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Gannett Co., Inc. Patents
Gannett Co., Inc.
Arlington, VA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D333844 Newspaper vending machine March 9, 1993
D316428 Header for a newspaper vending bin or similar article April 23, 1991
D315270 Newspaper vending bin or similar article March 12, 1991
D315069 Newspaper vending bin or similar article March 5, 1991
D273686 Newspaper vending rack or similar article May 1, 1984
D273595 Newspaper vending rack or similar article April 24, 1984
D273203 Newspaper vending rack or similar article March 27, 1984
D273123 Newspaper vending rack or similar article March 20, 1984
5232077 Multivend newspaper rack having improved access to interior August 3, 1993
A multivend newspaper vending machine in which substantially the entire contents of the cabinet including its front face are mounted on a base which is movable into and out of the cabinet. This not only facilitates loading, but also permits free access to the money acceptor. This is
4943695 Method of and apparatus for protecting a push button on a newspaper vending machine July 24, 1990
A push button guard for a push button which protrudes from the front face of a newspaper vending machine, for protecting the push button against destructively violent actuation. The guard defines a cavity into which the push button protrudes from the base. A newspaper vending machine inc
4787687 Newspaper vending bin November 29, 1988
A mechanical device for displaying newspapers for self-service free access by prospective readers is provided in modular form, which in one preferred embodiment may sufficiently resemble the newsrack from which USA TODAY newspapers are vended as to cause prospective newspaper readers to

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