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7906840 Semiconductor integrated circuit package, printed circuit board, semiconductor apparatus, and po March 15, 2011
A semiconductor integrated circuit package, a printed circuit board, a semiconductor apparatus, and a power supply wiring structure that allow attainment of stable power source and ground wiring without causing resonance even in a high-frequency bandwidth are provided. In an interior
7872612 Antenna apparatus utilizing aperture of transmission line January 18, 2011
An antenna apparatus utilizing an aperture of transmission line, which is connected to a first transmission line having a predetermined characteristic impedance, includes a tapered line portion, and an aperture portion. The tapered line portion is connected to one end of the transmis
7844934 Method for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit layout capable of reducing the processin November 30, 2010
According to the present invention, a method for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit layout comprises the steps of: arranging basic logic cells which are circuit patterns corresponding to logic components of a semiconductor integrated circuit; arranging wiring between the basic
7791852 Electrostatic discharge protection circuit and terminating resistor circuit September 7, 2010
Disclosed is an electrostatic discharge protection circuit capable of realizing speeding up of differential signals by reducing a capacitance of the circuit. Transmission lines are connected to an IN terminal and an IN Bar terminal and differential signals are input to the terminals. The
7772628 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same August 10, 2010
A lower electrode film is formed above a semiconductor substrate first, and then a ferroelectric film is formed on the lower electrode film. After that, an upper electrode film is formed on the ferroelectric film. When forming the upper electrode, an IrO.sub.x film containing crystal
7765510 Method of searching for wiring route including vias in integrated circuit July 27, 2010
A wiring design device for an integrated circuit has been disclosed, which is capable of easily changing a via to a redundant via in a route for which search has been completed but which has been found to be changed after the design has advanced and of easily obtaining an optimum solutio
7760567 Semiconductor memory and system July 20, 2010
A first precharge circuit couples a bit line pair to a precharge voltage line in a standby period, and separates at least an access side of the bit line pair from the precharge voltage line in accordance with operation start of a word line driving circuit. A sense amplifier amplifies
7760125 A/D conversion circuit for use with low-potential and high-potential power supplies July 20, 2010
An A/D conversion circuit including a plurality of resistor elements connected in series between a low-potential power supply and a high-potential power supply. The A/D conversion circuit includes a plurality of comparators that compare a reference voltage divided by each of the resi
7755125 Semiconductor device including ferroelectric capacitor July 13, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a ferroelectric capacitor formed above the lower interlevel insulating film covering a MOS transistor formed on a semiconductor substrate, including lamination of a lower electrode, an oxide ferroelectric film, a first upper electrode made of conductive
7754619 Method for forming a coating with a liquid, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device July 13, 2010
A method of forming a liquid coating on a substrate that reduces the amount of consumption of the coating liquid and achieves a more even distribution of the thickness of the liquid coating film. The method may include supplying a solvent to a surface of a substrate, starting a suppl
7750710 Delay circuit July 6, 2010
A delay circuit has a second delay element 8 supplied with a delay time control signal Vcntl from a frequency variable oscillator 2 including a first delay element 8 of which delay time as a concomitant of signal propagation is controlled by a delay time control signal and a phase in
7750478 Semiconductor device with via hole of uneven width July 6, 2010
A semiconductor device with improved reliability and its manufacturing method is offered. The semiconductor device of this invention includes a semiconductor substrate, a pad electrode formed on the semiconductor substrate through an insulation layer made of silicon oxide, silicon ni
7742645 Encoding device and method June 22, 2010
The encoding device of the present invention comprises a type determination unit inputs each bit of the weblet co-efficient in a depth direction in parallel and determines type information indicating which the bit is, the first "1" bit when viewed from an MSB side, a bit located furt
7742469 Data input circuit and semiconductor device utilizing data input circuit June 22, 2010
A data input circuit converts input serial data to n-bit parallel data, and outputs the n-bit parallel data by following an address signal. The data input circuit includes a data shifting unit including a plurality of columns, and sequentially shifting the input serial data through the
7734973 Testing apparatus and testing method for an integrated circuit, and integrated circuit June 8, 2010
An apparatus enables a high quality test to be carried out within a short time, without forcing a severe design limitation on the designer and without an expensive tester. The apparatus includes a pattern generator built in an integrated circuit to generate pseudo random patterns as test
7734896 Enhanced processor element structure in a reconfigurable integrated circuit device June 8, 2010
A reconfigurable integrated circuit device which converts an arbitrary calculation state dynamically, based on configuration data, includes a plurality of processor elements, each of which has an input terminal, an output terminal, a plurality of arithmetic units which are provided in
7733716 Signal masking method, signal masking circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit June 8, 2010
