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GAF Huls Chemie GmbH Patents
GAF Huls Chemie GmbH
Marl, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4388216 Regenerating heavy metal catalysts for butynediol production June 14, 1983
A process for regenerating suspended heavy metal catalysts used in the synthesis of butynediol from acetylene and formaldehyde. The aqueous catalytic slurry removed from the reaction mixture is raised to a temperature of about to C., where appropriate with air
4373999 Distillation of butinediol-1,4 February 15, 1983
A process permitting hazard free purification by distillation of compounds which are distillable per se but which present the risk of explosive decomposition under the effect of elevated temperatures. A desensitizing substance is added to the compounds to be distilled.Aliphatic alcohols

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