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Waukesha, WI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D486898 Heat exchanger February 17, 2004
D457885 Scanner for nuclear magnetic resonance tomographic apparatus May 28, 2002
D447803 Nuclear magnetic resonance tomographic apparatus September 11, 2001
8587447 Early warning method and device for ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic apparatus November 19, 2013
An early warning device for use with an ultrasonic probe includes a service lifetime acquisition unit configured to acquire service lifetimes of individual parts of the ultrasonic probe, a total working time acquisition unit configured to acquire total working times of the individual
8585600 Ultrasound volume probe navigation and control method and device November 19, 2013
An ultrasound volume probe navigation and control method is provided. The method includes acquiring scan data in a three-dimensional scan mode, forming a navigation view based on a three-dimensional matrix formed by the scan data in beam space, determining a critical area on the navi
8583212 MRI apparatus November 12, 2013
An MRI apparatus for imaging a subject so as to emphasize, more than a background tissue, a bodily fluid flowing through an imaging region of the subject, the apparatus includes a transmission coil for transmitting an RF pulse to the subject, a first transmission coil control device for
8581553 System power leveling device and image diagnostic system November 12, 2013
A system power leveling device includes a bidirectional converter connected to a system bus line providing a electric power to a load from a power source and having a first and a second switching element, a power storage device connected to the bidirectional converter, a first specif
8579818 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus November 12, 2013
An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus body, a support member provided in the ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus body to support the ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus body on an installation surface, a movable body provided in the ultrasonic diagnos
8577105 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of displaying an ultrasound image November 5, 2013
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasound probe, a location sensor that detects a location of the ultrasound probe, and a location calculation device configured to calculate a location of echo data in a first three-dimensional coordinate system having a certain point
8576981 Image reconstruction method and X-ray CT apparatus November 5, 2013
An image reconstruction method includes a reconstruction algorithm of pixel data, weighting coefficients by which first projection data and second projection data at which a corresponding X-ray beam passes through a pixel lying on a reconstruction plane and which are opposite in view
8570041 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus October 29, 2013
A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus executes a calibration scan for acquiring calibration data used to correct image data of a subject and an imaging scan for acquiring the image data of the subject and receives magnetic resonance signals using combinations of coil elements selected
8570036 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method utilizing RF pulse flip angels October 29, 2013
A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus sequentially transmits a plurality of radio frequency (RF) pulses having flip angles of,,, and for refocusing transverse magnetization of spins, and brings the transvers
8564290 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method October 22, 2013
A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for acquiring k-space data from a deformable imaging region of a subject and generating image data of the imaging region at the time of being deformed to a predetermined state, based on the acquired k-space data, includes a gradient coil for applyin
8290566 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image generating method October 16, 2012
A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a first navigator data processor that generates a first phase profile based on first navigator data acquired by executing a first navigator sequence, generates a position profile indicative of a relationship between a plurality of regio
8285360 Blood flow dynamic analysis apparatus, magnetic resonance imaging system and program October 9, 2012
A blood flow dynamic analysis apparatus for analyzing the dynamic state of a blood flow of a subject using data about a plurality of frame images acquired from the subject with a contrast agent injected therein, includes a map creation device for creating maps each indicative of a ch
8284903 Filter and X-ray imaging system October 9, 2012
A filter capable of adjusting spectrum in multiple stages and that capable of attaining the reduction of size, as well as an X-ray imaging system having such a filter, are provided. The filter, which is for adjusting the spectrum of passing radiation, comprises a support plate having
8264223 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus September 11, 2012
