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Fusion Systems Corporation
Rockville, MD
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6214524 Controlled amine poisoning for reduced shrinkage of features formed in photoresist April 10, 2001
A semiconductor device preparing according to a process comprising the step of photolithographic features formed in a photoresist including exposing the photoresist to at least one material selected from the group consisting of at least one amine, at least one amide, at least one ald
6117622 Controlled shrinkage of photoresist September 12, 2000
A process for controlled shrinkage of photolithographic features formed in photoresist. A shrinkage profile is determined for the photoresist and sizes of the photolithographic features. The photoresist is then exposed to ultraviolet radiation and elevated temperature until the photo
6057084 Controlled amine poisoning for reduced shrinkage of features formed in photoresist May 2, 2000
A process for reducing shrinkage of photolithographic features formed in a photoresist including exposing the photoresist to at least one material selected from the group consisting of at least one amine, at least one amide, at least one aldehyde, and nitrogen.
5980638 Double window exhaust arrangement for wafer plasma processor November 9, 1999
A plasma ashing chamber that uses an external radiant power source to uniformly heat the wafer is provided with a double plate window through which radiant heat and exhaust gases flow without interfering with each other.
5961851 Microwave plasma discharge device October 5, 1999
A method of removing material from a substrate, and a plasma discharge device wherein a plasma is excited by microwave energy having an electric field which is azimuthally and axially uniform in relation to the plasma tube. The microwave cavity is divided longitudinally into sections by
5838114 Plural ferro-resonant power supplies for powering a magnetron where the aray lies in these power November 17, 1998
A power supply quickly restarts an electrodeless lamp which is temporarily turned off in an application using microwave radiation generated by a magnetron. When the electrodeless lamp operates in a full power mode, the power supply provides full power to the magnetron via high DC current
5791782 Contact temperature probe with unrestrained orientation August 11, 1998
A combination contact temperature probe/wafer support includes a thermocouple enclosing probe head of low thermal mass and large contact area supported by a support means such that 1) there is a high thermal resistivity connection between the support means and the probe head, and 2)
5767626 Electrodeless lamp starting/operation with sources at different frequencies June 16, 1998
An electrodeless lamp is started by coupling microwave power of a first frequency to a lamp cavity, while the discharge is maintained by coupling microwave power of a second frequency, wherein the first frequency is lower than the second frequency. A cooling fluid is impinged on the lamp
5674039 System for transferring articles between controlled environments October 7, 1997
A SMIF system for transferring semiconductor wafers between two controlled environments, one being within a wafer cassette carrier and the other being within an enclosure around a wafer processing apparatus. In a carrier loading position, a carrier door rests on a port door which forms
5606220 Visible lamp including selenium or sulfur February 25, 1997
A lamp for providing visible light which utilizes a fill containing selenium and/or sulfur, or compounds of these substances. The lamp is excited such that the excited fill emits radiation from elemental selenium and/or elemental sulfur which is in a continuous band principally within
5571439 Magnetron variable power supply with moding prevention November 5, 1996
A power supply for a magnetron varies a power output level and prevents moding of the magnetron. To provide a variable power output, a microprocessor senses an anode current and voltage of the magnetron. Based on the sensed signals, the microprocessor adjusts the conduction angle of
5504391 Excimer lamp with high pressure fill April 2, 1996
An excimer lamp utilizing a high pressure fill. The fill includes a halogen at an operating pressure of greater than about 350 torr or the combination of a halogen and a rare gas at a total operating pressure of greater than about 2.5 atmospheres.
5471109 Method and apparatus for preventing reverse flow in air or gas cooled lamps November 28, 1995
A method and apparatus for preventing contaminated reverse flows in air or gas impingement cooled lamps. In an electrodeless lamp, a stream of clean air or gas is provided as a replacement for contaminated air.
5446073 Photopolymerization process employing a charge transfer complex without a photoinitiator August 29, 1995
Composition containing charge transfer complex from at least one unsaturated compound having an electron donor group and having an electron withdrawing group and being free of any photoinitiating compound is polymerized by being subjected to ultraviolet light.
