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RE30630 Power plant secondary coolant circuit June 2, 1981
In one embodiment, a closed cycle gas turbine system employs a precooler for cooling the gas prior to compression. A closed loop coolant circuit for the precooler includes a primary heat exchanger. A secondary heat exchanger is provided which may be employed during periods of peak demand
4369636 Methods and apparatus for reducing heat introduced into superconducting systems by electrical le January 25, 1983
Methods and apparatus are provided for minimizing heat introduced by electrical leads into the cryogenic liquid in which a superconducting magnet is immersed. The electrical leads have normal portions extending from exterior of the cryogenic liquid containment vessel and thereinto and
4356144 Closure hold-down system for a reactor vessel October 26, 1982
A closure hold-down system for a prestressed concrete reactor vessel is disclosed which employs a concrete plug having an annular liner thereon and adapted to be received within the upper open end of a cavity in the reactor vessel. A prestressed concrete retaining ring is mounted on the
4354998 Method and apparatus for removing ions trapped in a thermal barrier region in a tandem mirror fu October 19, 1982
A method and apparatus for clearing thermal barrier regions of trapped ions in a tandem mirror fusion reactor apparatus utilizing a bend at each end of the cylindrical plasma chamber within which bend the thermal barrier is positioned. Ions trapped in said thermal barrier are caused by s
4352722 Integrated photovoltaic electrolytic cell October 5, 1982
A photovoltaic-electrolytic unit is provided to produce an electric current from solar energy and utilize the current to produce hydrogen by the electrolysis of water. The unit floats in an aqueous medium so that photoelectric cells are exposed to solar radiation, and electrodes subm
4333671 Friction welded transition joint June 8, 1982
A transition joint is disclosed for joining together tubular pieces formed respectively from a low alloy or carbon steel and a high temperature alloy composition having substantially different characteristics such as coefficient of thermal expansion, the transition joint including a
4333670 Stepped transition joint June 8, 1982
A transition joint is disclosed for joining together tubular pieces formed respectively from a low alloy or carbon steel and a high temperature alloy composition including approximately 20% chromium, the transition joint including a plurality of tubular parts welded together and formed f
4330864 Double layer field shaping systems for toroidal plasmas May 18, 1982
Methods and apparatus for plasma generation, confinement and control such as Tokamak plasma systems are described having a two layer field shaping coil system comprising an inner coil layer close to the plasma and an outer coil layer to minimize the current in the inner coil layer.
4330374 Recovery of anhydrous hydrogen iodide May 18, 1982
Relatively dry hydrogen iodide can be recovered from a mixture of HI, I.sub.2 and H.sub.2 O. After the composition of the mixture is adjusted so that the amounts of H.sub.2 O and I.sub.2 do not exceed certain maximum limits, subjection of the mixture to superatmospheric pressure in an
4330369 Thermally actuated linkage arrangement May 18, 1982
A reusable thermally actuated linkage arrangement includes a first link member having a longitudinal bore therein adapted to receive at least a portion of a second link member therein, the first and second members being sized to effect an interference fit preventing relative movement
4318010 Apparatus for producing square shaped pulses from a generally sinusoidally shaped signal March 2, 1982
Apparatus is disclosed for generating electrical pulses in response to rotation of a shaft. The apparatus incorporates an internal optical disc carried by a hub assembly attached to the operating shaft, with the hub assembly having a beveled bearing surface at one end thereof for engagin
4314982 Catalytic decomposition of H.sub.2 SO.sub.4 February 9, 1982
A two-stage process for the catalytic decomposition of H.sub.2 SO.sub.4 wherein H.sub.2 SO.sub.4 in vapor form is contacted in a first stage with a platinum group metal catalyst at temperatures between about K. and K. The platinum group metal catalyst is supported
4305460 Heat transfer tube December 15, 1981
A spirally fluted metallic heat transfer tube is disclosed wherein the finished tube has improved heat transfer performance through the provision of a predetermined number range of multiple start continuous helical flutes formed along its longitudinal length, the flutes having specific
4303475 Nuclear reactor system with aligned feedwater and superheater penetrations December 1, 1981
A nuclear reactor system is described wherein a prestressed concrete reactor vessel is provided with a main cavity for the reactor core and at least one subsidiary cavity for a steam generator. At least two feedwater penetrations are provided in the reactor vessel communicating between t
4303474 Nuclear reactor core assembly December 1, 1981
A nuclear reactor core assembly is described in which a plurality of fuel elements and a plurality of blanket elements are arranged in a core assembly. Conduit means direct fluid coolant through the fuel elements and through the blanket elements. The conduit means which direct the coolan
4302284 Helical field stabilization of plasma devices November 24, 1981
A toroidal plasma device has a toroidal confinement vessel defining a toroidal space and confining ionized gas therein. A solenoid which links the toroidal space induces a toroidal electric field therein to produce plasma current. A plurality of first windings are wound substantially
4299660 Heat-extraction system for gas-cooled nuclear reactor November 10, 1981
The cavity within a pressure vessel for a gas-cooled nuclear reactor is divided into chambers by an intermediate support floor, with the reactor core thereabove and heat-exchangers therebelow. Separate heat-exchange units are connected to separate circulators which discharge the repr
4296713 Vapor generator October 27, 1981
A vapor generator is described wherein cross-over loops joining two different tube bundles are positioned in a stagnant area out of the flow of the heating fluid, thus reducing the tube metal temperatures in a highly stressed area. Tube anchor devices are provided to reduce expansion
4295051 Optical card reader October 13, 1981
An improved optical card reader is disclosed which is adapted for use with processing means for providing on-the-fly decoding of multibit data words from a card that is inserted therein. The card reader has two sets of light emitting means and two sets of light detecting means and the li
4284134 Helically coiled tube heat exchanger August 18, 1981
In a heat exchanger such as a steam generator for a nuclear reactor, two or more bundles of helically coiled tubes are arranged in series with the tubes in each bundle integrally continuing through the tube bundles arranged in series therewith. Pitch values for the tubing in any pair of
4277306 Coil-less divertors for toroidal plasma systems July 7, 1981
Methods and apparatus for plasma impurity control in toroidal plasma systems such as Tokamak plasma systems is disclosed which utilize an axisymmetrical plasma diffusion pump system.
