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8112192 Method for managing electric power within a powertrain system February 7, 2012
A method for controlling a powertrain system includes monitoring output power of the energy storage device, modifying a preferred electric power limit when the output power of the energy storage device transgresses a trigger power limit, and determining the power constraint of the first
8111147 Lane departure warning and change assist system utilizing active materials February 7, 2012
A lane change assist and/or lane departure warning system adapted for use with a vehicle having a module engaged by an operator, wherein the vehicle travels within a lane, and the system includes a steering wheel sensor, at least one sensor operable to detect a lane-marking or an app
8111037 Method for battery state-of-health monitoring using battery voltage during vehicle starting February 7, 2012
A method is provided for determining a battery's state-of-health. An initial battery voltage is measured after a first voltage drop during an initiation of an engine cranking phase. A battery voltage is monitored during the remainder of the engine cranking phase. A lowest battery vol
8109857 Vehicle launch device having fluid coupling and electric machine February 7, 2012
An automatic shifting power transmission includes a hydrodynamic fluid drive device, a first reaction clutch disposed in series with the hydrodynamic fluid drive device, a variable capacity clutch disposed in parallel with the hydrodynamic fluid drive device, and an electric machine
8109567 Active material actuated headrest utilizing bar linkage deployment system February 7, 2012
An active headrest for selectively supporting the head of an occupant, includes a shell, and an actuator disposed within the shell, including a bar linkage system drivenly coupled to the shell, so as to adjust the distance or engagement between the shell and head when displaced, and an
8109532 Motor vehicle with A-pillar and airbag mounted therein February 7, 2012
A motor vehicle is provided with a passenger cell having an A-pillar, which is arranged laterally of a windshield of the vehicle, and includes, but is not limited to bracing connected with the A-pillar, and the A-pillar and the bracing are connected and spaced from each other with a
8109492 Lightweight, polymeric automotive strut suspension upper mounting February 7, 2012
A strut top mount utilizing a mount dome including lightweight polymeric material for the primary structural member as a replacement for the steel material that is traditionally used. The utilization of the polymeric material is possible because the factors associated with strut top moun
8109475 Pig tail spring exhaust hanger February 7, 2012
A pig tail spring exhaust hanger includes a pig tail coil having at one end an upper arm and at the other end a lower arm. The upper arm is mounted to the vehicle underbody, and the lower arm is connected to the exhaust system, wherein the orientation of the upper and lower arms is s
8109318 Methods of deploying a cover utilizing active material and an external heat source February 7, 2012
Methods of deploying and stowing a cover coupled to an actuator comprising active material, includes the steps of heating the material with an external heat source, so as to cause a change in physical property and deploying the cover due to the change, and preferably includes acceler
8109219 Adjustable threading utensil and structure utilizing shape memory actuation February 7, 2012
A selectively and reversibly adjustable utensil, aperture forming structure, and stirrup, and methods of geometrically modifying an eye defined by the utensil, the aperture defined by the structure, and the stirrup, utilizing active material actuation, so as to facilitate entraining
8109167 Gear box for a motor vehicle February 7, 2012
A gearbox is provided for a motor vehicle that includes, but is not limited to at least a first input shaft and at least a first output shaft. The first input and output shafts carrying at least a first drive gearwheel and a first driven gearwheel, respectively, for establishing a fo
8109087 Overheating protection for shape memory alloy actuators February 7, 2012
An overheating protection system adapted for use with a shape memory alloy actuator element, includes at least one switching shape memory alloy element presenting a slower activation period than that of the actuator element, and configured to selectively prevent activation of the act
8109081 Hydrocarbon selective catalytic reduction for NOx control with gasoline-fueled spark ignition en February 7, 2012
A method for controlling hydrocarbon delivery to a hydrocarbon selective catalytic reduction device configured to receive an exhaust gas flow from an internal combustion engine includes monitoring measurable variable terms including factors affecting a conversion efficiency in the hy
8109042 Methods for varying seal force in active seal assemblies for doors February 7, 2012
Methods for varying seal force in active seal assemblies for doors employ active materials that can be controlled and remotely changed to alter the seal effectiveness, wherein the active materials actively change modulus properties such as stiffness, or a combination of modulus and shape
8108968 Grommet assembly February 7, 2012
A grommet assembly includes a retainer including a sleeve, and a boot secured to the retainer, including a first and a second series of pleats aligned with the sleeve, each pleat of the second series decreasing in size as distance from the retainer increases, each pleat of the first
8108728 Method and apparatus for operational-level functional and degradation fault analysis January 31, 2012
An apparatus and method are provided for analyzing fault tolerance of a system, and performing "what if?" analysis for various fault-tolerant system design options. The fault tolerance analysis approach handles logical failures and quality faults emanating from loss of precision in s