A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a scan execution unit configured to execute a regular scan in which a navigator sequence for generating a magnetic resonance signal in a navigator area containing a region of interest moving with a biological movement of a subject and an
8262573 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus, radiofrequency wave cautery treatment device, ultrasonic diagnos September 11, 2012
An ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment system includes an ultrasonic probe for transmitting and for receiving ultrasonic waves; an image generator unit for generating an ultrasonic image based on the echo signals received by the ultrasonic probe; a display unit for displaying an ultra
8257261 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and image processing apparatus September 4, 2012
An ultrasonic imaging apparatus includes a 3D tomographic image data capturing device which captures 3D tomographic image data from a 3D region inside a subject, a region-of-interest setting device which sets a 3D region of interest corresponding to the 3D region in an image memory,
8194945 Computer aided image acquisition and diagnosis system June 5, 2012
A computer-aided image acquisition and diagnosis system, which generates and files images for facilitating the reading and diagnosis based on the acquired images. The X-ray CT apparatus for obtaining diagnosis image from the projection data of imaging of a subject, includes a selector
8194818 CT scanner apparatus June 5, 2012
A Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner apparatus includes a scanner gantry, a detector, a detector control panel configured to control the detector, and a power ring. The scanner gantry includes a rotary part and a stationary part, wherein the detector, the detector control panel, and
8189743 Blade device and X-ray imaging apparatus May 29, 2012
A blade device for forming a hollow cone-like radiation includes a pair of blade members opposed to each other symmetrically at a fixed inclination angle in a first direction perpendicular to the axis of the cone, a pair of second blade members opposed to each other symmetrically at
8186879 Panel support device and X-ray apparatus May 29, 2012
A panel support device for detachably supporting an X-ray receiving panel includes a support plate configured to be in contact with the surface of the panel opposite to an X-ray receiving surface of the panel while the panel is mounted, a locking member for locking the panel on the suppo
8184776 Filter and X-ray imaging apparatus using the filter May 22, 2012
A filter includes a plurality of filter plates for adjusting X-ray energy spectrum, a plurality of rails for fixedly supporting the filter plates, a plurality of cams which are respectively provided with a groove curve on a surface thereof, a driving wheel for driving the cams, and a
8182427 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and ultrasonic imaging method May 22, 2012
An ultrasonic imaging apparatus captures a plurality of B-mode images of a same cross section respectively by a plurality of linear scans with different directional ultrasonic beams and creates and displays a compound image from the plurality of B-mode images. The ultrasonic imaging
8182426 Docking station and ultrasonic diagnostic system May 22, 2012
An ultrasonic diagnostic system has a tablet type electronic device for ultrasonic diagnosis and a docking station for mounting thereto the electronic device removably. The docking station includes a receptacle section against which one side of the electronic device comes into abutme
8182148 X-ray detector system May 22, 2012
An X-ray detector system includes a detector and a mounting apparatus for mounting the detector, the detector comprising a cable comprising a first end and a second end, the first end connected to the detector and the second end coupled to the mounting apparatus, the cable configured to
8180133 Image processing method and image processing apparatus, and program May 15, 2012
An image processing method includes identifying a body region in a tomographic image based on pixel values within the tomographic image, extracting a bone muscle region corresponding to essential parts of bones and muscles based on bone muscle pixels having pixel values corresponding
8172460 CT scanning device May 8, 2012
A CT scanning device includes a scanning gantry, a supporting means for a scanning table, and a supporting base for fixing and supporting the scanning gantry. The scanning gantry is configured to scan a subject and to collect scanning data. The supporting means supports the scanning
8155404 Image display apparatus, image display method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus April 10, 2012
An image display apparatus which displays a form image indicative of a form about an imaging area of a subject and a quantitative value image indicative of quantitative values measured with respect to characteristics of the imaging area, said image display apparatus includes a displa
8138823 Voltage generating circuit and ultrasonic diagnosing device March 20, 2012
A voltage generating circuit generates a voltage for driving an ultrasonic oscillator, and includes a multi-stage connected power supply circuit without a transformer.
