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Furukawa Denchi Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Furukawa Denchi Kabushiki Kaisha
Yokohama, JP
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6048372 Method of producing an electrode plate used for a lithium secondary battery and a lithium second April 11, 2000
A method of producing an electrode plate used for a lithium secondary battery and a lithium secondary battery containing such an electrode plate. The electrode plate is produced by coating a coating slurry of an active material mixture agent added with oxalic acid on a collector, dry
5902545 Hydrogen occlusion alloys for electrical cells May 11, 1999
Provided is a hydrogen occlusion alloy suitable for a negative electrode material of a closed type nickel hydride secondary cell in which the increase of gas pressure in the cell during overcharging is prevented and self discharge in the open circuit state would be effectively inhibited,
5891588 Lithium secondary battery April 6, 1999
A lithium secondary battery including a negative electrode having has been inserted an active material at least one member selected from the group of metallic lithium, lithium alloys and materials which are capable of electrochemically occluding and releasing lithium ions; a positive
5876874 Nickel electrode for secondary battery March 2, 1999
Disclosed is a nickel electrode for secondary battery, which ensures high packing density of an active material and improvement in a efficiency factor of the active material. The nickel electrode comprises a current collector supporting an active mixture material containing Ni(OH).sub.2
5865982 Process for preparing compound February 2, 1999
Disclosed is a novel process for preparing a compound, in which materials difficult to prepare at low temperature can be prepared even if the temperature is such a low temperature as room temperature. In this process, a solid catalyst is disposed in a vessel, a sub-reaction field f i
5853918 Lithium secondary battery containing graphitized carbon active material December 29, 1998
A carbon material composed of a layer structure and a turbostratic structure obtained by subjecting fluid coke to a graphitizing treatment is used as an active material for the negative electrode of a lithium secondary battery. The burning temperature in the graphitizing of the fluid
5840442 Method for activating an alkaline rechargeable battery November 24, 1998
There is provided a battery activating method for an alkaline rechargeable battery, in which the capacity is not decreased even when the battery voltage is decreased by continuous load connection or self discharge. The temperature at the start of charging is set at to 80.degre
5804945 DC power supply system with automatic recharging for storage battery September 8, 1998
A storage battery-based DC power supply system with continuous float charging adapted to automatic continuous recharging of storage battery connected to load is disclosed. Selective recharging at the full-charge voltage and float charging voltage is performed in response to the accum
5716734 Pocket type separator for electrode plate of storage battery February 10, 1998
A pocket type separator for an electrode of storage battery, such separator having a bottom, closed left and right side edges and an open top side. The inner surfaces of front and rear sides of the pocket facing each other include a plurality of parallel, vertical, widthwise spaced ribs
5714280 Lithium secondary battery February 3, 1998
A lithium secondary battery comprising a positive electrode, a negative electrode and an organic electrolyte, and the electrolyte comprises a solvent mixture of at least one kind of fluorine substituted propylene carbonates used as a first solvent and at least one kind of low viscous
5688294 Method for manufacturing a cylindrical nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery November 18, 1997
A stepped insulating ring having a large-diameter upper portion, a small-diameter foot portion, and a step portion formed on the inside is inserted from a top opening of a bottomed cylindrical can containing a plate group and electrolyte and the small-diameter foot portion is set ont
5665483 Sealed storage battery September 9, 1997
A sealed storage battery has a sealing assembly including a hollow rivet mounted to a cover plate via a gasket and a lead piece connecting a positive collector to the hollow rivet. Mounting the hollow rivet to the cover plate is achieved by pressurizing a distal end portion of a hollow
5635313 Nickel electrode for an alkaline secondary battery June 3, 1997
There is provided a nickel electrode for an alkaline secondary battery, in which the coefficient of use of nickel hydroxide, which is an active substance, is high, the swell restricting effect is high, and the charging/discharging cycle life characteristic is high. The nickel electro
