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Funai Electric Co., Ltd. Patents
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
Daito-shi, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE41707 Digital broadcasting receiver and method of controlling the same September 14, 2010
A digital broadcasting receiver capable of receiving HD (High Definition) broadcasting, SD (Standard Definition) broadcasting and the like. In the digital broadcasting receiver, a digital broadcasting signal subjected to demodulation is separated/divided in a transport unit before being
RE37332 Image display device having TV and video devices August 21, 2001
An image display device, having a casing in which a television device and a video device are enclosed, includes a main circuit board having a first area for installing electronic parts of a power supply circuit and a second area for installing remaining electronic parts for TV and video
D692877 Information terminal November 5, 2013
D692404 Video display October 29, 2013
D669872 Display device October 30, 2012
D669871 Display device October 30, 2012
D655690 Sound device March 13, 2012
D654932 Disc player February 28, 2012
D654507 Disc player February 21, 2012
D648336 Display device November 8, 2011
D647092 Display device October 18, 2011
D647074 Portable blu-ray disc player October 18, 2011
D643001 Display device August 9, 2011
D642550 Communication terminal August 2, 2011
D638384 Set-top box May 24, 2011
D638032 Blu-ray home theater May 17, 2011
D628979 Blu-ray home theater speaker December 14, 2010
D626568 Blu-ray home theater November 2, 2010
D626567 Blu-ray disc player with stand November 2, 2010
D626566 Blu-ray disc player November 2, 2010
D623618 Flat panel LCD television September 14, 2010
D623196 Blu-ray home theater September 7, 2010
D608370 Blu-ray disc player January 19, 2010
D608313 Liquid crystal television January 19, 2010
D607899 Blu-ray disc player January 12, 2010
D606982 Remote controller December 29, 2009
D606981 Remote controller December 29, 2009
D597973 Digital broadcast signal receiver August 11, 2009
D595251 Combined LCD television and digital versatile disc player June 30, 2009
D592194 Digital antenna May 12, 2009
D573563 Digital versatile disc player July 22, 2008
D571790 Remote controller June 24, 2008
D570315 Digital versatile disc player June 3, 2008
D495670 Video disk player September 7, 2004
D369371 Combined television camera with video cassette recorder April 30, 1996
D368084 Facsimile March 19, 1996
D363715 Video tape recorder October 31, 1995
D358963 Breadmaker June 6, 1995
D354195 Breadmaker January 10, 1995
D353583 Personal computer December 20, 1994
D350449 Breadmaker September 13, 1994
D350121 Computer August 30, 1994
D349422 Kneading machine August 9, 1994
D346795 Personal computer May 10, 1994
D346303 Electric breadmaker April 26, 1994
D345352 Facsimile March 22, 1994
8584153 Optical disc device November 12, 2013
An optical disc device comprises a disc clamper. The disc clamper is provided with: a first member provided with a first circular disc, and with a plurality of upstanding pieces formed with predetermined spaces therebetween along a circle concentric to the first circular disc, the up
8583443 Recording and reproducing apparatus November 12, 2013
Disclosed is a recording and reproducing apparatus comprising: an apparatus main body; and a remote controller to perform remote control of the apparatus main body, wherein the remote controller comprises: a key operating section to receive a key operation by a user; a sound informat
8565465 Microphone unit and mobile phone provided with the same October 22, 2013
Provided is a microphone unit having flat frequency characteristics. A microphone unit includes a casing, a first substrate, a second substrate, a vibrating unit, a diaphragm, an ASIC, and a dummy component. The dummy component is attached to the substrate to be located below an opening.
8300514 Optical pickup device October 30, 2012
In the invention, a movable lens varying the rate of convergence or divergence of light reaching an objective lens by moving in an optical axis direction has its position adjusted to correspond to ambient temperature. The objective lens is arranged to be tilted with respect to an opt

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