4274919 Systems for merging of toroidal plasmas June 23, 1981
Methods and apparatus for merging of tokamak plasmas, having applications including pseudo steady-state tokamak operation, refueling, impurity removal and plasma heating. In such systems, currents of two merging tokamak plasmas are provided in the same direction so that the plasma co
4269658 Mechanical compression plasma device May 26, 1981
Apparatus for producing a pinched plasma at high kinetic energy levels which includes an elongated containment means having a generally cylindrically shaped bore defining a reservoir, an electrically conductive liquid within the bore and means for rotating the liquid to create centri
4267019 Nuclear fuel particles May 12, 1981
Coated nuclear fuel particles are made by first pyrolytically depositing low density carbon onto fuel cores and thereafter depositing a fission-product retentive, higher density exterior coating. In the improvement, cores of uranium, thorium or plutonium oxides are coated by co-depos
4264413 Method and apparatus for high beta doublets and multiplets April 28, 1981
Method and apparatus for initially producing a sharp boundaried theta-pinch plasma, and subsequently relaxing the current sheath of the plasma to provide a diffuse-pinch plasma, in which the diffuse pinch plasma has a doublet or higher multiplet magnetic confinement configuration with on
4263097 Method and apparatus for driving a continuous current in a toroidal plasma April 21, 1981
Method and apparatus for continuously driving a current in a toroidal plasma through r-f induced, asymmetric trapping or detrapping. The method and apparatus may be used to supply ohmic current over a prolonged or indefinite time period and thus provide for steady state operation of
4258026 Hydrogen iodide decomposition March 24, 1981
Hydrogen iodide is efficiently decomposed to hydrogen and iodine by treatment in the liquid phase with a platinum group metal catalyst. At temperatures between about C. and about C. and pressures sufficiently high to maintain the liquid phase, at least about 50
4252605 Self-imploding liner system for magnetic field compression February 24, 1981
Methods and apparatus for compressing a lower strength magnetic field to produce high flux densities, such as about one megagauss, employing a hollow, rotating, electrically conductive liquid liner to trap the magnetic flux, and in which the rotating liner is magnetically forced to i
4243868 Orbital arc-welding apparatus of split construction January 6, 1981
Gas-shielded, arc welding apparatus for securing a tube to the sidewall of a pipe or the like and facilitating removal of the welding apparatus after completion of the weld includes a locating fixture adapted for clamping engagement with the pipe and for positioning a welding head with r
4242594 Switch arrangement December 30, 1980
A switch arrangement for interruption of an electrical current in a circuit with a large self-induction. One application of the switch arrangement is for systems where energy stored in an inductor is to be transferred to a load. In this case, the switch arrangement is coupled in parallel
4241330 Multiple-processor digital communication system December 23, 1980
A digital communication system is disclosed for communicating among two central consoles and a plurality of local controllers, such as may be used in a radiation and monitoring system and the like. Communication occurs between each of the consoles and all of the local controllers via dua
4231015 Multiple-processor digital communication system October 28, 1980
A digital communication system is disclosed for communicating among two central consoles and a plurality of local controllers, such as may be used in a radiation and monitoring system and the like. Communication occurs between each of the consoles and all of the local controllers via dua
4230547 Method for separating krypton isotopes October 28, 1980
Methods and apparatus for separating krypton isotopes utilizing low temperature selective infrared excitation of .sup.85 krypton difluoride in an isotopic compound mixture. Multiphoton IR excitation and UV excitation techniques are used, as well as cryogenic matrix isolation and inert
4224983 Heat exchange apparatus for a reactor September 30, 1980
A heat exchange apparatus for transferring heat from a reactor gas coolant to a secondary fluid medium. The heat exchange apparatus comprises an elongated vertically extending hole in a concrete shield. Supported within the hole in spaced relation to the wall thereof is an elongated vert
4221182 Fluidized bed gas coating apparatus September 9, 1980
Apparatus for suspending particles in a fluidized bed within a coating chamber where the particles are coated with a substance contained in a reactant gas introduced into the chamber by means of a centrally arranged nozzle extending upwardly from the coating chamber floor. Levitating gas
4217174 Manufacture of nuclear fuel compacts August 12, 1980