5586993 Sealed storage battery and manufacturing method thereof December 24, 1996
A sealed storage battery has a sealing assembly including a hollow rivet mounted to a cover plate via a gasket and a lead piece connecting a positive collector to the hollow rivet. Mounting the hollow rivet to the cover plate is achieved by pressurizing a distal end portion of a hollow
5549992 Preparing method for a nickel hydroxide for a nickel electrode, a manufacturing method for the n August 27, 1996
Provided are a method for preparing a nickel hydroxide for a nickel electrode, which comprises solidly dissolving ions of other metals than nickel in a nickel hydroxide, and eluting a partial amount of the metal, a method for manufacturing a nickel electrode, which comprises filling a
5542958 Method for manufacturing a hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode August 6, 1996
A method for manufacturing a hydrogen absorbing alloy including, comprising the steps of (a) causing a punched metal sheet to run in a slurry of hydrogen absorbing alloy powder, to thereby cause the slurry to be adhered onto the punched metal sheet, the punched metal sheet having a plura
5514497 Paste nickel electrode plate and a storage battery including an electroconductive material May 7, 1996
A paste nickel electrode plate comprising a porous metal substrate filled with a mixture of a nickel hydroxide powder used as an active material and a CoO powder used as an electroconductive material wherein the CoO powder has a covering layer containing hydroxyl groups on the surfaces o
5508121 Nickel hydroxide electrode for use in an alkaline secondary battery April 16, 1996
A nickel hydroxide electrode useful in an alkaline secondary battery containing at least one of a copper-based additive or a manganese-based additive in either a nickel hydrogen active material as applied to a porous metal substrate, in a porous metal substrate itself, or both. The c
5496665 Hydrogen-occlusion-alloy electrode March 5, 1996
A hydrogen-occlusion-alloy electrode comprises a current collector on which an active material mixture is supported, wherein the active material mixture contains hydrogen-occlusion-alloy powder, a binding agent and an electrically conductive material as essential components, and the
5466544 Method for manufacturing a hydrogen-occlusion-alloy electrode November 14, 1995
A method for manufacturing a hydrogen-occlusion-alloy electrode is provided, wherein a hydrogen-occlusion-alloy ingot is mechanically crushed, the obtained powder is washed in water to remove dust-size particles from the surface thereof, the washed powder is used in a moisten state a
5466544 Method for manufacturing a hydrogen-occlusion-alloy electrode November 14, 1995
A method for manufacturing a hydrogen-occlusion-alloy electrode is provided, wherein a hydrogen-occlusion-alloy ingot is mechanically crushed, the obtained powder is washed in water to remove dust-size particles from the surface thereof, the washed powder is used in a moisten state a
5451880 Battery-charging circuit September 19, 1995
A battery-charging circuit capable of promptly detecting, during quick charging, an abnormality of a secondary battery of a battery, if any, and making it impossible to continue the quick charge thereafter. As a battery-charging circuit for quickly charging a secondary battery with a
5401463 Hydrogen-occlusion alloy electrode March 28, 1995
A hydrogen-occlusion alloy electrode consisting of a hydrogen-occlusion alloy whose composition is expressed by a general formula Ti.sub.x Zr.sub.1-x V.sub.y Fe.sub.z Ni.sub.2-y-z, wherein 0.1.ltoreq.X.ltoreq.0.9, 0.3.ltoreq.Y.ltoreq.0.9 and 0.05.ltoreq.Z.ltoreq.0.5, or a hydride of said
5360687 Hydrogen-occulusion electrode November 1, 1994
A hydrogen-occlusion electrode and a method of manufacturing the electrode are described. The hydrogen-occlusion electrode comprises from about 42-84 vol. % of a hydrogen-occlusion alloy, from about 3-13 vol. % of a bonding material where the volume percent is based on 100% from about 3-
5334226 Method of manufacturing a sealed-type nickel-hydrogen cell August 2, 1994
A method of manufacturing a sealed-type nickel-hydrogen cell. The invention reduces the number of cycles of the charge-discharge operation required during the formation process used to manufacture a sealed-type nickel-hydrogen cell having a large high-rate discharge capacity. A seale
5322527 Method of manufacturing sealed-type storage batteries using hydrogen-occlusion electrodes June 21, 1994
A method of manufacturing a sealed-type storage battery using a hydrogen-occlusion electrode and an alloy for making the electrode is described. The sealed-type storage battery uses the hydrogen-occlusion electrode as a negative electrode. The battery is filled up with an alkaline el