A signal masking circuit includes a detection circuit, a delayed read data strobe signal generation circuit, a gating circuit, a counting circuit, and a masking circuit. The detection circuit detects a period of a logic "L" of a read data strobe signal. The gating circuit gates a delayed
7733074 Control circuit of current mode DC-DC converter and control method of current mode DC-DC convert June 8, 2010
To provide a control circuit of a current mode DC-DC converter, a current mode DC-DC converter and a control method thereof having excellent high-speed responsiveness with respect to fluctuations in output voltage. The control circuit of the current mode DC-DC converter serves as a DC-DC
7732925 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof June 8, 2010
A semiconductor device with improved reliability and its manufacturing method is offered. The semiconductor device of this invention includes a semiconductor substrate, a pad electrode formed on the semiconductor substrate through an insulation layer made of silicon oxide, silicon ni
7730232 Data transfer method and system June 1, 2010
A data transfer method and system are provided that prevent the length of a time required for writing to a flash memory from appearing on the surface as a system operation when the flash memory is used in place of an SRAM. The method of transferring data includes the steps of writing
7729896 Cycle simulation method, cycle simulator, and computer product June 1, 2010
It is determined whether an i-th instruction is for a memory access. If the i-th instruction is the memory access, it is determined whether an address to access according to the i-th instruction coincides with an address that has been accessed by a first execution block. If the addre
7729200 Memory device, memory controller and memory system June 1, 2010
The memory device has: a plurality of banks, each of which has a memory cell array having a plurality of page areas that are selected by row addresses respectively, and each of which is selected by a bank address; a row controller that controls activation of the page areas within each
7729181 Semiconductor storage device using a bitline GND sensing scheme for a reduced real estate of pre June 1, 2010
A semiconductor storage device comprises of a memory cell connected to a plate line and a bit line, a potential shift circuit which is connected to a bit line, temporarily changes in output voltage corresponding to the voltage change of the bit line when a voltage is applied to the plate
7728418 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof June 1, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a plurality of chips comprising a plurality of first moisture-proof rings individually surrounding said plurality of chips, a second moisture-proof ring surrounding the entire plurality of chips, and a wire for connecting said plurality of chips to eac
7728370 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same June 1, 2010
A stacked film of a first insulation film being a silicon oxide film with an extremely low moisture content, and a second insulation film being a silicon oxide film with a higher moisture content than the first insulation film, therefore, with a low in-plane film thickness distributi
7727843 Semiconductor element, semiconductor storage device using the same, data writing method thereof, June 1, 2010
The invention relates to a semiconductor element used for a nonvolatile semiconductor storage device or the like, a semiconductor storage device using the same, a data writing method thereof, a data reading method thereof and a manufacturing method of those, and has an object to provide
7725865 Method, storage media storing program, and component for avoiding increase in delay time in semi May 25, 2010
A method for a computer setting up a terminal layer of a semiconductor circuit having plural wiring layers including obtaining various kinds of information such as placement information relating to a plurality of cells or macros of the semiconductor circuit and being mounted onto a c
7725621 Semiconductor device and data transfer method May 25, 2010
A semiconductor device and data transfer method capable of efficient DMA transfer processing. The device comprises: a sector buffer which temporarily stores data during transfer, the buffer having an I/O port used for DMA transfer with a system bus and having an I/O port used for dat
7724859 Synchronizing apparatus and synchronizing method May 25, 2010
A synchronizing apparatus comprises a normal lock synchronization detecting unit for detecting synchronization by detecting from demodulated data a synchronization pattern in a normal lock state, and a pseudo lock synchronization detecting unit for detecting synchronization by detect
7724689 Interface device and interface device control method May 25, 2010
An interface device and interface device control method that switches a transmission rate to enable high-speed transmission when necessary. In devices (nodes) provided with an interface device, a transmission rate control circuit decreases the frequency of a clock signal to only enable
7724062 Output buffer circuit May 25, 2010
An output buffer circuit that suppresses the generation of an erroneous operation signal during power activation includes a first level converter generating a first signal based on a data input signal having an amplitude range between a first power supply potential and a ground refer
7723847 Semiconductor device having an electrode pad, a bump provided above the electrode pad and a bump May 25, 2010
When a nickel (Ni) layer is formed on an electrode pad made of aluminum-silicon (Al--Si) by an electroless plating method, prior to the precipitation of zinc (Zn) which becomes a catalyst, copper (Cu) is formed in the form of discontinuous spots or islands on the surface of the elect
7723825 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same May 25, 2010
According to the present invention, provided is a semiconductor device including: a p-type silicon substrate; a shallow n-well formed in the silicon substrate; a shallow p-well formed beside the shallow n-well in the silicon substrate; and a deep n-well which is formed beside the sha