8128567 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus March 6, 2012
An ultrasonic imaging apparatus includes an image obtaining unit for irradiating an imaging region and obtaining tomographic image information that draws the imaging region, an input unit for inputting scan parameter value information and a target sound pressure parameter value as an ind
8126532 MRI apparatus February 28, 2012
An MRI apparatus for imaging a bodily fluid flowing inside a subject includes a gradient coil which applies gradient pulses to the subject, a transmission coil which transmits RF pulses to the subject, and a control part which controls the gradient coil and the transmission coil. The
8126224 Method and apparatus for instrument tracking on a scrolling series of 2D fluoroscopic images February 28, 2012
The present invention relates to a method and system apparatus for instrument tracking on a series of images. The method relates to performing instrument tracking on an image. The method comprises collecting at least one image and computing at least one of a position and orientation
8126119 Collimator unit, radiation detecting device, and radiodiagnostic system February 28, 2012
A pair of holding plates formed with a plurality of grooves each wider than the thickness of each collimator plate are disposed in parallel so that the respective surfaces formed with the grooves confront each other. Urging members are disposed on the holding members. When the urging
8096950 Image processing apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus January 17, 2012
An image processing apparatus includes a random processing device which adds independent random components to a pixel value of a pixel point on each actual frame corresponding to a given time and a pixel value of a pixel point on each actual frame corresponding to a time subsequent to
8086009 Method and apparatus for displaying phase change fused image December 27, 2011
To allow the correspondence between a region having different susceptibility and a tissue structure to be easily visible, a phase change weighted image is produced by use of a phase of each pixel of phase change image data and a color bar, and an absolute value image is produced by u
8070681 Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus December 6, 2011
It is intended to provide an ultrasonic probe permitting a reduction of a number of switching components while transmitting and receiving signals with the picture quality level held capable of being maintained. An ultrasonic the probe comprises transducers, transducer side cables which
8055038 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus November 8, 2011
An image processing method of performing an imaging process on an original image having a connection figure including a first figure and a second figure connected to the first figure to generate an extraction image of the first figure extracted, includes the steps of: obtaining a fir
8054078 Parallel imaging method and MRI apparatus November 8, 2011
An object of the present invention is to obtain a composite image by a small computation amount and short process time in parallel imaging using three or more reception coils. By performing a scan using three or more reception coils and with reduced phase encoding steps, data of the
8052695 Adjustable instruments for use with an electromagnetic localizer November 8, 2011
A system for tracking the position of an instrument relative to an area of interest. The system includes an instrument and an instrument guide mounted to the instrument. The instrument guide carries a first localizer proximate the instrument. The first localizer is movable relative to th
8041001 Image diagnosing apparatus and image diagnosing method October 18, 2011
With the object of enabling a subject to be imaged at an appropriate timing of shooting, an image diagnosing apparatus for shooting an image of the subject in an imaging space has a voice guidance unit which reproduces and outputs to the subject a prescribed voice guidance and a voic
8030929 Coil and MRI system October 4, 2011
A coil includes a coil element to receive MR signals with a first frequency from a subject. The coil element includes a main current path section in which an MR current arising due to electromagnetic induction of the MR signals with said first frequency flows, and a current blocking
8009890 Image display apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus August 30, 2011
The present invention aims to realize an improvement in image quality of a two-dimensional display extracted from a three-dimensional display image such as continuous tomographic images which tomographic images at a conventional scan or the like of an X-ray CT apparatus having a two-
7995703 Method for controlling X-ray exposure in X-ray CT system August 9, 2011
A method for controlling automatic X-ray exposure in an X-ray CT system includes establishing a correspondence table or function relationship between a ratio factor and an offset of a geometrical center of a scanned section, wherein the ratio factor represents a ratio of the projection
7993056 Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus August 9, 2011
An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes: an ultrasonic probe in which a first temperature sensor and a second temperature sensor are located posterior to an oscillator; and a surface temperature calculation device for calculating a surface temperature of the ultrasonic probe on the
7978895 X-ray CT system July 12, 2011
The present invention is intended to improve the quality of a three-dimensional display image, an MPR display image, or an MIP display image presented by an X-ray CT system that performs a conventional (axial) scan, a cine scan, or a helical scan. The X-ray CT system includes an imag
7961928 Volumetric data connecting apparatus and method June 14, 2011
A volumetric data connecting apparatus, includes a reference point determining device for having an operator determine reference points A, B and C which are not on the same straight line on first volumetric data V; a connection point a determining device for having the operator determine
7959571 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic image generating method June 14, 2011
The invention provides an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and an ultrasonic diagnostic image generating method realizing improvement in picture quality to thereby improve diagnosis efficiency in a diagnosis using images. An extracting process of extracting a sound ray vector image ex
7949160 Imaging apparatus and imaging method May 24, 2011
In executing projection processing for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of diagnosis, if a threshold is reached again after a specific value of a pixel reaches the threshold in the x direction in which tomographic planes are arrayed, the execution of the projection processing

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