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GM Global Technology Operations LLC
Detroit, MI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43012 Quick plastic forming of aluminum alloy sheet metal December 13, 2011
A method is disclosed for stretching magnesium-containing aluminum alloy sheet stock into intricate shapes such as are required in automotive body panels. The sheet stock, at a temperature in the range of about C. to about C., is stretched under the pressure o
RE42434 Corrosion resistant PEM fuel cell June 7, 2011
A PEM fuel cell having electrical contact elements comprising a corrosion-susceptible substrate metal coated with an electrically conductive, corrosion-resistant polymer containing a plurality of electrically conductive, corrosion-resistant filler particles. The substrate may have an
RE42200 Fault handling of inverter driven PM motor drives March 8, 2011
An apparatus includes a multi-phase inverter, a fault detector to indicate a detection of a fault, a sensor to provide a speed signal indicative of whether a speed of a PM motor is greater than a transition speed, and a controller. The controller is operable to apply either an open-circu
RE42131 Fly-by-wire limp home and multi-plex system February 8, 2011
An electro-hydraulic control mechanism for use with a multi-speed transmission includes a pair of logic valves, which are manipulated during the ratio interchanges and the ratio establishment by aiding in the distribution of fluid pressure from a plurality of trim valves. The logic v
D693748 Vehicle fender November 19, 2013
D692799 Vehicle body November 5, 2013
D692798 Vehicle body November 5, 2013
D692598 Vehicle head lamp October 29, 2013
D691934 Vehicle mirror October 22, 2013
D669405 Vehicle front fender October 23, 2012
D669403 Vehicle hood October 23, 2012
D668189 Vehicle front bumper October 2, 2012
D668183 Vehicle body October 2, 2012
D668182 Vehicle body October 2, 2012
D666540 Vehicle hood September 4, 2012
D664081 Vehicle wheel rim July 24, 2012
D663658 Vehicle rear bumper July 17, 2012
D661830 Vehicle tail lamp June 12, 2012
D661627 Vehicle tow hook June 12, 2012
D660782 Vehicle tool box May 29, 2012
D659052 Vehicle body May 8, 2012
D657718 Vehicle body April 17, 2012
D656877 Vehicle wheel April 3, 2012
D656751 Vehicle seat April 3, 2012
D655837 Vehicle headlamp March 13, 2012
D655668 Vehicle roll cage March 13, 2012
D655658 Vehicle wheel March 13, 2012
D648254 Vehicle wheel November 8, 2011
D647010 Vehicle front bumper October 18, 2011
D644773 Vehicle tail lamp September 6, 2011
D644567 Vehicle body September 6, 2011
D644148 Vehicle body August 30, 2011
D644147 Vehicle body August 30, 2011
D641664 Automobile July 19, 2011
D641663 Automobile July 19, 2011
D641290 Automobile July 12, 2011
D635488 Vehicle April 5, 2011
8589898 Method and apparatus for analyzing software including a calibrated value November 19, 2013
A computer-implemented method for evaluating a machine-executable software code specification includes using the computer to generate a system dependence graph corresponding to the software code specification. The system dependence graph includes elements including nodes and edges. T
8589047 Method and control device for operating a combustion engine of a motor vehicle and motor vehicle November 19, 2013
A method is provided for operating a combustion engine of a motor vehicle during a deceleration of the combustion engine. The method includes, but is not limited to determining a degree of depression of an accelerator pedal of the motor vehicle takes place, determining of a degree of
8589030 Learning controller for the compensation of torque pulsations in a steering assembly November 19, 2013
A control device for controlling an electric steering assembly is provided to reduce torque pulsations in the steering assembly. The control device comprises a learning control device for the suppression of periodic disturbances in a steering assembly. The learning control device is
8589024 Thermal conditioning of rechargeable energy storage systems of vehicles November 19, 2013
Methods, systems, and vehicles are provided that provide for thermal conditioning of a vehicle rechargeable energy storage system (RESS). A thermal conditioning system is coupled to the RESS, and is configured to thermally condition the RESS. A control system is coupled to the thermal
8589006 Method of controlling oil delivery in a vehicle for deceleration or oil warming November 19, 2013
A vehicle is provided with a controller that implements a method of controlling oil delivery to the vehicle. The method includes increasing at least one of rate of flow of oil and pressure of oil flowing from an oil pump to a motor/generator or to a gearing arrangement that is operat
8587962 Compensation for electrical converter nonlinearities November 19, 2013
Systems and methods are provided for delivering energy from an input interface to an output interface. An electrical system includes an input interface, an output interface, an energy conversion module between the input interface and the output interface, an inductive element between
8587318 Sensor arrangement for an energy storage device and a method of using the same November 19, 2013
A sensor arrangement and method that may be used with a variety of different energy storage devices, including battery packs found in hybrid vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and other types of vehicles. Some battery monitoring systems, such as those designed to monitor and/or con
8587174 Rotor assembly and method of manufacturing a rotor assembly November 19, 2013
A rotor assembly for an electric device includes a laminated stack of electric steel sheets defining a plurality of longitudinally extending grooves. A conductor bar is disposed within each of the grooves. Each of the conductor bars includes a first end and a second end extending lon
8586258 Hydrogen/gas pressure controlled high pressure tank valves architecture November 19, 2013
A valve for a pressure vessel system includes a housing including a cavity and a hollow fluid flow portion. A membrane actuator is disposed in the cavity of the housing. A piston is disposed in the cavity and in the hollow fluid flow portion of the housing. A spring is disposed in the
8586255 Compression fill of anode of a fuel cell system November 19, 2013
A method for filling a fuel cell system with a fuel during start-up is disclosed, the method including the steps of providing a fuel cell stack having a plurality of fuels cells, each fuel cell having an active area, the fuel cell stack including an anode supply manifold and an anode
8586254 Hydrogen storage in lithium-carbon systems November 19, 2013
An exemplary embodiment and associated method of use discloses a reversible hydrogen storage system that liberates hydrogen and a perlithiohydrocarbon compound by destabilization of a hydrocarbon source or sources with lithium hydride (LiH). The liberated hydrogen may be subsequently
8586222 Lithium-ion cell with an array of reference electrodes November 19, 2013
A cluster or array of reference electrode materials is prepared and used to monitor the state of charge of positive and negative active electrode materials of a lithium-ion cell. The reference electrode materials are composed so as to provide useful electrochemical potential values when
8585859 Attachment member with integral adhesive channel and method November 19, 2013
An attachment member including an integral adhesive channel and a method of adhering an attachment member to a substrate includes adhering the member to the substrate using a first adhesive attached to the member to form a gap between the substrate and a bonding surface of the member

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