7723796 Semiconductor device with current mirror circuit having two transistors of identical characteris May 25, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a current-mirror circuit including a first ring-shape gate, a second ring-shape gate, a first diffusion layer formed around the first ring-shape gate and the second ring-shape gate, a second diffusion layer formed inside the first ring-shape gate, a third
7723230 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and method for designing photomask pattern May 25, 2010
A method for designing a photomask pattern is provided. First, all line ends of object patterns are determined with reference to layout data. Then, object patterns, front edge portions, and joints, which are aligned on the same line extending along the Y-axis, are connected to form first
7720664 Method of generating simulation model while circuit information is omitted May 18, 2010
For the purpose of providing a simulation model allowing gate simulation but is capable of keeping the circuit information on the functional block (IP) secret, a method of generating a simulation model provided herein by the present invention comprises a step of generating a net list
7720138 Communication system May 18, 2010
A communication system is provided which is capable of easily setting a transmission speed between a signal transmitter and a signal receiver to carry out information communication. A transmitting device transmits one frame of measuring data which contains a start bit to be added to a he
7719915 Semiconductor memory device including a terminal for receiving address signal and data signal May 18, 2010
A multipurpose terminal receives an address signal and a data signal. An address valid terminal receives an address valid signal indicating that a signal supplied to the multipurpose terminal is the address signal. An arbiter determines which of an external access request and an internal
7719914 Semiconductor memory and test system May 18, 2010
A cell array has a word line and a bit line coupled to memory cells, and a redundancy word line and a redundancy bit line coupled to redundancy memory cells. A read unit reads data held in the memory cell. A defect detection input unit receives a defect detection signal from a test a
7719337 Semiconductor device May 18, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a circuit having a first data holding node and a second data holding node; a first MOS field-effect transistor coupled to the first data holding node; a second MOS field-effect transistor coupled to the second data holding node; and a clock generation
7719136 Power source control circuit, power supply device, and control method for the same May 18, 2010
A control circuit for a power supply device, a power supply device, and the like are provided in which the power supply device has a plurality of DC/DC converters provided for generating voltage while the mutual relationship of potential between the voltage outputs is maintained. The
7719097 Semiconductor device having transparent member May 18, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor element, a transparent member separated from the semiconductor element by a designated length and facing the semiconductor element, a sealing member sealing an edge surface of the transparent member and an edge part of the semiconductor
7719090 Semiconductor device with strain May 18, 2010
A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate having a p-MOS region; an element isolation region formed in a surface portion of the semiconductor substrate and defining p-MOS active regions in the p-MOS region; a p-MOS gate electrode structure formed above the semiconductor
7716390 Direct memory access controller May 11, 2010
A direct memory access controller is provided, in which an internal storage section storing control setting information; and a control section loading the control setting information from an external storage section to the internal storage section when a transfer request signal does
7715617 Circuit and method for correction of defect pixel May 11, 2010
A semiconductor integrated circuit includes a check unit which compares a value of a pixel of interest with values of neighboring pixels contained in an image signal supplied from an image sensor, and determines based on the comparison whether the pixel of interest is defective, and a de
7714613 Level converter May 11, 2010
A level converter includes a cross-coupled section for holding data and a first switching section connected in series with the cross-coupled section and supplied with a differential input signal. The level converter has a second switching section, a current mirror connection section,
7714557 DC-DC converter, power supply system, and power supply method May 11, 2010
According to an embodiment, a DC-DC converter comprises: an error amplifier that receives a soft start signal and amplifies a difference between an output voltage signal and a reference voltage signal; a PWM control circuit that controls ON and OFF states of a first switching transis
7714429 Wafer structure with a plurality of functional macro chips for chip-on-chip configuration May 11, 2010
A semiconductor device that reduces the size and cost of functional macro chips used in a chip-on-chip configuration. Functional macro chips each include a macro region. The macro regions are formed adjacent to one another. A pad region for testing the functional macro chips is formed
7713664 Method for fabricating an attenuated phase shift photomask by separate patterning of negative an May 11, 2010
A method for fabricating a photomask includes the steps of forming a phase shift layer, a light-shielding layer, and a negative resist layer in that order on a transparent substrate, forming a first resist pattern including a pattern corresponding to a transfer pattern by performing
7710145 Semiconductor device and method for controlling thereof May 4, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a circuit section having an output impedance which changes in accordance with a switching signal for switching between drive capabilities, and transforming an input signal into an output signal in accordance with the output impedance, a reference volta
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