8108160 Method and system for determining a state of charge of a battery January 31, 2012
Methods and systems for determining a state of charge of a battery are provided. A first component of the state of charge is calculated based on a first property of the battery. A second component of the state of charge is calculated based on a second property of the battery. The first
8108156 Methods, program products, and systems for estimating the stress-strain relationship of a toughe January 31, 2012
Methods, program products, and computer systems for estimating a stress of a toughened structural adhesive polymer are provided. One method comprises selecting a strain, a strain rate, a temperature, or a combination thereof at which the stress is to be estimated. A value of a strain
8108103 Nonlinear frequency dependent filtering for vehicle ride/stability control January 31, 2012
A system and method for facilitating ride and stability control of a vehicle. The system includes a plurality of suspension displacement sensors, with each of the plurality of suspension displacement sensors positioned proximate to a suspension element of the vehicle. The system furt
8105721 Microtextured fuel cell elements for improved water management January 31, 2012
Methods and materials to improve water management in a fuel cell by microtexturing fuel cell elements, including the separator plate and/or the gas diffusion media. A method of manufacturing a fuel cell includes a separator plate and/or a gas diffusion media that are microtextured. S
8105198 Transmission having at least eight speeds January 31, 2012
A transmission of the present invention has an input member, an output member, four planetary gear sets, a plurality of coupling members and a plurality of torque transmitting devices. Each of the planetary gear sets includes first, second and third members. The torque transmitting devic
8105196 Automatic transmission gear and clutch arrangement January 31, 2012
A transmission is provided having an input member, an output member, four planetary gear sets, a plurality of coupling members and a plurality of torque-transmitting devices. Further, a hydraulic fluid control circuit is provided for controlling the operation of the plurality of torq
8105049 Hydraulic system for a transmission with pump inlet diffuser January 31, 2012
A hydraulic system for a transmission has a diffuser housing with a fluid inlet passage that feeds one or more pump inlet ports, and a fluid return passage, such as to return fluid from a pressure regulator valve, that is in fluid communication with the fluid inlet passage. The hydraulic
8104935 Headlight system and a method for operating a headlight system January 31, 2012
A method is provided for operating a headlight system in a motor vehicle, wherein the headlights of the headlight system encompass a first operating mode with a first response behavior and a second operating mode with a second response behavior, which is different from the first resp
8104820 Wiper-based sunshade and methods of use January 31, 2012
Methods of deploying and stowing a sunshade utilizing a wiper-based system, including selectively engaging the sunshade and wiper, actuating the wiper, so as to deploy the shade, locking the wiper in the deployed position, so as to reduce the thermal load in a confined space, and ret
8104793 Pyrotechnic triggering of thermally activated shape memory materials for selectively changing a January 31, 2012
A vehicle member generally comprises a thermally activated shape memory material in operative communication with a pyrotechnic device. The pyrotechnic device is effective to thermally change a dimension, a shape, an orientation change, an elastic modulus property change or a combinat
8104445 Spark plug and cylinder head January 31, 2012
A spark plug comprises a spark plug body, which carries two electrodes bordering a spark gap at one end, and exhibits a nut with external thread that can rotate around the spark plug body. A cylinder head exhibits a rotational coding complementary to the rotational coding of the spark
8104367 Seven speed dual clutch transmission January 31, 2012
A transmission connectable to an input member and having an output transfer gear, first and second transmission input shaft members, first and second countershaft members, a plurality of co-planar gear sets, and a plurality of torque transmitting devices. The torque transmitting devi
8104366 Double-clutch transmission for vehicles January 31, 2012
A double-clutch transmission is provided that includes, but is not limited to an inner input shaft inside an outer input shaft. Two clutch discs are connected to the inner input shaft and the outer input shaft, respectively. A first layshaft and a second layshaft are spaced apart fro
8104317 Compact oil transfer manifold January 31, 2012
The present invention relates to a manifold for a vehicle transmission. The manifold defines a plurality of laterally extending channels suitable for simultaneously transferring oil at separate flow rates and pressure signals and may be subdivided to provide a plurality of like defined
8104278 Energy harvesting, storing, and conversion utilizing shape memory activation January 31, 2012
A system for and method of harvesting, storing and converting naturally occurring energy, includes exposing an active material, and more preferably a shape memory element to an ambient activation signal or condition, harvesting a portion of the energy by pseudoplastically straining o
8104162 Insert with filler to dampen vibrating components January 31, 2012
An insert has a body which defines a cavity with a filler held in the cavity. Relative movement between the body and the filler helps dampen vibrations in a component when the insert is carried in the component and when the component is vibrated.