5311113 Method of setting peak-timer of electric charger May 10, 1994
A method for charging a storage battery includes providing an electric charger having a rapid charge voltage level and a trickle charge voltage level, a total-timer for measuring a total time which has elapsed since initiation of a charging operation, a peak-timer for measuring an amount
5294500 Lead acid storage battery March 15, 1994
A lead acid storage battery comprising a battery container, a plate assembly assembled by stacking a negative electrode plate and a positive electrode plate one upon another through a separator interposed between the negative and positive electrode plates, and a saddle placed on the
5291118 Device for detecting connection or disconnection of a battery to an electric charger March 1, 1994
The present invention relates to a device for detecting whether a battery is connected to an electric charger or the battery is disconnected therefrom. This invention is simple in construction, and can effectively carry out the operation thereof. The device of this invention includes a
5212025 Storage battery for automobiles May 18, 1993
A battery container is provided with a battery cover having side walls so that a gap is formed between the side walls of the container and the side walls of the cover. The upper end portion of a bottomed heat-shielding case is inserted into this gap so that the heat-shielding case is
5140126 Resistance welding method and resistance welding device for lead acid battery August 18, 1992
A resistance welding method wherein a resistance welding between cells of others used in the manufacturing of a lead acid battery, is carried out by means of a constant power control system. There are provided a method and a circuit device (A) therefore to carry out at intervals of a
4939047 Molded saddle for storage battery plates, storage battery container, and storage battery July 3, 1990
A molded saddle for an electrode plate of a battery having a horizontal base plate and a flexible raised support plate portion for supporting legs of positive plates. When the molded saddle is attached to the inner bottom surface of a battery container, a large vertical space between an
4724190 Storage battery February 9, 1988
A storage battery including a container and a cover. The container is partitioned into a plurality of cell chambers by a plurality of partition walls. Each cell chamber has a cell therein which is composed of positive and negative plates. The negative and positive plates are connected by
4435885 Process and apparatus for manufacturing storage battery plates March 13, 1984
A process and apparatus for the manufacture of plates of an electrical storage battery involves the partial or total severing of a plate blank from a strip of stock material and the subsequent filling of a grid of the plate blank with a material in paste form prior to the removal of the
4337302 Sealing means for terminal section of sealed type storage battery June 29, 1982
A terminal member of a storage battery and an annular member surrounding the terminal member are bonded together hermetically through an annular bonding material member which comprises at least two annular bonding material members spaced apart from each other by at least one annular
4275128 Cover apparatus for monoblock storage battery June 23, 1981
A cover apparatus for a monoblock storage battery in which a case-shaped cover plate is provided on its reverse surface with a common exhaust passage which is formed between mutually facing walls and is covered with a covering wall and also with baffle walls so disposed outside respectiv
4271245 Grid base plate for an electrode plate for a storage battery and method of manufacture thereof June 2, 1981
A grid base plate and its method of manufacture comprising intermittently conveying a thin elongated metallic sheet longitudinally in one direction through successive first, second and third stations, the sheet being stopped in each of the stations between successive conveying steps. In
4207385 Closed type alkaline storage battery June 10, 1980
The alkaline storage battery employs a metallic hat shaped terminal closure which has a piercing needle as well as a puncturable metallic diaphragm positioned below the piercing needle. The needle is fixed by caulking at its peripheral edge portion to a edge of the closure. A comparative
4129684 Float type metal-air battery December 12, 1978
A float type metal-air battery having an air chamber covered by an air pervious, water repellent membrane is provided with a protector lid to enclose the membrane. The lid includes at least one air intake opening. Shelter plates are interposed between the openings and the membrane to

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