5440137 Screw mechanism for radiation-curing lamp having an adjustable irradiation area August 8, 1995
An apparatus and method for curing radiation curable material includes a lamp unit providing radiation in a converging beam directed toward a focal plane and forming a curing zone at a curing position for receiving the curable material. The lamp unit is mounted in a boot member having a
5438242 Apparatus for controlling the brightness of a magnetron-excited lamp August 1, 1995
A power supply for providing a stable operating current to a magnetron-excited lamp. The power supply includes a DC to DC inverter for driving a primary winding of a high voltage transformer. The DC to DC inverter has a circuit including two pairs of switching elements for connecting
5412684 Microwave excited gas laser May 2, 1995
A metal vapor/inert gas laser comprises a laser tube containing an inert gas and a metallic material capable of vaporizing and lasing, a microwave energy source, and a slow wave structure proximate the laser tube for coupling microwave energy from the source to the metal vapor in the las
5404076 Lamp including sulfur April 4, 1995
A high power lamp which utilzes a lamp fill containing sulfur or selenium, or compounds of these substances. An electrodeless lamp utilizing such a fill at a pressure at least as high as 1 atmosphere is excited at a power density in excess of 50 watts/cc. An arc lamp utilizing the fill a
5334913 Microwave powered lamp having a non-conductive reflector within the microwave cavity August 2, 1994
A microwave-powered discharge lamp having a microwave cavity, a discharge lamp mounted within the cavity, a reflector for light emitted by the lamp mounted outside the cavity, and a non-conductive reflector mounted within the cavity for outwardly reflecting light emitted from the lamp.
5300331 Method and apparatus for UV curing thick pigmented coatings April 5, 1994
A method and apparatus for the ultraviolet curing of pigmented coatings having a thickness from about 1 mm to about 10 mm at a high curing rate and a relatively low energy consumption per unit area of coating cured. A coated substrate is irradiated by a first high UV source having a spec
5273723 Resist oxidizer with catalytic reactor December 28, 1993
A catalytic reactor is used in the exhaust tract of a high pressure, high flow rate ozone asher to prevent resist deposit fouling of the exhaust tract.
5247178 Method and apparatus for treating fluids by focusing reflected light on a thin fluid layer September 21, 1993
Apparatus for treating a fluid by irradiating a thin film of the fluid with high intensity, concentrated light. The irradiation affects chemical physical or biological activity changes in the fluid.
5227698 Microwave lamp with rotating field July 13, 1993
A microwave powered lamp wherein microwave energy is coupled to a cavity in which an electrodeless bulb is disposed, such that a rotating field of constant ellipticity is established in the cavity.
5118989 Surface discharge radiation source June 2, 1992
A surface discharge excimer light source which employs a one sided cell wherein all electrodes and the dielectric are on one side of the discharge space. The light produced by the device is neither shadowed nor attenuated by an electrode, and the electrode temperatures can be closely con
5117312 Apparatus including concave reflectors and a line of optical fibers May 26, 1992
An optical system comprising reflectors of elliptical and circular cross section for efficiently coupling radiation from a large scale radiation source such as a light bulb into an optical fiber bundle.
5071485 Method for photoresist stripping using reverse flow December 10, 1991
A method and apparatus for stripping a photoresist layer from a semiconductor wafer, wherein oxidizing gas is fed from the edge of the wafer to the center. The oxidizing gas may be directed so that it is incident on the heated wafer support platform before it is incident on the wafer
5051663 Electrodeless lamp with improved bulb mounting arrangement September 24, 1991
An improved bulb mounting arrangement for an electrodeless lamp to prevent the bulb from rotating during lamp operation. The shape of the bulb mounting projection ends and the shape of the cavity side wall openings are arranged so as to cooperate with each other to preclude substantial
5021704 Method and apparatus for cooling electrodeless lamps June 4, 1991
Apparatus for cooling the lamp envelope of an electrodeless lamp which includes a conduit for carrying cooling gas into the vicinity of the lamp envelope and directing the cooling gas towards the lamp envelope through a slotted orifice in a wall of the conduit. The slotted orifice is
5005519 Reaction chamber having non-clouded window April 9, 1991
A reaction chamber for performing a chemical vapor deposition process wherein the window through which the light must pass is prevented from becoming clouded. The chamber is divided by baffles into a reactant zone, a buffer zone, and a window zone, and the momentum flux densities of the
4978891 Electrodeless lamp system with controllable spectral output December 18, 1990
An electrodeless lamp system and method for providing light output having a controlled spectral distribution. A lamp having a fill which is not fully vaporized at the lamp operating temperature and which emits in a characteristic region of the spectrum is used. A function generator g
4975625 Electrodeless lamp which couples to small bulb December 4, 1990
An electrodeless lamp which couples strong microwave fields to a very small bulb of diameter about 1/2' or smaller. The lamp is operated in a mode which is independent of the height of the cavity and which provides electric field lines parallel to such height. The height of the cavity is
4970056 Ozone generator with improved dielectric and method of manufacture November 13, 1990
An ozone generating cell which utilizes a quartz dielectric for providing high purity ozone. The quarts dielectric is cemented to one of the electrodes of the cell, and is then ground to a desired dimension.
