bus system is provided and includes an M-bit unterminated data bus, an unterminated standing sine wave clock bus, and a plurality of integrated circuit bus interfaces. Each IC bus interface is preferably substantially incorporated on a
5781529 Systems and methods for routing ATM switched virtual circuit calls July 14, 1998
The invention routes SVC ATM call setups by utilizing one of a plurality of designated transit lists (DTLs) stored at an originating node. The DTLs describe all routes in the network from the originating node to endpoint destinations. When a call setup message is received at the originat
5712853 Apparatus and method for transferring operation, administration and management cells across and January 27, 1998
A method and switch appratus for transporting an ATM layer OAM cell across a FUNI are disclosed. The method broadly includes generating a DXI (FUNI) frame from the ATM layer OAM cell by using certain bits of the five byte ATM overhead as bits in the two byte DXI (FUNI) header, using the
5680392 Multimedia multipoint telecommunications reservation systems October 21, 1997
Reservation controllers and reservation systems for reservation of access to multimedia multipoint telecommunications servers (MCUs) are provided. The reservation controller establishes a reservation domain having a reservation request channel on which reservation applications may be
5659540 Apparatus and method for detection of operation administration and management (OAM) cell loopbac August 19, 1997
A method for identifying and declaring a physical loopback condition upon running an OAM loopback test is provided. The method modifies ITU-T Recommendation I.610. According to the method, an OAM loopback test cell is generated with a correlation tag and a loopback indication value r
5642412 Isolated high impedance, DC current sources for telecommunications applications June 24, 1997
An isolated, high impedance, DC current source is provided from a readily available AC type source. The DC current source includes an isolating transformer which receives the AC source signal and provides an isolated AC voltage signal therefrom, a resonant low pass filter which is tuned
5615211 Time division multiplexed backplane with packet mode capability March 25, 1997
An integrated TDM-based/packet-based telecommunications backplane system includes a multi-bit backplane bus, a plurality of TDM data modules and packet based data modules coupled to the backplane bus, and a frame controller coupled to the bus which generates a frame by pre-assigning a
5524107 Multiport multidrop digital system June 4, 1996
A polled digital multiport, multidrop system is described. The inbound frame for sending information from remote terminals to the host terminals is arranged such that a plurality of bytes are provided by a first terminal, followed by a guard band, followed by a plurality of bytes pro
5517532 Standing sine wave clock bus for clock distribution systems May 14, 1996
A clock phase and frequency distribution system is disclosed which uses a standing sine wave and provides substantially simultaneous significant crossing instances everywhere in the system while using low power and not requiring bus termination or precise control of transmission path
5510729 Output characteristics stabilization of CMOS devices April 23, 1996
Output characteristics of CMOS chips are controlled by providing a known and stable current to a representative transistor of known relative size in the CMOS chip, and arranging the output CMOS driving transistor(s) of the chip, which are of known size relative to the representative
5495516 Diagnostic channel wakeup sequence for network managed fractional T1 or E1 digital service units February 27, 1996
Systems and methods are provided for automatically and remotely establishing a diagnostic channel between a network managed master digital service unit (DSU) and a remote fractional T1 or E1 DSU. In the preferred method, the master DSU sends a priming sequence in all of the DS0s/TS0s of
5486825 Convolutional encoders for modems which implement the "Cole code" January 23, 1996
A sixty-four state convolutional code known as the "Cole code" is disclosed and take systematic and non-systematic forms. The state variables of the Cole code are r(n-1), r(n-2), s(n-1), s(n-2), p(n-1), and x(n-1). In the four-to-five non-systematic form, four inputs p(n), q(n), r(n) and
5469434 Distributed frame processing for time division multiplexing November 21, 1995
A time division multiplexer (TDM) is provided for multiplexing data from a plurality of channels. The TDM system generally comprises a high speed time division multiplexed digital data bus, a synchronizing bus, a plurality of channel cards coupled between the data channels and the data
5465273 Modem utilizing parity and convolutional encoder feedback November 7, 1995
A modem is provided with a Trellis encoder which utilizes a double-branch feedback, with a first branch of the feedback including a convolutional encoder, and a second branch of the feedback including a parity generator which computes the parity of consecutive offsets. The Trellis encode
5426698 Transformed current sensing relay for use in switched network modems and circuit incorporating s June 20, 1995
A transformed current sensing relay with reduced AC impedance of the operating coil is accomplished by adding a shorted secondary winding to an otherwise conventional current sensing reed relay. The shorted secondary winding is preferably implemented with a copper tube over the existing
5425649 Connector system having switching and testing functions using tapered spring contact elements an June 20, 1995
A connector system having an electrical switch capability for connecting a first electrical conductor to a second electrical conductor is provided and includes a spring biased contact element having a first portion for making electrical contact with the first electrical conductor, a seco
5394440 High speed modem systems incorporating distribution preserving Tomlinson encoding and decoding f February 28, 1995
Apparatus and methods in both modem transmitters and receivers are provided for accommodating secondary channel data without disturbing the trellis encoding, mapping, and Viterbi decoding of primary channel data, and without disturbing distribution preserving Tomlinson precoding and
5366380 Spring biased tapered contact elements for electrical connectors and integrated circuit packages November 22, 1994
A contact element for an electrical connector or an integrated circuit which is used with a hold-down mechanism has a base portion, a spring portion having at least partially helical spring elements, and a tapered contact portion which mates in a biased manner with the conductive rim of
5348484 Grounding spring clip for modular jacks September 20, 1994
A grounding spring clip for modular jacks includes a stamped or etched plate having an opening substantially coextensive with the plug receiving opening in a modular jack and a bent tab to provide at least one springy finger extending out from the plate adjacent the opening and partially
5331672 Automatic detector and selector of RS-232 or V.35 interface July 19, 1994
An automatic detection and selection circuit resident in a DCE is provided. The circuit is coupled to the DCE interface connector and detects receipt by the DCE of V.35 and RS-232 transmit data signals, distinguishes between those signals, and selects circuitry for passing the data there
5317594 Systems for and method of identifying modem within existing automatic interworking proced May 31, 1994
A method for identifying a modem within already standard automatic interworking procedures are provided. The method comprises utilizing standard methods for identifying a V.32/V.32bis modem up and through the standard ranging sequence, and after ranging and during the undefined 81
5291520 Methods and apparatus employing distribution preserving Tomlinson precoding in transmission of d March 1, 1994
A transmitter is provided with a distribution preserving Tomlinson coder which predistorts shaped data signals such that the power of each data signal exiting the coder is substantially similar to the power of the data signal entering the coder and such that upon transmission of the
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