Nuclear fuel rods are manufactured utilizing a graphite flour-pitch matrix formulation containing an additive. The matrix formulation has a decreased viscosity at fabrication temperatures which permits manufacture of the fuel rods with lower fabrication pressures. Also, the matrix formul
4217171 Blanket design for imploding liner systems August 12, 1980
Blanket designs comprising hot, molten, rotating liquid vortex systems suitable for rapidly compressing confined plasmas, in which stratified immiscible liquid layers having successively greater mass densities outwardly of the axis of rotation are provided, such that each may be opti
4216529 Fluid dispensing control system August 5, 1980
A system for monitoring and controlling the operation of a plurality of fluid dispensers, such as gasoline pumps or the like in a self-service gasoline station is disclosed. The system includes an operating console that may be located in a station building and has electronic displays,
4208396 Oxygen recovery from gas mixtures June 17, 1980
Substantially pure O.sub.2 is recovered from a gaseous mixture containing O.sub.2 and another gas, such as SO.sub.2 or NH.sub.3. An O.sub.2 --SO.sub.2 mixture is injected into a substantially vertical reaction zone to which I.sub.2 and H.sub.2 O are continuously supplied at an upper
4207723 Canning and inspection system for nuclear reactor fuel and reflector elements June 17, 1980
A system is disclosed for canning, inspecting and transferring to a storage area fuel and reflector elements from a nuclear reactor, which system includes a transfer chute, environmental chamber, conveyor and canning mechanism operative to remove and replace closures on containers into
4202849 Method for making nuclear fuel element May 13, 1980
A nuclear fuel element and a method for making the fuel element are described. The fuel element comprises a graphite block in which elongated holes are filled with nuclear fuel. The nuclear fuel in each of the holes comprises a plurality of fuel rod segments which are, before firing,
4200507 Separation of uranium isotopes April 29, 1980
Methods and Apparatus for separation of uranium isotopes by selective isotopic excitation of photochemically reactive uranyl salt source material at cryogenic temperatures, followed by chemical separation of selectively photochemically reduced U.sup.+4 thereby produced from remaining
4194079 Heating element and electrode assembly for high temperature furnaces March 18, 1980
In a high temperature furnace adapted for fuel particle coating applications, an electrode ring forms a portion of the furnace wall, heating elements within the furnace being urged into conductive engagement with an internal surface of the electrode ring by means of adjustable spring
4194027 Method of coating with homogeneous pyrocarbon March 18, 1980
Items are coated with substantially homogeneous pyrolytic carbon by first heating them to the desired temperature, e.g., about C. to C. in a nonoxidizing atmosphere. A mixture of gas including an inert gas portion and a hydrocarbon portion is supplied to the hea
4189348 Fuel rod assembly to manifold attachment February 19, 1980
A fuel element is formed with a plurality of fuel rod assemblies detachably connected to an overhead support with each of the fuel rod assemblies having a gas tight seal with the support to allow internal fission gaseous products to flow without leakage from the fuel rod assemblies into
4186050 Nuclear reactors January 29, 1980
A nuclear reactor having a large prompt negative temperature coefficient of reactivity. A reactor core assembly of a plurality of fluid-tight fuel elements is located within a water-filled tank. Each fuel element contains a solid homogeneous mixture of 50-79 w/o zirconium hydride, 20-50
4186048 Neutron flux monitoring system January 29, 1980
A neutron flux monitoring system is described for a nuclear reactor which enables the monitoring of very low levels of neutron flux such as may exist during the shutdown condition of the reactor. The pulses produced in the flux detectors distributed around the reactor core and ordinarily
4182953 Rotating shaft pulse generating apparatus January 8, 1980
Apparatus is disclosed for generating electrical pulses in response to rotation of a shaft. The apparatus incorporates an internal optical disc carried by a hub assembly attached to the operating shaft, with the hub assembly having a beveled bearing surface at one end thereof for engagin
4182413 Radial flow heat exchanger January 8, 1980
An annular heat exchanger assembly is described which is particularly suited for structurally self supporting installation in a vapor generator associated with a nuclear reactor. The assembly includes parallel inlet and outlet header conduits interconnected by a multiplicity of helical
4176169 Method of extracting iodine from liquid mixtures of iodine, water and hydrogen iodide November 27, 1979
The components of a liquid mixture consisting essentially of HI, water and at least about 50 w/o iodine are separated in a countercurrent extraction zone by treating with phosphoric acid containing at least about 90 w/o H.sub.3 PO.sub.4. The bottom stream from the extraction zone is
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