4954756 Method and apparatus for changing the emission characteristics of an electrodeless lamp September 4, 1990
A method of modifying light and heat emission patterns from an electrodeless lamp which includes an envelope containing a plasma-forming medium and a source of electromagnetic energy coupled to the plasma-forming medium. The method consists of rotating the envelope at a rate fast eno
4954755 Electrodeless lamp having hybrid cavity September 4, 1990
A microwave powered electrodeless lamp which employs a hybrid cylindrical cavity which is part mesh and part solid. The cylindrical mesh portion permits the lamp to be used with an external reflector while the cylindrical solid portion enables a plurality of waveguides to be coupled
4902935 Method and apparatus for evening out the temperature distribution of electrodeless lamp bulbs February 20, 1990
An electrodeless lamp bulb is rotated about an axis which is at a designated angle to the predominant direction of the electrical field. This has the effect of evening out the temperature distribution about the bulb and reducing the formation of hot and cold spots.
4894592 Electrodeless lamp energized by microwave energy January 16, 1990
Apparatus for inactivating the source of microwaves for an electrodeless lamp to prevent accidental release of microwaves into the environment as a result of failure to assemble the lamp with a conductive mesh. An electrodeless lamp which is provided with a gas manifold for directing a
4887192 Electrodeless lamp having compound resonant structure December 12, 1989
An electrodeless lamp which couples to a small bulb and obtains a relatively high light output therefrom. A cavity which comprises a compound resonant structure including vestibule and reflector portions is provided. The combination of vestibule and reflector results in a condition o
4887008 Electrodeless lamp bulb of modified shape for providing uniform emission of radiation December 12, 1989
An electrodeless lamp bulb of modified shape for providing more uniform emission of radiation. In the preferred embodiment the bulb is primarily in the shape of a sphere, but has at least a non-spherical portion comprised of diametrically opposed relatively flattened portions.A microwave
4885047 Apparatus for photoresist stripping December 5, 1989
An apparatus for rapidly stripping a photoresist which utilizes an oxidizing fluid such as ozone. A very thin layer of oxidizing fluid of four millimeters or less is flowed over the photoresist. The fluid flows at high velocity over the resist, while the resist is heated. Additionall
4868509 Method and apparatus for detecting magnetron power supply failure September 19, 1989
A method and apparatus for detecting system failure in a magnetron power supply circuit. The apparatus is capable of providing an indication as to whether it is the power supply or the magnetron which has failed. A dual half wave doubler power supply circuit is provided and the currents
4836102 Ink transfer with partial curing June 6, 1989
A process for printing in which a layer of ink on an ink transfer pad is cured at the interface between the ink layer and the pad and left substantially uncured at the outer surface to provide a tacky surface for contact of the ink layer with a printable substrate. The partially cured
4812957 Optical system for uniform illumination of a plane surface March 14, 1989
An optical system for uniformly illuminating a plane surface using a non-uniform source of light, a focusing reflector to direct the light rays emanating from the source, and, optionally, a collimating lens. The collimating lens has its axis coincident with the axis of the reflector
4794503 Lamp having improved image resolution December 27, 1988
A lamp including a reflector and a light source for illuminating a target area in which the light rays on the target and have a small average local divergence. The reflector and light source are configured so that the predominant portion of the light rays which strike the target area do
4772124 Probe for a radiometer September 20, 1988
An instrument for measuring radiation including a probe for collecting light. The probe includes a diffusive reflective surface at the forward end of the probe and an aperture block containing a pair of apertures to direct light reflected from the reflector to an optical waveguide and th
4749915 Microwave powered electrodeless light source utilizing de-coupled modes June 7, 1988
A microwave powered electrodeless light source in which a relatively high power level is coupled to the bulb. This is accomplished by arranging for a plurality of energy modes which are substantially de-coupled from each other to be present in the microwave cavity.
4710638 Apparatus for treating coatings December 1, 1987
Apparatus for treating material with radiant energy, especially adapted for curing photocurable polymeric materials coated onto an optic fiber. The apparatus includes first and second reflectors which in combination form an elliptical reflector, a light source positioned at one focus of
4703173 Probe for collecting light for a radiation monitoring device October 27, 1987
Apparatus for monitoring the intensity of light comprising an optical waveguide having a light-collecting tip end with a diffusing surface which is shaped so that it can collect and transmit light rays into the waveguide. The structure of the tip is such that it is capable of collect
4695757 Method and apparatus for cooling electrodeless lamps September 22, 1987
A method of cooling the lamp envelope of an electrodeless lamp by directing a stream of cooling gas at the envelope while providing relative rotation between the lamp envelope and the stream of cooling gas. The relative rotation can be achieved by rotating the envelope, or the source of
4695694 Structure for minimizing microwave leakage September 22, 1987
Apparatus for using microwave energy to energize a light source which minimizes microwave leakage from a microwave cavity and yet permits a high percentage of light to be emitted from the cavity. The light transmitting window is made of two spaced-apart parallel screens having microwave
4683525 Lamp having segmented reflector July 28, 1987
A lamp comprised of a light source and reflector wherein the reflector is comprised of a plurality of annular segments which are arranged with respect to the source and a target to be irradiated so that points on the target receive radiation which is reflected from a different number of
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