8103946 Secure data strategy for vehicle control systems January 24, 2012
A method of providing secure data from vehicle operational variable data that includes a plurality of data message bits includes the steps of dividing the plurality of data message bits into a first group of data message bits and a second group of data message bits, encoding the first
8103554 Method and system for playing an electronic book using an electronics system in a vehicle January 24, 2012
A method and system for using a vehicle's electronic systems to provide all features and functions typically found on a handheld electronic book device. The vehicle's electronic systems can be used in an integrated fashion with a user's handheld electronic book device, such that the
8103449 Configurable vehicular time to stop warning system January 24, 2012
A method is provided for determining when to issue an alert warning to a driver of a vehicle relating to an upcoming stopping location in a road of travel. Wireless messages transmitted from a remote entity to the vehicle are received. The messages contain information such as position
8103426 Method for controlling two consecutive injection pulses in an electrically-actuated fuel injecto January 24, 2012
At each engine cycle, nearby the TDCC, an injector is driven so as to perform a fuel injection sequence according to a predetermined pattern (A-Z), including a plurality of successive, separate fuel injection pulses (pulse 1-pulse N) having respective predetermined durations. The sta
8102142 Double ended inverter system for a vehicle having two energy sources that exhibit different oper January 24, 2012
A double ended inverter system for an AC electric traction motor of a vehicle is disclosed. The inverter system serves as an interface between two different energy sources having different operating characteristics. The inverter system includes a first energy source having first operatin
8101848 Solar photovoltaic output for cloudy conditions with a solar tracking system January 24, 2012
An array of solar powered photovoltaic modules is optimally oriented and operated to provide more electrical energy for uses such as powering an electrolyzer system for hydrogen production. The array is positioned with its light receiving surface at an optimal angle, preferably a continu
8101322 Constant channel cross-section in a PEMFC outlet January 24, 2012
A plate for a fuel cell is disclosed, wherein an inlet aperture is disposed at a first end of the plate and an outlet aperture is disposed at a second end of the plate. The plate includes a first side and a second side. The first side of the plate has a flow field formed therein betw
8101320 Fuel cell integrated humidification January 24, 2012
A device and method to extract water from a moisture-rich fuel cell flowpath to supply other components of a fuel cell system that require water. A water transport unit is integrated into the fuel cell so that the size, weight and complexity of a fuel cell is minimized. In one embodi
8101319 Approach to make a high performance membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for a PEM fuel cell January 24, 2012
An electrically conductive fluid distribution element for use in a fuel cell having a conductive non-metallic porous media having a surface with an electrically conductive metal deposited along one or more metallized regions. The metallized regions are arranged to contact a membrane
8101308 Adaptive compressor surge control in a fuel cell system January 24, 2012
A fuel cell system having an adaptable compressor map and method for optimizing the adaptable compressor map is provided. The method includes the steps of establishing an initial operating setpoint for an air compressor based on the adaptable compressor map; monitoring a surge indica
8101286 Coatings for clutch plates January 24, 2012
A multi-layer coating for a smooth contact surface of a clutch plate and a method for manufacturing the same have been developed. This coating can help reduce the prevalence of clutch shudder, noise, and plate wear that is often encountered in a friction-disc clutch mechanism found in a
8101152 Sonochemical synthesis of titanium-containing oxides January 24, 2012
A titanium halide, preferably titanium tetrachloride, is reacted with suitable reductant, preferably an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, under ultrasonic excitation in a liquid reaction medium to form nanometer size particles of titanium which may incorporate unreacted reductant. Th
8101036 Corrosion inhibitors in adhesive bonding of vehicle body structures January 24, 2012
In an illustrative embodiment, two panels of different materials may be bonded with a structural adhesive composition comprising microcapsules containing corrosion inhibiting materials for protecting the panels from corrosion. For example, a steel vehicle door outer panel may be bonded t
8100843 Shape memory polymer medical cast January 24, 2012
A medical cast and methods of using the same are disclosed. The method of making includes providing a shape memory polymer (SMP) in a permanent shape which corresponds to a limb's general shape but has a diameter smaller than the limb's diameter. The SMP is converted from the permanent
8100808 Multi-speed transmission having four planetary gear sets for producing at least eight gear speed January 24, 2012
A transmission of the present invention has an input member, an output member, four planetary gear sets, a plurality of coupling members and a plurality of torque transmitting devices. Each of the planetary gear sets includes first, second and third members. The torque transmitting devic
8100803 Hydraulic clutch control mechanism for a multi-mode hybrid transmission January 24, 2012
An electrically variable transmission (EVT) selectively establishes various EVT modes and a neutral mode. The EVT includes a source of pressurized fluid, fluid-actuated clutches, various solenoid-actuated valves including trim valves and blocking valves adapted to control a flow of p
8100802 Torque converter control method and apparatus January 24, 2012
A method for controlling a torque converter having an internal lockup clutch includes detecting vehicle operating conditions and executing one of a stored plurality of torque converter clutch modes each corresponding to a different set of vehicle operating conditions. A fully-released mo
8100801 8-speed hybrid transmission January 24, 2012
The hybrid transmission has a plurality of members that can be utilized in powertrains to provide eight forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. The hybrid transmission includes a motor/generator, three planetary gear sets, five torque-transmitting devices, one fixed interco

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